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2014-10-23 Carnivorous Plants - Cephalotus yellow leaves:

Hi Nicole,    Thanks for the photo.  What's the temperature in the terrarium?  How far are the bulbs from the plants?  This looks a bit like sun bleaching from bright conditions combined with high temperatures

2014-10-22 Locksmithing - York wheel pack:

Hi Christa,    sorry but no one is going to sell you parts for a lock - we don't "part out" locks.    Regardless of what parts you need, you will have to buy a complete lock,  if you can find one.    

2014-10-22 Electrical Wiring in the Home - Phantom voltage:

Ted    what amount of voltage?  Measured from where to where?  The breaker should kill the hot, line,   so if it is induced voltage down in the micro volts  maybe it is normal    but I would be careful

2014-10-22 Heating, Air Conditioning, Fridge, HVAC - Thermostat Not Working:

Hi Sharon, OK, your roll out switch is tripped. Turn off power to the furnace, remove the front cover. At the top of the furnace is the burner box, it will have a sight glass in the center. On the right

2014-10-22 Carnivorous Plants - Mulching:

Hi John,    Because you're in a cold and dry winter climate, here's what I would do.  Get some weed fabric such as the black kind that has the tiny holes in it, or some Remay crop-row cover material.


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