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2015-10-06 Desserts - Cake Pan Material:

They generally are made of aluminum ... stainless tends to be much more expensive ... you can get ones made for heavy use or something that's more light weight.  Personally, I prefer to get a heavier pan

2015-10-05 Wine - Vintage port:

Hi Marilyn,    Magnums of Vintage Port are fairly rare at auction so you could hope for bids into three figures GBP if the bottle is in good condition in terms of level, capsule and label.    Come back

2015-10-02 Wine - Value of bottle:

Hi Joseph,    Demand for sweet Autrian wines from Pieroth collapsed in 1985, when the company was caught adulterating wines with diethylene glycol (a component of some anti-freeze) so I don't think you'd

2015-09-26 Whiskey/Bourbon - Jack Daniels tin:

Hi Kim:    Yes...there were many!    Does it have the whiskey inside and intact...if so..the whiskey is worth shelf price today.    The tins have no set value...The value is in the perception of the buyer

2015-09-22 Cooking Meat - Baby Back ribs:

Richard: It could be good. To be sure you have to check shelf life date written in the bag. After opening the bag please check if off odors are present. If so, is better not to eat.If you canīt find some


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