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2015-01-24 Jaguar Repair - FAST IDLE '72 JAG XKE V12:

Hi Richard,    When you say "Idle Trim Screws", Are you talking about the large brass screws directly in the side of each carb on the right side? If so they were used by the factory and when the cars were

2015-01-24 Chrysler Repair - 2006 Chrys T&C clicking relay and won't start:

Hi Phillip,  Relay will click like that when it is told to 'close' but the voltage supplying the coil which actually closes it is too low. Either your battery is discharged to too low a voltage or their

2015-01-24 Dodge Repair - '09 Journey: headlamps/turn signals/wipers:

Hi Seann,  I don't have the wiring diagrams for an '09 Journey so have to offer my advice based upon similar vehicles from the '06 manuals. I would check the head lamp switch itself to see if it is in

2015-01-24 Dodge Repair - 2.0L timing belt broke:interference damage?:

Hi Mary,  I have not had personal experience with an interference engine belt breaking. My thought would be to compare the position of the crankshaft timing mark with the timing mark of the camshaft to

2015-01-23 4 Wheel Drive/SUVs - 4x4 blinking lights:

Jeffrey,    It's possible that the problems are speed sensors, or shift motor, vacuum, etc., but the roaring noise sounds more like a mechanical, or gear problem in the transfer case.    I would take it


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