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2017-01-19 Excel - Secondary drop down lists:

Bill,    If I was going to give you an answer, it would be the one you describe.     This approach is documented at Debra Dalgleish's site    go to data validation

2017-01-19 Excel - Excel - Print 1 copy different:

Martin Cadwallader,    If you want all the copies to be identical except one copy to have additional information in one of the cells, you would need to print out twice.  One with 10 copies and no additional

2017-01-19 Macintosh OS - IS THIS NEW:

Updating a computer is just installing the latest software. The updates may be fixed for software bugs, security patches or additional features.    Upgrading could be software upgrades or could be hardware

2017-01-18 Windows 8 - win8:

Hi d!    You can only use Enterprise if you have a volume license agreement with Microsoft that gives you that right, which will also provide a key for it.    You will need to reinstall Windows, as there

2017-01-17 Excel - Copying CSV file into Excel sheet:

RICHARD    To copy the entire sheet instead of painting the cells you want to copy, and then copying them,  Just click on the box at the intersection of row 1 and column  A and then perform the copy paste


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