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2015-06-18 Bridge & other card games - Bridge:

Hi,    A 1H overcall shows 7-17 points and 5 or more hearts. This includes hands with 13 points and 6 hearts. A jump overcall is only for weak hands 6-9 points and 6 hearts. Any hand with more than 10

2015-06-13 Bridge & other card games - Bridge:

Hi,    After 1S by the opponents it is advisable to have 13 points and 6 hearts in order to overcall 2H. However, it is permissible  but riskier to do it on a very good 5 card suit headed the AKJ or KQJ

2015-06-13 Video Game Repair - golden tee fore complete:

James,    It sounds like the monitor is indeed fried- most likely the vertical deflection circuitry. If there are physical burns on the monitor board, it's going to cost more than it's worth to repair

2015-06-11 Bridge & other card games - shape showing bids + reverses:

Hi,    With the first hand I would bid 1H over a 1D opening. This hand is not quite strong enough to force to game and may be somewhat of a misfit. With non game forcing hands it is preferable to bid the

2015-06-08 Bridge & other card games - Bridge:

Hi,    An insufficient bid is a bid that fails to supersede the previous bid. That is it is at the same level but of a lower or equal rank. It is an illegal bid. After opponent opens 1H, the only bids


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