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2015-06-25 Microsoft Frontpage - Microsoft FrontPage and Expression Web.:

Martin, Expression Web is loosely based on the concept of Dreamweaver, not at all like FrontPage.      I was a FrontPage user until it was no longer supported, I purchased Expression Web and never used

2015-06-22 How to Have an Online - Finding Love Online:

Hi William,    Thank you for the question.    In response, I believe that going on Social Media platforms like the ones you have mentioned and approaching 'single' women would actually be offensive.  With

2015-06-22 How to Have an Online - Social Media Dating 4 Internet Love...:

Hi William,    I'm not sure what age you are how serious you are about finding love online or if you're just looking for a girlfriend for now.    If you want to use Facebook for Dating ( http://aprilbraswell

2015-06-22 General HTML/Web Design Programming Q`s - Regarding html:

Hello - the following percent can be whatever you want it to be.      <h1 "font-size:300%><font color="red">This is a heading</h1></font>    HTML is becoming replace with style sheets, but most of the

2015-06-16 Microsoft Frontpage - Frontpage hosting with GoDaddy:

Hello - I am also a GoDaddy user and am familiar with this.  I have found GoDaddy to be very helpful in the past,  hopefully they can help.    Front Page has not been supported by Microsoft for along time


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