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2015-03-27 Chess - special check situation in chess:

Interesting coincidence that your name is Howard----that's my name, too !      If I understand the question correctly, the interposing queen is delivering a    legitimate check, even if it's "pinned" against

2015-03-25 Video Game Repair - golden tee 98 no sound:

The sound ROMs are circled in red. The first thing i would do is gently lift them from the socket and the press them back down. If this doesn't fix the problem, let me know. You might be best just purchasing

2015-03-24 Video Game Repair - need a whole new power supply for a ms pacman up right:

Unfortunately, if you have an original Ms Pac Man, you cannot use a switching power supply like the one that you purchased. In a nutshell, the Ms Pac Man board uses an onboard switching power supply, so

2015-03-16 Gaming - Combo Jack:

I'm not entirely clear on how these two devices are being connected - do you mean that the laptop has a TRRS jack that will output audio to earphones, as well as accept a microphone input (similar to what

2015-03-15 Gaming - Can this pc handle dayz?:

That's a very powerful machine, and should have no trouble with any modern game, as well as many unreleased or upcoming titles. However, I would not base the purchase decision entirely on that factor -


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