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2014-09-22 Heating, Air Conditioning, Fridge, HVAC - Heating not working / central air does:

Joe,    Your pilot may not be strong enough to engulf the top part of the thermocouple. The pilot flame needs to be strong and engulfing the top part of the thermocouple. Double check all your safety control

2014-09-21 Locksmithing - Safe:

Hi Tom,    Based on the info provided, my guess is that you possibly have a Mosler lug door chest -or at least a round door.    While these are good burglary resistive safes, they have little retail value

2014-09-21 Plumbing in the Home - water pressure low:

Hello Rubye,    I think you, like many are confusing the difference between low flow of water versus low pressure. I'm sure if you tested the pressure inside the house, such as at the washing machine faucets

2014-09-21 Locksmithing - Roxky Mountain gun safe:

Hi Ann,    well you haven't given me any useful info to go from so I'm not sure what help I can be.    I have no idea what a "Roxky Mountain Gun Safe" is, so I would assume that you mean "Rocky Mountain

2014-09-21 Small Engines (Lawn Mowers, etc - Honda crankshaft adapter:

What is the Honda engine model number?  Have you checked You Tube?  There are lots of videos that may be helpful.    Send me the engine model number or just


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