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2015-06-29 Locksmithing - Asbestos in Safe-Caibnet Laboratory safe.:

Hi Stephen,    First I'll start off with the container - this is NOT a safe, it is a fire resistive FILE cabinet.    As for your web search indicating that THIS was the only known company to use asbestos

2015-06-28 Crochet - Split treble crochet stitch:

Hello Katie:    Thanks for the question.     Boy oh boy this one is a crazy one.     Ok by starters, this has multiple special stitches. You have Front post double crochet (FPdc), stitches coming from

2015-06-27 TV/VCR/Stereo Troubleshooting - Zenith TV Repair:

For old sets with these kinds of symptoms first suspicion is bad electrolytics in power supply filter section.  These components are the first to go as their life span and reliability insufficiency is

2015-06-27 Locksmithing - CSS pad combo:

Hi Odie,    While some digital locks may have a Management Reset Code (MRC), many others DO NOT!   Obviously it will depend on whether yours does or doesn't.    These are NOT one time emergency codes,

2015-06-27 Small Engines (Lawn Mowers, etc - Ethanol eats parts:

A)  Briggs say they are making "ethanol resistant" fuel components on their newest engines...we'll see how well they run and if they can actually resist ethanol.    B)  Additives will not really help with


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