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2015-08-28 Small Engines (Lawn Mowers, etc - Rocket snow eater:

That machine was made by Noma which Murray acquired and now Briggs and Stratton owns the Murray product line.    Anyhow,for engine parts there will be a model and spec number on the engine.  I need those

2015-08-27 Windows and Doors - window replacement over T1-11:

I do not see a need for fan fold if you are installing vinyl siding over T1-11 wood siding. So I am clear on what is on the house have 4x8 or 4x9 sheets of wood siding on the house now? In my

2015-08-27 Moving Furniture - Moving Sofa Bed:

Hi Beth  AHHH some more info. Beth did you find out about the legs of the sofa. I need to know. If they don't this piece won't make it past that second hallway thats 35 inches. You wrote the numbers not

2015-08-27 Locksmithing - manufacture date of a safe?:

Hi Jimmy,    the Safe Cabinet Company was in business from about January 1906 until 1926 when they were acquired by Remington-Rand.    The name may have been used for a brief period before changing it

2015-08-26 Plumbing in the Home - Replacing bathtub with stand shower:

Hello. The reason you can't get a price nailed down is because it would be too high and cause you to think the contractor is a crook. There are too many unknowns when doing this type of renovation so the


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