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2014-07-23 Italian Language - questions and answers using stare, essere, and avere:

Dear Rich,    Well done! Make  sure that you are using the correct verbs (stare, essere, or avere) in the above questions and answers.     The only  remark I have to make is that you spelt a word incorrectly

2014-07-23 Military History - Military Uniform - German or Prussian:

To be able to better evaluate these uniforms I will contact my good friend Lt. Colonel S. Bojerud (Retired). He and I are friends since our time in the Royal Guards of the Royal Swedish Army where he was

2014-07-23 Latin - grammar:

Dear Robert,      1.In “Tum autem aut anquirunt aut consultant …. conducat id necne, de quo deliberant; quae deliberatio omnis in rationem utilitatis cadit....” (Cicero, De Officiis I, 9) the relative

2014-07-22 Islam - about sex:

As Salaam Alaikum!    As Muslims we are commanded in the Koran to wish each other always with a salaam whenever we   come across or write to each other.    1. Well, your would be husband can kiss wherever

2014-07-22 Islam - Reconcile verses.:

As Salaam Alaikum & Ramadan Kareem!      Please do not forget our beloved prophet was a human being like rest of us if we leave aside   his prophet hood to deliver the Koran.    And as human being while


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