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2014-12-19 Wine - 1977 bottle of moet chandon:

Hi Edward,    A bottle of this was sold by Bid for Wine ( in January 2013 for 63 but that seems high to me for a Champagne over 35 years old.    I hope your bottle has always

2014-12-15 Cooking Meat - Cooking multiple prime rib:

Michele:    Yes you can roast both in the same oven calculating cooking time for only one roast. What I suggest is to use a thermometer to check internal temperature. there are some brands at Waltmart

2014-12-13 Home Cooking - Portable Microwave Oven Model Design.:

Hello,   I always say that anything is possible... and that our dreams create our reality. If you believe in your idea, go for it!   My only hesitancy would be that many people no longer trust or use microwave

2014-12-10 Cocktails - Shelf life of O'Mara's Irish Cream:

I do not have specific info on O'Maras but another well known irish cream manufacturer states their product is good for two years when stored in any condition (opened, unopened, refrigerated or not).

2014-12-07 Wine - Red Cross Pure Grape Brandy:

Hi Kelby,    I'm not an expert on pre-prohibition US distilleries but it might be worth asking Wine Commune ( if the historic interest might make this an attractive lot for them


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