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2014-09-15 Bread & Pastries - yeast dough:

Hi Darlene,    Right off I would say a difference in your flour. It does change with humidity which means your wet ingredients have to change with it.    If you have been using all purpose...I would stick

2014-09-11 Special Diets - Fat Sensitive?:

Hi Bud,    Thank you for sending me your question.    I haven't yet had a questioner with the same issues. However, first I would ask if you have talked with your physician and a nutritionist to put together

2014-09-05 Growing Vegetables - Only a few pumpkins:

Mark, when pumpkins and other members of the squash family fail to produce fruit due to blossoms or young fruit falling off prematurely, it is usually an indication of one of two problems. Either your

2014-09-05 Wine - large bottle of red /from italy:

Valerie,  Does the bottle have a vintage date? Do you have a picture of it? From what you are telling me it's a double magnum size bottle of Chianti from an unexceptional producer. Chianti alone is not

2014-08-29 Wine - 1982 Dom:

Hi Nicola,    I suspect you'll find the missing answer in your spam folder but no matter 'ere 'tis again!    QUESTION: I am in Plymouth, Devon. Does that help?  Answer: Hi Nicola,    Sorry but I don't


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