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2014-12-12 Bridge & other card games - Bridge:

Hi,    Opener shows a hand of approximately 19 points or better. If opener has a weaker hand he can just bid 2D. This describes his distribution and keeps the auction at a lower level After all, if opener

2014-12-07 Bridge & other card games - bridge - renege:

Question of the day -     Opponent who has bid 3 NT reneges.  After trick has been turned over, she says "may I see that trick." She then says I reneged.    Does she lose 2 tricks, or is she allowed to

2014-12-07 Gaming - Gamepads for XP home:

Many of the Star Wars games are not flying/driving games, and the gameplay thus may not lend itself to use with a controller (they may need more buttons/modifiers/etc than any controller could reasonably

2014-12-06 Bridge & other card games - Side suits in bridge:

Good question.    At the outset, the shape of your hand will determine the path to follows.    Firstly, (and assuming your trump is a Major suit), is your fit a 5 - 3 or 4 - 4?  Secondly, do you have reasonable

2014-12-01 Gaming - Display driver stopped responding and successfully recovered.:

The first thing that stands out to me is the no-name power supply with an extremely weak 12V rail; what's likely happening is the graphics card is drawing far more power than the PSU can provide, and the


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