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2014-04-18 Hebrew Language - Correct Romanisation of Hebrew and Yiddish names:

Frances,    There are no particular rules as to how to Romanize Hebrew names. Clearly, in the example you use, the Polish 'w' is sounded as the English 'v', thus providing a different spelling for the

2014-04-16 Taiwan - postal code in Taiwan:

Hi. I was looking at the address, and I don't see any roads by that name in Tainan. The closest I could find on the lookup pages for Taiwan's post office is "Dawan" road. If that's the correct address

2014-04-16 France - Travelling by train in France.:

Hi Angel!    There are no direct trains from Paris (Gare Montparnasse) to Sarlat. You'll have to change trains at Libourne,    There are no direct trains between Sarlat

2014-04-15 Costa Rica - Practicing medicine, residency in Coasta Rica:

You will first need to apply for residency and then apply for permission from the medical association, there was a one year service that you would need to do before getting a full license to practice.

2014-04-14 Greek - translation:

Dear Alexa,    Ὀ μέγας Πὰν τέθνηκε means “The great Pan is dead”.    It is a sentence that we read in  Plutarch,"The Obsolescence


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