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2015-03-27 Italian Language - use of:

Dear Rich,    the best way to translate the intransitive verb "servire" in the sentence  "Come sempre, la tua risposta mi è servita moltissimo“ is just -  "…. your answer has served me very much".    Note

2015-03-26 Italian Language - use of "servire" instead of "aiutare":

Dear Rich,    I've used the intransitive verb "servire" in "Come sempre, la tua risposta mi è servita moltissimo!" in the context "Molte grazie del tuo aiuto. Come sempre, la tua risposta mi ha aiutato

2015-03-26 Latin - Phrase:

Hello,    Here are two translations for “You create your own universe as you go along”:    1.”Tuam facis vitam prout tu ipse vivis” (literal version)    2.”Vivendo tuam ipsam facis vitam” (free version

2015-03-25 Military History - 413th aaa gun battalion:

Dear Sir,          Thank you for your question.  In it you typed "what I would like to know is what battery".  An excellent source for that FACT would be the unit history of the 413th Anti-Aircraft Artillery

2015-03-25 Latin - How to say in Ecclesiastical Latin:

Hello,    first of all I thank you very much for explaining  the real sense of “Observations of the learned (person's name)", just as I’ve asked you.    So, in the light of  what you say, here’s the translation


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