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2015-07-03 Triumph Repair - Wipers on 1973 Spitfire:

Hi Jason,    First thing to check is the fuses. The fuse that has the purple wires is for the horn and you need to test both sides of the fuse clips with a test light. The clips that hold the fuses are

2015-07-02 Dodge Repair - 97 caravan won't start:

Hi Brandee,  To get an idea of what might cause the no start use your ignition key to get a fault code number that may tell us what the engine controller thinks is wrong. Turn the key "on-off-on-off-on

2015-07-02 Chrysler Repair - '95 Concorde: AC ceases to cool:

Hi Lolita,  There are two possible reasons:  The AC system may be low on refrigerant so that the cooling function itself cuts off. That would be noticeable by the fact that the AC compressor would stop

2015-07-02 MG Car Repair - Replacing Turn Signal Stalk on 74 MGB-GT:

Hi Max,    First disconnect one battery cable so you don't short something out when changing the turn signal switch. (either the (+) or the (-))    Then remove the screws holding the plastic covers over

2015-07-02 Jaguar Repair - heat shield:

That may be difficult to find the asbestos as it has been outlawed for many things. The only thing I can think of it to try all the online Jag parts suppliers. I have done a lot of dealings with Engel


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