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2015-01-30 Wine - Wine Value:

Hi Curt,    This is a very fine Bordeaux from a famous vintage that is now just past its plateau of maturity so 'yes' it's probably past its prime and should be drunk fairly soon. But we're talking at

2015-01-29 Wine - old wine:

Gary,  Interesting old bottles. Probably the producer is Gabbiano, a well known, good quality Chianti producer in Greve. Whether they have any value is really dependent upon how they have been stored.

2015-01-28 Wine - Old Wine Bottles - use by date help:

Hi Tony,    Few mass-market wines repay keeping for more than a few years after bottling but that doesn't apply to better-quality ones - especially those bottled unfiltered and with adequate acidity and

2015-01-27 Wine - Bourgogne 2002:

Hi Antonio    It certainly won't hurt you.  The levels of alcohol and acidity make wine pretty safe.  But this wine will have lost some of its fruit and charm.    Serve it in larger glasses and be prepared

2015-01-25 Wine - value of wine,sherry ?:

Hi Cheryl    I know this wine well, and have tasted a few bottles over the years.  It's not something that was meant to age, but the high sugar and higher alcohol in this this wine preserved it pretty


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