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2014-08-25 Stained Glass - stained glass:

The photos are not very clear and I would like to have better images, especially of the grape cluster before making a better assessment of the age of these windows. Based on the images you've provided

2014-08-23 Coin and Paper Money Collecting - error nickel...Monticello building on BOTH SIDES:

Hi Travis,    Thank you for the pictures.    What you have is a manufactured novelty item known as a Magician's Coin.  2 normal nickels were altered to remove the back and edge from one coin and hollow

2014-08-22 Coin and Paper Money Collecting - coin values:

The peso coin is probably from Mexico.  It is probably brass.  Pesos are exchanged at approximately 13 peso = $1  But I think it may be too old to exchange.  There is no collector value.    The large cents

2014-08-21 Cabinets, Furniture, Woodworks -

Hi Margaret  I don't know when they started putting the date of manufacture on mirror backs (not all mirrors are dated), but I can tell you that I saw one a few years back dated 1915.  So for sure it goes

2014-08-20 Model Railroads - Power Loss:

Ron,  Thanks for your question.  Track is NOT a good electrical conductor. Every conductive rail joiner needs a power feed to it for the best operation. Life Like's Power Lock track in HO and N scales


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