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2014-04-20 Gaming - Free Cell:

While Control Panel or System Properties can provide very detailed information about the system, we can pretty easily determine if you're using Windows 8 or Windows 7 visually. Does your desktop start-up

2014-04-20 Bridge & other card games - Best of minors:

Hi,    Players who play 5 card majors are frequently forced to open a three card minor suit. Some of these players additionally require four diamonds to open 1D which means they would  occasionally have

2014-04-19 Gaming - Gaming PC Build:

Generally speaking the majority of games (especially from before ~2009) tend not to take any advantage of additional CPU cores beyond the first 2 or 4, however newer applications may benefit to some extent

2014-04-19 Bridge & other card games - reverse bidding:

REVERSE BIDS    A reverse bid is a second bid in a new suit at the two level by opener in a higher ranking  suit than opener's first bid suit. The responder has to bid at the three level to support opener's

2014-04-15 Bridge & other card games - Bridge:

Hi,    You should only count short suit points if the partnership has found a playable trump fit and your hand has at least three cards in the trump suit. Generally, though, you should not count short


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