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2015-07-04 Brazil - Economical rentals in Copacabana?:

While I've never lived in Rio (I live in the state of Bahia), I can tell you this: Brazil, for locals, is a very expensive country, Rio (along with Sao Paulo) are the most expensive cities, and Copacabana

2015-07-02 Travel to Spain - tour thru ancien catalonia:

Hi Edward from a very hot and sunny Barcelona.    Taking your query regarding a transfer from El Prat Internation Airport, Barcelona to a City Centre hotel first - the answer is that this is a straightforward

2015-07-02 Dutch - dutch:

Hallo Anders,  Tack sa mycket fr det frge. Does that sound right? I have learned a little Swedish because of some work in Sweden.  Your question is not entirely clear to me. I can see multiple things

2015-06-30 Hindus - mother or love:

Dear Patel    You took a wrong step and will have to lie with guilt for rest of this life. You have not been honest. You claim her to be your love and yet you played with your love. If both of you loved

2015-06-29 Hindus - love:

Dear Patel,    You and only you are very much responsible for all this.   God did not love your lover and did not indulge in sex with her.   You will have to face the consequences of what you did.  Also


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