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2014-08-20 General Networking/Lan/Wan - DATA help:

Hi Bob, and thanks for your question.    This is a fairly common problem.  Give this a try:    1. Click Start and in the "Search programs and files" box, type "advanced sharing" and choose "Manage advanced

2014-08-20 Microsoft Word - disappearing section breaks in MS Word 2010:

Hi Lisa,    Just for the record; I must report that I donít have Word 2010 and have yet to be convinced that I need it.    Feel free to ask one or all of the other volunteers about this issue.    One of

2014-08-19 Microsoft Word - any recommendation for substitute for microsoft word:

The free LibreOffice is often recommended, but I have no experience with it, or with OpenOffice, which is also popular. There's a comparison of Office 365 to LibreOffice at

2014-08-19 Buying a computer system - need help in buying a laptop:

They are very similar machines both in terms of base configuration and customization options - the primary difference is the Thinkpad starts around $100 cheaper, and comes with a professional graphics

2014-08-19 Buying a computer system - need help in buying a laptop:

I would go with the Alienware if it's between that and the HP (if you don't need OS X or any other Apple utilities, I don't see any point in spending more for the Apple hardware). Switchable in that context


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