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2014-10-30 Taiwan - 5 digit zip code:

Hi.    The Chunghwa Post (the Taiwan post office) has updated its website. The new location for Zip Code lookup is here:    Go there

2014-10-28 Jamaica - birth certificate:

Dear Mary,      Thank you for writing, and sadly, I do not have any knowledge on Birth Certificates and Administrative Operations out of the Bahamas.    I would however recommend you talk to the Jamaican

2014-10-24 Hawaii - Hawaiian Hotel:

Aloha WIlliam,    The resort in the movie is on the island of Kauai about 15 minutes from Princeville. It is a hidden valley with a bay called Mooa'a. Nowadays the valley looks very different and no you

2014-10-23 Greek - Greek:

Hello,    it is so: there is no other way to learn ancient Greek than a long and passionate study that should be associated with  a good memory.    Also, it would need to have a good teacher who may be

2014-10-22 Greek - Greek:

Hello,    I really understand that you have problems with ancient Greek which is a very difficult language because of its three declensions, five cases, three accents, two breathings ( rough/ smooth breathing)


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