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2014-07-28 Cigars - Cut Cigar in Half?:

Justin,    If you cut the cigar in half, it would taste a little different from the full length cigar. Typically as you smoke a cigar the flavor changes a bit - often you'll notice that the cigar builds

2014-07-25 Coin and Paper Money Collecting - 1997-1998 GOLD PENNY:

Peggy:    You could have a zinc planchet with a different plating metal mix, or it could be plated after it left the mint. If done after it was made, it is considered altered and of no added value.   

2014-07-23 Model Railroads - Assessing value of a model train set-up:

Hello Grady,    Please contact me via my e-mail. I am in the business of disbursements of estates. Specializing in model railroad collections and anything related to railroads that may also be in the collection

2014-07-22 Coin and Paper Money Collecting - Silver looking 1985-D penny:

Sherina:    From the supplied photos, looks like you may have a cent struck on an un-plated zinc blank. In 1982, the mint started producing cents on copper plated zinc blanks.    In 1983 all copper blanks

2014-07-22 Coin and Paper Money Collecting - My coin:

Hello,    Your coin looks like its an - ANTONINUS PIUS, 138-161. Sestertius, HRIC.72. Laureate bust r./HONORI AVG COS IIII SC, Honos stg. l. holding branch and cornucopia.     The details are pretty worn


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