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2014-11-27 Windows 8 - Windows Live Mail:

Hello Jonathan!    Thanks for your follow-up. Just to be on the sure site, are you running the latest version of Windows 8 aka Windows 8.1 Update 2 and latest version of WIndows Live Mail? There is a version

2014-11-27 Windows 7 - Upgrading Drive C to Larger Capacity:

Hello again Nicholas    It will be the DEL key as F8 is used for windows boot menu. You are probably right about the keyboard. If it is a wireless keyboard then it may not work since the usb is not powered

2014-11-27 Excel - Getting answer FALSE, but cells are equal!:

Gail,    In excel, all numbers are stored with 15 digits of precision and when you are trying to do equality that often causes a problem.  (Of course 1/2 is .5 so no problem there)   Let's take our decimal

2014-11-27 Macintosh OS - Hard Drive Question:

HI Phillip,    1. Can I transfer Microsoft Office using a hard drive to another mac?     Apple makes a Migration Assistant that does exactly this when you go from one machine to another.    2. What about

2014-11-27 Web Design - Developing A Form On Wordpress:

Karl,     Thanks for your response.     It's not that what you want is a "brain-buster," but any responsible, professional programmer/developer with a conscience should inform you that s/he can't provide


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