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2017-01-19 Video Game Repair - golden tee fore monitor:

It sounds like the monitor is unable to power on. This could be a number of different things, depending on the monitor model and many other things. The monitor will need to be serviced by a qualified technician

2017-01-06 Questions about Movies - Recommendations:

Difficult without knowing more about her interests, but maybe one of these:    Enchanted April (if she likes Masterpiece Theatre type romantic dramas)  Brooklyn (an irish girl movies to New York in 1952)

2017-01-06 Questions about Movies - Recommendations:

What a lovely and thoughtful question!  "Hidden Figures" would be my top recommendation, a true story of dignity and integrity, hard work, and ability overcoming racism and sexism, beautifully performed

2016-12-30 Gaming - game FPS not as expected:

I would need more information about how you're measuring frame-rate, and what games you're talking about to provide a more directed response.     That having been said, your CPU is likely part of the "problem"

2016-12-30 Poker - Texas Hold 'em:

Meghan,    Thanks for your question.  I'm going to assume that you're question is in regards to Texas Hold'em since it's the most widely spread game in casinos and card rooms.    That's a pretty common


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