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2015-07-02 Wine - Paul Garrett American Wine:

Alfredo,  Not a particularly good wine to begin with, although a cool sort of antiquey looking bottle, it's a wine that does not improve with bottle age. So depending upon how long it's been stored that

2015-06-30 Special Diets - ginger and apple cider vinegar:

Hi Irina,    It's a bit more complicated, from a holistic perspective, than to say adding soy is a problem for the benefits of ginger and vinegar. Just to be very clear, I can only consider your question

2015-06-29 Organic Gardens - using sugar for weed control in the lawn and garden:

Have never used sugar, but straight distilled vinegar will kill individual weeds if you spray or pour some on makes the soil too acidic to grow anything for about 2 months.  Then repeat.  Very

2015-06-28 Wine - Value of a Port Wind bottle:

Hi Vera,    This isn't from one of the great shippers that attract collectors but I still think it might cost you in the order of 30/40 to replace it - if you could still find any.    If you have it in

2015-06-27 Fish & Seafood - paella:

Hi David,  I'm not a BBQ expert, but I'm thinking the whole pan needs to fit inside in order to generate enough heat to cook the rice. However I have seen paella cooked outside on an open grill, but the


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