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2014-08-31 Military History - Troop Ship My Father Was On:

Dear Padre,          Thank you for your question.  In it you typed "Prior to that voyage, he departed the U.S. on March 8, 1946 and arrived in the European theatre on March 23, 1946."  Regrettably, I have

2014-08-31 Latin - First Periphrastic Construction:

You are correct.  A participle, as a verbal adjective, does agree with the noun or pronoun that it modifies.  In this instance, "sumpturi" is nominative masculine plural, modifying the implied nominative

2014-08-30 Latin - First Periphrastic Construction:

It is used here in what is known as the First (or Active) Periphrastic Construction, which is made up of a form of the verb "esse" and the future active participle.  Here, "sumpturi" is the future active

2014-08-28 Italian Language - Italian Names:

Hello,    I think that the surname that you are looking for is “Mosso”.    In Italy in fact there is a hilly  village called “Mosso”, close to the city of Biella, about 70 kilometres  from Torino (Turin)

2014-08-28 Military History - Toynbee and the Royal Institute of Internation Affairs:

Dear Paul,          The Royal Institute of International Affairs or Chatham House is a think tank located in London, England. Toynbee's duties included giving lectures, discussions, writing papers, budget


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