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2016-05-02 Greece - Lichotor storage locker?:

Hello Craig,    E4 is a wonderful choice.     I ve contacted the Bus station both Katerini and Litochoro, unfortunately they didn't have any lockers or similar service.    One solution is to ask them to

2016-04-28 Hindus - Mental recitation of Mantra:

Dear TRV,    The first point to understand is that there is nothing mystical about 'spiritual power'. The ONLY purpose of any mantra is to make the mind pure. The sanskrit word MANTRA literally mean 'the

2016-04-27 Arabic - Quran Arabic:

Dear Yousuf,    What my regligion is , is a personal matter and it is none of your business.    As for your question I am not an expert in religion or in Islam. I am an expert in Arabic culture and language

2016-04-27 Arabic - Quran Arabic:

Dear Youssef,    Quran Arabic is the Source and utmost reference of Arabic.     I don't understand what you mean by "regular" Arabic.     There is only two types of Arabic modern Classic Arabic and Arabic

2016-04-27 Hindus - Nature of life:

Dear TRV,    You can neither live actively or passively. Life happens as in illusion. There is no need to continuously be aware of the impermanent nature of the universe. You will not suffer if you know


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