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2015-10-04 Locksmithing - No combination:

Pat,    Explosives???      Safes are designed to open ONLY "AFTER" the correct combination has been dialed - there simply is no way around this.    A few manufacturers have installed by pass locks on their

2015-10-04 Plumbing in the Home - water pressure:

Hello Spence,  I feel for you. Low pressure is a problem.  The "functional" range is considered to be between 40 psi and 80 psi.  This is the industry standard that plumbing fixtures are designed to work

2015-10-04 Locksmithing - Champion Challenger 50:

Hi Mike,    Unfortunately, that is NEVER good news.    Generally, something coming loose and/or falling inside the safe door, means that something has come loose or become disconnected.    There are about

2015-10-04 Plumbing in the Home - gas water heater installation:

Hi Sam,  Actually brass is best. The dielectric unions are crap and usually start to leak in a few years. In fact I would go with brass nipples and unions. Here is something like what I mean...use a 3"

2015-10-04 Garage Doors - sensors.:

Hi Tim,     Be sure when hooking the sensors directly that the black tracer wire is on the last connection point on the terminal strip and the white w/o a tracer is in the middle connection. You didnt


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