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2014-07-22 Growing Vegetables - potted pepper plants:

Hi  The brown spots are related to a disease  could be any variety of disease  The cause is lack of certain type of soil bacteria due to over watering.  You should make sure that the soil is allowed to

2014-07-21 Wine - port:

Hi Anne,    I'll try to help if I can but I need more information about the first two please:    I only know of Moreira as a small producer of Aged Tawny Ports so are you sure this is a VP, not a Colheita?

2014-07-19 Wine - Morgan Brothers Lda Port:

Hi Evelin,    The only Ports, or other wines, where the production year can be identified easily are those of a stated single vintage as everything else will be a blend - unless a bottling year is given

2014-07-19 Wine - Morgan Brothers Lda Port:

Hi Evelin,    You have an old bottle of aged Tawny Port from an old-established company that was owned by Croft from 1952/2001 until it was sold to The Fladgate Partnership.    The name hasn't been used

2014-07-15 Wine - Is it drinkable now?:

Hi Khetpapol,    I'm afraid the chances of pleasure from this after so long arn't very high as AC Bordeaux is the lowest quality grade, used to indicate that the wine was made somewhere in the Bordeaux


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