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2014-04-23 Excel - Userform:

I guess all you can do is make the labels large enough so they display their text on all systems. One thing you can do is ask for the screen resolution of the person who does not see your labels properly

2014-04-22 Excel - number of unique names with nonzero values:

Assuming that data, then this answer:    =COUNT(1/FREQUENCY(IF($A$1:$A$17=$J2,IF(B$1:B$17<>"",MATCH(B$1:B$17,B$1:B$17,0))),ROW(B$1:B$17)-ROW(A1)+1))    That is an array formula, confirm it in cell K2 by

2014-04-22 Excel - calculating days between dates and subtracting a raw number:

The formula should be (taking G4 as the test)    =IF(C4=0,"",IF(ISBLANK(E4),TODAY()-C4-F4,""))    In your suggested example, you had the -F4 outside the IF condition which was why it was failing.  You

2014-04-22 Using MS Access - Increment with a button:

No the hidden control is on the subform so the subform can be linked to the main form. There is no need for a button in this example. As you add records to the subform (selecting Part and serial numbers)

2014-04-22 Using MS Access - Error Message:

First I suggest you use more descriptive object names. Command149 doesn't tell you what the button does.So I would rename the button cmdPreview and change the code to:    Private Sub cmdPreview_Click()


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