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2015-05-25 Wine - Price of vintage red wine:

Hi John,    Fancy bottles such as you describe are commonplace tourist souvenirs in Italy but I'm afraid they never contain quality wine as it isn't intended for drinking.    There's no possibility that

2015-05-20 Wine - tokaji:

Hi James    This is very cool. Tokaji was once one of the greatest wines in the world: the king of wines and wine of kings!  But that was during the golden age of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.  During WWII

2015-05-20 Desserts - lemon meringue pie:

Dear Clayton,    In answer to your questions, I'd say you certainly CAN put another meringue on top but the results will probably be the same.  The following info will help explain why.    I love when

2015-05-19 Wine - Valuation Champagne:

Hi Elizabeth,    This isn't Champagne, but a 1892 vintage Cognac from the Fine Champagne area, made possibly by the famous Cognac house of Rene Briand - although I can't be sure from the damaged label

2015-05-19 Wine - Vintage Spanish Wine Value:

Hi Scott    This is a really unusual one.  I believe what you have here is something akin to fino Sherry. But fino usually comes from further south in Spain, not from Cordoba.  And the Brut on the label


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