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2014-12-20 Desktop Video - video edit for simple purpose:

1, 3, & 4: any video editing program will do these things. They are very basic functions.  2: you can't. The only way to do this is if the footage is shot on a green or blue screen and you know how to

2014-12-20 C# - How does this work?:

Hi there,    Well its not my profession but it's an interesting question, so I will try to answer. A game developer first creates 3D models of the scenes, characters, objects. Then he draws graphics for

2014-12-20 Windows XP - WXP:

Dennis: Apparently the sdwelcome dot exe file is a part of the Spybot antivirus program.  Perhaps Spybot was installed preeviously on your computer and the application was not completely uninstalled.

2014-12-20 Windows 7 - Windows Live Mail:

Hello Adelle    What you are going to want to do is visit the following microsoft website help on importing your contacts in windows live mail from this link:

2014-12-19 Excel - formula error:

Christopher Mitchell,    You just have to many right parentheses for the number of left parentheses you have.  You need to put a left parentheses before the first LEN      =IF((LEN(TRIM(E11))-LEN(SUBSTITUTE(E11


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