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2017-03-27 Dodge Repair - '97 ram1500: Code p0350:

You can hear the fuel pump run by listening for it. It is located inside the fuel tank. It will run for about 1 second when a helper turns the key to the run position, then is cuts off until the helper

2017-03-27 Dodge Repair - '97 ram1500: Code p0350:

Hi Ron,  That code says that the primary circuit of the ignition coil is drawing too much current. The possible causes are that the primary coil harness is damaged and possibly shorted to ground, the primary

2017-03-27 Dodge Repair - 97 dodge ram1500:

Hi Ronald,  Do you mean by "red-lined" that that the rpm went up to the red line on the gauge? If so, that would seem to indicate that the clutch was slipping and the engine attempted to keep the speed

2017-03-26 Car Alarms - 2002 Mitsubishi Galant Car Alarm:

Best thing is to contact Mitubishi parts dept tomorrow and have them  replace the transmitter (s) You may only need to reprogram,

2017-03-24 Dodge Repair - PCM Problem:

Hi Terry,  If the engine first runs and then stops after 2 seconds, that is a sign that the PCM is designed for a SKIM key which you don't have. In fact my '98 manual does not mention there being offered


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