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2016-07-25 Windows 95/98 - Question re PC video editing:

Hello,    Sadly the answer is no.  Digital video is extremely data intensive and takes up a LOT of space.  Almost all video formats out there are already using some form of compression.  Therefore, the

2016-07-25 Desktop Video - Question re resizing PC videos:

I haven't found anything that does a good job of compressing video files without stepping on them pretty badly.    The good news is that external drives aren't super expensive anymore. A quick Google search

2016-07-24 Microsoft Word - Getting Auto correct to change i.e. to iitalics:

I'm glad that worked for you. It would be helpful if you would reply in the thread (

2016-07-24 Computer Security & Viruses - Virus:

Hi Karen,    There are other methods, but first let me know if you've tried:    Norton is likely the best of the two

2016-07-22 Excel - How to remove space other than trim.:

Nabam,    You are correct that Trim does not remove spaces between words - it leaves one space between each pair of words and removes all other spaces (beginning, end and multiple spaces between words)


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