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2014-08-19 German Language - German job adverts:

Hello Geoff    I found one puting in google Informatiker Lehrberuf in Bern, Switzerland

2014-08-18 Hindus - How can I make my mind strong?:

Hi,    The first step in making the mind strong is to follow dharma. This means you must always be righteous. In case you do not know whether a particular action is right or not, you must listen to the

2014-08-18 Native American Culture - Unique Native American Teepee:

This painting seems to depict an artist's conception of making a camp somewhere along the Great Lakes. It is a combination of different traditions, however as the cultures that utilized the raised bow

2014-08-16 Kenya - Marriage Certificate Copy:

Dear Kristen ,    Yes it is possible if your father was married in Kenya. There is small fee involved to get you the copy, kindly send me private message or email me directly ,and will let you know  the

2014-08-16 France - All inclusive:

Hello,       Have you tried Club Med?    If this isn't what


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