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2015-11-28 Web Design - Student Interview for Project:

Matthew, thanks for your questions.     Let's take them one by one:    1. When it comes to web design, internet marketing, SEO (search engine optimization), design, and realize that it's

2015-11-27 IT and Business Architecture - Hybrid Electric Water Pumps.:

Most pumps work on either or. The difference is whether the actuator is based on a solenoid to drive the pump or a circular suction value.  Each requires a different power source. However putting an inverter

2015-11-27 Windows 8 - Windows 10:

Hi Lynwood,  I awesome you are reviewing to Windows 10 as that is what you have in the subject.    The best way to handle this is to:  1) Press hold the Windows key (the one with the Windows logo on in

2015-11-25 IT and Business Architecture - Cross compiler for C++ and C# programming languages.:

Yes it is possible, but the value add is questionable. There are fundamental differences in the way that the memory management of both work.  It is sort of like building a better mouse trap, it may have

2015-11-24 Home Recording - Pan trouble:

Are you using both inputs on the Starlette? You will need to be using both, as the inputs are NOT stereo inputs. If you can get 2 RCA to 1/4" TS cables (or use standard RCA cables with this type of adapter: http://i00


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