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2015-04-15 Bridge & other card games - Bidding:

Hi,    Partner should initially bid 2 diamonds and support spades later, possibly jumping to 4S on the second round of bidding to make sure that there is no accident resulting in the hand being passed

2015-04-11 Video Game Repair - Ms Pac-man / Galaga volume problem:

Hi Sheryl,    It's very unlikely that the potentiometer went bad, but to check it, you can put an ohm meter on the outside lugs and measure that the resistance changes as you turn the pot. When you put

2015-04-09 Video Game Repair - Golden Tee 2004 Fore:

It's very likely that you've got a bad video card. Does it play through the attract mode without problems? Even if it does, that doesn't rule out a bad video card. It may be overheating. Replacement cards

2015-04-07 Bridge & other card games - Honors:

Hi,    Honors can be claimed wherever they are located so long as they are all in one hand.     For holding four of the five trump honors   (A, K, Q, J, 10) in one hand ...............................

2015-04-07 Bridge & other card games - redeal:

Hi,    According to Law 10(c)(ii) there must be a redeal if before the play has been completed it is discovered that one player has picked up too many cards and another too few.    However, a redeal is


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