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2015-08-28 Russian Language - Begin Learn Russian:

Dear Mana,    Thank you for your letter which actually intrigued me.  I've always considered Farsi being very distant from Russian though both languages are indeed within the same Indo-European family

2015-08-27 Ancient Languages - Latin translation:

Hello,    your sentence can be translated as follows:    ”Nulli es in aeternum secunda, amica carissima”  (literally, “Dearest female friend, you are second to none in all eternity”).    Please note that

2015-08-27 Islam - What does my dream mean:

As Salaam Alaikum & Juma mubarak!    As Muslims we are commanded to wish each other with a salaam as and when we meet or write to  each other.    Well, dreams do not have any relevance and only to Prophet

2015-08-27 Military History - Placement of patches on WWII Ike Jacket:

Greetings    The MUC is 4 inches from the cuff and the Engineering Specialist patch is right above the MUC.  I have included some links with images that will help.    Thank you    http://www.mikesturm

2015-08-27 Military History - station of army unit:

Dear Sir,          Thank you for your question.  In it you typed "1863 D Engineer Aviation Battalion- Where did this unit serve?"  The following is a timeline of the 1863rd Engineer Aviation Battalion


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