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2014-07-18 Gaming - Which of these gaming laptops is best?:

Battlefield 4 and Sims 4 should both be playable on a fairly wide range of hardware - this does not mean "run at full max ultra settings" on a wide range of hardware, but as they're both very popular titles

2014-07-18 Bridge & other card games - 12 couple rotation tournament bridge:

Hi,    For 12 pairs, each pair has eleven potential opponents so a complete rotation would last eleven sessions. Give each pair a number from 1-12. A complete rotation follows.    Session     Pair Matchups

2014-07-15 Bridge & other card games - misdeals:

Hi,    Since the play of the hand has begun (and been almost completed) there is no misdeal unless the deal contained more than 52 cards. The deal stands as correct.    You should check the played tricks

2014-07-14 Video Game Repair - golden tee 2009 boot up hanging:

Hi Chris,    Is this a Golden Tee Live! unit? It's the one in the silver box. From your description, i'd imagine that it is.     Unfortunately, you can't swap video outputs on the computer- it's wired

2014-07-09 Video Game Repair - Monitor issue on Golden Tee Complete:

Hello Erin!    The shop is right- it's a very common problem with monitors, and you're also correct that it is a capacitor issue. Unfortunately, unless you're skilled at soldering and de-soldering, fixing


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