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2015-01-29 Excel - Help Extending The Range Of An "IF" Formula:

You say the sample formula is in B1:C5 (which I believe you mean C1:C5, since B1:B5 contains the text you mention). So, according to you, C1 contains =IF($C$4=1,$C$4*$C$3,""), C2 contains =IF($C$4=1,$C$4*$C$3

2015-01-29 Excel - IF/Countif(s) Formulas Help:

{=Countif(C4,"<1,",C2,"<="&C1)}  is an invalid formula, even if you've array-entered  =Countif(C4,"<1,",C2,"<="&C1)    If C:K are input cells, they will not contain formulas    Your question & explanation

2015-01-29 Computer Security & Viruses - virus in Thundirbird:

Though you didn't provide specific info about the threats, I don't doubt you when you say Bitdefender found one or more Trojans.     But, while it is possible the infection permanently deleted Thunderbird

2015-01-29 Excel - excel formula:

Hi Dennis,    Do you have a sample copy of this file. Or a template of how you want it to look.    I need to have a file to work with.    In short, what I understand is that you should have a set of images

2015-01-29 Windows 7 - Windows Errors and Updates:

Hello once again Len    I suggest at this point, to perform a factory reset but first be sure to back up all of your important data to an external usb drive. Here are the instructions:    Instructions


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