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2015-10-04 Chess - Famous left handed chess grandmasters.:

Hi Prashant,    The only famous GMs I know for certain who were left-handed are former world chess champions the late GM Mikhail Tal and GM Garry Kasparov.  Some people claim that another ex-champion Vladimir

2015-10-01 Chess - Magnetic chess boards.:

It doesn't appear to me that there are any regulations specifically banning magnetic sets from FIDE events.  However, FIDE does provide a whole host of guidelines for pieces, boards, etc., and it doesn't

2015-10-01 Chess - Magnetic chess boards.:

Hello, Prashant.    As far as I know, it is not legal for a participant in a tournament or match game to analyze a position on a board other than either the board that the game is being played on or the

2015-09-30 Video Game Repair - Tekken 2:

Hi Nick,    This should be an easy fix! The "silver box" is the power supply, and it sounds like it has failed. You can purchase a replacement for about $30 here:

2015-09-30 Chess - Magnetic board games.:

Hi Prashant,    Yes without any doubt.  Here's one game which could use a magnetic board:    Chinese Chess (Xiangqi)    Some magnetic boards exist, but they're


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