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2015-01-28 Moving Furniture - 32x38x87 couch thru a 29 in. doorway?:

Hi Shan  You mention a wall attached to the entry way would that mean you have to make a sharp turn. Two doorways are they right after each other do you make a sharp turn. ANY sharp turns in a small area

2015-01-28 Moving Furniture - Will my couch fit:

Hi Dave  Stairs are not an option? Ok the sofa is longer then the opening of the elevator so you will have to slant the sofa or angle the item to get it past the opening. Once past you'll need to stand

2015-01-28 Small Engines (Lawn Mowers, etc - Honda EU200i Generator:

Some use a spring to hold the choke shaft in place so it does open and close on its own.    Look around the choke shaft and see if there is hole in that area for a spring to fit.    Look at this video

2015-01-27 Small Engines (Lawn Mowers, etc - Ariens Snowblower pull starter:

Did you watch this video?    You Tube video:  Snowblower Starter Rope Repair on 8-10HP Tecumseh Engine    Sounds like the starter pawls, the center pins,

2015-01-27 Locksmithing - Antique Safe:

Hi John,    Obviously without seeing your safe I can't answer the question.    I would assume that something is missing or deactivated in the lock mechanism to allow this to happen, however to answer you


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