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2015-01-30 Microsoft Word - Removing hard returns:

Russ, yes when you follow the directions i gave you , there will not be a space between the paragraphs unless you have defined it.    Select all your text - Ctrl+A (Select All )    On the Home TAB > Paragraph

2015-01-30 Excel - Formula EXCEL 2010:

 so in A1 have the formula    =if(isnumeric(C1),"Closed",if(isnumeric(B1),"In Progress",""))    then select cell A1 and apply conditional formatting.      for your condition you could use a rule like

2015-01-30 Excel - IF/Countif(s) Formulas Help:

1 - you're right, this is silly.  2 - #3 above says, in part, "..What cell is DIRECTLY to the right of Putts?  C......3,8,13,18,23,28,...798..." yet in your initial description you say "Putts-----2-------1--------1--------1-------2--------2--------2------1--------2

2015-01-30 PC hardware--CPU & Motherboard & - Equipment to level spikes:

Do you have a picture of what you're trying to locate?     Off-handedly it sounds like you're describing the snap-on ferrites that some display cables use, you can read about those on Wikipedia (the article

2015-01-30 Excel - IF/Countif(s) Formulas Help:

The reason I said the formula was invalid is because you said "countif" when you meant "countifs". Countifs works; Countif did not.  I'm still quite confused as to WHERE you want the resulting formulas


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