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2017-02-20 Small Engines (Lawn Mowers, etc - toro 20017 mower:

Here is a link to the service manual:    See

2017-02-20 Plumbing in the Home - Repair Toilet leak:

Tank to bowl connection vary depending on brand.  The only place you need a rubber washer is on the inside of the tank, this is where the seal happens, there should be no leakage or seal on the outside

2017-02-20 Windows and Doors - No weeping holes in sliding glass doors:

The weep holes are suppose to be on the outside and not inside. Without seeing a picture of it or seeing it in person, the only thing I can think of if is...when the windows were made and put together

2017-02-20 Locksmithing - Vintage Safe Questions:

Hi David,    You don't have a "Vintage" safe - it was not harvested or bottled from a vineyard, so it doesn't have a "vintage" (year of harvest or bottling of a wine).    What you DO have is an "ANTIQUE"

2017-02-20 Carnivorous Plants - long fiber sphagnum moss:

Hi Maire,    It is best to hydrate the moss first, then work the moss with your hands some to get it saturated.  After that begin adding perlite and mixing it until it looks like you have it well incorporated


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