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2015-07-30 Jaguar Repair - test:

The sending unit should only have one wire and the test is to turn on the key and test the Green wire for power as you have already done then remove the wire off of the sending unit and with the key on

2015-07-29 Chrysler Repair - P1494 DTC: '99 3.2L:

Hi Dene,  The leak detection pump has a 4-wire plug with three wires.  on pin 2 is a light green/black with 12v via fuse 21 from the ignition switch in the "run" position"  on pin 3 is a white/dark green

2015-07-29 Chrysler Repair - P1494 DTC: '99 3.2L :

Hi Dene,  The engine controller checks the leak detection pump function only at cold starts which explains the timing of your observation.   The procedure to check out the circuit is:  disconnect the vacuum

2015-07-29 Jaguar Repair - firing order:

Hi Elliot,     That is correct and a more politically correct way of doing it. In the dealership we just used the quick short cut due to time as we were all paid by commission. Yes, Jaguar calls the rear

2015-07-29 Jaguar Repair - test:

Hi Mike,    It sounds like you may have found your problem but to be sure run an additional test. You will need a volt meter for this test. Write down the reults of this set of tests.    Put the voltmeter


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