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2015-02-24 Email - ip hacking:

Hello again!    You wrote:    "it said that the origin was the US and now a year later it says the origin is AFRICA."    Conclusion: The IP address once was assigned to a company/service in USA and then

2015-02-23 Email - auto reply:

Hi there.    Thanks for getting back to me. I do not know how this could be possibly workarounded. I guess it can't, as the services do it exactly to avoid receiving tons of outoreply messages from people

2015-02-19 Email - auto reply:

Hello Mati!    Thanks for your question!    Due to the nature of emailing, no email client or web based email provider I know of allows you to not send auto-responder to some senders.  In general auto-replies

2015-02-17 Email - email client with security off:

Hello Sawant    thanks for your question, well this means in the first place that it is a security issue if you browse the net over an insecured wireless lan or such things. Also if you have a virus or

2015-02-15 Email - PASS THE PASSEL:

Hello Cameron,    thanks for your question!    Well, this really depends on the case. on job interviews e.g. I generally ask after 4 weeks if I heard nothing back.     On other inquiries like support tickets


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