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2016-02-05 Taiwan - Request for 5-digit Zip code:

Go to the Taiwan Zip code page:    Input "Taipei City" and then "Dunhua S. Rd." and select Section 2 in the pull-down list

2016-02-04 Native American Culture - Found Dead Red Tail Hawk:

Jane, hawks are a common enough road-kill (especially on blind hillcrests and turns) and being someone who really loves and respects them I appreciate your wanting to give it a nice burial. Eagles are

2016-02-02 Greek - Motto Help:

Hello,    “Death from Above," as would be used in a motto, like the Latin "Mors Ab Alto”, corresponds to ancient Greek  Θάνατος καθύπερ

2016-02-02 Kenya - civil union:

okay Salim , I think you should go ahead and apply for normal certificate for no impediment without raising alarm. Kenyans officials cannot tell all Germany names if they belong to a woman or a man.  just

2016-02-02 Philippines - wedding in philippines country:

It looks like India or the country whose passport you are holding needs to have a reciprocal agreement witht he Philippines  but check these links and  READ CAREFULLY


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