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2016-08-04 Email - Gmail:

Hello, sorry you're having issues like this. First you may want to check the google help center at: GOOGLE GMAIL HELP    You can also

2016-08-02 Programming Web Crawling Bots, Intelligent - Business creation:

Hello Joseph ....    I would visit my:    Bot Research    ChatterBots    ChatterBots using AI are hot as well as other messenger bots. The sites

2016-07-30 Email - Email question:

Hello Cara,    thanks for our question!    No, there is unfortunately no way to retrieve your data as they are stored in your web account on AOL.    That the account is deactivated after not using it for

2016-07-23 General HTML/Web Design Programming Q`s - Text:

It should work.   Perhaps try with a different font-size. The image takes 25% of the page width and the space taken by the paragraph may be too much.    This looks like one occasion where I would just

2016-07-23 Microsoft Frontpage - Wrap image:

Hello Robert - I feel like you are referring to "highlight color" not background color .    <!DOCTYPE html>  <html>  <head>  <style>  span.highlight {      background-color: red;  }  </style>  </head>


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