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2015-07-28 Opera - my voice range assessement:

Thanks for the information.  I wish you all the best!  It sounds like the voice over career is a real possibility.    If you would really like to learn about singing - let me suggest you go to my teacher's

2015-07-27 Islam - circumcision:

[Quran 22:67] To every People have We appointed rites and ceremonies which they must follow: let them not then dispute with you on the matter, but do you invite (them) to your Lord: for you art assuredly

2015-07-26 Opera - my voice range assessement:

Hi AJ,    Thanks for the demos.  In the samples you sent to me you seem to be limiting your range from about B flat 2 up to about G3.  That is if middle C is C4.   So the songs you sang had a limited range

2015-07-26 European History - world war 2:

Hello The Personage,    Hitler's goals - as demonstrated by his actions and as documented in his writing - in WWII were: to acquire "living space" in Eastern Europe for Germany at the expense of Poland

2015-07-26 Military History - WW 11 (eleven ?) service awards:

Hello,          "I am trying to find out what ribbons, medals, stars or awards he received or entitled to."  I suggest that you refer to Box #31, #32, #33, #34 & #55 on page two of your father's Discharge


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