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2015-01-30 Military History - 796th Military Police Battalion in WW 2:

Dear sir,          Thank you for your question.  In it you typed "My Grandfather was in the 796th in WWII".  Respectfully, what is your source that your grandfather was assigned [assigned] to the 796th

2015-01-30 Italian Language - locuzione ellittica:

Caro Rich,    “come sotto indicato” è la forma corretta  per “as shown below”, la cui traduzione letterale è “Come mostrato sotto”, che però non è in buon Italiano ed è quindi da evitare.    Quanto a “Come

2015-01-30 Islam - theft and the punishment according to islam:

Dear brother,  ASSALAM-O-ALAIKUM,  According to Islamic Law either the person should be caught red handed or at least one  witness must give evidence to have seen him stealing money and then only he is

2015-01-30 Mythology - What is the difference between Kratos and Bia?:

Hi,  yes indeed they were children of Pallas and Styx and they did serve Zeus, taking their mother's wise footsteps.  there are many gods and goddesses who are patrons of the same thing, but sometimes

2015-01-30 Mythology - Why is Heracles the greatest hero in Greek Mythology?:

Hercules was a great hero because he suffered for the sins of his past. He didn't just kill his family, he was stricken with madness by Hera and thought his sons coming to greet him returning from war


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