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2016-10-23 Macintosh OS - DOSE IT WORK?:

NO, it dose not work, the software does not support keyboards or mouse.    But Logitech makes it behave like a trackpad and keyboard on your computer.

2016-10-23 Macintosh OS - DOSE IT WORK?:

I'm not sure what you are trying to achieve. If you turn the keyboard off using the button, it will be off. You can only turn it back on again using the same button as it will not be broadcasting its wireless

2016-10-22 Excel - VBA writing:

Chris,    when I used this =cellAddress   I meant the word celladdress as descriptive of what needed to be entered.  This is a direct link.  You want to reproduce the name above this cell in this cell

2016-10-21 Excel - VBA writing:

Christopher,    You might not need a macro.      Copy the sheet  On the copy  Select Column A and B down to the last used row in column C.      Hit F5 and choose GoTo.  Select special then select Blanks

2016-10-20 Computer Security & Viruses - Web links:    discountdomainsuk


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