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2016-08-27 Military History - 132nd Evacuation Hospital, Camp Maxey,TX:

Dear Sir,          Thank you for contacting AllExperts.  With all due respect, I did not read a question from you as per your father & his service during WW 2.  You informed AllExperts that your father

2016-08-26 Italian Language - use of: "carnivora":

Dear Rich,    the Italian word “carnivora” is exactly  the feminine form of the masculine adjective “carnivoro” meaning “carnivorous”.       Anyway in Italian the word  “carnivoro”  is both a masculine

2016-08-25 Italian Language - use of: "femmina":

Dear Rich,    the feminine noun “femmina” (female) is used in a similar fashion as the adjective/ noun  "maschio, so that  “femmina” is used as an invariable noun when it indicates the gender of an animal

2016-08-25 U.S. History - American History - where are the facts:

Hello,    For general information on the post WWII era, you may find these sites helpful:    American policy

2016-08-25 Military History - WWI 51st Pioneers:

Hi Joanne,    First you can request his service record.  He is how    Here is the unit history.


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