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2014-07-21 Carnivorous Plants - Pest, kill ant:

Hi Gabriel,    That product should be fine.  What you want to stay away from is insecticidal soaps.  They damage small plants.  Test it on one plant first, wait a couple days, and if you see no problems

2014-07-21 Small Household Appliances - Parts and Repair #30 Hamiltion Beach Drink Master Mixer:

We service a number of these but if you already have it apart it would be worth your time to just replace the wiring.  Parts have not been available for these units for over 30 years.  There really are

2014-07-21 Small Engines (Lawn Mowers, etc - Pull rope almost yanked my hand off:

First, remove the spark plug and see if you can pull the string easy.  See if any fluid squirts out of the spark plug hole.    Second, with the spark plug still removed, I would remove the blade and check

2014-07-21 TV/VCR/Stereo Troubleshooting - auxilio:

Subject: help  Question: I bought a tablet 7 "4GB 1GHz .. RCT6077W2  And I did that RCA entrusted to me is a very serious and responsible and NOT brand .. 3 months ago on 5 April and 15 days ago and the

2014-07-21 Carnivorous Plants - Drosera seeds:

Hi John,    Sprinkle your seeds on your bog garden in late September.  This corresponds with about the same time plants drop their seeds, but you could easily do this anytime from late August to November


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