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2015-03-04 Chrysler Repair - '98 Voyager 3.0L 7 qts oil to fill new pan:

Hi Bob,  The combination of the 2.5 qts to show full and then the dipstick breaking suggests that the shape of the pan is different from that originally on the engine. I haven't heard of this before.

2015-03-04 Toyota Repair - 2002 camary v6 automatic:

There is something that works on models that have the immobilizer system as part of the ecm instead of a separate theft deterrent ecu.   In the DLC 3 inside at the left lower dash put a jumper wire between

2015-03-04 Pontiac Repair - transmission:

well you need to #1 support the engine and then remove the sub frame from under the engine  and transmission and then remove the transmission out the bottom. not an easy jow with out the use of a transmission

2015-03-04 Dodge Repair - fast idle on 98 dodge ram 1500:

Hi Barbara,  Did you try to use the scan tool to retrieve any new fault code? That would be the first thing to try.   Other than that there is an automatic idle control mounted in the throttle body and

2015-03-03 Chrysler Repair - engine swap:

Hi Willie,  The only other engine that was used in that body (be it the coupe, convertible, or sedan) was the 2.2 or 2.5L 4 cyl but that engine used the non-electronic 3 speed automatic so I am not sure


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