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2015-11-24 Amiga Problems - CD32:

Hi Paul,    I did a little web searching, and found what I trust you're looking for--the Paravision SX-1 setup disk (in .DMS format, which compresses the setup disk into a single file):    http://amiga

2015-11-19 Bridge & other card games - Bridge:

Hi,    4C over an opening 1NT or 2NT asks for aces. A response of 4D shows zero or four aces. 4H shows one, 4S shows 2 and 4NT shows 3.    4NT over an opening 1NT is invitation al to 6NT. Opener should

2015-11-17 Gaming - Suggestions.:

Could you clarify the question - are you looking to buy a gaming computer, a gaming console, or some sort of accessories/peripherals for one or the other? If a gaming computer, what games and other applications

2015-11-14 Gaming - Bottlenecking:

The FX-6300 is bound to be a significant performance limitation for any CPU-intensive game, especially games that rely heavily on single-threaded performance. This is a limitation of all current AMD FX

2015-11-13 Amiga Problems - commodore amiga 3000 problems:

Hi Angelo,    The only U.S.-based places I'm aware of are Amigakit:    But the following forum thread ( notes that a guy in


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