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2015-10-08 Costa Rica - Marriage in Costa Rica:

Hi Jerry,    I think you asked me a question about a year ago.  I hope things are going great for you.    I guess I will answer you with a few questions:  Can your fiancée travel to Costa Rica?  Does she

2015-10-06 Hebrew Language - Israeli Seashell.:

The text on the seashell is the "Ma Nishtana" text from the Passover Hagadah. (See here for the full details). I never saw anything like this shell in an Israeli

2015-10-02 Hindus - Consciousness/prana/ mind:

Dear TRV,    Consciousness DOES not have any connection to anything nor it is associated with anything. It is the secondless one which is nameless, formless and attributeless. Based on this non-dual truth

2015-10-01 Hindus - Path to Self realisation:

Dear TRV,    There are many methods of teachings. This is called PRAKRIYA in Sanskrit. There is no best method in absolute terms. It is upto the teacher to use a particular method of teaching that he finds

2015-09-30 Hindus - Path to Self realisation:

Dear TRV,    No. This is not explained in Gita.    Please feel free to ask any more questions.    Best wishes,  Raja Subramaniyan


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