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2014-07-22 Using MS Access - MS access Query issue:

I have not used Navigation forms. So I'm not sure if that is affecting this. I've done pretty much the same thing, copy a subform, rename it, then change the Recordsource and its worked for me.     Double

2014-07-21 Excel - formula rewrite:

Chris Mitchell,    I tested the formula you show with the conditions you described and it worked fine for me.     When the vlookup returned a matching value it returned correct.  When I changed it to a

2014-07-21 Excel - fromula rewrite:

Chris Mitchell,      =if(and(vlookup,a3,Sheet1!$B$1:$C$159,2,false)=d1,c1=n2),"correct","incorrect")  should be      =if(and(vlookup(a3,Sheet1!$B$1:$C$159,2,false)=d1,c1=n2),"correct","incorrect")    but

2014-07-21 Microsoft Word - Centering headings in the header:

As noted in my profile, I have no expertise in Word for Mac, but in WinWord, the answer would be that the default Header style has two tab stops: a center-aligned one at the center of the text line (centered

2014-07-21 Delphi - Get Windows version:

It looks to me like you're getting what you asked for, but you're looking in the wrong place...  the correct key is:    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion    then 'CurrentVersion'


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