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2016-02-05 Wine - red wine past its prime:

Kathy,  In my experience any such device as you describe is not truly reliable or safe with regard to protecting the integrity of your wine. The only way to really know if a wine plus still good is to

2016-01-31 Wine - Constantino Porto:

No one ever wastes my time trying to know more about drinks!    Sorry, at first sight I missed the pictures you sent. I see your bottle is empty and that your question refers actually to the empty bottle

2016-01-29 Spices & Seasonings - saffron:

QUESTION: I'm about 7 hours away from NYC actually. I have a different question also. I work at a pizza place and they have fried oreos which they use pizza dough to make. Is there a better dough for deep

2016-01-29 Spices & Seasonings - saffron:

I buy my saffron (and all other spices) in "brick & mortar" stores where I can SEE the product.    Spices lose potency over time. Always buy small amounts.    I see that you are in N. Y. C. so I

2016-01-29 Spices & Seasonings - saffron:

   Spanish Saffron is the most affordable.    Look for full dark red threads without any yellow.    Never purchase any that are powdered.    They will be adulterated.    Iranian Saffron is the best, but


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