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2015-05-28 Excel - macros give incorrect answers:

I can certainly try, post the code and I'll see if anything jumps out.    But the problem may not be the code, it may be your workbook.    1) Are there merged cells in that range?  2) Are these cells manually

2015-05-27 Web Design - Tricking Browser:

I don't know if it would work, but try using screen recording software like camtasia to record a video of the desired map markings.  Export a screenshot of the video at a certain zoom level that preserves

2015-05-27 Excel - conditional formatting syntax:

Christopher Mitchell,    If you are using a formula to determine whether to apply the formatting (this is done in the conditional formatting dialog), then you want to return a true or false answer.   

2015-05-27 Macintosh OS - adobe and pdf opening:

Janet,    There's a tool called Preview on your Mac. It'll allow you to open PDF files.     If that works, right click on one PDF, get info and then change the "Open with" choice to Preview.    Acrobat

2015-05-27 Adobe Photoshop - Can't figure it out:

Hi Don,    The way I would do it is to make a Layer out of the selection. Do this by pressing CTRL+J while you have a selection, this makes a new layer out of the selection.     Then I would add a layer


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