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2014-11-24 Small Engines (Lawn Mowers, etc - rebuilding snow thrower carberator:

Do you have a Briggs and Stratton engine or Tecumseh engine?  The parts diagram for the model number does not list the engine brand or even a part number so I can look up the engine.    There should be

2014-11-23 Electrical Wiring in the Home - wiring to outbuilding:

Have you considered putting the subpanel at the place where the wire ends, 15 feet away from building, and then run a 2" conduit from that to the building with your circuit wires in the 2" conduit (or

2014-11-23 Small Engines (Lawn Mowers, etc - Briggs magnetron coils:

Air will have a minimal, if any, effect on timing.    To really effect timing you have two options; mechanical and electronic.    Mechanical usually involves a different camshaft.  Electronic is controlled

2014-11-23 Heating, Air Conditioning, Fridge, HVAC - oven/broiler do not turn on:

That's odd.....Did they both stop at once?  Double check the broiler and then the oven.  Verify the ignitors turn on with each selection Bake and then Broil.  When replying, please supply the COMPLETE

2014-11-23 Plant Diseases - systemic vs nonsystemic:

Fred:  The active ingredient propiconazole has been used in the past as an injectable fungicide (Alamo) for some foliar tree diseases.  I have not seen any data of it being used as a "topical" application


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