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2014-10-30 Windows 7 - Specifying Boot Partition:

Hi Nicholas!    So, "cloning" a drive doesn't work that way. You can't simply copy the files to another drive. You need to use special software capable of "cloning" - copying contents of all the physical

2014-10-30 Microsoft PowerPoint - Creating an Annual Cycle in PowerPoint:

Barbara, I am not aware of a template exactly like what you are looking for.  However, I created one similar to your green image without much effort.      I used the insert shape option , laying circles

2014-10-30 Excel - formula syntax:

Christopher Mitchell,    that would occur if T1:T1500 had cells that were to be averaged that were not numbers.      In any event, I was rushing to get to a meeting and only gave you the numerator.  The

2014-10-30 Mac Networking - network name:

That should change it. It may just take some time to take effect. The best way to secure it, would be to turn off the SSID broadcast, in which will take the name completely off. You will just have to type

2014-10-30 Using MS Access - Where Clause open event:

Ahh that's clearer.    Use this:    [Forms]![Enquirer]![Combo66].RowSource = strsql    By putting strsql in quotes you were changing the RowSource to just strsql as a string. You need to remove the quotes


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