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2014-07-28 Carnivorous Plants - Drosera:

Hi John,    I looked at their description of this plant, and it sounds like the New Zealand T-Form.  They are as prolific in collections as D. filiformis and D. intermedia.  We have them pop up from time

2014-07-28 Windows and Doors - old double hung windows:

Yes there are many variations on old houses. When the old houses were built. A 1x6" or 2x4" actually measured that. Over the years the wood kept getting smaller by a 1/16 of and inch until the lumber mills

2014-07-28 Locksmithing - set safe combo:

Bert,    Sorry but I have no idea of what you are talking about or asking for.   Please be more specific.    If you have a new safe, it should have come with instructions.    If you are dealing with an

2014-07-28 Moving Furniture - Can couch fit through door:

Hi Sharon  You just need the top. If the height of the doorway is higher than the length of the sofa your good to go. Now make sure the exact length of the sofa and the experience of the contractor.  

2014-07-28 Electrical Wiring in the Home - Secondary Meter Bypass:

No one can bypass the meter, because the power company would not be paid.  You might be able to have another meter installed in the space, but you would probably have to pay two service charges on your


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