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2014-04-12 Video Game Repair - Golden Tee Complete:

Ron,    It sounds like you've got a bad video card on the board. Try this for me- unplug the hard drive from the board (the IDE cable and power) and turn it on. Do the status lights come on?     Second

2014-04-11 Bridge & other card games - Bridge rotation:

Hi,    Assign each team/pair a number from 1-20.    Session          Team matchups     1         20-1 19-2 18-3 17-4 16-5 15-6 14-7 13-8 12-9 11-10   2         20-2  1-3 19-4 18-5 17-6 16-7 15-8 14-9

2014-04-08 Gaming - Connecting XBOX to computer monitor:

The audio conversion is really as simple as plug and play - you'll just have to get an adapter that takes the RCA connection to 3.5mm TRS; you can find all manner of different gender, size, etc of such

2014-04-07 Bridge & other card games - Declarer touching multiple dummy cards:

Hi,    According to Law 45 of the Laws of Contract Bridge    A card must be played if it is a card in dummy deliberately touched by declarer except for the purpose of arranging dummy's cards or of reaching

2014-04-06 Gaming - DosBox:

Okay, so based on what you have observed the game does require Windows, not just DOS (which is why DOSbox isn't working outright). A bit of looking at the game and it appears it supports Windows 95 - finding


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