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2016-06-24 Macintosh OS - FLASHDRIVE FORMAT PROBLEM:

FORMAT IS ONE THING  PARTITION IS ANOTHER - the device likely has one partition (most do, although they could have 2 or 7 partitions)  The DEVICE is partitioned in GUID, APM, or MBR.  THE DEVICE is named

2016-06-24 Microsoft PowerPoint - SmartTools - Flow Charts:

Hello - I am not aware of a way to use the Smart Art to actually have 2 with a relationship to one after the top level.  However you can create your chart, have the parents as one level, then delete whatever

2016-06-24 Macintosh OS - FLASHDRIVE FORMAT PROBLEM:

Storage devices are partitioned and formatted.  On a Mac in Disk Utility   Highlighting the Device (USBman 32gb - name depends on manufacturer) allows you to click Partition tab.  Your choices are  GUID

2016-06-24 Business Software - How to choose a right app developer?:

Well the first question is how do you sell your products? Are you a physical store or is everything done online?     Second, do you really need Mobile? Do you need customers to be able to place orders

2016-06-22 Excel - If and Count Statement assistance:

Dear Richard,    I'm not clear with the question.  1. First up, the dropdown cannot be made conditional upon the value in another cell. Excel supports simple dropdowns. If you still want to have conditional


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