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2017-02-21 Toyota Repair - Rear Differential:

Hello, I wouldn't worry about that brake drum weight unless you're going to go over 100 mph on a regular basis you won't miss it. As for the differential if the only thing is that you're concerned about

2017-02-21 Auto Insurance Claims - Responsible for claim?:

Simple answer is YES.  The insurance follows the vehicle, not the owner, so it does not matter who the actual owner is.  If it is in an accident and there is a policy of insurance that covers it, then

2017-02-20 Dodge Repair - Caliber 2007: Code P0300:

Hi Randy,  That code does not point to any specific cylinder but rather implies something that would impact all cylinders. Unfortunately there are multiple possible causes:  main relay output circuit that

2017-02-20 Trucking - ICC / MCC #s:

April, you do not need ICC/MCC# as long as you are only hauling your own (company) supplies, materials, tools, etc.  You do need them if you are operating a hauling business for hire.  As long as you remain

2017-02-19 Chrysler Repair - '06 Sebring convertible 2.4 cruise control not working:

Hi Tom,  The 0340 is pointing toward the camshaft position sensor on the engine, but that is likely to cause engine missing or other running issues of the engine.  However the 0582 points to the vacuum


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