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2014-11-22 Dodge Repair - Hood Release Cable: '00 minivan:

Hi Robert,  The latch mechanism can be removed by going through the grille where you will be able to remove 4 bolts that hold it to the panel that goes across the top of the radiator. The other possibility

2014-11-22 Chrysler Repair - AC idler pulley: 3.0L:

Hi Michael,  I have some pages about the 3.0L engine on a CD for that engine used in the '04 Sebring Coupe. I can copy those and attach them to a Email I will send to you directly. Tell me your email address

2014-11-21 Chrysler Repair - 1998 Chrysler Concorde LXI: no start when very cold:

Hi Alan,  If there are no fault codes, a hard start could be due to a faulty sensor which is not so bad as to set a code, or it could be due to an exhaust gas recirculation valve which is sluggish and

2014-11-21 Chrysler Repair - '97 Concorde lx heater fan switch:

Hi Sheila,  I am not certain whether you have the manual temp control or the automatic (digital) temp control HVAC system. But look at specific fuses 17 and 23 behind the left end cap of the dash as regards

2014-11-21 Dodge Repair - '95 Ram: blower motor and airbag dummy light:

Hi Steve,  I don't have wiring diagrams for trucks of the 90's. I believe there may be one fuse that is powering both the blower motor and the air bag system and that fuse has a crack in its internal wire


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