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2015-07-30 Latin - Need help with Latin phrase for inscription:

Hello,    “We will live forever” translates correctly as “In aeternum vivemus”.    As for Google translation “nos vivet en aeturnum”, I’m sorry, but it is absolutely wrong, since the only one correct word

2015-07-29 Trees - Killing weeds with a tree near by:

Depends on the size of the tree and its roots. A small less than 3 foot tree would more than likely be killed by the boiling water depending on the amount of water that is used. But in general I doubt

2015-07-29 Military History - Placement of patches on WWII Ike Jacket:

Greetings    The MUC goes on the bottom of the sleeve closest to the hand.      I hope this helps and enjoy the links.    Thank you

2015-07-29 Latin - grammar:

Dear Robert,    1.“…..quam angusta innocentia est ad legem bonum esse! “ (De Ira, 2.28.2) literally means:” …how (quam) small/limited (angusta, adjective in the nominative feminine agreeing with “innocentia”)

2015-07-28 Opera - my voice range assessement:

Thanks for the information.  I wish you all the best!  It sounds like the voice over career is a real possibility.    If you would really like to learn about singing - let me suggest you go to my teacher's


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