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2015-11-27 Electrical Wiring in the Home - Wall Switch:

Space heaters use a lot of electricity, and should be the only thing on the circuit. It's also a good idea not to use a switched outlet.  I would try to find where the problem was. There may be black marks

2015-11-27 Locksmithing - mosler,bahmann serial number:

Hi Sid,    No, this isn't the serial number, unless you are missing some numbers.    I will need to see your safe and what you are actually looking at to try to help you.      In order to answer specific

2015-11-26 Home Theater - Auxiliary Speaker Connections to a Denon AVR-2700:

The Denon AVR-2700 does not appear to support multi-zone either through its internal amplifiers or through pre/line-out connections. The speaker selector could not be used for a multi-zone configuration

2015-11-26 Clocks, Watches - Clock weight positions:

Michael, as I explained in the above answer, the model of the clock does not necessarily indicate the model of the movement.  Clock companies can put different models of movements in the same case for

2015-11-26 Major Appliances - gallery gas oven:

Not much to go on here.....Got a model number and Brand of appliance?  Turn it on again and tell me if the bottom element comes on and it is Bright Orange.    Waiting to hear from you,  Eric and Ann Campion


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