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2014-07-30 Windows 7 - activation Win 7 after fresh installation:

Hello Ferdinand    I can completely understand your concerns with regards to activation however you are in very good shape having both the windows cd and the license key.  You should have no troubles as

2014-07-30 Excel - excel:

Hi Ravisankar,    You are basically expecting excel to automatically divide all your values by 1000. This is possible a straightforward formula - Enter your value in cell A1. Enter the following formula

2014-07-30 Using MS Access - Continuous Form formatting:

You have to understand how a continuous form works. In Design mode, all you see is a single set of controls, correct? Well that's the key to understanding this. All you have is a single set of controls

2014-07-30 Microsoft Word - Headings off center:

Hi Bill,    So sorry but I am way out of my element here.    Wish I knew of a way to do what you ask.    In my version of Word I just go to Insert, Page Number and change it from Top to Bottom then all

2014-07-29 Microsoft Word - Headings off center:

Hello Again Bill,    That's OK I also get called Dan a lot too.    I don't know if you can create paragraphs in the header and then center one and not the other.    If not, then maybe you might have to


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