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2014-09-01 Excel - sum of same font values:

Chris,    ... correction on the showcolors() routine ...  see below    Depends on what you mean by 4 different colors. If you mean you want to sum if it is any of 4 colors then you would use an or statement

2014-08-31 Excel - Excel 2007 Add-In:

Cheung,    It sounds like you want to use addins, so there are a lot of things to know.  I would expect the "s" subroutine to be visible in the list of macros.  If it was, it would show as      Addin_Name!s

2014-08-31 Excel - sum of same font values:

Chris,    the code worked fine for me.  Did you put it in a general module in the same workbook where you are trying to use it.  Make sure you only have one workbook open.  go to the Visual Basic Editor

2014-08-30 Excel - Today() in a sumifs formula:

Missy,    Not being an accountant, I don't have any particular knowledge of an aging report.     However, given the formula you show,     =sumifs(b4:b1000,a4:a1000,"<=TODAY()",a4:a1000,"<TODAY()-30")

2014-08-30 Windows 7 - red x:

Hello James,    Thanks for your question James. The particular RED X indicates a disabled device within the Operating System.    ->Please confirm that the Wireless Switch(located on the sides of the laptop-depends


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