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2014-10-21 Native American Culture - Friendship within Native Amercians:

I applaud your decision to want to bring some Native tradition into play in your documentary. Any overview of North American culture, in order to accurately express the varieties of experience that have

2014-10-21 Hindus - karma yoga:

Dear Aaryan,    In general, people are attracted to money. It is impossible for them to attempt karma yoga. However, after earning money for a while and after achieving some success in life, people will

2014-10-21 Greek - Doric Greek Translation of Spartan Story:

Hello,    it is in Plutarch, Περὶ ἀδολεσχίας (transliterated as “Peŕ adoleschías”), section 17, that we read the anecdote about

2014-10-20 Colombia - dual citizenship?:

Hi Liana,   No it is not true. The Colombian passport is required for those who were born in Colombia, not for those who have Colombian parents but were born overseas. You are all good with only your U

2014-10-19 Hawaii - Hawaiian Resort/Movie Location:

Aloha William,    I know that some of the episodes were filmed on the island of Kauai near Poipu at the Moloa'a Kai Resort.  A lot of the episodes were also filmed in LA in the studios even though they


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