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2016-09-24 MG Car Repair - 1978 brake issues:

Just in case anybody else is reading this reply, this advice only applies to the last MGBs built AFTER 1976.  The process for earlier cars is more complicated, requiring the shuttle to be centralised using

2016-09-24 Jaguar Repair - RED/YELLOW/BLUE WIRES ON WS..MOTOT:

Hi Richard,    On a Lucas motor, the wires from the motor to the connection plug are (As the wiper motor sits in the car) Top horizontal  pin is Blue. Then down the right side the pins mounted vertically

2016-09-24 MG Car Repair - 1978 brake issues:

Hi Steve.    In order to bleed your brakes a pressure differential switch must be screwed fully in to the new master cylinder so that it locates in a groove in the middle of the shuttle.  The switch must

2016-09-23 Jaguar Repair - Door moisture barriers:

I never read much about them but I believe they were more to protect the door panel as they were fiber board. We found a lot of doors without the plastic sheets and even in the dealerships we never put

2016-09-23 Auto Insurance Claims - Car previously totaled by insurance:

The rules regarding salvage titles are what will govern this case.  When it is someone else's fault and they have insurance, then the law that governs is not the insurance contract law, but the general


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