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2015-03-01 Coin and Paper Money Collecting - 1662 coin or medal:

Hi Lon,  This is a jeton from Antwerp, The Netherlands issued for city treasurer Marcel Librecht. Although it's in very nice condition, these pieces generally don't bring very much despite their age. I

2015-03-01 Coin and Paper Money Collecting - Bryan Campaign Token:

Lon:    Not an expert in this area. My initial impression from looking at the attached photos is that your item is likely cast and made of pot metal vs. silver. It may be legitimate, but needs to be looked

2015-02-28 Coin and Paper Money Collecting - German coins:

Hi Jared,  The one on the left is German notgeld (literally translating as "not money"). This was a necessity token coinage made locally throughout Germany and parts of Austria starting in 1917 and continuing

2015-02-28 Model Railroads - testing:

Larry,    Thank you for supplying the information on your question about "bench testing" a turnout before installation.  All Lionel tubular track turnouts work in either two ways; one is via track (transformer

2015-02-27 Cigars - cuban cigars:

Hi Bill,    La Flor de Henry Clay is a pre-revolutionary Cuban cigar brand. The brand was created in 1840 in honour of US politician Henry Clay by cigar magnate Julian Alvarez and was a sister-brand to


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