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2017-01-18 Italian Language - translation:

Dear Rich,    your translation is  almost all correct, apart from “Comune” which must be translated as  “Municipality”, i.e. a city or town with its own local government, and “was born” corresponding to


Hello,    if a “crime at issue” refers to a crime which must be considered  out of the context of multiple crimes,as you say, it is equivalent to the Medieval Latin Law expression DE QUO (literally, “

2017-01-17 Military History - Vietnam war query:

Mark,    Happy to shed some light on this.     Yes, the U.S. sent the Army Special Forces (the Green Berets) in to Vietnam early in the war. In fact, the first SF troops, first SF troops, twelve members

2017-01-17 Italian Language - Translation:

Dear Rich,    in the expression = Ad uso di liquidazione di pensione.= the symbol (=) is not used as an equal sign in the sense of e.g. 2+2 = 4, but wrongly as a quotation mark (“…”), so that the registrar

2017-01-16 Trees - Cedar tree:

Generally when you transplant a tree the soil around the rootball is also dug up. Then a hole is dug twice the size of the rootball and filled with potting soil. The tree should be water if it does not


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