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2016-05-24 Military History - 998th Engineer Treadway Bridge Company :

Dear Ms.,          Thank you for your question.  In it you typed "I would like to know the cities of their tour from 1942-1945".  I am familiar with the 998th Engineer Treadway Bridge Company & the unit's

2016-05-24 Military History - Father's Naval Service:

Dear Sir,          Thank you for your question.  In it you typed "I am interested in knowing more about the service he performed on board ship".  May I suggest you obtain his Personnel File.  Send your

2016-05-23 Islam - SUFI Proper meaning & usage:

Dear Sister,  Assalam-O-Alaikum,    The sufi is a lover of ALLAH(S.W.T), and like any other lover, he proves his love by constant remembrance of his Beloved. This constant attention to Allah(S.W.T) has

2016-05-22 Trees - Japanese Maple:

Yes it is one of the varieties.   Acer palmatum var. dissectum 'Inaba Shidare' - Sometimes known as 'Red Select', this Japanese maple is rather upright for a dissectum. It does have cascading branches

2016-05-21 Italian Language - complementi and the genitive case:

Dear Rich,    Your translations are correct and you have correctly identified the type of “complemento”.   Anyway I have to tell you that  you cannot say that  "aereo", “sole”, “estate” and  “elettricità”


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