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2015-03-04 Military History - 41st AAA Gun Battalion:

Dear Sir,          Thank you for your question.  With all due respect, I can find no unit with the numerical designation "41st AAA Gun Battalion" activated by the US Army during WW 2.          Good Luck

2015-03-04 Italian Language - use of: "come":

Dear Rich,    the subordinating conjunction  “come” in the sentence “Conosco come egli inizia una conversazione” is being used as a subordinating conjunction meaning “how”.     See for example:”Mi raccontò

2015-03-03 Italian Language - use of "di":

Dear Rich,    “Questa frase può essere di esempio” corresponds to “This sentence can be an example” as well as “This sentence can serve as an example”.    See also:”Che ti serva d'esempio!” (Let that be

2015-03-03 Military History - unit awards vietnam:

Dear Robert,          The only award he rates is a PUC for the dates 12 May 1965 to 30 August 1966 and 27 October 1966 to 15 September 1967. He rates only one (1) award though. Semper Fidelis and May

2015-03-03 U.S. History - Andrew Carnegie:

Carnegie had accumulated great wealth, and was also well acquainted with most other wealthy industrialists of his time.  His essay was designed in part to convince these men to help distribute their wealth


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