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2016-04-30 Video Game Repair - golen tee 2005:

Hi Ken,    It sounds like your monitor has lost the ability to display the color green (bad green drive transistor). I would recommend looking locally for someone who does CRT monitor repairs. I would

2016-04-24 Role Playing Games - Free Games:

Hi.    That's a very vague question.    What sorts of games are you looking for?  To play online or as resources for tabletop games?    And most importantly, to buy? or just to find for free?    Let me

2016-04-20 Video Game Repair - Silver strike bowling:

Hi Eric,    When you say that you pulled a circuit board off of the monitor bulb, what do you mean?     The computer (the big silver box) and the I/O board (the smaller board with the JAMMA edge connector

2016-04-13 Bridge & other card games - player rotation:

Hi,    Sorry, I am unable to produce a rotation that meets your criteria. I can give you a movement for 32 players for 8 rounds that comes close.

2016-04-12 Video Game Repair - Code 40201:

Craig,    The error that you're seeing is the result of the security chip not matching the version of the board. This happens when the game is updated originally, the IT server writes a security code to


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