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2016-05-29 MySQL - mysql error in procedure-unknown column in field list:

Dear sir     Unknown column is a common mysql error. Which basically means the column  (or table feild) that you have declared in you code is not found in the mysql database table.     In the mysql database

2016-05-28 Windows 7 - pc completely froze during video:

Hello    As you mentioned you have intel drivers you will want to go to the intel driver update and install the automatic driver utility.     from this link:    as for the buzzing

2016-05-28 Excel - formulas:

Tony,    Untested, but this should get you started.       Sub SendPDF500PA()  ' Create PDF of active sheet and send as attachment.          Dim Sh1 As Worksheet      Dim strPath As String, strFName As

2016-05-27 Windows 7 - pc completely froze during video:

Hello Lee    it's always about the device driver updates.. with windows 10 it is much better, as it doesn't simply wait for 'patch tuesday' and if there are updates to be done, they will get done as they

2016-05-27 Microsoft Word - Font colors: Standard, Recent, and Custom:

Hi Paul,     Thanks for the question.    If I understand correctly, here is what I believe you should do.    On the Home tab, in the Styles group, click Change Styles, then Colors. Click Create New Theme


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