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2014-11-20 Greek - attributed to Aurelius:

Hello,    Actually the quotation "...think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive..." is nothing but an English adaptation of what we read passim in Τὰ εἰς ἑα

2014-11-19 Kenya - Divorce:

Dear John    Send me a private message please and will advice you . Kindly note divorce in Kenya is almost impossible with a short period. If takes years and cost a lot.     Just email me private message

2014-11-18 Native American Culture - Mohave Turquoise and Gaspeite Ring:

The style and the stones used make it fairly easy to date the work. Since I am unable to actually see the hallmark in the supplied image, since it is less that an inch tall, I can't really say who made

2014-11-18 Colombia - question about open yoga classes in Bogota and contemporary dance classes:

Dear Anali,     Yoga has become relatively popular in Colombia's biggest cities and Bogota is no exception. There are plenty of Yoga centers, especially in the north of the city as well as in downtown

2014-11-18 Hindus - Learning causes physical change in brain?:

Dear Sushant,    NO. There will be NO PHYSICAL CHANGES in the brain as we gain intelligence or as we learn something new.     Brain is like a hardware and what we learn (including intelligence) is like


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