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2014-08-29 Wine - 1982 Dom:

Hi Nicola,    I suspect you'll find the missing answer in your spam folder but no matter 'ere 'tis again!    QUESTION: I am in Plymouth, Devon. Does that help?  Answer: Hi Nicola,    Sorry but I don't

2014-08-29 Wine - 1982 Dom Perignon Magnum:

Hi Nicola,    Sorry but I don't know of any specialist wine auctioneers that far west. Two suggestions though:    J Straker Chadwick's in Abergavenny are the largest wine auctioneer outside London and

2014-08-29 Wine - Dom Perignon 1982 magnum:

HI Nicola    Even the best Champagnes begin to show their age after twenty five years, and this one is now almost ten years beyond that.  I am concerned about the ullage (the loss of liquid in the bottle

2014-08-29 Wine - 1982 Dom Perignon Magnum:

Hi Nicola,    It would cost you close to 1000 to replace this with a perfect mag if you could find one so the potential auction value would have been in the order of 750/850, even though this is rather

2014-08-29 Wine - value of 1983 les douelles bordeaux:

Tom,   That wine is good petite chateaux Bordeaux from a good not great vintage. It's a wine that ideally should have been consumed 10 or more years ago. If it's been perfectly stored it's possible that


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