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2015-11-29 Military History - 483rd Military Police Escort Guard Company:

Dear Sir,          Thank you for your follow-up.  In it you typed "I misread".  I acknowledge what you have typed.          In your follow-up you typed "483RD MPEG Co."  The 483rd Military Police Escort

2015-11-29 Islam - allah's mercy:

My dear brither,  Walaikum Assalam,  You are right. Shirk is the only sin which Almighty ALLAH (S.W.T) will never forgive. But if the person sincerely begs mercy from Almighty Allah(S.W.T) then Allah (S

2015-11-28 Ancient Languages - Art project translation help:

Hello,    “I will live and die for my family” translates as follows:”Pro mea vivam  familia et moriar” as well as “Pro mea familia et vivam et moriar” with a different word order which in Latin can be

2015-11-28 Italian Language - Direct/Indirect Objects:

Hello,    First of all the 3 examples that you mention with the answer key "la/lo" as a direct object of the transitive verb “ascoltare” (#3), "le or gli" and "le or gli" as indirect objects of “offrire”

2015-11-28 Islam - Complain:

Kindly be notified that he has already mentioned in his profile that he is not a muslim.  Allexperts is a platform for people of all faith. They allow this diversification in all sections irrespective


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