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2015-09-01 Windows 7 - Can I upgrade to Win 10 if Amd graphic chip not working and no driver, running on built in graphics.:

Hello Chan    Yes, no problem, I'm pretty sure you will have no troubles installing the upgrade to windows 10. In fact during the upgrade process it will check to make sure everything is compatible.  I

2015-08-31 Excel - select cells by format 'number':

Henk-Jan,    No implicit ability to filter for format beyond the support for color that I am aware of.       You can create a column next to your column of data and use the worksheet function Cell    =Cell(A1

2015-08-30 Excel - converting a formula to a number:

I'm puzzled - though by the way =a1+b1 is the same as sum(a1+b1) - BUT sorting the data SHOULD work - I do it regularly, and have no issues - the cells with formulas are still numbers - is it possible

2015-08-30 Windows 7 - upgrade to windows 10:

Hello Joe    You are going to want to upgrade to Windows 10 eventually but no, MS Office 2000 or 2003 are not compatible.. you can see from the chart (see link below) which shows only windows 8.1--but

2015-08-30 Data Management & Storage - Question on cloud database management:

Of course they have their own databases. As to how they are secured, there are many methods. You would have to ask someone more knowledgeable about being a DBA than I.    The major providers are Amazon'a


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