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2015-03-29 Desserts - peach cobbler:

Dear Judy,    You are asking someone who pushes the envelope on these things.  My philosophy is that if it doesn't smell bad and doesn't have mold on it, it's probably just fine.  There are no ingredients

2015-03-29 Wine - Sediment in Cristal Rose 1990:

Hi Victor,    Roederer's Cristal is a very fine Champagne and your bottle comes from a notable vintage so there's no reason why a perfect bottle shouldn't attract bids of 400+ at auction.    However,

2015-03-24 Low Fat Cooking - How long before you become 'adapted' to a low far semi vegetarian diet?:

Hello!    Are you having "cravings" (like, I just gotta have a burger) or are you actually hungry (stomach growling)? If it's the latter, maybe you're not eating enough or not getting enough protein. If

2015-03-23 Wine - Le Piat d'or:

Hi Leo,    I suspect the bottles you bought recently came from a retailer's old stock as Pd'O is a brand of low-cost off-dry wine that's intended for drinking on release.    I'm not aware of any change

2015-03-19 Wine - Champagne bottle:

Hi Peter,    It's always difficult to value commemorative bottles as they seldom come from major makers - and I can't see any producer's name on yours - and yours would only interest football fans after


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