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2016-10-19 Coin and Paper Money Collecting - Is this an error coin and does it have value:

Hi Crystal,    This would technically be more like a defect than an error.  Over time, the dies used to make the coins wear out, and eventually they crack and pieces break off.  That is what happened here

2016-10-19 Coin and Paper Money Collecting - 1972:

Not the best pic. Based on what I see, I'd say it's strike (machine) doubling. Check out the mintmark. In the 70's, mintmarks were placed (punched) into the die surface after the die was made. If the mm

2016-10-18 Collectibles--General (Modern) - nicholas gish:

Hi Kim,  Thank you for your question.  I believe the carousel thimbles were made in the 1980s and 1990s.  It is hard to determine the value of an item but much depends on supply and demand.  You may be

2016-10-18 Cigars - Xikar travel humidor & distilled water:

Rad,    I apologize for the late response, I just got back from the Dominican Republic and I forgot to change my settings on the site to show that I was away.    You can use distilled water in the Xikar

2016-10-13 Sports Fantasy Leagues - fantasy baseball or football:

To win a tournament you have to do a lot of homework and be able to pick players that are not just the superstars because anyone can pick those players.  You need to find that diamond in the rough that


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