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2015-03-29 Excel - random golf pairings:

Ben,    This is a very complex problem apparently. It is called the Social Golfer Problem (there are related problems such as table seating) although your constraints are even more restrictive.  A bit

2015-03-29 Macintosh OS - wake:

There will be no easily recognized differences.  It will set things to out of the box conditions.    An administrator account can change system settings that are active in all user accounts.  These system

2015-03-29 Macintosh OS - RISE AND SHINE:

Cameron,    Your mac is constantly monitoring bluetooth spectrum (it's a type of radio.) It has a list of things it was connected to. They 'pair' to agree that they are allowed to talk to each other.

2015-03-28 Windows 7 - wavin:

Hello David    You should be installing the drivers directly from the Asus driver support website and not just some random driver, even if it is using realtek. As well, you are going to need to check your

2015-03-28 Excel - creat a dropdown if previous cell =:

it's actually quite tricky (as you guessed) - I've only managed to do it using a "helper" column and an array formula.  This version assumes that the A cell is A1    =IF(SMALL(IF(ROW(A1:A5)-1=A1,9999,ROW(A1:A5)-1)


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