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2014-11-26 ICQ - icq chatrooms on mirc:

Hello there,      thanks for your question.    I am not using mIRC myself but this entry on the page should help you    please let me know

2014-11-20 Microsoft Outlook - Windows Live Mail, lost email:

Jonathan, this would be something related to your setup and the server where you emails are coming from.    Are you downloading to Outlook?  In which case something may have happened on the server .  

2014-11-19 Email - contacts transfer:

Hello Aamir,    thanks for your question.    The only solution i found for syncing between Outlook 2010 and Lotus Notes is this:      There is a free

2014-11-18 Email - email event announcement:

I suggest you create an EBOOK using a software program designated for creating eBooks that allows you to embed links. That is the kind of tool you need to make a hot link into a pdf OR you could create

2014-11-16 IP Telephony - Smartphones With Video/audio Conferencing Feature.:

Yes, this is possible. There are many applications out there that will allow you to do this. One of the best ones I have seen is which allows


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