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2014-11-17 Video Game Repair - 2005 golden tee screen:

Hi Richard,    There could be a couple of reasons that it's doing this-    1) There is a bad connection on the monitor adjustment board: There should be a small board that is connected to a long cable

2014-11-11 Video Game Repair - Golden Tee 2005:

Jonathan,    It sounds to me like you've got two separate, unrelated problems.    1) The fact that the game won't boot on the first try says that you've likely got a failing hard drive or power supply

2014-11-10 Video Game Repair - Golden Tee 98 sound issue:

Andrew,    It sounds like you've got a problem with the main logic board. There could be an issue with grounding that is causing the trackball to affect the sounds, but without seeing it in person, it

2014-11-09 Video Game Repair - Ms Pacman Galaga Upright Monitor issues:

Frank,    It sounds like you have a monitor problem. I would suggest finding someone who specializes in monitor repair to come and take a look. You should be able to find someone on Craigslist, or by calling

2014-11-03 Video Game Repair - williams stargate:

Hi Chad!    It sounds like you've got a short on your power supply board. This typically is the bridge rectifier, which is the grey square near the middle of the board.    It might be easiest to install


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