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2015-04-26 Islam - the fly and wings:

Dear Deba,     Thank you for your message. I am not sure where your question is, however. Please have a look at the links you sent me and read the comments where they are available.     Here is an article

2015-04-25 Military History - Troopship:

Dear Mr. ___________,          Thank you for your question.  In it you typed "departure dates as 13 May 1944 and 23 May 1944."  OK, I accept those FACTS.          In your question you typed "Through

2015-04-25 Italian Language - la qual cosa:

Dear Rich,    first of all the expression  “la qual cosa”, which is synonym of “il che” as well as of “cosa che”, always  translates as “which” in English.    Moreover I have to repeat that we use “la

2015-04-24 Trees - Weeping Willow Transplanting.:

Sounds like the willow is dead sorry. You can check by scraping a little of the bark off a branch and if the color under the bark is brown the branch is dead. I would start near the top and scrap a little

2015-04-24 Military History - panzer piece:

Greetings    I have not  been able to positively identify the tank or vehicle this piece came from.  It is similar to a door on the top of some Tiger tanks.      There is a a place that may have your answer


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