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2016-09-27 Excel - Switching to the sheet your cell getting value from:

Please re-read my answer.  I said to uncheck     Allow Editing Directly in Cells      nothing about move selection.   In you version of excel, those exact words may not be there and I have no idea how

2016-09-26 Excel - Switching to the sheet your cell getting value from:

Haseeb Aslam,    You would have to make a trade-off if you want this functionality.  If you go into Files=>Options, then select Advanced, in the first group of attributes, uncheck     Allow Editing Directly

2016-09-22 Hard Drive Problems - Drives:

No, external hard drives are made with the exact same drives as many computers, so their chance of failure is equal too those internal drives.    Solid State Drives exist that have eliminated the moving

2016-09-22 SAS - Do Loop:

Hi Carol,    I am sorry for the delay in replying. From your question it is not clear what is exactly you are trying to achieve...can you please elaborate.    What are these "2016-09-01" , "2016-10-01"

2016-09-22 Excel - Formula for Goal Seek:

Nabam,      the formula in A1 should be:   =IF(B3="",19000,(B3/A2))    If you read my original post, I was thinking of an approach that would require intentional circular references, but with the formula


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