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2015-03-02 China & Hong Kong - China visa from Thailand:

China's visa rules for foreigners are constantly in flux and is one of the biggest sources of exasperation for expats and tourists alike. They literally change daily depending on the current political

2015-03-02 Cocktails - Sherry:

Winemaker's Notes  The original cream sherry - a unique blend of classic old Oloroso wines, fine Amontillados, and high quality sweet wines. Bristol Cream tastes smoother and more complex than other Sherries

2015-03-01 Wine - 1999 Volxheimer Rheingrafenstein:

Natasha,  It's not a wine that reaches collectible status, so no auction value. It's not a top producer and not a top vintage but most of all the grape variety, Krener is not very desirable. Riesling is

2015-03-01 Wine - about a bottle:

Hi Ray     This was a pleasant bottle of Riesling from Germany--The Qualitatswein certificate means that it was made from a riper lot of grapes that would indicate a slight higher quality than the most

2015-02-26 Whiskey/Bourbon - Exactly why is Crown Royal a blended whiskey?:

Hi Anna:    "Distilleries" or better yet "Bottlers" purchase their whiskey form suppliers other than themselves.    First of, Crown Royal is basically a blended rye. Most of the North American (Canadian)


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