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2016-10-23 Wine - 1970 Vino Rossi Wine:

Hi Elizabeth,    I think the giver hoped you'd celebrate your first anniversary by opening this as there is no possibility that it will still be enjoyable at your 50th.    It has no value as it wouldn't

2016-10-23 Bread & Pastries - Mix:

Hi James:    Yes it is different from wheat flour in that it has no gluten forming structure.    In this mix are things like rice flour etc that have no gluten.    Read the instructions and use it like

2016-10-20 Special Diets - cleansing:

Hi,    Some people cite healthy raw animal fats in general as being detoxifying. Colon-cleansing enemas and using fibre etc. to cleanse out the bowels is only useful if one is eating a toxin-filled cooked

2016-10-19 Wine - Tokaji Aszu:

Hi Laurie    It is a dessert wine from Hungary, and is quite a treat.  The combination of high sugar, alcohol, and acid makes these wines pretty long lived.  Yours should be delicious.  Serve it chilled

2016-10-18 Vegetarian Foods - Veggie bread?:    Hello,  These are great.  Using no sugar and only coconut flour.  If you look up Paleo baked goods there are many others recipes that look just great.  


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