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2015-04-22 Special Diets - raw meat:

Hi,    If it works for you, that's fine. I would caution, though, that most of us RVAFers make a point of buying only raw, grassfed meats or raw wild game/wildcaught seafood for their raw animal food intake

2015-04-20 Fish & Seafood - shelf-life of pre-cooked chicken?:

Hi Mark - I usually go no more than 5 days.  There's a lot of variables so it's hard to be more specific, it would all come down to how much cumulative time the chicken spent between 41 and 135 degrees

2015-04-18 Wine - Harveys Bristol Milk Sherry:

Hi Anne,    This is a good-quality commercial Sherry but I don't think it's one that would interest collectors so it wouldn't be easy to sell. Besides which, this bottle is now very old and all wines should

2015-04-15 Wine - queen mary champagne:

Hi Michael,    Even without seeing the bottle, I'm pretty sure that your partner has a non-vintage BOB, or Buyer's Own Brand, of low-cost Champagne that was intended for drinking on release. Thus there

2015-04-14 Growing Vegetables - 2 varieties of pumpkins:

Josh, there is a good chance that cross-pollination will affect the characteristics of the plants. The other issue you have is the possibility that the unknown seeds are from a hybrid plant.  Hybrids seldom


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