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2014-12-18 Coin and Paper Money Collecting - sale of coin/paper money:

Price is based on Supply and Demand. There is no way that anyone can fix prices.    There are idiots listing trying to sell VOC Duit coins on which can be purchased for about Rs100  for Rs100

2014-12-16 Cabinets, Furniture, Woodworks - Fix canopy wood:

Susan,    There's really no way to repair that piece of wood - it split on the grain, and it's probably easier to just have a new piece made.     I would try to get someone to make you a new part for your

2014-12-16 Coin and Paper Money Collecting - Mississippi Quarter Error?:

Likely "golden-washed" Clad quarter planchet. These errors occur when coin blanks are left for an extended period in the annealing furnace. This give time for the dust of previous coins (golden $1 blanks)

2014-12-15 Coin and Paper Money Collecting - Possible 1943 wheat penny:

Susan:    Regular copper cents struck during the 1940's weigh 3.11 g. The 1943 steel cent weigh 2.70 g.  Well circulated steel cents sell for about $3 to $5 a roll (50 pieces). A nice example in EF condition

2014-12-15 Coin and Paper Money Collecting - strange Filipinas 1918 five cantavos:

I can't make out the details clearly from the picture, but is there a mint mark to the left of the date? Unless it's an outright fake, it would have to be a 1938 with an altered or damaged 3 in the date


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