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2015-08-03 Computer Forensics, Data Recovery and - Erased Hard Drive Recovery:

Hi Lee,    Normal data eraser utility were only able to wipe the hard drive but couldn't prevent experts or technicians to recover data. Professional recovery tools are still able to trace important files

2015-08-03 Excel - change by val target:

Hi again Dave,    Yes, some functions that push data to worksheets do not trigger the worksheet change event.  Let's hope that yours does trigger the worksheet Calculate event when A1 changes.  Then the

2015-08-02 Internet for Beginners - Advice on changing computers:

Hi Christine,    It sounds like you're just trying to swap out the monitor with another one. If that's the case, just make sure you have the same type of connectors for the new monitor so it's simply a

2015-08-02 Macintosh OS - email pop account:

Peter,    I'm not sure what's wrong. My guess is that it's NOT an Apple issue...but a change on the Gmail side..    And keeping CS3 compatibility may be a problem....    Apple/Google updates their software

2015-08-01 Excel - change by val target:

Hi Dave,    Thank you, that helps.  Here is some code that should do it.  I assumed as you stated previously that the value you want to monitor is in A1 of sheet Sheet1 and the difference should be stored


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