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2016-09-22 Hard Drive Problems - Drives:

No, external hard drives are made with the exact same drives as many computers, so their chance of failure is equal too those internal drives.    Solid State Drives exist that have eliminated the moving

2016-09-22 Excel - Formula for Goal Seek:

Nabam,      the formula in A1 should be:   =IF(B3="",19000,(B3/A2))    If you read my original post, I was thinking of an approach that would require intentional circular references, but with the formula

2016-09-22 Macintosh OS - READ ME:

Emails can be sent that contain images (sometimes just a white pixel) that are stored on a webpage. When the image is downloaded to a email client or a webmail client that download can note the email address

2016-09-21 General Networking/Lan/Wan - network slow down:

I'm not familiar with Iobit malware.  I've used Malwarebytes for years and it's just excellent.  I simply run it now and again when I need to but don't leave it running, as I don't wish it to be consuming

2016-09-21 Excel - SUMIFS Problem:

I tend to use Pivot Tables to sum such data, but excel has no problem with a SumIfs with a date - it's jus that you have to remember that a date is simply a number - so    =SUMIFS(D2:D21,A2:A21,"Bill"


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