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2016-08-25 Baseball Trivia (General) - The Relief Pitcher role:

Hi, Jim,    There have been numerous post-seasons where a manager used a pitcher both as a front-line starter and as a bull pen guy. But none that I can think of that meet your criterion as being turned

2016-08-19 Chess - Checkmate with Two knights.:

Hello, Prashant.    Sorry it took so long to respond.  I got a new email address and hadn't told All Experts about it.    Anyway, it is POSSIBLE to mate with just two knights, but it isn't FORCED.  In

2016-08-19 Chess - Checkmate with Two knights.:

Hi Prashant,    Two Knights alone cannot force checkmate:    As the above article states: "Although there are checkmate positions, the

2016-08-19 Chess - Checkmate with Two knights.:

First, sorry about the slight delay----I'm dependent on public library computers since I don't have one of my own.    As far as your question, the short answer is no---but the matter is slightly more complicated

2016-08-16 Gaming - Gaming Headset Speeds:

I'd be interested to see where you're getting this specification from, or otherwise where the value of 16ms is coming from. With wireless audio systems, there may be a very slight delay between the signal


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