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2014-10-18 Italy - one day land tour from Venice:

Hi Sharon, I don't know of any tours myself but Sage Travel have a lot of options listed on their site which you can find at    Also have a look at http://www

2014-10-18 Growing Vegetables - winterizing`:

Hi Will,  In my experience the two ways to prevent tomato blight is to rotate where you plant your tomatoes, (not planting them in the same area for 3 years), and protecting the leaves from getting wet

2014-10-17 Fish & Seafood - Anchovies?:

Hi Ilona.  Anchovies are an integral part of Caesar dressing.  The term "fillet" when used with a type of fish means the meat from either side of the fish without the center bone, the head, tails or fins

2014-10-15 Wine - brandy, cognac, etc:

HI Judith    Now you are making it more complicated.      1. is it conceivable that someone might hold onto a bottle of Courvoisier for 70 years?     yes---particularly a treasured one like this.  Remember

2014-10-14 Wine - brandy, cognac, etc:

HI Judith      What a great and fun question. I have to admit that the trend for rare and limited bottlings by many of the top Cognac houses is a relatively recent thing.  In the old days they made far


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