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2016-02-07 British History - Medieval Britain:

Hello Kay.  I know what you mean about Wikipedia, it's possible to love it and loath it at the same time.  Precise dates are unknown, but it seems that there was no exact date for Llywelyn of Gwynedd's

2016-02-04 Military History - German military uniform:

Debbie:    The Germans during their Imperial period up to WWI had a variety of uniforms is so far as the arm (cavalry, infantry, artillery, and guards) regiments went.  There were variations between cities

2016-02-04 Islam - Work and Marriage:

This  is  about him not getting  his attention  and love  and hence finding  it maybe  elsewhere  and thereby feeling guilty  and angry.  This  is  not his right nor religious  right to stop you from education

2016-02-04 Military History - Unknown projectile:

Greeting    You may have a CS or tear gas canister.  If there is a whole on the bottom it may be fired by a rifle.  Much like a World War 2 rifle fired grenade.  These are used in crowd control.  Your

2016-02-03 Seeding and Propagation - rootstock for pomrgrenate:

Hi Tony,  Thanx for your question.  This is really a question for a professional and I will give you some contacts below.  I am just a hobbyist and not university-trained but I am self-taught and I do


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