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2016-12-06 Native American Culture - Identifying a native blanket:

This seems to be imported, horizontally loomed, embroidered trade work from South America, probably Peru, but Ecuadorian Native People also produces textiles like this. Southwestern Navajo weaving is done

2016-12-05 Dutch - Cultural traditions regarding death:

Hello Briana,  First of all my condoleances, it is always painful to have someone so loved taken away for ever.  As for your request, you may come up disappointed; If you would like to incorporate any

2016-12-04 Greek - Translate a phrase into Doric Greek:

Hello,    “Until my last breath, I will Defend” translates as follows into Ancient Greek:    Mέχρι  τελευταίου  βίου

2016-12-02 Indonesia - 1 month Bali in february:

Hi, Piet,  1) Yes, I'd go to Candidasa the next day so you're not rushed. It's not far, but still . . . Lovina would be fine. Bali's funny that way . . . a lot of great places to visit, but when you get

2016-12-02 Indian Culture - Query re title of old Indian myth-story:

Hi Geoffrey,    Here is the story along with the author and publisher details :    It can be


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