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2017-03-24 Wine - Need some help:

Hi Maciej,    I'm sorry but I don't thnk anyone would want to buy these.     The Mateus is long past its storage life, has a poor level and was only a low-value rosť in the first place.  There is no collector

2017-03-24 Wine - Need your help:

Hi Maciej,    Metaxa is a blend of brandy and muscat wine, which results in a sweet, liqueur-style drink that's popular with some people and is often brought home as a holiday souvenir.    I'm not sure

2017-03-18 Italy - venice travel:

Hello Dorothy,    You don't have to book in advance and if you did via the internet you would be charged a premium via a "middle man" anyway!    There are four possibilities (1) private watertaxi from

2017-03-18 Japan - Japan questions:

Hi Geoffrey,  In answer to your questions:  1)The truth is that few Japanese can speak English with ease. In school the goal is rote memorization and passing tests, not learning to communicate. But that

2017-03-07 Italy - Train from Venice to Rome:

Hello Matt,    The Frecce (Rossa or Argento) are the fastest trains between Venice and Rome.  Trains between Venezia Santa Lucia and Roma Termini leave twice per hour and take fewer than 4 hours to arrive


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