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2014-04-22 Coin and Paper Money Collecting - Unusual coin:

Hi Lilly,  By any chance is it this coin?    If so, it's indeed from Japan and a 1 sen denomination from either the

2014-04-21 Coin and Paper Money Collecting - contonintal currency:

Beverly:    The key to determining what you may have is to determine the metal composition, weight, diameter and thickness. Photos would help. Copies may sell for $10 to $25. It may be a replica coin from

2014-04-21 Coin and Paper Money Collecting - M.THERESIA -D-GR-IMP-HU-BO-REG-S.F.:

Hi Mathew,  This design is from an Austrian thaler coin, originally made in 1780. However, this coin has been made over and over and is still being made today. 99% of them are modern restrikes which are

2014-04-21 Coin and Paper Money Collecting - non-copper/bronze 1900 Indian Head Penny:

Hello Dennis,    Thanks for your question. This sounds interesting and I would love to help you but I would really need to see the coin. The correct weight of a 1900 Indian Head cent would be 3.11 grams

2014-04-20 Woodworking - Mahogany type:

Sure....what are you thinking....are you thinking it's not mahogany?  I would like to feel the weight of it.......the purple hue has got me so it would be great to see in person......what are you using


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