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2015-08-26 Indian Culture - information:

Hi Arlene    These wooden pieces are hand crafted and normally used as incense stick holders.

2015-08-26 Hindus - Ravana teaching lakshman:

Dear Vivek,    Thank you for your question.    Although we think of Ravana only as an evil rakshasa, he was in fact a great devotee of Vishnu. He was one of the two doorkeepers of Vishnu, cursed by a sage

2015-08-24 Arabic - Meaning of a lastname:

Hello Elizabeth,    Well you have given me a number of words written in English not in Arabic. They could be any word I cannot be sure unless I know what the word is in Arabic. The reason is vowels in

2015-08-24 Native American Culture - Cultural/ historical advisor for a film script:

Barry,   My area of expertise is really the Southwestern Nations, but having lived in the Northwest as a child, I was very interested in the very complex, sea-going culture of the Northwest Coast tribes

2015-08-24 Hindus - can a yogi indulge in sex:

Dear Vivek,    Yes, a yogi can indulge in sex. He is a cheater only if he gives an impression to others that he is a celibate, with the intention of cheating them.     Understanding that I AM Brahman is


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