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2014-08-01 Windows 7 - system restore:

Hello Robert    Unfortunately the System Restore feature simply doesn't do what it is intended to on a good day. If you are finding it is not working at all as in the case it is not enabled, you may have

2014-07-31 Windows 7 - windows7 updates not installing:

Hello Earl    The first thing I would be doing is checking your current antivirus. Personally I suggest using the Free AVAST antivirus as it does what you need and nothing more. Although if you are going

2014-07-31 Web Design - web advertising:

Hi onder -    "Google maps" morphed into "Google+ Local" briefly - now it's "Google My Business".    You don't pay Google for this service - what you likely paid for was Google Adwords so your business

2014-07-30 Windows 7 - activation Win 7 after fresh installation:

Hello Ferdinand    I can completely understand your concerns with regards to activation however you are in very good shape having both the windows cd and the license key.  You should have no troubles as

2014-07-30 Excel - excel:

Hi Ravisankar,    You are basically expecting excel to automatically divide all your values by 1000. This is possible a straightforward formula - Enter your value in cell A1. Enter the following formula


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