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2015-11-30 Dodge Repair - Low oil pressure shut off?:

Hi Rick,  Whether there is damage to the engine depends upon how many revolutions and at what rpm the engine experienced before it stalled. If you didn't hear any change in the engine sound it may be that

2015-11-28 Auto Glass - 2012 Rav4 driver window :

Hi Tom,    I see two common problems on this and other similar Toyota models.    The first problem involves a missing bolt that connects the window regulator to the glass.  I think this is what you are

2015-11-28 Auto Glass - Driver window won't go all the way up.:

Hi Tom ,          I would first have to ask if the door glass has ever been replaced? Has SafeBite been sent out by your insurance company to destroy everything

2015-11-27 Auto body repair & detailing - Ford Mustang soft top:

Hi Peter....The most effective repair method in this case, would be to make sure the top is at room temperature, or as close as possible. If you have a heated garage at home, or if not, you can wait for

2015-11-26 Dodge Repair - '98 Concorde LH body: replacing motor:

Hi Randy,  I have the '98 manual as a 'hard copy' and there is listed a 50-step procedure for removal of the 3.2L, and a 50-step install procedure. Many of the steps also reference to other parts of the


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