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2016-05-03 Carnivorous Plants - Cephalotus:

Cephalotus are slow growing anyway, so it's not uncommon for them to stall for a few months.  The spots are concerning, and might indicate some sort of rust or other pest problem.  But the new growth (the

2016-05-03 Major Appliances - 1959-1960 Westinghouse wall oven parts:

Next thing I would check is the presence of 220 volts to the unit.  With 110 volts, the light and clock wold work but no heating elements would come on.  Verify this with a voltage meter and let me know

2016-05-03 Locksmithing - School Safe:

Hi Michael.    Most Safe Techs are used to driving quite a distance to work on safes and vault doors, which is likely going to be the case, as there aren't many trained safe techs near you.    While there

2016-05-02 Orchids - unusual phaleonopis flower form:

Dick, most likely this is not a stable form of the flower and, therefore not a variety.  Some plants flowering for the first time may have distortions in the flower form.  I have seen instances where the

2016-05-02 Locksmithing - Old Mosler and Lefebure Vault doors:

Hi Andrew,    Bottom line - if the door does NOT have a UL label or tag, then it is NOT considered to be UL rated.    If it has lost the tag, then it is NOT considered to be UL rated.    Generally the


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