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2015-11-27 Gaming - PC Gaming:

In order to advise a graphics card upgrade, I'd also need to know about the power supply in the system - it may or may not need to be upgraded as well (as a more powerful graphics card will require more

2015-11-26 Gaming - Star Wars Battlefront 3 (2015):

No, laptops are not upgrade-able in that manner, which is an unfortunate trade-off for their mobility. A console is likely the easiest solution, albeit not as cost effective as if the game would "just

2015-11-26 Gaming - Star Wars Battlefront 3 (2015):

Unfortunately this isn't surprising to hear about on a system with Intel graphics - many games will not run, or will not run properly on Intel graphics (this situation has improved dramatically in recent

2015-11-24 Amiga Problems - CD32:

Hi Paul,    I did a little web searching, and found what I trust you're looking for--the Paravision SX-1 setup disk (in .DMS format, which compresses the setup disk into a single file):    http://amiga

2015-11-19 Bridge & other card games - bridge rule:

Hi,         If the deck is a full deck and the cards were dealt correctly then technically, according to the laws, a redeal is not called for. The missing card may either be part of a previous trick if


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