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2015-07-24 Bridge & other card games - Rotation for Bridge Marathon:

Hi,    Below is a schedule for 10 partnerships playing for 9 months.      Month        Pair Matchups     1      10-1  9-2  8-3  7-4  6-5   2      10-2  1-3  9-4  8-5  7-6   3      10-3  2-4  1-5  9-6

2015-07-24 Bridge & other card games - Score:

Hi,    The score for 1NT doubled and vulnerable making 2 is 380.    For making the contract, you get double the points you would normally get.    If this gives you 100 or more, you get a game bonus (as

2015-07-24 Chess - Irving Chernev:

Judging from the numerous books that Chernev penned, it seems that writing ones  about specific players was not his cup of tea for some reason.  It seems that most of  his works were devoted to endgame

2015-07-23 Gaming - COmputer:

Arguably yes, however there are numerous configuration/spec pieces of that machine that are worrisome - it looks very much like corners have been cut in the design and/or construction. Specifically the

2015-07-21 Bridge & other card games - announcing that you jumped:

Hi,    In duplicate bridge there is a practice known as a "skip bid" warning. This occurs whenever you make a bid that skips over one or more levels of bidding, either as an opening bidder, responder or


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