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2014-04-22 Hindus - happiness:

Dear Aaryan,    Thank you for your question. The suffering of others invokes our compassion. Happiness is attained through service of others. Serving your aging grandparents as embodiments of the Divine

2014-04-22 Venezuela - obtaining old documents:

Hi Domenic,    If you can't travel to Venezuela, to get these documents you or your parents would need to authorize a person in Venezuela to get them for you. Since this is process is still manually done

2014-04-20 Greek - Seeking Literal Translation of One Sentence:

Hi Michael,    happy Easter and Lord's Resurrection! Thank you for your question. You may address me as Michael, as it's my favourite one :)    The translation of Ferrar is correct and unproblematic. The

2014-04-19 Hindus - unknown past as uncertain as future:

Dear Vivek,    Thank you for your question.    Sri Krishna in the Bhagavad-Gita says even the wise are puzzled by the question of karma and akarma, action and inaction (Chapter 4). In Chapter 11:33 he

2014-04-18 Mexico - ESL Teaching:

Hi Maria,    I'm not surprised you want to stay! Mexico is wonderful. I hope you can make your way.  I'm also not surprised your flyers haven't resulted in much.  I can't tell you specific schools in your


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