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2015-03-30 Latin - Grammar - ne + subjunctive:

Dear John,    all the sentences that you mention  are correct, since  the negative “ne” + present or perfect subjuctive is used to express prohibition, though “ne” + present subjunctive is common in poetry

2015-03-30 Italian Language - use of stato:

Dear Rich,    the auxiliary verb  “avere” cannot ever be correctly used with “stato” (the past participle of ‘essere’) as in saying - “ho stato” which is absolutely wrong, whereas the correct form is “sono

2015-03-29 Italian Language - Passive Voice:

Dear Rich,    Sorry, but your use of the intransitive verb “servire” in the  passive voice  is absolutely wrong simply because in Italian we can use  the passive voice of “servire” only when it is in the

2015-03-28 Latin - grammar:

Dear Robert,    1.In “….si aspexeris quantum nationibus nudis et inopia fortioribus labor praestet…” (Seneca, De Providentia, book 1, chapter 4, section 13) “labor” is just the subject of the  indirect

2015-03-27 Italian Language - use of:

Dear Rich,    the best way to translate the intransitive verb "servire" in the sentence  "Come sempre, la tua risposta mi č servita moltissimo“ is just -  "…. your answer has served me very much".    Note


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