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2014-10-29 Wine - value of wine bottle:

Hi Janelle,    I'm sorry but Chiantis are always at their best within five years of bottling so there's no possibility that this one will still be enjoyable.    You wouldn't be able to find a buyer either

2014-10-28 Wine - Cognac Prince Hubert de Polignac:

Hi Anne    Distilled products like this are so high in alcohol that they don't change much, for better or for worse, once they are bottled.  The good news is that this is perfectly good to drink.  The

2014-10-25 Wine - Morgan Champagne!!:

Hi Maggie,    JM Bandock is a small specialist Champagne producer so I can understand why Morgan chose such a source for presents to give to their customers.    But it's not a name that would attract bids

2014-10-18 Italy - one day land tour from Venice:

Hi Sharon, I don't know of any tours myself but Sage Travel have a lot of options listed on their site which you can find at    Also have a look at http://www

2014-10-18 Growing Vegetables - winterizing`:

Hi Will,  In my experience the two ways to prevent tomato blight is to rotate where you plant your tomatoes, (not planting them in the same area for 3 years), and protecting the leaves from getting wet


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