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2016-10-23 Military History - rings:

Hi Joe, let me see what I can help you with here. The two rings are examples of rings that were very popular during the WWII period, sold to service members, I assume he was an officer being that one of

2016-10-22 Italian Language - special plural form of nouns:

Dear Rich,    the grammatical name for  words that are masculine in the singular form, such as “uovo” (egg), “uomo”(man),“riso” (laugh), but feminine in the plural form such as “uova” (eggs), “uomini”

2016-10-22 Military History - Ship names:

Glad you received the DD-214. And you did the correct thing by asking for the ship's records. If you leave near the Washington, D.C. area, you might think about going to the Archives at College Park, Md

2016-10-21 Spanish Language - te amp:

Hi Julie,    Thanks for your question.    Although uses do vary between Spain and Latin America, the chief difference is that 'te amo' means 'I love you' in the sense of the kind of love that you have

2016-10-21 Military History - Ship names:

If you hadn't mentioned the National Archives, that's what I would have suggested.     You've requested his DD-214 from the Military Personnel Records section, correct? It should have his ships on there


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