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2015-08-01 Native American Culture - Origin of Native American Clothing:

For value specifics, you'll really need to speak with a Canadian dealer in these kinds of trade goods. These utilize commercially tanned deerskin, from what I can tell, and appear to be items made for

2015-07-31 Hindus - love:

Dear Sridevi,    Thank you for your follow-up question.    Please reread my response again carefully. I did not tell you to forgive anyone. That is up to you, of course. Real forgiveness is a blessing

2015-07-30 Travel to Spain - tour thru ancien catalonia:

Hi Edward    Following on from my previous answers to your questions and in respect to the follow on question regarding "Can you recommend travel agencies experience?d in assisting handicapped senior citizens"

2015-07-30 Hindus - is this love:

Sorry to hear that Deepthi    Love has no barrier of age, sex, cast, money, look...........    Its only true love.     Hindu mythology has showed that time and again.    He is mean, narrow minded. I would

2015-07-30 Hindus - love:

Dear Sridevi,    Thank you for your question.    Marriage, especially among Hindus, can be a complicated affair that involves not only the persons to be married but their families as well. Many factors


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