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2016-05-21 Bridge & other card games - Dealing out of turn:

Hi,    According to Law 9    If a player deals out of turn, and attention is not drawn to the error before the last card has been dealt, the deal stands as though it had been in turn, the player who dealt

2016-05-17 Gaming - pool games online:

Generally you have to download a game in order to run it, due to the performance/functional requirements associated with many games. Games that can actually play in your browser/on-line fit into another

2016-05-16 Video Game Repair - Cocktail pac man sound issue:

Hi Fran,   What you likely touched was either the ceramic resistor or the audio amp, both of which get very, very hot on the board (and this is normal, oddly enough!) What I am guessing is the problem

2016-05-15 Video Game Repair - live silver strike bowler:

Hi LJ,    It sounds like you're having a motherboard issue. The battery is for the CMOS circuitry, and shouldn't really affect anything to cause the errors that you're getting. There is a possibility that

2016-05-14 Questions about Movies - FOLLOW THE LEADER:

A sequel could be an addition to a series that has no continuing story but retains the same characters from the previous film (i.e. "Lethal Weapon" and "Die Hard"), while an installment continues a story


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