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2016-09-29 Italian Language - translation:

Dear Rich,    The English sentence “The trawler was fishing off the coast of Ireland” translates correctly as “Il peschereccio stava pescando al largo delle coste dell’Irlanda” or “Il peschereccio stava

2016-09-28 Latin - grammar:

Dear Robert,    1.In “Si quis despoliatus amissa unica tunica complorare se malit ..”(Seneca, Epistulae morales ad Lucilium, LXIII.11), literally meaning “If (si) somebody (quis, which stands for "aliquis"

2016-09-27 Italian Language - Use of: "pescare" and "andare a pesca":

Dear Rich,    it is just correct to think that  “andare a pesca” is an intransitive verb with an indirect object meaning “to go fishing” and that “pescare” is a transitive verb that means “to fish” or

2016-09-27 U.S. History - Substitutes during Revolutionary War:

I don't think slaves were used as substitutes.  I could be wrong on that point, but I've never heard of that situation.  Many men of substance paid others to take their place in militia units going off

2016-09-27 U.S. History - Substitutes during Revolutionary War:

Hello,    During the Revolution, there was no federal government to draft soldiers. The Continental Congress passed several laws asking the States to meet quotas for the Continental Army.  For the most


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