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2016-08-22 Arabic - SURNAMES:

Dear Mario,    unfortunately this is not my expertise. You need someone who knows about family trees in Arab countries and not all of them are similar. Like Saudi is different from Syria and Morrocco.

2016-08-22 Hindus - Bhasmadharan by women:

Dear Hariji,    Namaste.    Any one, man or woman, can wear bhasma on their entire body and that is only good and nothing bad. However, one does not become spiritual by just wearing bhasma but by controlling

2016-08-17 Ireland - driving in ireland:

Hello Monique,    Visiting Ireland in October with no itinerary should be fine for the most part. It is always a good idea to book your first and last nights in advance. There is a Bank Holiday the last

2016-08-11 Travel to Spain - Ronda to Nerja:

I would agree with your proposed routing.    Los Amarillos from Ronda to Malaga    There are regular buses every 75 minutes or so between Malaga & Nerja operated by    There is no train serving

2016-08-11 Norway - Documenting claim to citizenship:

Nobody has ever tried doing it, so what is needed is a bit difficult to say. And what is possible to document is also probably different from country to country. The imagined situation where you may be


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