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2015-10-03 Microsoft Word - Watermarks in Tables:

The watermark idea is designed as a setting in the header or footer area, so would be in the entire document - you COULD insert a section break before the table, which would allow you to have a seperate

2015-10-02 Excel - How do I get result with a value:

If I was checking column A for the employee identifier found in A4 of the sheet with the formula and column B for the condition indicator found in BZ4 on sheet with the formula and returning values in

2015-10-02 Excel - How do I get result with a value:

Sandra,    I looked closer at your formula and now see you are Using  $A$4:$K$1600.  All ranges must match in terms of the number of cells addressed.  Your first argument is a single column and the other

2015-10-01 Data Management & Storage - simple database tool:

Sorry I don't know of anything that meets all your criteria. Especially the "free" part.     Creating a product that manages data and has a "good interface" requires effort on the part of the creator.

2015-10-01 Desktop Video - Software:

I'm not familiar with VirtualDub but I just Googled it. It looks like a very stripped-down editor that's used primarily for capturing video. I couldn't get a good look at it so I don't know if it will


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