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2015-04-27 Video Game Repair - Pac Man Multi game screen issue:

Monica,    Just off the bat, i'm leaning toward the monitor. If you could send a picture of it, i'd be happy to give you some further information. My guess is that the deflection has gone out on the monitor

2015-04-23 Bridge & other card games - bridge:

Hi,    A card is considered to be played by declarer if it is held face up and touching or nearly touching the table. If the card was on the table and declarer had taken her hand off it then there is no

2015-04-20 Video Game Repair - Big Event Golf -arcade game:

Terry,    If the ball was working properly before you took it apart, it's possible one of two things happened- either you've plugged the connectors into the wrong axis (meaning up and down is plugged into

2015-04-20 Video Game Repair - Golden Tee 2014:

Hi Jack,    The I/O board on the Nighthawk system is serial number and version specific- that is to say that the security code for the version that you have is stored in the I/O board and will give you

2015-04-18 Bridge & other card games - Rotations:

Hi,    The following link describes a movement for 6 pairs.    Since you only have 5 pairs, treat pair 6 as a phantom nonexistent pair. Table


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