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2016-11-26 Home Cooking - prep ahead stuffed zucchini:

Hi Pat. Sounds like a great idea. Doesn't sound like a safety issue to me as long as you refrigerate immediately and go from cold to oven. My concern is that if you season zucchini ahead, especially with

2016-11-25 Home Cooking - Chicken Tenders:

Hi James,    The milk and egg adds flavor, enhances texture and helps the breading stick to the meat.  Your chicken tenders would definitely benefit from the added milk when you are making them with gluten

2016-11-17 Mass Production Cooking - Roast beef for 1000:

Hi LeAnn!    A beef roast is usually a Top Round cut, from the hind quarter of the animal.  The best cooking method would be roasting in an oven at a low temperature for an extended period of time to a

2016-11-13 Bread & Pastries - freezing dough:

Hi Darlene...    Yes. The only problem with freezing on a cookie sheet or tupperware is the amount of moisture laden air  you will freeze along with it.    Th moisture in the air will get to it's dew point

2016-11-13 Wine - Port wine served at French state dinner?:

Hi Paul,    Thanks for coming back with that link. I'd be rather more confident about possible enjoyment from drinking this if it really was a Tawny as good quality wines in this style sometimes age well


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