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2014-10-24 Using MS Access - Can access be useful for me.:

No it shouldn't be difficult. You can probably do most of this using the wizards. I would do some research on database design and normalization before getting started. The key to this is getting the database

2014-10-24 Windows 7 - Accessing BIOS:

Hello Nicholas    Actually if your manual says it is DEL then that is what it is. A few things to note. When you first turn on the power you are going to want to start pressing the DEL key right away and

2014-10-23 Home Recording - Music:

Hello Cornell-    Very strange. Ok I need more info. I'm not a Sonar user, but they all have the same basic rules.     My first question would be: "did you mute your speakers?" Sounds silly but maybe that's

2014-10-23 Excel - TAX RATE BANDS:

It's relatively simple, though I'd normally do this with a lookup table, which would make the job of updating it year on year easier    If I've followed this, for someone on 140,000 they would be taxed

2014-10-23 Using MS Access - CreateDatebase with Password:

Why bother with the array? You already have the names of the tables in a tble. Why not just loop through the recordset:    'Create Array to Hold Table Names  - 23 tables  'Set the Folder and Database Location


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