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2016-10-19 Toyota Repair - 08' Highlander Sport 3.5L a/c problem:

There are no common issues that would cause this and I know of no common leaks on this model, you can inspect for leaks visually under the hood at the a/c fittings but the best way is to have an a/c tech

2016-10-17 Chrysler Repair - brake light on dash:

The possible causes are:  1. The parking brake lever is not fully released, so check that.  2. The switch for the warning light on the lever may not be being de-activated or is faulty so check for that

2016-10-17 Chrysler Repair - brake light on dash:

Hi Andrew,  What is year, make, model of the vehicle? That way I can check what the possible causes are.  Roland

2016-10-17 MG Car Repair - 79 MGB Will Not Idle:

Hi Eric,    Not Maybe not ready yet. The later MGB's can run ok at 118 psi even though the wet test shows some ring ware. You said carbon on the plugs. There are several kinds of carbon. Flat black powder

2016-10-16 Tires - Non-Matching Front and rear tires:

Damon,    Because of the peculiar nature of 911's, Porsche has a specification they call an *N Spec*, where they indicate which tires are compatible with this peculiar nature of 911's.    So unless the


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