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2014-09-29 Hindus - War and Hindusim:

Hi,    Any violence is to be avoided, Therefore, war is not acceptable. However, to eliminate evil forces (terrorists for example), war may be required.    The above is the view of ancient Hinduism, which

2014-09-28 Hebrew Language - The wicked son's question:

Joel,    Great question, but this is probably not the proper forum for the long, complex answer such a question deserves. The short answer is that unlike Christianity, where a believer has to continuously

2014-09-28 Arabic - Wajada:

Hi again,    No. Wajada here is not synonymous with appear.     Wajada here is also found it to be .     If you mean "appeared as if" or "looked like" you need to use Bada. بدا    If

2014-09-28 Colombia - travel:

Dear Mr. Jerome:    Most flights are now using terminal one. Some of the Avianca flights go to terminal 2. I do not know what airline you are using. Normally when you arrive to a terminal you walk to where

2014-09-27 Hindus - Question about other faiths:

Dear Nik,    Thank you for your question.    Hinduism recognizes the same Divine Being behind all religions. We call our religion the Sanatana Dharma, the Perennial Religion, meaning that the same Truth


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