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2014-10-22 Dodge Repair - Crank shaft position sensor:

Hi John,  It is located on the right side at the rear of the engine in a hole in block just above the upper edge of the oil pan. Lift tab on the wire connector to release. The sensor is held in place by

2014-10-21 Pontiac Repair - 3100 sfi will not run:

hi mike:    I'm not a chevy guy. but you could be right about security issue. if that is the case the injectors are tuned off. Try this disconnect the battery and let it sit for 10 minutes. reconnect the

2014-10-21 Chrysler Repair - '98 Sebring Convertible: anti-theft problem:

Hi Randy,  The only way to circumvent the vehicle theft security system is to never activate it, and you do that by only using the mechanical pushbutton locks on the doors. If you also have a sentry key

2014-10-21 Auto Insurance Claims - Car Accident in Arizona:

You should be able to make a small claim for injury.  Your claim is comprised of special damages (memdical bills, lost wages) and general damages (pain, suffering).  Since you have no medical bills, your

2014-10-21 Trucking - Plating a vehicle:

You cannot increase the GVWR of a truck just because you want to.   You are talking frame/ suspension modifications and so advanced inspection by a certified mechanic to do all of this.   I can't imagine


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