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2016-02-12 Bridge & other card games - Rotation Charts for 14 and 13 Players:

Hi,    Below are links to movements for 13 and for 14 players.    I am not aware

2016-02-10 Video Game Repair - Hold button on video poker machine:

Hi Linda,    It's very likely that the connector on the bottom of the button has lost its connection. Open the control panel and look at the button- there should be three wires. Unplug each one, one at

2016-02-08 Bridge & other card games - final scoring in a Howell movement:

Hi,    Using 4-2-0 or 2-1-0 will result in exactly the same final rankings. Either one is fine but some people prefer 4-2-0 because that eliminates the use of fractions. It is now 1 matchpoint for a tie

2016-02-06 Video Game Repair - arcade cruisin usa:

Hi Eddie.  The cmos battery is a CR2032 battery and is on the main boats. It is about the size of a nickel and pops right out. Replacements can be purchased at home depot for under $5. Just pop a new one

2016-02-06 Video Game Repair - Jamma board:

Hi Leo. Unfortunately, the board will only output the signal in the vertical orientation. There isn't an option to change it to horrozontal.   Depending on the cabinet your monitor is in, you might be


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