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2014-04-19 Plumbing in the Home - Shower Pan Leakage:

53.....and almost ready to buy my first home myself.  I just adore renting though.... two cents?    Sealer?  NO NO NO.  It is WELL beyond that at this point.  $2,000 about right if not more

2014-04-19 Plumbing in the Home - Shower Pan Leakage:

Hi Nikki,  I'm not aware of any sealer type material that would be anything more than a temporary fix, if that.   Typically, when a shower pan is replaced, only the first 6 to 12 inches of the wall tile

2014-04-19 Home Improvement--General - La. Cypress Exterior 10" Post:

Dianne,    The black spots you refer to are probably mold/mildew.  You can determine if the spots are under the finish you applied or on the surface by lightly scratching the surface with your finger nail

2014-04-19 Clocks, Watches - Goblin teasmade model 855:

Arch, I am sorry but I have never run across a clock by that name, nor a 240v 50Hz motor.  I will post this inquiry to my Internet Clocksmiths Group, and if I receive any information I will get back with

2014-04-19 Small Engines (Lawn Mowers, etc - Lawnmower Runs Only Briefly:

This is very common.  It is usually a dirty carburetor. You can try removing the carburetor float bowl nut on the bottom of the carburetor and making sure the holes in the float bowl nut are clean.  Removing


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