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2015-04-23 Microsoft Word - Select Records to Print in Mail Merge?:

While in theory you can "filter" the results to include just those with Yes in a given field, Word 2002 and above offer what to me seems an easier way (especially for relatively small databases such as

2015-04-23 Using MS Access - Duplicate values:

Hello Sher,    -In order to get rid of duplicates you need to create another query based on your existing query  -In your new query you need to use the Group By aggregate function for DemandNo and use

2015-04-23 Excel - inserting lines in large range of data:

Gail,    I would use a macro.      Sub abc()  For i = 301 To 2 Step -1    Rows(i).EntireRow.Insert  Next  End Sub    (the above macro inserts entire rows - I assume that would be acceptable).      If you

2015-04-22 PC hardware--CPU & Motherboard & - DELL DESK TOP MESSAGE BATTERY ISSUE.:

See if you can boot to a cd. It would be great if you had the operating system disk. You could boot to it and run chkdsk to see if the hard drive is bad. You can download free boot disks from http://www

2015-04-22 Computer Security & Viruses - Can't Connect to the Internet:

Your network settings should be dhcp or "auto". Yours was apparently set to connect to a proxy server by the malware you had. Go to control panel, network, and right click on the network adapter. Go to


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