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2014-08-27 Bridge & other card games - OPENING FOUR OF A SUIT:

Question:     I seem to recall reading or being told that if you hold eight cards in a suit,   you can open with four of that suit.  Is that correct and about what count   should you have in your hand

2014-08-26 Bridge & other card games - setting up a bridge rotation:

Hi,    Below is a rotation for 12 teams over 9 months. Each line represents one month and the numbers in the body of the chart are the team matchups for each month.    Month        Team Matchups     1

2014-08-24 Bridge & other card games - 12 couple bridge movements:

Hi,    I cannot help you with the locations other than to suggest that you can assign 4 pairs to one of the three homes each month.    For  the hostesses you can try the following using the rotation that

2014-08-21 Bridge & other card games - Marathon Bridge Rotation:

Hi,    Below is a rotation for 9 pairs. The full rotation lasts 9 months but it is not necessary to use the whole thing. Since there is an odd number of pairs it is necessary for one pair each month to

2014-08-21 Bridge & other card games - bridge rotation:

Hi,    The only thing I can do is to provide a rotation for 14 pairs, each pair playing every other pair once. The rotation lasts 13 rounds. You can use three of the rounds each month and then use the


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