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2014-07-31 Military History - 202nd Ordnance Depot Company:

Dear Sir,          Thank you for your question.  May I suggest that you refer to my May 8, 2012 response as per the 202nd Ordnance Depot Company.  Within that response are all the FACTS I have as per the

2014-07-31 Latin - grammar:

Hello,    the sentence "The eagle flies high in the sky “  can be translated correctly as follows:    -“Alte volat aquila in caelo” where  the positive adverb “alte” corresponds to “high”.    or better:

2014-07-30 Seeding and Propagation - Planting a Texas Olive Tree:

Hi Linda,  Thanx for your question.  The Texas Olive Tree (Cordia boissieri) will thrive in most soils as long as they are well draining.  If your soil is sandy, that should be fine.  This is a drought

2014-07-30 Buddhists - Monk Ordination:

Hi Nik. As you have seen, there are different schools of Buddhism, with no central authority that demands they all use identical rules or teachings. The answer I'll give you is based on the school I practice

2014-07-30 Latin - grammar:

Dear Robert,      1.In “ nam hoc ipsum ita iustum est, quod recte fit, si est voluntarium (Cicero, De Officiis, I, 28) the relative pronoun “quod” refers to its antecedent ”hoc ipsum”, so that the order


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