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2016-05-01 Military History - Identifying uniform:

Hi,  It could be Austrian or Russian. The head gear looks like 1770s British but I can't see the face of it or the actual cut of the jacket. I can't see any blue trim as American colonials uniform would

2016-05-01 Buddhists - Chastiity:

I think I understand better now. What you are looking for, I think, is what we call "purification" practice. In the Vajrayana style of Buddhism that I follow (Tibetan Buddhism, you might say) we have the

2016-05-01 Buddhists - Chastiity:

I'm afraid I don't quite understand. If you are no longer a virgin, you are no longer a virgin. If you take a vow not to have sex, but then you do, the problem is between you and your preceptor - whoever

2016-05-01 Italian Language - use of "dimenticare":

Dear Rich,    the correct sentence is :“Non dimenticare di  chiudere a chiave la portiera” where the transitive verb “dimenticare” governs an infinitive and then must be followed by the preposition “di”

2016-04-30 Military History - Father's unit he served in during WW 2:

Dear Sir,          Thank you for your question.  In it you typed "I'm trying to find out more about the U.S. army units my father served in during ww 2".  It would be my pleasure to try to assist you with


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