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2014-10-14 Bridge & other card games - Bridge:

Question:     You answered my question of Oct. 2nd regarding the proper leads in Bridge;   however, you did not answer my questions as to what is the order of precedence   in leading; i.e., if you had

2014-10-04 Video Game Repair - 1996 cruisin world:

Hi Paulo,    No, that is not normal behavior for the machine! Something is wrong with U24, but I don't think that it has anything to do with the start button not working. I would recommend pulling the

2014-10-02 Bridge & other card games - Bridge:

Question:   If you don't mind, I wish to review the proper leads in Bridge as I appear to   have been remiss a couple times and been criticized:          ----------------------------------------------------------

2014-10-02 Bridge & other card games - advising a partner on what to play during an active hand play:

Hi,    The offending side should not be able to benefit from unauthorized information. If this occurred at a bridge tournament or at a duplicate bridge club, the following would apply.    After a player

2014-10-02 Baseball Trivia (General) - ERA rules in mlb:

Craig,      Right, he gets credit for no innings pitched. Since the formula for ERA is  (Earned runs/innings pitched) x 9, his ERA for this outing is mathematically: 0.00. But in actuality, his pitcher


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