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2014-10-29 Dodge Repair - Heater problems on 2001 stratus:

Hi Darren,  The inability to control the heat/cool of the unit suggests there is an issue with the blend door actuator. That is an electrical control device that moves the door to direct the air in varying

2014-10-29 Auto Insurance Claims - who is liable:

This is a trick question.  The only way liability can be determined is by a jury.  I could argue that all parties share in the fault.  I could also argue that only car 3 is at fault.      Unfortunately

2014-10-29 Auto body repair & detailing - crackle:

Hi Lee!....Being that I have worked for a Chrysler Dealership for the past 20 plus years, I have definitely had to deal with these issues on a regular basis. In most Dealerships, they are commonly referred

2014-10-29 Jaguar Repair - 1984 XJ6 not starting:

I can't say if a booster battery connected backwards can damage a ECU or not.     I do have a question though. When you had the injectors out and spun the engine over, did you hold the air flow meter flap

2014-10-29 Dodge Repair - Can't bleed R Front & L Rear brake lines:

Hi Gary,  Due to previous leaking that half of the MC might have been virtually drained of fluid and although you put fluid in the reservoir it may still have air inside of it. You can try bleeding both


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