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2015-06-28 Cigars - Cohiba Esplendidos:

Hi Stevan,    You may check the serial number at Habanos' official website and authenticity check program here:    Please be sure to enter the serial

2015-06-27 Coin and Paper Money Collecting - Silver colored penny:

I have actually heard of this, but am not too well read on steel cents after 1943.     I'm actually on vacation, so I don't have access to my books.  I did find a website that may be of some use.    http://coins

2015-06-27 Coin and Paper Money Collecting - Gold Bicentennial half dollar:

Trent:  Just a normal Kennedy 50c piece someone put in a bezel, likely as a jewelry piece. If the mintmark below the bust is a "D", it is a clad coin, having only face value. If it has a "S" mintmark,

2015-06-26 Coin and Paper Money Collecting - Lincoln Cent - No Reverse:

George:    I can guarantee you almost to 100% this is a manmade error done with two "normal" coins being ground down and bonded together. The obverse die is significantly different than the reverse die

2015-06-25 Stained Glass - Antique stained glass door:

Tami,  There is a general perception that the extra measure of covering leaded/stained glass inserts or windows with a sheet of clear glass is necessary for the protection of the art glass work.  In some


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