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2016-08-24 Italian Language - use if "maschio":

Dear Rich,    the word  “maschio” (male) can actually be either a noun or an adjective, just as your dictionary states.     In fact, “maschio”, when used as an adjective, can be inflected as “maschia”(feminine

2016-08-24 Latin - 2 variations on how to say "always moving forward without fear":

Hello,    here are the differences between the two Latin sentences  “Semper procedendum sine timore” and “Semper sine metu procedere”:    1.”Semper procedendum sine timore”  literally means: “It is necessary

2016-08-21 Military History - Ordnance Information of father-in-laws unit:

Dear Sir,          Thank you for your question.  In it you typed "His records were destroyed in the St. Louis fire."  Yes, the infamous fire (July 1973) at the Military Personnel Records Center, 9700 Page

2016-08-21 Classical Music - ID question:

Oh, boy!    I've never heard it before.  It sounds like ballet music.  Russian, maybe.  I have a friend who used to play for ballet rehearsals.  I'll send her the link.  Otherwise, we're dead in the water

2016-08-20 Military History - My Father - WW 2 veteran and medical records:

Dear Ms.,          Thank you for your question.  Also, THANK YOU for referring to me as "Mr. Horrell".  Good manners NEVER go out-of-style!          In your question you typed "Do you know if detailed


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