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2016-12-09 Computer Security & Viruses - new laptop security ouestion:

Those programs will not compete. Defender is not an anti-virus. It is anti-malware. It is not recommended to run 2 antivirus at one time. Two antimalware programs at once is fine (more is overkill).  

2016-12-08 Excel - array formula:

Christopher,    this seems like the same question you asked on 11/25/16 with the locations reversed.     the answer then was     B1:  =IF($A$1="","",IFERROR(INDEX($G$1:$G$20460,SMALL(IF($H$1:$H$20460=$A$1

2016-12-08 Web Design - WordPress Blog Page:

Hi Dave.    The answer depends largely on what theme you're using, and possibly where it's hosted.   Is this a site, or one you've installed from    Also, it might be helpful

2016-12-07 Adobe Framemaker - Book Error in FrameMaker13:

Nikki -  There could be a couple of things that are causing the problem.     1.  Do you have "generated" files in your book, (i.e. TOC, Index, etc.), if you do you need to run "Update" book. After you

2016-12-06 PC hardware--CPU & Motherboard & - Computer:

For the use you described, most everything you can buy will do. No special amount of RAM or processor speed is needed. For your price you will probably get 4gigs RAM and a quad core processor. I don't


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