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2017-02-21 Military History - bronze star uncle received:

Good Day,          Thank you for your question.  On it you typed "My uncle received a bronze star."  I assume (something I am loathed to do) that you refer to a Bronze Star Medal for Valor.  What Primary

2017-02-21 Italian Language - definite article:

Dear Rich,    you can say either “Loro bevono il caffè dopo cena”, without the definite article before “cena”, or “Loro bevono il caffè dopo la cena” with  the definite article before “cena”, but you must

2017-02-18 Italian Language - "da" vs "a":

Dear Rich,    in the sentence “Io vado dalle mie amiche”  the use of the preposition “da” implies that someone is going to his friends’ house.    On the contrary, the sentence “Io vado alle mie amiche”

2017-02-16 Military History - Enquiry:

I will try to find out everything possible about him but it may Take some time!          You can also reach me at:  There

2017-02-16 Military History - Enquiry:

I used to help with these questions when I could rely on the help of my good friend lt. col. S. Bojerud who was an expert of uniforms, medals etc. I myself am hardly an expert of these particular things


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