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2014-09-30 Vacuum Cleaners - Hoover steamVac:

Hi Amy. If he broke the tabs or the screw bosses, yes you will need a new hood. If he only unsealed the factory gasketing, you should be okay. He didn't pry it up & bend anything, right?  It may have to

2014-09-30 Small Engines (Lawn Mowers, etc - wheel removal:

In theory you just remove the C clip holding the rim (wheel) to the axle and slide off the tire assembly.    Have you removed the C clip and sprayed penetrating oil on the axle and rim?  Rust will cause

2014-09-29 Moving Furniture - Will reclining couch fit?:

Hi Darrell   Normally reclining sofa's come in pieces. The backs normally can come off. Not saying all recliners. The one thing all sofa recliner do is come apart at the bottom. A reclining sofa is just

2014-09-29 Moving Furniture - Trying to buy a new couch:

Hi Christian  If a 72 inch sofa won't fit either way (WHY?) not much will. Was the 72 inch sofa height the same all the way around in other words was the arm height the same as the back height. Did we

2014-09-29 Locksmithing - Meilink safe unable to open:

Hi Shari,    While some Meilink safes DO have a relocking device, unless you dropped off the back of a moving van while unloading it, you would NOT have fired it off.    If this was the case, the lock


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