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2014-09-16 Hebrew Language - Diphthong pronunciation:

Steve,    Let me add one more word to your examples: Panav ("His countenance") Pey qamatz Nun patach Vav.    So we have:    Shaddai: No comment. You've got it right.     Panai: The first 'a' is short,

2014-09-15 Greek - Pronunciation:

There are actually two suggestions concerning the pronunciation of the δασέα, i.e. φ,χ,θ but the one that you imply (/kh/) would belong to the classical period.

2014-09-15 Norway - Fritidsbolig / Hytter in Norway:

There are no country-wide regulations on holiday homes. But each kommune/municipality may regulate the size, location, what utilities that may be installed etc. What you need to pay in utilities is also

2014-09-14 Greek - Pronunciation:

Hi Andrew,    the letter χ is pronounced according to the vowel that follows, i.e. (per IPA) χ + front vowel = /xi/ or /xe/, whereas χ + back vowel = /xa/, /xo/ or /xu/.      For a comparison

2014-09-13 Travel to Spain - Itinerary for our holiday in Spain:

Hello Bob  Your itinerary is quite complete    Starting in Madrid  5 days for Madrid, including one day for Toledo, consider also one day for Segovia, better if you can borrow some time from other city


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