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2014-04-15 Mass Production Cooking - Moussaka for 25:

Hi Connie!  This sounds like a recipe question, and I'm sure you can find plenty of recipes for Moussaka for 25 people online.    I can't really answer how many eggplant to purchase because I don't know

2014-04-13 Wine - Old Local Bottle Of Wine:

Hi RAH,    Germany isn't really my field but I can tell you that any Moselle that doesn't name a grape variey on the label will probably be a low-cost blend based on Müller-Thurgau.    'Duhr' may refer

2014-04-12 Wine - Pommery & Greno Champagne:

HI Bartosz    This is a non-vintage bottling of Pommery, and that means that it was not meant for long-term aging: it was meant for drinking upon release.  It also means that there is no easy way to determine

2014-04-08 Wine - 1978 Perrier-Jouët Fleur de Champagne Special Reserve:

Kimberly,  Good vintage Champagne does age very well under ideal wine cellar conditions, however, as you say it is very likely that the wine is not drinkable at this point. Therefore a collector will not

2014-04-08 Wine - old moet champagne:

Hi Damian    It's not good.  Even the best Champagnes begin to show their age after 25 years, and this one is way past that.  It will be faded, tired, with few bubbles and browning color.   It won't have


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