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2015-03-02 Hindus - Brahman and Universe:

Hi,    Brahman does not and cannot do anything. It has no relation to the universe. Universe is an illusion. Brahman is real and it does not come into illusion. That is the reason no one is able to point

2015-03-01 Norway - norwegian pension:

Yes, you have most likely earned a small amount of pension rights. About 5/40th of full pension, or thereabouts, depending on where you worked and if the workplace had a private pension on top of the public

2015-02-28 Colombia - Cedula and Colombian passport:

Dear Mr. Edward:    Usually a passport is enough, but since yours is so old then they might ask for additional documents. The picture of you when 10 years old will need to have good similarity with the

2015-02-28 Hindus - prabhad karma:

Dear Vivek,    Yes, it is quite possible that one who has large deposit of bad karma be born only with good karma. When the karma will get matured is beyond the comprehension of man.    "No first birth"

2015-02-27 Hebrew Language - Request to verify translation:

Hi,  Yes, this is correct. It is the Hebrew origin of your name. As you can see, in Hebrew it is pronounced a little differently - Avigayil.   You can also use another version, without the Niqqud vowels


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