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2015-05-22 Excel - Userform not picking up dates:

Instead of    res = Application.Match(CLng(CDate(Me.cmbDate.Value)), r, 0)    try something like    Set r1 = r.Find(What:=cmbDate.value)  If r1 is nothing then       MsgBox cmbDate.Value & " was not found"

2015-05-22 Microsoft Word - Hiding headers + footer margins?:

Hi Lynda,    I love that "magical view" also and it is super easy to turn off/on. Open file in print layout view > place your cursor directly above top edge of page (a double arrow will appear) > double

2015-05-22 Using MS Access - Cumulative values:

Hi Maya,  I'm happy the previous solution worked for you, but with this new request I'm slightly confused    "what I need is that the cumulative dose doesn't consider these parameters and displays the

2015-05-21 Desktop Video - Youtube delete:

Yes, you can upload it again. Youtube doesn't know what you're loading so it doesn't matter if it's the same file or not. If I'm wrong and it does recognize the file name (I'm pretty sure it won't) then

2015-05-21 Windows 8 - windows 8 replacing on new hard drive:

Hi Dan!    The license key for systems that shipped with Windows 8.x is found in the BIOS. Windows 8 will "usually" pick this up during the install and activate, but there are several scenarios where it


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