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2016-06-29 Gaming - Graphic Cards:

Getting a recommendation for nVidia is not surprising, regardless of whether or not their offering is the "better" of the available candidates. nVidia is simply more popular, and has better marketing than

2016-06-21 Bridge & other card games - Can Penalty Double be withdrawn:

Hi,    If a player receives misinformation from an opponent concerning the meaning of a bid, for example if the auction is 1NT-P-2S and the 2S bid is incorrectly explained as minor suit Stayman when in

2016-06-12 Bridge & other card games - redeal:

Hi,    There is no rule, law or any other mention of what you mentioned. It is certainly not true at any organized bridge club. Of course, if you are just playing social or party bridge, then, if all the

2016-06-08 Gaming - Unknown Game Title:

Unfortunately that's not a ton to go on, so I'm largely taking a shot in the dark here - my first thought would be the Soul Reaver series, but that is decidedly not a point-and-click series. Other potential

2016-06-06 Video Game Repair - Golden Tee Reboot Loop:

Hi Justin,    I think you may have hit the nail on the head with the US/Canadian discrepancy. When the unit was upgraded to a GT2005C originally, the security chip would have likely been programmed with


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