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2015-05-27 Gaming - Motherboard info you requested:

While 925X is a very good chipset for a Pentium 4 system, it is not compatible with Windows 9x. You would either need to get the game(s) you'd like running within Windows XP (and depending on the game

2015-05-26 Gaming - Virtual Box vs. Virtual PC:

It may actually support Windows 9x - the Intel 800-series chipsets, and some VIA chipsets, (which support Pentium 4) have Windows 98/ME drivers, and the Radeon X series is unofficially supported by the

2015-05-23 Gaming - Virtual Box vs. Virtual PC:

Yes, you would need drivers for Windows 98. Depending on the specifications of your computer, it may or may not be possible - do you know the specifications of your current computer; from that, I can give

2015-05-22 Gaming - Cpu/Gpu irregularities:

As someone who has been working on PCs, including gaming PCs, for over a decade I can certainly understand the reaction to how warm modern components run relative to what we expected from our computers

2015-05-20 Gaming - Virtual Box vs. Virtual PC:

Neither would really be appropriate - virtualization software does not (generally) provide hardware acceleration, which will result in very poor performance and (in many cases) break the game altogether


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