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2014-10-30 Web Design - wp design:

Joe,     1. High traffic website re-design their websites while they are online. When they are ready to make the switch, they simply activate the new theme/design/template that has all the changes in it

2014-10-29 Using MS Access - Min If:

I'm not quite following the structure and workflow. What does your app do? How are customer's entered. Is it first come first served with respect to standard/discounted rates? I don't understand; "which

2014-10-29 Excel - VBA for combobox fill off unique table values:

Leigh,    In you example, you used combocity as the name of the combobox, but in you narrative you said Comboboxcity and comboboxdealer.  I went with Combobox... in my example.      This worked for me

2014-10-29 Excel - need VBA solution for listbox control:

leigh,    I would use additem.  I assume your selection will be a single column      Private Sub UserForm_Activate()  Dim rng As Range      Set rng = Selection  for each cell in rng    Listboxitems.additem

2014-10-28 Excel - Formul Trouble:

This looks like a job for VLOOKUP. You may also need some MATCH and INDEX


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