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2014-10-27 Video Game Repair - Capcom Bowling Cocktail Game:

Ok, thanks! It's not the monitor that I thought it was, but it's very possible that it's a loose connection. Does the display change at all if you wiggle any of the connectors? Monitors of that age tend

2014-10-27 Video Game Repair - Capcom Bowling Cocktail Game:

Hi Chris,    Could you please post a picture of the monitor chassis/board? If it's the model that i'm thinking of, there should be two boards that are perpendicular to the main chassis, and when one of

2014-10-22 Bridge & other card games - bridge:

Hi,    The common definition of Gerber is that it should only be used as a jump to 4C after a natural notrump bid. Some examples are...1NT-4C, 2NT-4C, 1D-1H-2NT-4C or even 1C-1H-2NT-4C. It can also be

2014-10-22 Gaming - how to develop a game:

Generally speaking, the development of a complete computer game will be beyond the abilities of a child; popular AAA titles like Battlefield or Command & Conquer take a team of college-educated professionals

2014-10-21 Video Game Repair - Golden Tee Complete:

Hi Michelle!    You're right- this is likely a very easy fix, and one that has nothing to do with the power supply. First, there should be a small board that is mounted somewhere that has various monitor


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