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2014-08-19 Microsoft Word - any recommendation for substitute for microsoft word:

The free LibreOffice is often recommended, but I have no experience with it, or with OpenOffice, which is also popular. There's a comparison of Office 365 to LibreOffice at

2014-08-19 Buying a computer system - need help in buying a laptop:

I would go with the Alienware if it's between that and the HP (if you don't need OS X or any other Apple utilities, I don't see any point in spending more for the Apple hardware). Switchable in that context

2014-08-19 Macs/Apples - put 2 HD Apps. into one HD?:

Some applications are easy to move and some really on files in your system folders. So the process may not be as straight forward as just copying all the files form small drive onto another.      The easiest

2014-08-18 Windows Networking - Win7 share files folders:

Hi Bob.    I could go into great detail, but you are very close.  When it comes to file sharing, there probably was a password setup for your laptop when you first got it, but it is set to remember the

2014-08-18 Buying a computer system - need help in buying a laptop:

Right off the bat I would cut the Acer from consideration - reliability and customer service are generally less-than-acceptable from Acer Group, and if that's a serious concern on your part I would just


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