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2015-08-01 Special Diets - cartilage in raw meat:

I do not consider bone-stock to be necessary as anything one needs from an animal can be gotten in raw form. Anything that has to be cooked beforehand should be thrown away without worrying.  I and many

2015-08-01 Special Diets - cartilage in raw meat:

I can safely state that the cartilage does get digested as well. No specific study that I can cite, though, just past experience! Not everything gets digested all the time by everybody, though. In my

2015-07-30 Wine - Dom Perignon:

Hi Delphine,    This is now very old, even for a Champagne of this class, so some sediment is inevitable.     If you have it in mind to sell this, I suggest you ask Wine Commune (

2015-07-27 Organic Gardens - Tomato plants:

The very first step in any garden is to test the soil at the beginning of each growing season.  You need to do that first thing. Get a soil test kit and test your soil. It is easy.  Available at any nursery

2015-07-26 Organic Gardens - Tomato plants:

Sounds like a nutrient deficiency.... They want hugs amounts of Nitrogen....blood meal is real good for them...The tomatoes that are on there will ripen anyway...They might also need Potassium.  Did you


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