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2015-03-05 Electrical Wiring in the Home - circuit breaker tripping:

Sometimes things just happen that way.  Either something corrodes over time, and all of a sudden it shorts out.  Or the connections may have just shorted out.  It could be the light, the switch, or the

2015-03-05 Locksmithing - SAGA 1100 safe-d-posit safe:

Hi Stanley,    Yes, "Saga" brand safes were "fire resistive" ONLY.   They had no burglary resistance.    The safe should have had a decal / tag on the inside of the door (on the back panel) indicating

2015-03-05 Small Engines (Lawn Mowers, etc - manual:

I have not found a Foote/Dana manual online but the Tecumseh service manual is very similar for the 4450-1.      Google "peerless motion drive" and you will find the Peerless manual...your transaxle is

2015-03-05 Major Appliances - Whirlpool Frig ice selection problem:

Check the crusher solenoid in the freezer section and see if you can more it up and down.....In other words if you remove the ice bin and look on the bottom of the bucket/ will see a rod.  This

2015-03-05 TV/VCR/Stereo Troubleshooting - Red White Yellow port on TV:

The Red White and Yellow port is for composite signals.    It is maybe because your digibox box does not have compatible outputs or composite signal outputs.    You must check the specifications of the


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