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2017-01-22 Excel - Delete rows if not a number:

Alan,    Sub DeleteNonNumberRows()  Dim r As Range  With ActiveSheet.UsedRange    Set r = .Rows(.Rows.Count).Resize(1, 1)  End With  Set r = Range("A2", r)  On Error Resume Next  r.SpecialCells(xlConstants

2017-01-22 Excel - Delete rows if not a number:

Alan,    Since you didn't say this was a vba request, then I won't suggest a vba approach.    One way would be to apply a Filter to your data from the right side of the home tab, second to last option

2017-01-22 Adobe Photoshop - Deleting layers:

This is extremely difficult to troubleshoot without seeing what you are doing.     I am thinking you should check the layers palette. Look at what changes when you move text. Can you just use the type

2017-01-20 Windows XP - Windows 10:

Dave, I am sorry to be late getting back to you but for some reason I missed your email.  Windows 10 requires > 1 ghz processor and your HP computer is faster at 3ghz; also requires RAM memory 1gb which

2017-01-19 Excel - Secondary drop down lists:

Bill,    If I was going to give you an answer, it would be the one you describe.     This approach is documented at Debra Dalgleish's site    go to data validation


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