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2014-10-31 Heating, Air Conditioning, Fridge, HVAC - double wide heat:

Mark,  A heat pump is an air conditioner that has the ability to reverse its flow  so that the inside coil warms instead of cools.  You can't heat a house comfortably with a heat pump alone if  the outside

2014-10-30 Clocks, Watches - Clock running slow:

Bob, Hermle has had three types of escapements, the platform of which I believe was never used on the 340 series.  The other two are the floating balance, which has a vertical spiral balance spring, and

2014-10-30 Carnivorous Plants - Poor growth in Pinguicula gigantea:

Hi Campbell,    It sounds like overall your growing conditions are good.  Here's two things that will help.    First, what you've heard about lime in the media is correct.  We've started adding lime to

2014-10-29 Radiant Floor Heating - radiant heating system design consultation:

In regard to radiant heating systems consultation. If you need design assistance beyond the general radiant heating questions regularly answered in this venue, feel free to send a message from our Website:

2014-10-29 Small Engines (Lawn Mowers, etc - timming a pressure washer:

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