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2015-08-24 Wine - 1914 bottle of sherry:

Hi Sharon,    Cream Sherries are popular in the UK and tend to be sweeter than a classic Oloroso in the same price range. However, your bottle won't be from 1914 as it was blended under the solera system

2015-08-23 Wine - bottles:

Hi Patrick      I am sorry to say that I don't have great news for you.      In order, the Chianti is a wine that was never intended to be aged.  It was made to be consumed within months of when it was

2015-08-19 Wine - Vintage Port:

Hi Vivienne,    Gonzalez Byass are best-known as Sherry producers until 2001, when their interests were acquired by Croft, but they were also active in Oporto from 1896 to 2001, when their stocks were

2015-08-17 Mass Production Cooking - Cooking for 200-250 people:

Hi Jacquie!    I've answered this question many times. Please review my past answers to similar questions for more information.    However, it's been a while so I'll give you a quick recap.    Your planning

2015-08-17 Wine - MarilynMerlot 1986:

Hi Judy,  Looks like the value is between about $400 and about $800 depending on condition and where you find it. In NY the only way to legally sell it is through an auction. Aker Merral does an online


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