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2015-10-08 Steering Column Repair - 96cadillac steering colum bearings:

Hello Seamon:    It's pretty hard for me to determine what is wrong with your car without any information as to the problem, the model, and why you think you may need to replace the bearings.  Please give

2015-10-07 Nissan Repair - brake fluid changes:

Hi Lee -    You are an exception when it comes to miles driven vs time elapsed. Yes, your 7500 miles in 18 months is hardly any wear and tear of your vehicle.    My personal opinion is that as long as

2015-10-07 Tips on Buying Cars - buying car at lease end:

Most dealerships have a lease buy out department. They prepare the paperwork and make sure the process is handled properly.  You may need to have a salesperson involved just for the leg work.  As you mentioned

2015-10-07 Used Cars - Used car emissions:

Hi Thomas,    When I started reading your Q several answers entered my mind how you could check if in fact vehicle had passed emissions, but then the last line you wrote that nasty word '' AS IS ''   

2015-10-07 Jaguar Repair - 1985 jaguar windows:

Hi,    Your power relay is working or you would have no windows working and the master switch is also working or you would have no window operating. Since you tried the known good switch in all the other


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