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2016-09-29 Locksmithing - Old Reliable Lock and safe Co:

Hi Austin,    that's cute "Old Reliable Safe & Lock Company"!    That would have been a great name for a safe company!   LOL    The name is just the "Reliable Safe & Lock Company"    I'm not sure where

2016-09-29 Carnivorous Plants - Surprise:

Hi Patricia,    This is a couple Drosera intermedia.  They are common hitchhikers in our nursery.  They are perfectly hardy, so they can stay put.  They will die down to hibernacula in a couple weeks.

2016-09-29 Clocks, Watches - Diplomat grandfather clock:

Bryan. Diplomat was what I consider one of the spin-off companies from the original Emperor Clock Company in Baldwin County (Fairhope), Alabama. All of these companies have either closed or moved out of

2016-09-28 Carnivorous Plants - Ideal humidity for nepenthes tentaculata.:

Hi John,    Keeping the humidity above 50% is always good.  This plant is used to a nighttime cool-down also.  Humidity fluctuates in nature, but around 70% would be pretty average for them.    Good Growing!

2016-09-27 Locksmithing - Brook National replacement:

Marks Lock,   A lock manufacturer, makes mortie locks that fit this prep.     You need to do some measuring to pick the right size.    Or you can find a local locksmith that sells Marks locks and has a


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