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2014-07-28 Hebrew Language - Translation of a word I read:

James,    Believe it or not, this question has been asked in this forum twice before. Here is the answer:    1. The Hebrew pronunciation is not Timshel, but Timshol.     2. Steinbeck only got it partially

2014-07-26 Native American Culture - Native doll:

The face seems to be made from moulded plastic with painted features. It is clearly the product of a handicrafter, but the ethnicity of the maker, or even the intended connection with any traditional American

2014-07-26 Greek - Greek spelling:

Hi Anna,    thank you for your question. I assume that the surname was "Polychronis". I will write the phrase according to that, if you don't mind. Let me know whether you prefer the "Polichrono" version

2014-07-26 Jamaica - swedish visa requirements:

Dear Teresa,      I hope this finds you well, and wanted to let you know that I have no knowledge about Visa.     I would recommend that you visit the Swedish Authorities for more information.    Sweden

2014-07-24 Chinese - words:

Hello, Victor,    The first set of words (which you posted up-side-down) is:    红(Pinyin: hng. Meaning: red) 泉(Pinyin: qun. Meaning: spring (small stream) 窯(Pinyin: yo. Meaning:


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