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2016-08-17 Wine - champagne:

Hi Kevin,    Bottles of this age are difficult to value as NV Champagnes aren't made for long keeping. I don't think Hankey Bannister or Renaudin Bollinger Champagne have been made for many years. (HB

2016-08-17 Wine - Long neck bottle:

Hi Irma    This is a display bottle from Italy, used to promote this wine in restaurants and retail shops.  It was never made for drinking, only to catch the eye of people who came in the door.    As such

2016-08-14 Wine - Port:

That is a very common occurrence. What happened was that tannins and anthocyanins (compounds responsible for wine colour and taste) bound together until they finally grew up so much they became insoluble

2016-08-14 Wine - denis-mounie cognac:

Hi Michelle,    These miniatures are from a famous Cognac house that produced a 'Gold Leaf' blend in 1963 for the US market, in honour of its 125th anniversary. The firm was later acquired by Hine, became

2016-08-10 Desserts - Ice cream:

There sure is, James.  It takes a bit more diligence, but it can be done.  What you want to do is set it to freeze in a stainless steel or glass mixing bowl.  The first round might take about an hour,


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