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2015-03-29 Greek - Spartan symbol for strength:

Hello Anthony,    I would definitely pick the Spartan shield with the Λ on it, the "L" letter for "Sparta" in Greek (Lacedaemnon). It was of most heroic meaning to return from war either with your

2015-03-26 Brazil - return move to Brazil:

We were in exactly the same situation 10 years ago (minus the guitars -- mine was keyboards!). You should have no problems. The only thing that is strictly off limits are any motor vehicles - cars, motorcycles

2015-03-26 Finland - Help finding a person:

Dear Petur,     You surely gave me a nut to crack! 😊  I telephoned VRK - Population Registry Center and they gave me the same information -   that there is no one in Finland currently with the

2015-03-25 Greece - Bus Schedule From Kalambaka to Athens:

Hello Lauren and welcome to Greece.     Meteora during Spring is really a great travel idea.    I hope I will help you to implement it.    In order to go to Athens from Kalambaka, is better to travel to

2015-03-25 Costa Rica - 2 opcion de compra venta contracts:

Making two contracts is not a common practice but it is done sometimes, the 10 percent is usually paid for as a payment in good faith, basically to tie the buyer into the sale.  Signed reciepts should


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