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2015-05-25 Mythology - Dionysus:

This actually stymied me a bit at first, but after some looking around I think I found the answer you're looking for. You see, Dionysus is the Greek god of wine, and he quite possibly has Asiatic connections

2015-05-25 Military History - Campaign question:

Greetings  First off GO 105 WD 45 is short for General Order 105 in the year 1945.  Which mean the War department in 1945 gave orders to attack the enemy.  Your Father served under General Douglas MacArthur

2015-05-25 Military History - My Father's Service in WW 2:

Dear Ms. _?_?_,          Thank you for your question.  In it you typed "I am missing a time gap."  LUCKY YOU!  There are thousands of families of WW 2 Veterans who wish they had your problem, that the

2015-05-25 U.S. History - Continuing Questions on the National Bank and the Federal Reserve:

Right, government revenues did not always line up with expenditures.  So there were times when the government needed to borrow money and times when it kept money on deposit.  Also, the government had long

2015-05-25 Latin - A little confused:

Hello,    First of all I have to point out that in classic Latin prose  Negative Command is regularly expressed by “ne” (not)  or “numquam” (never) with the Perfect Subjunctive, when the command is in


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