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2015-05-26 Jaguar Repair - E type tachometer not working:

Hi Tony,    I worked on the E-Type from the first to the last but can't remember what year they changed the type of tach. The eariler tachs worked off of a tach generator mounted on the back end of the

2015-05-25 Chrysler Repair - 98 concord cam locked up:

I am not sure what you mean by the "caps". I can only think that the cam shaft is damaged if it won't rotate. I wish I knew more about this engine but you are more knowledgeable than I. The cylinder head

2015-05-25 Chrysler Repair - 98 concord cam locked up:

Hi James,  What is the "plantum"? I have not heard of that item.  If you removed the rocker arms then I would believe that all the 12 valves on that side of the engine are closed. Do the valve stems appear

2015-05-25 MG Car Repair - MG Midget repair:

Hi Joe.    No, I don't think it is anything to do with the spark plugs.  It is quite normal for the temperature on the gauge to go up a bit immediately after switching the engine off.  The water pump is

2015-05-25 Jaguar Repair - voltage stabilizer:

OK that was correct. But when you put the black test lead on the case of the Voltage Stabilizer and the red lead on the output of the stabilizer you didn't get the 10 volts you were suppose to get ?  The


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