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2017-01-24 Woodworking - Scroll saw stuck:

Hey Robert...what material were you cutting...and for what length of time??.(10 minutes, 2 hours, half a day, etc), and were you using an extension cord? In my experience, these saws are "hobby" grade

2017-01-23 Cigars - Xikar Crystals & NewAir CC-300:

Hi F Gaddo,    The brown liquid is commonly nicotine built up during smoking when the heat of the lit cigar mixes with natural oils in the tobacco and the moisture from your mouth. This residue commonly

2017-01-21 Cigars - Dry cigars:

Daniel,    You are correct that the majority of cigars are frozen at the factories before they are shipped. This kills the tobacco beetle larva and should keep the cigars from hatching bugs in the future

2017-01-20 Coin and Paper Money Collecting - Old silver coin:

Hi Monica,    Thank you for the pictures.    This is not any kind of coin from the U.S. Mint.  It is something privately made -- some type of medal.  Check the edge for some kind of marking that may indicate

2017-01-19 Cigars - Humidor question:

Hi Daniel,    It seems you did everything right. I would take the packs out and leave the humidor empty and closed every day until your humidity stabilizes to 65%-70%. Usually, it takes about 3 days to


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