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2014-09-14 Coin and Paper Money Collecting - Printing ink stain on $100 bill:

Diana:    I'm not convinced from the photo that it is an inking error. The ink is normally the same color as the print side it's found on. This looks more like solvent (used to remove ink from the plates)

2014-09-13 Coin and Paper Money Collecting - statehood quarters misprints:

Randy:     Without photos, too hard to tell what you may have. Based on your limited description, I'd say you have a man-made error. Someone took a nickel and squeezed it into the quarter, making the added

2014-09-09 Coin and Paper Money Collecting - Old coin valued:

This is a pretty common Indian head.  In fair to good condition it would only be worth 25 to 50 cents.  It would be worth about a dollar if in problem free good condition.  Go to and do a

2014-09-07 Coin and Paper Money Collecting -

Hi Mary,    Thank you for the pictures.    It looks like you may have an error known as a brockage -- caused when an already minted coin fails to be ejected from the press and transfers its design onto

2014-09-06 RC Model Airplanes/Cars/Boats - changing batterys on rc boat:

You would be better to replace the batteries with 6v NiMH packs, not 7.2v packs. They often register over 8v when fully charged.  Just make sure you use a NiMH charger and wire the batteries in the same


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