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2015-05-18 Greece - Athens to Meteora:

Hello Lauren    The last train from Athens to Kalabaka (Train change in Palaiofarsalos station) leaves at 23:55. It is a long trip and arrives in Kalabaka at 5:30 (In Palaiofarsalos at about 4:00).  The

2015-05-18 Greece - thessaloniki -litochoro-dion:

Hello Radu,    I ‘ve contact the bus station in Katerini. It seems that you cannot go from Litochoro to Dion with a straight line. You need to go to Katerini and then to continue in Litochoro.    From

2015-05-17 Germany - Identifying Pre World War One Shoulder Strap:

Hello Kyle,    based on this chart it could be the shoulder strap of the 7th line regiment (see bottom of the chart) of the Reichsheer between

2015-05-16 Hawaii - Hawaiian Culture:

Aloha William,    The ancient Hawaiians sacrificed some animals but never humans.    Certain animals were used, mostly pigs, but not just any animals.    Some people think Hawaiians sacrificed humans and

2015-05-16 Greek - Socrates philosophy:

Hello,    first of all  both the sentences that you mention are simply attributed to Socrates who didn't write anything, just as you know, so that it is only thanks to  the writings of two of his closest


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