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2014-09-15 Bridge & other card games - Jacoby transfer:

Hi,    It depends what suit the opponent overcalls. If the overcall is 2D then it makes more sense to be able to bid both majors naturally rather than using 2H as a transfer and not being able to show

2014-09-09 Bridge & other card games - Rubber bridge scoring:

Scoring in Rubber  Bridge -     There is a difference in the Scoring methodology for Rubber and Duplicate Bridge.    Knowing how the scoring works is part of the excitement of Rubber Bridge.    The Basic

2014-09-08 Video Game Repair - Cruis'n World freezing:

Hi Frankylane,    Luckily I think this will be an easy fix! What is happening is that your power supply is putting out insufficient voltage for stable operation. You should do the following:    Open the

2014-09-07 Bridge & other card games - 2 diamonds:

Re -  Opening Bid of 2 Diamonds    Interpretation:    If the partnership is using 'weak 2 bids', then the bid of 2 diamonds promises  a 6 card diamond suit, and 6 - 12 points.    On the other hand, if

2014-09-07 Questions about Movies - movies recommendations:

Many movies are about people who learn to be better -- more generous, more human, more caring.  But I am not sure if they qualify as villains.  Of course, one of the most famous of movie villains, Darth


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