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2014-04-18 Excel - Inexplicable 'Subscript out of range' error for Worksheet reference:

Sven,    This sounds like a problem with a windows setting. It has been a long time since I played with this but:    The success enjoyed when not using the extension is dependent on a windows level setting

2014-04-17 Using MS Access - Command button to open file:

Well you need to know where it is. Your code is correct, but you have to substitute the actual path for C:\Folder.     If different PCs have different drive mappings (letters), you can use UNC codding:

2014-04-17 Excel - Help VBA:

NIcole,    I would see it something like this:    Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)  Dim trgrow, sh as worksheet    If Target.Column <> 22 Then Exit Sub  If Target.count > 1 then exit

2014-04-17 Excel - Conditional Formating:

My solution works fine. Not sure what you did. I'm also not sure if what you said is a question or not: "That did not work either, so I think I am going to go another route. I want to conditional format

2014-04-17 Excel - Macro to Cut and Paste from other sheet:

PJ,  You would need to change this formula.      r2.Offset(0, 4).Formula = "=if(Countifs(" & r1.Address(1, 1, xlA1, True) & "," & _   r2(1).Address(0, 0, xlA1, True) & "," & r1.Offset(0, 2).Address(1,


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