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2016-05-24 Jaguar Repair - no fuel to carbs:

You need a wiring diagram either from a search on the Internet or get a manual. If you found no relays in the trunk near the tanks. In the dealerships we would not work on electrics on any car without

2016-05-23 Nissan Repair - 06 Nissan Murano Cranks but does not start:

Hi Scott  You are correct. Cam sensors and crank sensor will activate the CEL if defective. There are 2 components that are not tracked via computer which is the fuel pump and ignition module located in

2016-05-23 Jaguar Repair - no fuel to carbs:

Hi David.    You may be correct that the 76 to 78 had in-tank pumps. But they still would be powered by relays. And should have a fuse in the fuse box.    It has been many years since I worked on the ser

2016-05-23 Dodge Repair - headlights not working: '03 ram 1500:

Hi John,  The headlamp bulb filaments are each independently wired and come from the integrated power module on the back side of which are a number of multi-wire plugs. The gray, 26-pin  plug is where

2016-05-22 Chrysler Repair - '92 lebaron wiper won't shut off/nor headlamps:

Hi Frank,  About the wipers, if the switch is alright, which it probably is because of having tried several different ones, then the other possibility is that the wiper motor itself is faulty. It has a


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