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2015-08-24 Bridge & other card games - Marathon Bridge Rotation Schedule:

Hi,    Here is a rotation for 12 pairs, each playing someone different every month over a period of 8 months.     Month        Pair Matchups     1     12-1  11-2  10-3  9-4  8-5  7-6   2     12-2  1-3

2015-08-20 Bridge & other card games - Marathon bridge rotations:

Hi,    The easiest way to deal with this is to entice another team to play.    However, below is a rotation for 11 pairs over 11 sessions with each pair playing every other pair and also sitting out once

2015-08-18 Video Game Repair - Plug n play console error:

Interesting- that looks different than what I expected. I can rule out the cables, but I still think it could be the batteries- especially since it worked until you changed them.    What I would suggest

2015-08-18 Video Game Repair - Plug n play console error:

Hi Jops,    The issue with the plug n play games is that when the voltage starts to run low, you'll get artifacts on the screen like you are describing (the same thing happens with the Pac Man plug and

2015-08-18 Video Game Repair - Namco 20 Year Reunion Errors:

Perfect! This is a very easy fix. It sounds like the coin switches are wired incorrectly- that is to say they are wired to be normally closed, when they should be normally open. There are going to be two


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