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2014-11-20 Wine - Will room temp wine be okay at wedding?:

Hi Leah    You've hit the nail on the head with this question.  That type of wine is really best at about 50~55 degrees, and your room will be closer to 70~75.    And you can't just superchill the wine

2014-11-19 Bread & Pastries - ciabatta:

Hi Mark:    Stretch and fold: Builds dough strength ( you don't want to build strength in the mixer ) and also evens dough temperature. Since you are mixing by hand, the stretch and fold is extremely important

2014-11-16 Bread & Pastries - Folding Stollen:

Hi Jim:    First off I assume before you fold you have somewhat of a round flat about 3/4 in thick.    Then, you correctly take the bottom and fold over to with an inch or so.    You then use your combined

2014-11-15 Bread & Pastries - ciabatta:

Mark:    Ciabatta is a bread that is designed to be filled with holes.    The oil will make it too soft, counteracting the reason we put in so much water.    The great amount of water, upwards of 80% sometimes

2014-11-15 Bread & Pastries - ciabatta:

Hi Mark,    Ciabotta...very slack.    We do not all. We scale an set it out to proof...then bake. The loaf is almost free form! oil.    Second, I can send you a formula if you


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