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2014-11-26 Auto Insurance Claims - How to work as an auto appraiser:

Insurers often hire body shop employees for these jobs because they have the experience to do the job right away.  However, some insurers will hire trainees.  Skills required usually include good communicatyion

2014-11-26 Dodge Repair - Removal/Extracting Trans-axle Housing Seal (left side) on '97 Dodge Stratus.:

Hi David,  The factory service manual suggests for the manual transaxle using a "flat blade pry tool" and tap it with a small hammer. Have you tried a very narrow width putty knife or the corner edge of

2014-11-26 Jaguar Repair - 1985 Jaguar Xj6 Vanden Plas re brakes/calipers:

Hi Jonna,    Normally it is not necessary to rebuild or replace calipers just to replace the pads. However some shops make it a policy to do that on a 29 year old car even if there are no signs of leakage

2014-11-26 Chrysler Repair - Leaking antifreeze and heater only works when driving fast:

Hi Pilar,  If there are no leaks while the car is at rest and turned off, and there are no leaks either when you first start it up from cold, and then when you drive the coolant seems to be getting lost

2014-11-25 Dodge Repair - 03' dakota wont crank or start/"no buss":

Hi Jessica,  The symptoms you describe suggest to me that there is a failure of the digital communication system when this happens. It involves many different parts of the system (including even the starter)


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