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2014-11-25 Mexico - Hotel question:

I have seen it on press trips and think it is fine. It is only a 2 star hotel, but lots of times those places make up for that with character and kindness. Frankly, without knowing you, it is hard to say

2014-11-24 Hindus - true sanyasi and female company:

Dear Vivek,    Sanyasi means one who has renounced. There are two types of sanyasis. Type 1 Sanyasi renounces the world in order to learn the truth. As long as the world (money, power, position, sex etc)

2014-11-22 Philippines - real eastate boracay:

Ok Michael, sounds good at Casa Camilla Boracay Apartments we'll have a yearly Rate 4 unit, P220,000 / year + utilities apartment become available in May/June so keep in touch via email: bill_lorna@yahoo

2014-11-20 Greek - attributed to Aurelius:

Hello,    Actually the quotation "...think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive..." is nothing but an English adaptation of what we read passim in Τὰ εἰς ἑα

2014-11-19 Kenya - Divorce:

Dear John    Send me a private message please and will advice you . Kindly note divorce in Kenya is almost impossible with a short period. If takes years and cost a lot.     Just email me private message


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