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2015-09-30 Sports Fantasy Leagues - Start or sit:

Hey Aaron,    With the Reed vs. Matthews choice, I think you are safer going with a WR in Matthews.  Reed has been consistent, but the Philly offense is starting to get it's act together and that means

2015-09-29 Cigars - bacteria or? in humidifier:

Hi Robert,    The brownish-colored liquid is usually an amalgamation of dust, microscopic tobacco particulates, nicotine and sometimes mildew that is accumulated and settled in your humidor and humidifier

2015-09-28 Coin and Paper Money Collecting - Ancient coin:

Hello,  Sorry I haven't got the notification about your question until today.   It looks to me like a (medieval not ancient) Islamic coin, with Arabic script (Mamluks or around that geographical area)

2015-09-28 Coin and Paper Money Collecting - 2006 (five dollar note blue seal and serial numbers):

Hello,     This note left the BEP colored correctly and has either been chemically altered or left in the sun to fade the color away.  It's not going to be considered an error in the numismatic sense.

2015-09-26 Coin and Paper Money Collecting - Kuwait coin:

Hello,    What you have there is a 1983 (1403 Arabic calendar) 50 Fils coin from Kuwait. This is current circulating money in Kuwait and it would be worth about $1.60 in US money.    Regards,  David McConaghy


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