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2014-04-14 Islam - Question about Hadith:

Since it was written in the absence of Prophet Muhammed and no Islamic legal authority (Prophet's or messengers of Allah) could endorse its compilation - The authenticity of Shahi Bukhari will always be

2014-04-14 Islam - Question about Hadith:

Dear Brother,    Its the duty of shaitan to divide and misguide people. Since Allah has protected the Quran from any alterations and amendments - shaitan started exploiting and creating divisions in the

2014-04-14 Islam - marriage - selecting girl:

1. Meeting her for a small time will not reveal anything about her. Further the meeting will be restricted as you will be required to meet in the presence of a mahram and she will have to observe hijab

2014-04-14 Military History - Palestine 1945/48:

Dear John,          I went back and again checked after I had opened the ones that I had answered where it had stated QUESTION and found it. This was the first question I had ever answered on All Experts

2014-04-14 Italian Language - la posizione di si/se:

Cara Tatiana,    Le rispondo in Italiano, visto che Lei mi ha scritto usando la mia lingua.  Dunque, nella frase "Lo SI dice sottovoce" il SI è un “si passivante” perché sta per il presente passivo “viene


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