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2015-11-30 Windows 7 - new laptop:

Hi Andee!    Don't worry about Windows 10 ... you will love it.    I obviously don't know if you will like or dislike Windows 10, no more than anyone else who tells you you will hate it.    Windows 10

2015-11-30 Buying a computer system - new computers:

Generally new computers these days will come with either Windows 8.1 or Windows 10, however some workstations and other professionally-oriented systems will come with Windows 7 at your option. That said

2015-11-30 Excel - formula syntax:

Christopher,      =CONCATENATE(Text(AI2,"dd/mm/yyyy")," ",AJ2)    what is actually is being displayed is a date serial number.  This is the number of days from a base date usually 1/1/1900 in the windows

2015-11-30 Excel - Macros to transfer data from one sheet to another:

Blessing,    lets say that you have headings in sheet1 in row 1 and your data is in the rows below, one item per row.  Further assume that you enter data in each row and there are some formulas in that

2015-11-28 Web Design - Student Interview for Project:

Matthew, thanks for your questions.     Let's take them one by one:    1. When it comes to web design, internet marketing, SEO (search engine optimization), design, and realize that it's


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