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2014-08-17 Wine - Port Wine - Pocas Junior's Very Fine Double Diamond Tawny Port:

Hi Jeanne,    Pocas is a reputable firm and you may like to read this:    Your bottles are of an early bottling of their Tawny Port, I.E. one that has been aged in wood

2014-08-14 Wine - Sweetness:

Robert,  Sweet wines are very common and probably thousands of years ago most wines had some sweetness. The reason for this is that the sugar on the grapes ferments and turns to alcohol. When the process

2014-08-14 Wine - Chateauneuf du pape:

Hi Luke,    I can't identify the 1966 CdP without knowing the full text from the label but this is now very old indeed, which means that it is not likely to give pleasure if you were to open it and has

2014-08-14 Special Diets - coke:

Hi Keerthana,    What component not!?!    I don't know the exact details (ingredients) of coke (nobody does except the bosses) but coke nowadays is just as bad as most carbohydrated, sugary drinks (sodas)

2014-08-13 Wine - Wine Express:

Mike,  Thanks for your question. I choose all of the wines in my videos because I think each one has something to offer. As with everything, there are some I like more than others but I try to focus on


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