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2014-11-24 Excel - Calculating time interval from date/time stamps:

Example: Cell C3 is    08 23:54:29    Cell D3 is    09 00:37:15    Format cell D5 as Category: Time, Type 37:30:55    In D5, enter formula    =MID(D3,4,8)-MID(C3,4,8)+LEFT(D3,2)-LEFT(C3,2)    D5 will display

2014-11-24 Windows Networking - xp won't connect with wpa2 key:

Hi Scott,    Windows added WPA2 support to XP with SP3, so if you have that installed, you should have the support installed already.  That is why you are getting the message when you try to install the

2014-11-24 Excel - Conditional Formatting:

Duff,    hard to answer questions that are "I might", but assuming you have a table of conditions as you show, I think I would use the multi-condition countifs function to determine if a table row entry

2014-11-24 PC hardware--CPU & Motherboard & - Laptop specs for photography:

The laptop specs are decent but unfortunately the Intel graphics chipset definitely isn't quite as capable and dedicated NVidia graphics cards.    Something you might want to look into, before you go dropping

2014-11-23 Windows 8 - Win 8.1 Lock screen:

Hello Joo!    Thanks for your qustion!  I have taken it from the pool as the others didn't know how to answer.    Did you install the latest updates of Windows 8.1? Especially Update 1 and Update 2?  Those


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