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2015-07-02 Military History - WW II Army Training:

Greetings    Before Pearl harbor basic training was 12 weeks after 1941 this was cut to 6 weeks.  Artillery training was 12 weeks during World War 2.  Scout training was about the same length.  He should

2015-07-02 Italian Language - The correct form of beautiful?:

Hi Rae,    Thanks for your message. Yes, you are absolutely right - although 'mazzo' is bouquet in Italian, this is only in the sense of flowers. When talking about wine, you actually use the same word

2015-07-02 Italian Language - Casual Clauses, etc:

Dear Rich,    Could you please tell me what the adjective  “casual” means in the expression “casual clause”? What’s a “casual clause” in English syntax?    In Italian, in fact, there is not this  sort

2015-07-02 Islam - Islam and prediction of future:

Welcome sister.    Please go ahead and ask the questions. I will try my best to answer them with the most logical approach.    Its rare that muslims try and understand Islam with respect to logic and reasoning

2015-07-02 Islam - Prayer Time:

Adhan is just a call to prayer. If there is no adhan there is no problem. Once the prayer time is has to offer salah.    You must be aware...During Journey There is liberyy to offer prayers jointly


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