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2014-07-23 Microsoft Word - scan pdf word:

Different types of scanners produce different kinds of PDFs. Without knowing what kind of scanner you have, it is impossible to say what settings it might have, but most scanners can produce editable PDFs

2014-07-22 Microsoft Word - scan pdf word:

It depends on how the PDF was created. If it was scanned as an editable PDF, then it can be opened and edited in Word 2013. If it was scanned to PDF as a picture (graphic file), then it is not editable

2014-07-22 Windows XP - Office Application no longer supported:

Hello Edward. The coding for Windows and Office are both done by Microsoft and Microsoft has purposely coded Office to not work with Windows XP "just because". There is absolutely nothing in the newer

2014-07-22 Using MS Access - MS access Query issue:

I have not used Navigation forms. So I'm not sure if that is affecting this. I've done pretty much the same thing, copy a subform, rename it, then change the Recordsource and its worked for me.     Double

2014-07-21 Excel - formula rewrite:

Chris Mitchell,    I tested the formula you show with the conditions you described and it worked fine for me.     When the vlookup returned a matching value it returned correct.  When I changed it to a


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