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2016-05-26 Wine - wine searching:

Hi Julia,    I don't know of any merchants in AZ who offer any Ausbruch wines and I'm afraid the particular one you mention may be impossible to find anywhere.    But many US merchants list some so it

2016-05-25 Whiskey/Bourbon - old bourbon:

Hi Dave:    These "special edition" bottles are always a dilemma!    As you can see from your responses from the Masters themselves...the market really doesn't know what to do with them.    This may or

2016-05-25 Wine - Handling and value of 2 wines:

Glen,    A little unsure, I am assuming this is Peller Estate Signature Series Ice Wine and Trius Ice Wine both wines from Niagra Pennisula, Canada. These wines are pretty rare as production is very small

2016-05-12 Organic Gardens - acidifying soil for a container grown blueberry bush:

You want to get a pH of 4.5.   You can add soil sulfur - can be used to lower pH in an alkaline soil, and is a stimulant for soil microbial life. Use it sparingly and add it in the fall and let it set

2016-05-10 Wine - Cru Bourgeios:

Ben, thanks for the question. It's important to keep in mind that Bordeaux is first and foremost a blended wine. There are many good reasons for this but the bottom line is that's how to produce the best


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