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2017-02-26 France - Mont St Michel to Loire Valley (2 castles) to Paris:

Hi, Sherrie in neighboring Michigan!    Have some ideas, but am right now in the midst of packing today to depart tomorrow morning for a Panama Canal Cruise from Fort Lauderdale to San Francisco.  Can

2017-02-25 Australia - first trip to Sydney:

For an excellent meal, wonderful views and just a great place to go for a meal, try the Kirribilli Club.  Catch ferry to McMahons Point and walk up through Wendy's Garden, a special place on the other

2017-02-25 Greek - Are people overthinking the line, "wine-dark sea"?:

Hello,    it is just acceptable to think  that Homer  meant that the sea was dark, especially since  he uses the epithet οἶνοψ (transliterated as “óinops”) either for the sea

2017-02-22 Jamaica - lost marriage certificate:

Dear Brooke,      Thank you so much for writing and would love to assist you as these legal documents surely are important.    Since we are going to exchange some personal and confidential information

2017-02-18 Hindus - MENIFESTING:

Dear Vineet,    Thank you for your question.    In the two-birds metaphor one bird watches while the other eats of the fruit of the tree. This is a metaphor for Consciousness in two aspects, Witness Subject


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