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2016-07-24 Islam - Family-separation:

Dear sister,  Assalam-O-Alaikum,  I am sorry to learn your plight and problem. It is unfortunate that in return of your true love you are being being physically and mentally tortured by your husband who

2016-07-23 Italian Language - translation:

Dear Rich,    “Puoi raggiungermi alla reception dell’albergo?” can be translated as “Can you catch up with me at the reception desk?” as well as “Can you join  me at the reception desk?” or also “Can you

2016-07-23 Military History - Joseph Francis Laws (Senior):

Dear Sir,          Thank you for your follow-up.  In it you typed "I do not have any of the hard documentation you requested."  That is very unfortunate.  With all due respect, it is very difficult to

2016-07-22 Italian Language - use if "in" and use of "trovarsi":

Dear Rich,    I think that the best translation of the  Italian sentence:“Sono appena arrivato in albergo e mi trovo alla reception” would be “I have just arrived at the hotel and I am at the reception

2016-07-22 Military History - Joseph Francis Laws (Senior):

Dear Sir,          Thank you for your question.  In it you typed "My father was a part of the 648th Engineering Battalion during WWII."  Would you be so kind as to indicate to me the Primary Source Documents


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