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2015-11-20 How to Have an Online - facebook:

When you are visiting someone profile there is anonymity.    However, that is about all the anonymity that you will find.  Facebook is a Social Media platform that is on the internet so everything you

2015-11-19 How to Have an Online - facebook:

Hi there Jennifer,    Thank you for your question.    No is the simple short and straight answer.    Facebook does not have something that shows who has been on someone's profile or if they are currently

2015-11-18 Email - So Confuzed and Worried:

Hello Lara!    Thanks for your question!    So what you can do here to get your email account back, is trying out Microsoft's new Answer Desk chat support

2015-11-16 General HTML/Web Design Programming Q`s - Web site building:

Hello - I have never used Wix and I am not familiar with it.      The following link is how to connect your Domain to Wix     Connecting your Domain/URl with WIX

2015-11-16 Microsoft Outlook - Forgot my password!!:

 This sounds like you are being spammed and do NOT respond with any information.  This is how your identity gets stolen.    This sounds like you are responding to an unsolicited email, do not respond


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