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2015-04-16 Coin and Paper Money Collecting - 1990 Roosevelt dime mint mark:

Hi Chris,    I am not so sure that it is a D over S.  I don't see any part of an S other than what is inside the D.  That said, a mintmark is raised because the die is incuse. Could it simply be a chip

2015-04-16 Coin and Paper Money Collecting - No-Edge Dime 1981 P:

Hi Donald,    Sorry, but this coin was altered after it left the mint.  The reeded edge on a dime comes from the collar that holds the coin blank inside the press when it gets struck -- the front, back

2015-04-14 Needlepoint - Value of Tapestry:

Hi Robbie,    That's a beautiful piece!  I am sorry I can't help you with an appraisal, as it is not my area of expertise.  However, I did find an organization in Australia that might be able to help you:

2015-04-14 Coin and Paper Money Collecting - 1776-1976 half dollar coin:

Devani:    From your description, the front of your coin is normal. The is is missing the lower portion of it in "LIBERTY" as designed. The weird object on the neck is a "GR" for the designer's initials

2015-04-13 Cabinets, Furniture, Woodworks - Dollhouse:

Tony,    I apologize, but I have not used a dollhouse book in the past, so I don't have much to offer here.    I have built doll houses and doll furniture, but of my own design.  Dollhouses can be divided


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