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2016-07-27 Latin - grammar:

Dear Robert,    1.Here’s the literal translation for “Huc et illud accedat…” (Seneca, Epistulae morales ad Lucilium, XXXI.8):” Let this [fact]  be also added (et illud accedat, hortatory subjunctive of

2016-07-26 Italian Language - translation/grammar usage:

Dear Rich,    you have correctly translated the Italian sentence:“Quando entrerai in ospedale, dovrai andare  all’accettazione e presentare la tua richiesta di ricovero” where the verb “dovrai” governs

2016-07-26 Islam - Jesus Birth:

Mr.Elham,  I am very busy with professional work these days and therefore request to wait for at least days after which I will Inshallah try to answer your question. Meanwhile may I know which religion

2016-07-25 Military History - Fleet Marine Corps Device:

Dear Lewis,          According to Wikipedia, NMCB-3 was awarded a Battle E but no reference is given but you can contact the following for verification:    *Naval History And Heritage Command at http://www

2016-07-25 European History - Irish clan chiefs:

Hi Charles,    Clan chiefs were the heads of their family. As such, they were responsible for relations among the people in the clan, for making decisions that affected the clan as a whole, and for managing


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