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2014-07-31 Herbs - growing mint indoors:

Rebecca:  Mint must be outdoors in full sun or semi-shade to grow well. It must be fed at least once every 3 weeks. Soil should be composted with good drainage. Prune the branches as soon as they reach

2014-07-30 Wine - Croft 20 Year Old Port:

Chris,  This is a wine that doesn't get imported to the U.S. but online I see in the U.K. it's about $120. However it is not a wine that improves with bottle age, in fact just the opposite. At this point

2014-07-23 Bread & Pastries - Doughnut Recipe:

Hi Ron:    Here...I weigh everything.    When I use eggs (large) they are usually around 55 grams whole.    I would figure 23 grams per yolk or 138 grams. If you're using ounces, off the top of my head

2014-07-23 Bread & Pastries - Doughnut Recipe:

Hi Ron:    I would be happy to:    Sponge  2 ounces fresh compressed yeast (.33 of that if using dry instant)  1.5 cups whole milk (room temperature)  12 ounces bread flour 11.8% protein (all purpose is

2014-07-23 Bread & Pastries - Donuts:

If you check with Nettie, you will find that we were in communication and I promised her the formula as soon as got back from teaching in Atlanta.    Nettie has been emailed a copy of this formula.   


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