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2017-02-22 Raw Foods - Smoothie okay to drink longterm?:

Hi Michael,    I think your smoothie is fine. You're only having a cup of greens and some of my smoothies have contained a pound or more. I've never had a problem with oxalic acid. Old time raw foodist

2017-02-06 Mass Production Cooking - Granddaughters graduation:

Hi Penny!  If you review some of my previous answers, you'll find portioning advice I've given to others throwing a similar event.    The key to planning is starting with a calculator and arriving at your

2017-02-06 Herbs - Sage:

The garden sage looks fine. Just keep an eye on it.  The pineapple sage doesn't look like it has any green part to it. Scrape a bit of it high up with your fingernail. In the place your scraped if you

2017-02-02 Home Cooking - Greman Sausage:

Jim,     In my opinion, pasta with red sauce is not a good pair for German smoked sausage. I would go for some nice German potato salad or roasted potatoes along with some sour kraut.. Then some nice rye

2017-01-30 Wine - canard-duchene:

Hi Lauren    Thanks for your enquiry, unfortunately a Magnum (1.5Ltr) of the Canard Duchene doesn't really have a big value. Retail prices would be around 50-60 so i would say that if you had a Magnum


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