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2014-07-29 Chrysler Repair - '94 New Yorker: etax relay by-pass:

Hi Bob,  There is a discrepancy in the '94 manual about which relay socket is for the ETAX. The four relay sockets at the front of the box are #10 (wiper hi-lo) and 8 (starter), but then the etax relay

2014-07-29 Pontiac Repair - car losing power when accelerating:

Hi Keta:    from what you stated is happening sounds like it's an ignition system issue. either a bad sprak plug wire or a bad ignition coil under a heavy load on the engine either a coil is breaking down

2014-07-29 Tips on Buying Cars - scratches:

Andy, Thanks for the great question... First off sorry for taking so long to get your question answered I just got back from a mini vacation and forgot to put my questions on hold ....    Let's get right

2014-07-29 Chrysler Repair - '97 Sebring: no start, no fuel, no spark:

Hi Steve,  Can you tell me more specifics about the "AMD" fuse: which fuse box is it in, how many amps, what does "AMD" mean"? Are you perhaps describing the ASD (Auto-shutdown) fuse? Is there a number

2014-07-28 Tires - 175/80R13 for 1962 Chevy Nova:

Art,    According to Tire Guides, a 1962 Chevy II came with 6.00-13's.  Those are bias ply tires, and those are obviously no longer produced as regular tires.    I've anticipated questions like this, so


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