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2015-07-03 HTML - What's the easiest way to learn code ?:

Everyone learns differently, so what I might think is the easiest might not work best for you.  That said, a few resources I suggest: - Not free, but their video tutorials are an excellent

2015-07-03 PC hardware--CPU & Motherboard & - Upgrading my CPU:

According to the ECS specifications it is AM2+, per the provided link. They do not list any variations of PCB board revisions, so I'm assuming that should not be a problem. Just make sure that you don't

2015-07-03 Using MS Access - Microsoft Query:

I think there was a typo in your post. The second table, where Hours Lost is, would be table 2. Storing hours lost in a table is not the best idea. You should have a record for each event and then calculate

2015-07-02 Excel - countif of dates:

my GUESS is that you want to have a summary of every month - if so, I'd put in a "helper" column which has the formula    =A1-day(a1)+1    where A1 represents the cell with a date - this will return the

2015-07-02 Excel - countif of dates:

Moshe    The simplest way might be to use helper cells that convert the value in column A to a month number and then use the countif formula to count the number of 1's, and 2's and 3's, etc.  For example


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