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2015-06-30 Excel - Separating Data in Excel:

Aha!    OK, here is what to do. Bear with me, there are some steps involved.    Select the tab with the data.  Make sure it is setup so that you have:    - 1 row containing the names of each column (Name

2015-06-30 Computer Security & Viruses - Internet Explorer Issue:

Hi Steven    I received the entire log.  Please try to run AdwCleaner once again.  If it still does not run, uninstall the program, download it once again from:

2015-06-30 Microsoft Word - Headers in 2010 MS Word:

I'm not sure what method the Dummies book gives but it SHOULD be the same - on the page layout ribbon, click the button at the bottom right of the paragraph section to bring up the full layout dialog box

2015-06-30 Excel - i don't have a clever response here!:

Chris,  Nice to meet you as well.     In any cell you can put    =Indirect(A18)    then drag fill that to the right.    that will pull in the value in cells e1, b1, c1, d1 and a1    Now select those five

2015-06-29 Excel - Write a link to the next sheet:

Ian,    If I read you code, on the first activesheet, you find the last cell with data in column A and then overwrite that cell and anything in that row with a link to the next sheet  then you dropdown


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