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2015-11-26 Wine - "Tytell" French red wine:

Hi William,    I'm afraid it's difficult to see any value in a single bottle of this old Rhone as I doubt if any merchant or auction house would be interested - which means you couldn't sell it lawfully

2015-11-25 Wine - Remy Martin:

Debbie,    The Bourbon could be interesting, but the Chabis and Chardonnay would not have a great deal of auction interest, the Spanish could also be ok, but you are only looking at 20/30 as a sensiblge

2015-11-25 Wine - Remy Martin:

Debbie,    Its not worth a lot because it is a fairly recent bottling, and Remy make a lot of Cognac, by virtue of it being 50 cl would indicaate it was bought either duty free or out of the UK in some

2015-11-24 Bread & Pastries - nut rolls:

Hi Darlene:    Short answer...yes.    Longer answer...AIR.    If you freeze them without sucking out the air, moister will form around the dough and it won't be pretty.    Do you have one of those home

2015-11-21 Wine - value of wines:

Hi Sheila,    I don't think you'd find any auction houses or merchants who'd be interested in these so they're effectively worthless as you couldn't sell them lawfully.    However they might still be enjoyable


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