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2014-12-17 Native American Culture - Mystery Stirrup Vessels!:

From markings and general shape, they resemble some vessels I've seen for indigenous peoples inside what is now Mexico, but as far as specific markings meanings or identification, you'd have to check with

2014-12-17 Philippines - bio-father of the child doesn't want to cooperate:

Sorry Nimfa to be the bearer of negative news but we have a niece who we advised when she gave birth to her baby girl out of wedlock to fill out the paperwork in the hospital as "father unknown" but she

2014-12-15 Philippines - shipping:

Greg, I'm not sure about the best shippers from Australia but from the USA / Canada where 4 million Filipinos reside, Balikbayan boxes sent via LBC are best. Ask around amongst the Filipino in Australia

2014-12-14 Hindus - doubt:

Dear Shri;    Vedas have extensive historical references. An example is what is known as the Battle of Ten Kings (Dasarajna War). It is a detailed account on a war on the banks of River Ravi, when an Aryan

2014-12-13 Norway - Ancestry:

Norway does not acknowledge citizenship based on ancestry beyond your personal link. Unless one of your parents were norwegian citizens at the time of your birth, you do not have any claim on norwegian


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