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2014-10-25 Jaguar Repair - 1984 XJ6 starter stuck?:

Hi Michael,    The injection system on your car is a Bosch "L" Jetronic system. It should have about 32 PSI on the fuel rail with manifold vacuum applied to the pressure regulator. But with no vacuum (when

2014-10-24 Chrysler Repair - '98 jeep sports won't start:

Hi Jason,  I don't have the manual for Jeep's of that vintage but if it is like the other Chrysler cars then I would try to get a fault code from the engine control module by using the ignition key: turn

2014-10-24 Dodge Repair - '03 Carvan SE heater blows cold air:

Hi Joe,  Also check the floor under the rear cabin heater where there is another core that might be the source of your leak.  The best thing to do is stick with the same color fluid otherwise you have

2014-10-24 Jaguar Repair - 1984 xj6:

Hi Ivory,    If the pump is trying to pump air with 5 gal in the tank then you either have the wrong tank selected or you have a failed tank switching valve in the bottom of the spare tire well.    When

2014-10-24 Toyota Repair - 2007 Fortuner key code location:

When all keys are lost rather the immobilizer ECU has to be replaced or the keys programmed, it depends on whether it has the system built into the main ECM or has a seperate ecu for the immobilizer. I'm


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