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2017-04-21 Military History - my fathers company history as mp:

Dear Sir,          Thank you for your question.  In it you typed "I ran across my fathers discharge card".  EXCELLENT!  It is always best to begin historic research with the FACTS.          In your question

2017-04-21 Medieval History - POVERTY/VIOLENCE IN DARK AGES:

Hi Annika,    It's hard to find examples of poverty, crime, and violence in the Dark Ages because the poor are almost historically invisible. The poor were illiterate so they didn't leave any written records

2017-04-20 Military History - What Unit was my Grandfather in.:

Your grandfather's personnel records are housed at the National Archives Military Personnel Records Center in St. Louis. If he is alive, he can file a request on line at the URL below. If he is deceased

2017-04-19 Ancient/Classical History - Pantheon:

Hello,    this access to  Pantheon's oculus, i.e. the external stairway to  the top of the dome, was originally built and used in ancient Roman times  for scheduled maintenance of the concrete dome and

2017-04-19 Italian Language - Translation:

Dear Rich,    in the sentence “Desidero fare a te e alla tua bella famiglia i miei migliori auguri” you must translate “fare” as “give” and therefore say:”I wish to give you and your family my best wishes”


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