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2014-04-23 Car Alarms - Hellfire auto alarm:

Sure, let's put it into valet/service mode.    Look under the dash area for a button or, a toggle  switch. When you locate it, turn on the ignition  key, press and hold in the button (little  spring loaded

2014-04-23 Tires - Goodyear Eagle GT ii P225/70 R-15 Large Letter Radial Tires:

Jim,    It might be helpful if I knew why you wanted to know that information.    For example, if you are trying to calculate the rolling diameter, that is a different question.  It is NOT the overall

2014-04-22 Nissan Repair - cars adjust to driving style:

Hi Lee -    Not to my knowledge. Although it is important to match ECU's to the very vehicle that they were made for, they do not have any adaptive capability. The ECU simply responds to the thousands

2014-04-22 Chrysler Repair - '09 sebring instrument cluster lights faulty:

Hi Tim,  My manuals are only up to 2006, but the wire colors are usually consistent over the years. The illumination voltage/current carrying wire is usually orange in color and in '06 came in on pin 12

2014-04-22 Chrysler Repair - P1494 P1495 - 2002 CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY:

Hi Lenny,  Those codes say there is a problem with either the LDP solenoid circuit or the LDP pressure switch, the wiring or the pump.   The pump plug has 3 wires:  The pink/gray on pin 3 should show 12v


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