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2014-08-22 Ferns - macho fern:

Ferns are very versatile and there really is no "perfect" mix.  I would say that the best mix would have a combination of aeration and water-holding capacity.  The most important thing is that the mix

2014-08-22 Tropical Plants - White Bird of paradise: could be dead right, I have a hard time grasping that because here in Southwest Florida we have a sandy soil that dries almost instantly after a rain; but if it is clay, it does indeed hold water

2014-08-22 Plumbing in the Home - Odd noise:

Hi Ashley,  I will try to help you. I read your statement that the landlord solved one problem and then another similar problem started. Is that correct?  If the noise sounds like water running you can't

2014-08-22 Small Engines (Lawn Mowers, etc - Lawn Mower Engine:

Many engines will fit by you may have to adapt the wiring harness, usually just the alternator connector, along with the throttle cable.  If you replace with another Briggs engine odds are the wire and

2014-08-21 Tropical Plants - White Bird of Paradise:

Hi Deb, Depending on what weed killer you used, it could be pertinent, most are contact killers, meaning that they need to come in contact with the leaves/greenery of the target plant/weed. If there was


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