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2014-09-16 Excel - Formula to calculate freight charge based on slabs (Min & Max Threshold Weight).:

Swastik,    Is it acceptable to build a table with the break out of the weight such as you show in your solution?      If so, then could you send a sample workbook to  so I don't have

2014-09-15 Internet for Beginners - power:

Hi Robert,    Sleep mode is great for those who want to get to work immediately without a lot of wait time. This saves some power when you put your computer to sleep.    If you don't mind the wait (30

2014-09-15 Internet/Network Security - extractor:

I won't use or I encourage anyone who needs to download software to *only* download from the developer's site.    Here's the reason:

2014-09-15 Internet/Network Security - extractor:

While some stuff on CNET's site is legitimate and safe for download, some of it is not. Unfortunately you have no way to tell whether or not what you're downloading is safe until you install it. Most freeware

2014-09-15 C++ - random number:

Place your set of numbers into an array then select entries from the array based on a random index value from 0 to number-of-elements - 1.    You do not mention if you are familiar with (pseudo) random


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