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2014-11-18 Excel - Need Help with Excel:

With that many rows, the formula (which works) takes FOREVER to calculate.  =IFERROR(INDEX($A$2:$A$37622,SMALL(IF(NOT(ISNA(MATCH($A$2:$A$37622,$B$2:$B$37622,0))),"",ROW($1:$37621)),ROW(A1))),"")  Ctrl+shift+enter

2014-11-18 Excel - scientific number:

I would IMAGINE the database is outputting the value correctly, but it's then being displayed in scientific format - it's probably worth noting that the more complex the number, the less accurate any calculations

2014-11-18 Desktop Video - Smartphones With Video/audio Conferencing Feature.:

I'm not sure if Skype will handle multi-point. I think it will but I am not sure. Another program called ooVoo will do multi-point. I'm not sure if there's a smart phone app for it or not but I know it

2014-11-18 Macintosh OS - PC to Mac conversion:

Russ,    There's an apple document just for this!    The best choice from that list is Windows Migration Assistant    details here:

2014-11-17 Excel - formula syntax:

Christopher Mitchell,    You would need to enter the formula as an array formula      =IFERROR(INDEX(DataSheet!$E$15:$J$1501,MATCH(I2&X4,DataSheet!$C$15:$C$1501&DataSheet!$D$15:$D$1501,0),MATCH($A$1,DataSheet!$E$14:$J$14


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