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2017-02-17 Questions about Movies - Best scene:

If the emphasis is on "scene" -- meaning the most significant -- I'd say "Philomena," where there's a crucial turning point in a hotel restaurant where the characters are having breakfast.  If the emphasis

2017-02-16 Gaming - TIMING OF PURCHASE:

Unfortunately there isn't really a clear-cut answer here, primarily because we aren't talking about something as simple or proprietary as an iPhone. Instead, the PC market is driven by release schedules

2017-02-02 Gaming - swap out controller on Xbox:

Which version of the Xbox did you buy? The original Xbox, the Xbox 360, or the Xbox One?     Generally speaking the answer to your question, with respect to game consoles, is "no" however the Xbox One

2017-01-19 Video Game Repair - golden tee fore monitor:

It sounds like the monitor is unable to power on. This could be a number of different things, depending on the monitor model and many other things. The monitor will need to be serviced by a qualified technician

2017-01-06 Questions about Movies - Recommendations:

Difficult without knowing more about her interests, but maybe one of these:    Enchanted April (if she likes Masterpiece Theatre type romantic dramas)  Brooklyn (an irish girl movies to New York in 1952)


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