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2015-02-26 Bridge & other card games - Scoring on renege:

Hi,    You did not tell me which side was the declarer, which side were the defenders, what the contract was and what the result was.    I you were defending and set the contract 2 not vulnerable as a

2015-02-22 Questions about Movies - I cant remember the name of this movie:

Hello Jonathan,    That sounds a bit like a TV film called "Eve's Christmas". Here's the storyline:    Thirty-three-year-old ad executive Eve Simon is, to all outward appearances, a success in life. Even

2015-02-18 Bridge & other card games - Bridge:

Hi,    If you have an opening bid and no 5 card major then you may be forced to bid a 3 card minor suit. This is just a feature of the five card major system.    The "short club" is different. This commonly

2015-02-16 Video Game Repair - Goldent Tee 2015 Error:

This is an unfortunate error! The system has been updated to 2015, but the I/O board was not. If you purchased this from Incredible Technologies, or a licensed distributor, give them a call and they can

2015-02-16 Video Game Repair - Golden tee fore:

I will need more information than this- can you hear any game sounds? Does the hard drive spin? What are the lights on the board doing?    Buying a new board is not the easiest thing- you have to be sure


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