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2016-07-24 Wine - 1922 sherry:

Hi Debra  Thanks for your question.     Thats an interesting bottle to have, I'm not sure I'm afraid of value, i suspect it might nt be very much beyond the interest in its age. The sherry won't have improved

2016-07-24 Wine - FINE TAWNY PORT:

Hi Luis,    I'm not sure how much I can tell anyone from Portugal about this famous Portuguese company but Feuerheerd’s was founded in 1815 by the German trader Dietrich Matthias Feuerheerd who established

2016-07-19 Growing Vegetables - birds:

Will,    Birds can wretch havoc to a garden.  The best way is to cover the plants; try to find out what time of day the birds are worse and cover them then.  Another option is to attract the birds away

2016-07-17 Mass Production Cooking - Rehearsal Dinner:

Hi Missy!    The way to figure out production amounts for a large party is to arrive at a per-person portion and multiply by the amount of people.    On a taco bar, I'd estimate each person may consume

2016-07-15 Japan - What happens when a person walks in a:

Hi,    You'd actually find it pretty difficult to find a place that servers either. Most don't.  At any rate, Japanese foods serve a wide variety of foods, and even for seafood places there is a huge variety


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