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2014-04-18 Truck Repair - 2007 freightliner century fault codes:

I tried to google your codes and it doesn't really bring anything up. With key on engine off it should show 12 volts. with engine running should show 14 volts. when you turn your lights on it should dip

2014-04-18 Nissan Repair - Nissan Maximum Climate Control:

Hi David -    The cause for the "MAX only" speed for your A/C is the rheostat, or resistor for the switch. This is located along the firewall of the vehicle, or somewhere in the ductwork inside under dash

2014-04-18 Truck Repair - fuel problem:

you either have a pickup tube in the tank is broke, the fuel line is clogged up, or the most likely problem is follow your lines off the tank it will go to what looks like a T on your crossmember that's

2014-04-17 4 Wheel Drive/SUVs - 04 Discovery:

Paul,    Have you pulled the plugs to see if any of them are fouled, or replaced them?  Replace the plug wires also.  They may look good, but could have a high resistance.  After doing a full tune up,

2014-04-17 Auto Insurance Claims - nationwide insurance:

You haven't provided enough detail for me to answer with specifics.  What I can tell you is that insurance companies cannot decide "just not to pay".  If they are going to deny your claim, they have to


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