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2014-10-18 Military History - Service Records /// WW 2:

Good Day,          Thank you for your question.  In it you typed "obtained my brothers [sic] service record".  SUPERB!!!  May I ask for the source of your brother's "service record"?          In your question

2014-10-18 Ancient Languages - latin:

Hello,    here’s the translation you asked me:    “Ea ferendi quae mutare non possum mihi serenitatem  concede, Deus, ea mutandi  quae mutare possum vim,  ac denique cognoscendi facultatem discriminis"

2014-10-18 Latin - grammar:

Dear Robert,    1.In “Quibus vellem satis cognita esset nostra sententia” (Cicero, De Officiis, II. 7) the relative pronoun in the dative plural “quibus” (literally, “to whom”) in the beginning of this

2014-10-17 U.S. History - history:

I disagree with your premise that Jefferson was limited in his ability.  He had strong majorities in both the House and Senate for his entire administration.  He could have repealed pretty much anything

2014-10-17 Italian Language - Italian translation:

Hi Maria,    Please see the translation below:    Gentile signore/signora,    Sto cercando di trovare su DVD la serie 'Intrighi Internazionali' trasmessa da Rai nel 1992. Mi può dire per favore se è mai


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