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2016-02-10 Electrical Wiring in the Home - 3-way switch wiring puzzle:

The color coding means nothing with three way switches. There are also a lot of combinations of the positions of the switches in relation to the power source and the wire going to the light.    The main

2016-02-10 Electrical Wiring in the Home - wiring:

It's hard to tell where the wires go to, so the easiest way is to take a picture of the wires and label the wires. What is in the first fixture will go into a junction box. The black and white recess fixture

2016-02-10 Locksmithing - Herring-Hall-Marvin Dial Replacement:

Hi Joan,    What's wrong with the one in the photo????    Or should I ask - what's wrong with yours???    HHM was in business from 1892-1959 when they were acquired out of bankruptcy by Diebold and subsequently

2016-02-09 Small Engines (Lawn Mowers, etc - 1962 Sears 2 hp boat motor:

Did you check out this site:

2016-02-09 Moving Furniture - Sofa:

Hi Karen   I feel there is more to the story. You talk about a hallway is your door to the left or right of the hallway. See, if the only problem was the door then the 2 inches shouldn't have been a problem


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