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2016-02-06 Video Game Repair - arcade cruisin usa:

Hi Eddie.  The cmos battery is a CR2032 battery and is on the main boats. It is about the size of a nickel and pops right out. Replacements can be purchased at home depot for under $5. Just pop a new one

2016-02-06 Video Game Repair - Jamma board:

Hi Leo. Unfortunately, the board will only output the signal in the vertical orientation. There isn't an option to change it to horrozontal.   Depending on the cabinet your monitor is in, you might be

2016-01-31 Gaming - compatibility:

Yes - it should be. It is a PCIe 3.0 card, and the Z170A supports two x16 slots for PCIe 3.0. Ensure that your case is appropriately large enough for both components, and provides appropriate ventilation

2016-01-27 Video Game Repair - video games:

Hi Joyce.    While this is normally outside of my area of expertise, I would suggest purchasing a video game system, like an XBox One, Playstation, or Nintendo. Those are game-based dedicated systems that

2016-01-20 Video Game Repair - Golden tee fore 2005:

Hi Jonathan,    First of all, I highly recommend turning the game on only when you're going to play. It does no harm to turn it on and off, and leaving it on, especially in an unheated area, can cause


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