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2014-10-28 Woodworking - cigarbox finish:

Hey Vin, if it is indeed just fingerprints, then you can use a good polish that has no silicones or waxes...I like Guardsman.

2014-10-28 Coin and Paper Money Collecting - inherited coin collection:

You realy need an independent appraisal.  Itemized coin by coin.  that eill be costly but if the collection warrants, so be it.  You will need a complete inventory as well.    What type of coins?  Maybe

2014-10-27 Cigars - Cigar Family Tree:

Rich,    Excellent question, and I wish such a "family tree" of cigars existed. What you ask makes perfect sense, but as far as I know there is no such lineage of cigar brands. If there is a specific brand

2014-10-27 Coin and Paper Money Collecting - State quarter error?:

Jesse:    Your coin needs to be looked at by an expert. Based on your limited description, you could have a state quarter struck on a 5c blank. The size and no copper center seem to make that a strong

2014-10-26 Cabinets, Furniture, Woodworks - cupping, warped or bubble:

Hi David, it does look like a fiberboard substrate of some kind, although not something I recognize....this type of swelling usually results from wetness, not heat or dryness, and unfortunately it does


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