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2015-08-29 Cabinets, Furniture, Woodworks - Drawers:

Hi Yvonne,    I took a look at that picture - although the picture is kind of blurry, I think I see the tab on the drawer slide. I am re-attaching the photo, with an arrow pointing to the tab. I can't

2015-08-27 Needlepoint - Flap bag:

Hi Paula,    Needlepoint finishing is not one of my strengths, especially construction of a hand bag or carry satchel of some sort.    Allow me to ask if you are using tent stitch, or other decorative

2015-08-25 Cigars - Homemade brand cigars:

David,    The only yellow box cigar brand I can think of was called Moonshine Crooks - maybe you can Google than name and see if that looks like the right brand. I've never heard of Homemade cigars.  

2015-08-25 Coin and Paper Money Collecting - info and value:

Hi Robert,  These are modern copies. Such pieces are often found online and at flea markets for just a dollar or two each.  As far as identifying counterfeits, when dealing with photographs it requires

2015-08-21 Cabinets, Furniture, Woodworks - kitchen drawer tracks:

Kate,    Can you send me a picture of the part you need? If so, I can probably point you in the right direction to find some replacements. Send it through this All-Experts site, there is a way to upload


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