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2016-12-08 Military History - Company D, 18th Infantry Regiment:

Dear Ms.,          Thank you for your question.  Also, THANK YOU for referring to me as "Mr. Horrell".  Good manners NEVER go out of style.          I(n your question you typed "I was hoping you might

2016-12-07 Military History - identifying WWII Army unit:

It looks like he was with Battery B of the 283rd Field Artillery Battalion (105mm Howitzer).     Those types of unit records are in the National Archives in College Park, Md. You can search the records

2016-12-07 Latin - Grammar Question for company Motto:

Hello,    I’m sorry, but “ad libertas" is just a  nonsense in Latin where “Toward freedom” translates correctly as  “Ad Libertatem”.    As for anything (besides changing the name of the company) you can

2016-12-06 Military History - the 580th AAA Auto-Weapons Battalion during in WW 2:

Dear Sir,          Thank you for your question.  In it you typed "I have found an interesting 23 page journal based on their battalion history".  Are you referring to:    580th Anti-Aircraft Artillery

2016-12-05 General History - Preserving history:

Hello,    Typically, important historical figures have published their papers.  These often provide us with original source documents about events.    For example, I am working on some projects related


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