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2015-04-23 Hindus - Why Pujas/ rituals?:

Dear Krishna,    It is very important to perform all pujas/rituals that are traditionally followed in your culture/family/ community. They are at the core of all religions.     Vedas are meant for all

2015-04-23 Hebrew Language - writing my Hebrew Name:

Joel,    Usually, that should not be a problem since the officiating rabbi will do it for all signers who cannot do it themselves; that said, here is your name in Hebrew.    שמוא

2015-04-23 Greek - on the verbal form of προσδοκησάτω:

Hello,    Προσδοκησάτω  in  καὶ μηδεὶς ὑμῶν προσδ

2015-04-22 Colombia - health care:

Carlos,     I have limited knowledge of health topics. I can tell you that Santa Marta is a fairly big city with significant medical infrastructure. It has attracted lots of foreigners and it has become

2015-04-22 Scottish Culture - Scottish symbols:

Dear Crystal    The word Celtic can mean different things to different people. As a general rule it is applied to describe the art, cultures and artefacts of a number of peoples - called the Celts -  who


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