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2016-09-24 Fish & Seafood - Skin versus scales:

Hi James - some fish are de-scaled and some are not, depending on the type of fish. Usually the determining factor is whether or not the scales are easily edible and digestible. Salmon are usually not

2016-09-21 Bread & Pastries - Breading:

Hi James:    gluten free is not my area...but I did find these for you:    The best book on Gluten Free cooking is the following:

2016-09-20 Wine - Best Auction Web Site for Selling Brandy:

Hi SHIHN JEN,    Many big-spending Chinese collectors frequent the international auctioneers in Hong Kong but they tend to offer collections of First Growth Claret and top Burgundies so I'm not sure they'd

2016-09-18 Special Diets - Dehydrating Ground Beef:

Hi,    Well I already answered some of this on rawpaleoforum in my other guise as TylerDurden. Heating at 104 degrees Fahrenheit/40 degrees Celsius would be better. Long-term RVAFers are happy to eat raw

2016-09-18 Italian Cuisine - Pasta:

Hello James,    Thank you for the question, fortunately I do not have this allergy and therefore cannot give an expert answer on this question however, I really do enjoy a product called TrueRoots Ancient


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