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2017-04-18 Video Game Repair - Ms Pacman/Galaga 20 anniversary upright:

Hi Clark,    Are you able to coin up the game and start it? Do you hear it playing in the background, even if you can't see it? Does the monitor turn on? Even if you're getting the correct voltage, the

2017-04-18 Baseball Trivia (General) - Late game offense:

Hi Chuck,    The only thing I could find comparable was a game on June 15, 1925 in which the Philadelphia A's overcame a 15-4 deficit to the Cleveland Indians by scoring 13 runs in their half of the 8th

2017-03-30 Puzzle Solving - Brain Teaser help:

Natali,    1. Multiply 2    with 4 and subtract 1. 2x4 = 8 - 1 = 7  2. Multiply 7    with 4 and subtract 2. 7x4 = 28 - 2 = 26  3. Multiply 26   with 4 and subtract 3. 26x4 = 104-3 = 101  4. Multiply 101

2017-03-12 Poker - Re-Raising an All-In Bet in No Limit Texas Hold'em:

Ken,    In Limit Texas Hold'em, raises are limited to 3.  But in No Limit Texas Hold'em you are allowed unlimited raises.    Now, let's look at your particular hand.  You state that there

2017-02-17 Questions about Movies - Best scene:

If the emphasis is on "scene" -- meaning the most significant -- I'd say "Philomena," where there's a crucial turning point in a hotel restaurant where the characters are having breakfast.  If the emphasis


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