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2016-12-03 Coin and Paper Money Collecting - Fake penny?:

Based on pics provided, I'd say real, and likely PMD, post mint damage. Since 1982, cents were made of copper plated zinc. I'd say your coin went through a wash process and removed some of the copper plating

2016-11-27 Coin and Paper Money Collecting - Proof coin:

As an error, it would be classified as a struck through (object) error. Debris, grease, dirt, grime, etc., can fill part of the die surface, and prevent the coin from being fully struck. It would be a

2016-11-24 Coin and Paper Money Collecting - Coins & notes:

I agree that Irfan down chatham Street has crazy prices. That is well known.  He seems to find ignorant Foreigners with limited time to sell to.  The others are OK but they are not cheap since supply is

2016-11-17 Cabinets, Furniture, Woodworks - Painting cedar over spray paint:

Hey Sarah, that's a loaded're always at the mercy of the first layer of any finish, and if that layer is failing, or of dubious condition, then what you coat over that will not adhere well

2016-11-16 Cigars - NewAir CC-300 odor:

Hello F Gaddo,    Usually if you leave the humidor open for about a week, the smell should naturally dissipate.  If the smell remains, there are two solutions that you can try that I find are very effective


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