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2016-07-26 Norway - Translation (again):

Your really should just write in English. All norwegians speak and write english well enough for these kinds of transactions. Relying on google translate to understand the answer is not something I would

2016-07-25 Finland - Finding a Former Classmate in Finland:

Hi Brian!    I would gladly help you in trying to locate your old friend! 😊 The first source I usually use when trying to locate a person is the population registry center. Do you want the details

2016-07-25 Hebrew Language - Was vs. Became controversy:

Ron,    Early Biblical Hebrew grammar was structured somewhat differently from late grammar, and it is speculated that Gen 2 was written by a different source than Gen 1, and utilized a somewhat different

2016-07-19 Ireland - Day transfers/tours:

         Thank you Tom for choosing to visit Ireland.        For Sept. 18th.,  at this time there are seats available on the Paddy-waggon tour from Dublin to Dingle where four tickets cost a

2016-07-19 Hindus - enquiry:

Dear Suresh,    Thank you for your message.    Although ahimsa is given the supreme position in our religion, killing for righteous causes is permitted, including self-defense. My own Guru used to advise


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