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2015-07-24 Google Chrome - log-in chrome:

Here is what I found    Browser Related Problems  Force a full refresh for the site. This can be achieved by pressing CTRL + F5 keys at the same time on your favorite browser (Firefox, Chrome, Explorer

2015-07-21 Microsoft Outlook - (

Bob, it appears that this is a computer specific issue as your Hotmail account is on a server and you can access it correctly on other computers.    I have never used Hotmail and not familiar with the

2015-07-21 General HTML/Web Design Programming Q`s - Shopify HTML Question:

Leah, in looking at the source code I am not sure what the basis of your coding is.  It appears that you are using a stylesheet.  The basics of the code are not what I would expect.    The

2015-07-15 Microsoft Frontpage - FTP error 550:

Marty - I know GoDaddy discontinued support.  It was my understanding from what I read it was the extensions that were the problem and they are no longer supporting, but if you do not have the FP extensions

2015-07-14 Microsoft Outlook - (I BELIEVE) 2 easy e-mail questions:

HI - In Microsoft Outlook there is a DRAFTS folder - any email within that folder with the To: field populated or not will NOT send when using the Send and Receive Feature.  If you open a draft email and


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