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2014-12-17 Heating, Air Conditioning, Fridge, HVAC - Thermostat upgrade?:

Hello RL, I think you made a good decision on this system. When I put in a new system I like to change the stat that is made for that system. That way I know that the system is gong to perform up to spec's

2014-12-17 Carnivorous Plants - asian picture plant:

Hi Adam,    In nature pitchers (Pitcher, not picture) get some rainwater in them, so keeping a little in them is good.  If a plant is healthy it will make it's own fluid for the too.  Don't fill them to

2014-12-17 Radiant Floor Heating - tankless water heater problem radiant floors :

Hello Jim,    If you follow me here, or elsewhere, you will find me railing against the use of tankless (domestic hot water heaters) for space heating. And, you would get tired of me telling all who will

2014-12-17 Small Engines (Lawn Mowers, etc - resistence in high tension lead:

I called Husqvarna but all they told me was to use the OEM spark plug the parts list recommended.    I have, and only use the plugs they list for the equipment model number and am still having the same

2014-12-17 Locksmithing - master magnum padlock:

Hello Rick,    If you are somehow able to open the padlock via those holes you should consider replacing it with a padlock that is actually secure.    I've not seen that particular lock but some have drain


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