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2017-03-26 Locksmithing - Safe:

Hi John,    The Vanguard line were safes sold through Sears, probably manufactured by the Meilink Safe Company, which was acquired by FireKing International in the early 1990's.      Unfortunately FireKing

2017-03-26 Moving Furniture - Will it Fit? Love Seat:

Hi Michelle  You say door down to the basement . Are there more then 1 door and is it going down a hallway or is it open space once through door? If the sofa is only 60 long and the height of the back

2017-03-25 Plant Diseases - Cocoplums:

E.R.    Examine a few of the blackened leaves by wiping them with a moist/wet tissue or paper towel.  If the black substance wipes off onto the paper, then this black material is probably sooty mold.

2017-03-25 Locksmithing - Lost key:

Hi Joanne,    Unfortunately most of the companies importing these safes never brought extra parts with them - including keys.    I do have key blanks for a couple of the locks however the Asian market

2017-03-24 Moving Furniture - Will it fit?:

Hi Adam  When you say straight shot are you saying a hallway , a basement , or a large opening into another large opening? The sofa is smaller then the the height of the door so as long as the delivery


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