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2017-04-10 Hindus - Vedas:

Dear Santosh,    Thank you for your follow-up question. Brahma, the Creator, is the ultimate author of the Vedas, each coming from one of each of his four heads. Human authors simply channel his inspiration

2017-04-07 Romania - My mothers birth certificate in Satu mare:

Der Mr. Jay,    in order to obtain a birth certificate it is necessary to give an attorney to a romanian citizen. It is also necessary to send this person to make a request of a copy of this certificate

2017-04-06 Native American Culture - arrowheads:

When I was a kid, Theo, most collections of arrow and projectile points were the real thing, but in the past thirty years or so, the art of hobbyist flint or obsidian knapping has gotten so widespread

2017-04-05 German Language - The dative:

Hello Julius,    thank you for your question.    When trying to find out the appropriate case in German, you should always look at the verbs.    In the sub-clause starting with ", der" the verb is "jemandEM

2017-04-03 Germany - "about":

Hello John,    thank you for your question.    The correct translation for "to write about something" is "über etwas schreiben".    As you mention "to overwrite" in your question, I'd like to point out


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