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2014-08-22 Military History - Marine Corps Button:

Being a blackened button tells me that it is more than likely a WWI vintage but D Evans made buttons from pre civil war all the way through WWII. The best way to get a positive ID on it is to get me a

2014-08-21 Current Events: U.S. - Ferguson police:

Many different local agencies can be a lead agency in such cases. It can be the city police, county police, state police, or national guard depending on the circumstances.    If memory serves me correctly

2014-08-21 Trees - Birch bark skins:

If you are getting these from a lumber yard they more than likely came from cut tree or logs. You can harm standing living trees IF you cut the bark into the cambium layer (usually green in color) and

2014-08-21 Military History - SS Westminster Victory:

Dear Mr. Gleeson,          Good to have a question from you again.  In it you typed "I received a large amount.......from College Park" Maryland.  WONDERFUL!  The staff at the College Park, Maryland are

2014-08-21 Military History - Info on WWI 36th infantry div:

Have you tried contacting the Army Center of Military History?    I'd also check with the National Archives in College Park to see if they have the 36th Infantry Division's


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