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2016-08-27 Chrysler Repair - Chrysler 300m catalytic converter:

Hi Essam,   I am not certain there is no risk, but it would be better than to have blocked up converters remain that way or get worse.  There are sensors that will detect the non-presence of the converters

2016-08-25 MG Car Repair - 1951 MG TD that froze up a couple of weeks ago:

Hi Mike.    I agree with you - I do not think that pre-ignition was the culprit.      Also, unless a big end bolt has actually failed, I do not think that was the problem either.  However, you should examine

2016-08-25 Chrysler Repair - 1982 Chrysler spare tire:

Hi Jim,  I believe that many Chrysler Corp cars of the 1980's would have a spare that is identical to yours. My approach would be to visit a wrecking yard and look into the trunk of all such vehicles to

2016-08-24 Dodge Repair - pressure in fuel tank and whining noise:

The fuel pump is located inside the fuel tank so try to localize the whine relative to the fuel tank. Does it seem to be coming from inside?  The fuel pump sound can be heard by simply turning the key

2016-08-24 Dodge Repair - pressure in fule tank and whining noise:

Hi Rick,  You may have not experienced the pressure you now notice because of the faulty leak detection pump which in fact pressurizes the tank on and off under control by the computer. So what you are


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