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2014-09-13 Chrysler Repair - intermittent shutdown problem: 3.3L '99:

I am busy today but will get back at the end of the day with my answer. But I doubt the issue is electrical with the egr because if it didn't work, then it would always be closed tightly for it requires

2014-09-13 Auto body repair & detailing - 2000 toyota corolla rocker rust:

Hi Jules!....First off all, (and to set your mind at ease), being that your vehicle is of a Unibody design, the rockers can ABSOLUTEY be removed partially for a safe and structurally sound repair. This

2014-09-12 Land Rover Repair - 2000 land Rover Discovery acting up.:

Hi Jason,     could be power steering fluid or transmission fluid.  Have you checked the power steering reservoir?  Was it service for any reason recently?  Could be a hose leak, pulley bearing failure

2014-09-12 Auto body repair & detailing - Removing bottom front grill on 1998 BMW 323is:

Hi Sheila!....In order to remove the lower front portion of the bumper cover/ grille assembly, you will first need to remove the retainers which attach the fender wheelhouse splash shields, to the vertical

2014-09-12 Chrysler Repair - '01 lhs: idles rough when warm:

Hi Jay,  The best approach is to seek a fault code number which may be stored in the engine controller.  Turn the ignition key: "on-off-on-off-on and leave on" doing that in 5 seconds or less elapsed time


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