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2014-11-26 Desserts - cake drop:

Hi, Glenn,    It might help if I can have a look at the recipe you used, but I will tell you that my guess is going to be that it wasn't completely baked.      Did you test the cake for done-ness?  What

2014-11-25 Desserts - Fudge icing for 3 layer yellow cake:

Carolyn,    I would need to see the recipe for the sticky icing to see if I can determine what you might do to make it shiny and not sticky.  I'm intrigued ...     Icing kids like really is quite unpredictable

2014-11-24 Wine - re: vermouth, Paul Masson:

Hi Wendy    Paul Masson was a very large producer of Vermouth over the years, but these bottles were always quite inexpensive.  They don't have any value on the current market.  Its flavor may have faded

2014-11-23 Mass Production Cooking - staffing needs:

Hi Michael!    WOW!  That's quite a question.  You want me to design an entire production system for you to feed 1300 people?  I'm not sure I can answer that in a few paragraphs.    I've designed many

2014-11-22 Wine - Mouton cadet:

Hi Michael,    Sorry but I don't think you'd find a buyer for these.    1, 2 & 3) The Mouton Cadets are very old for these commercial blends that have no connection with the famous First Growth of a similar


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