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2016-05-22 Native American Culture - Indian markings?:

It's almost impossible to say, really, as marking trees with trail blazes or directional markings occurs in almost every culture. Trappers, loggers, miners and others use this kind of trail marking. I

2016-05-18 Philippines - Long Term Lease to Own:

Steve this sounds like a sub-division located on the outskirts of one of the smaller towns or cities in the Philippines therefore pending can obviously be translated to maybe never. We've been here over

2016-05-13 German Language - Nickname Charly for Karl:

Hello Ashley,    thank you for your question.    Yes, "Charly" and "Charlie" are pronounced the same way.    Unfortunately, I couldn't find any data on when the name was introduced, but I looked for Germans

2016-05-09 Taiwan - Postal code needed:

Hi.    If you go to the Taiwan zip code lookup:      Input Taipei City, All Districts    Then put in "Min" in the search

2016-05-09 Hindus - Name of Hindhu religion:

Dear Santosh,    Our religion is Sanatan.    God Bless  Acharya V Shastri    (M) +91-9013165252 & +91-9013165454  For More Details log on to  http://www.AvShastri


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