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2014-04-24 Greek - Corrections:

Well, if there is a little improvement you can make - because I just saw this picture - you can make the "oxeia" a bit more diagonal, rather than vertical, i.e. in this way and in the following words:

2014-04-23 Colombia - Colombian Minor Passport:

Ok. The Fiance visa has to have the information included for the minor. The application needs to have the corresponding g-325A form for your fiance and one for her child. Also on the I-129F form there

2014-04-23 Hindus - death:

Dear Sushant,    Thank you for your question.    The best way to accept death is to accept life. This means living each moment in full awareness of the reality of existence. Nothing persists. Everything

2014-04-22 Colombia - Colombian Minor Passport:

Hello Bob,   Yes they have to be present and they have to be accompanied with a parent or legal guardian.  Should you need any assistance please email us at  Thanks

2014-04-22 Hindus - happiness:

Dear Aaryan,    Thank you for your question. The suffering of others invokes our compassion. Happiness is attained through service of others. Serving your aging grandparents as embodiments of the Divine


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