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2015-01-30 Bridge & other card games - 8 person individual competition:

Hi !    One alternative is to play a "Chicago" movement for each round.    A better choice is the site listed below.  It offers many 8 player individual movments.  Scroll down and select the movement you

2015-01-29 Bridge & other card games - Pinochle Meld:

Hi there.    There is no central organization (and standardized rules) for the game of Double Deck Pinochle, as there is for Bridge, Cribbage, Whist, and other card game organizations.    As the years

2015-01-29 Bridge & other card games - revoke or renege:

To begin with, the (Duplicate game) Director must be called. Never make your own rulings especially regardng revokes.    First, the Director  will check whether your revoke is 'established'. When you or

2015-01-25 Bridge & other card games - Bridge:

Hi,    A response of 4S to a 1S opening bid is a special bid. It basically shows a weak distributional hand, about 4-9 points, with 5 card spade support and an outside singleton or void (the same applies

2015-01-22 Bridge & other card games - bridge books:

Hi there.    I suggest that you check out this web site:    They have hundreds of titles.  Go to the index and look up the category  of book you are seeking.      Bidding and defense.      Books - Baron


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