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2015-05-05 Bridge & other card games - Bridge:

Hi,    According to Law 27    An insufficient bid must be corrected by the substitution of either a sufficient bid (not a double or redouble) or a pass, unless the irregular bid is accepted.     If the

2015-05-01 Bridge & other card games - 2nt response to minor opening:

Hi,    It seems that 3NT would be the most reasonable response. With 26 points you should bid a game. Partner has probably denied holding a 4 card major so there is no 4-4 major suit fit and even if partner

2015-04-30 Baseball Trivia (General) - 11-inning game score:

Hello, Chuck,    Good question. As far as I can tell, the record for runs after a scoreless nine innings is 10. It was in a game played on May 15, 1919 between Cincinnati and Brooklyn. Here is the box

2015-04-27 Video Game Repair - Pac Man Multi game screen issue:

Hi Monica,    Ok, so by seeing the monitor, i'm almost certain that the issue is either going to be fixed by what I'll tell you, or the monitor will need to be serviced/replaced. See the attached picture

2015-04-27 Video Game Repair - Pac Man Multi game screen issue:

Monica,    Just off the bat, i'm leaning toward the monitor. If you could send a picture of it, i'd be happy to give you some further information. My guess is that the deflection has gone out on the monitor


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