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2015-04-26 Internet/Network Security - ip hacking:

Hi Jeff,    All IP addresses are leased out by ARIN (American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)) to various ISP's (Internet Service Provider, like COX). These IP addresses are then used by the ISP customers

2015-04-26 Excel - A follow up to my last question:

Barry,      Sub GetAllExcelHits()  Dim sPathMas As String  Dim sPathHits As String  Dim r As Range, cell As Range  sPathMas = "E:AAA_SaveAA OTO DB Excel Master-All\"  sPathHits = "E:AAA_SaveHITS\"  Set

2015-04-25 Computer Security & Viruses - Working autorun virus removal tool:

Sounds like this might be something combo fix could take care of. Get it at  It is an executable (.exe). You do not install it just download and save it to the desktop

2015-04-25 Qbasic, Quickbasic - Correct syntax for drawing a line between points A and B.:

Hi Victor,    You line statement should look like this:    

  DIM col% = 15 ' 15 is white in 16-colour modes.  LINE (Ax, Ay)-(Bx, By), col%  
   Before you draw lines, you have to set a SCREEN

2015-04-25 Computer Security & Viruses - Can't Connect to the Internet:

You are certainly correct. It is easy to fake a web site address.    I suggest that you back up all your data, wipe your hard drive and reinstall. That's what a computer repair shop would do.    The problem


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