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2016-10-27 Small Household Appliances - air fryer:

I think that your best bet would be to find a chat room on Yahoo that deals with appliances and see if anyone there has one and what to look for when buying one.  We have not had any experience servicing

2016-10-26 Carnivorous Plants - Nepenthes ventricosa:

Hi Clayton,    This is just a normal part of aging.  This pitcher is starting to die, which is normal, especially as we get to the shorter days of winter.  When an older pitcher starts to expire, this

2016-10-26 Electrical Wiring in the Home - Wiring:

Yes, you definitely need to change the wiring, or you'll have 240 volts and ruin the motor.    If the white wire is on the circuit breaker, remove it from the breaker and place it where most of the other

2016-10-26 Moving Furniture - Will my couch fit - basement edition.:

HI   I hope I will be able to help :)    To be 100% certain all measurements of the sofa should be less than what the measurements of the clearance, however facts such as shape of the sofa, arms and back

2016-10-26 Small Engines (Lawn Mowers, etc - won't run correctly:

Did you find the service manual?  Use the URL below.    The difference between the two cylinders should not exceed 20%.   Example:Cyl


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