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2017-02-24 PC hardware--CPU & Motherboard & - desktop tower:

I'm assuming you're referencing the metal (or metal/plastic) side panel that needs to be removed to get at the internal hardware (e.g. motherboard). Dust/hair/etc should be cleared from the machine "as

2017-02-24 Windows 8 - Windows 8 Crashing:

Hi Del!    Don't worry, I didn't think you are a "wee boy" who has no ideas about computers.  I have an IT degree myself and fiddle with computers since I was 8 with a C64. 27 years of computer experience

2017-02-24 Windows 8 - Windows 8 Crashing:

Hi there    you cannot rule out that it's a driver issue just because it works in windows 7 and does not in windows 8.1. different windows versions have different HALs (Hardware Abstraction Layers) and

2017-02-22 Microsoft Word - Symbol for "triple bar":

The Unicode character (U2261) is called "Identical To," and you can find it in the Mathematical Operators subset in Word's Symbol dialog. You can insert it from the dialog or by typing 2261 and immediately

2017-02-22 Macs/Apples - ITS NICE AND FIRM:

Cameron,  Thanks for writing! Wikipedia has a nice page on this:    Firmware is low-level programming contained in (sometimes) flash memory, providing access to


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