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2016-06-23 Latin - Translation request of phrase!:

Hello,    “Technology, law and young innovators - this is the future”, as a signature of your blog, can be translated as follows:    “Ars, Lex Iuvenesque Inventores: hinc Futurum”.  Or:  “Scientia, Lex

2016-06-23 Ancient Languages - Translation:

Hello,    Here’s the correct translation you are looking for:    Ἒτι καὶ νῦν  ἐν  ἀγῶνι…  Ἐν  τῷ

2016-06-22 Islam - Marriage Khula':

Dear brother,  I had requested you to give details but in reply you said "She has been physically abused and it has been going on for some time" You have not mentioned when was she got married and since

2016-06-22 Italian Language - Restrictive Adjectives:

Dear Rich,    when I wrote :“Anyway, generally speaking,  descriptive adjectives precede the nouns they modify, while, generally speaking, restrictive adjectives follow the nouns they modify”(see  my answer

2016-06-22 Islam - Marriage Khula':

Dear brother,  Assalam-O-Alaikum  Normally divorce and/or Khula is not liked by ALLAH but under special circimstances it becomes necessary and therefore kindly let me know in detail why does the lady want


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