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2014-08-21 Bridge & other card games - Marathon Bridge Rotation:

Hi,    Below is a rotation for 9 pairs. The full rotation lasts 9 months but it is not necessary to use the whole thing. Since there is an odd number of pairs it is necessary for one pair each month to

2014-08-19 Bridge & other card games - Bridge Card Game Rotation:

Hi,    The rotation below is for 11 pairs over a period of 11 months (you do not need to use the whole thing). One pair each month needs to sit out.    Month        Pair Matchups      1        11-2  10-3

2014-08-18 Bridge & other card games - bridge rules revoke:

In the game of Bridge, or fot thay measure, any similar trick taking game (eg. Spades, Whist, etc.) the Ruling for a Revoke is very clear....    A revoke may be corrected (correct card substituted) without

2014-08-17 Bridge & other card games - Marathon bridge rotation for 13 couples:

Hi,    Since there are 13 pairs, one of them needs to sit out each month.    Month        Pair Matchups      1        13-2  12-3  11-4  10-5  9-6  8-7    Pair 1 sits out    2         1-3  13-4  12-5  11-6

2014-08-17 Bridge & other card games - couples bridge rotation:

I would suggest that you check out these sites for more details on your  8 round, 10 team rotation movement..    If none of these do not give you the info you need, I apologize.    Another source is the


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