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2015-03-27 Internet Appliances - Privacy:

Hi Paul,    You can begin to look at    and

2015-03-25 Social Media and Networking - picture upload:

Hello!     Okay you go to your profile, and hover over your photo. You should see an option there to change/upload a photo. Now you click the upload button and go to the folder you have that photo stored

2015-03-22 Social Media and Networking - face book + linkdt problems and inquiries:

Hello,     Facebook would be the best place to start with doing work on their platform; they have all the information and would be able to help you in ways I cannot, since I do not work for Facebook.

2015-03-21 Email - Transfer aol personal filing folders:

Hello Theresa.    Just install a free email client program like Thunderbird or somehting else, enter the pop3 info of aol (can be found on their help pages or like googeling).    After that you can delete

2015-03-16 Microsoft Outlook - outlook 2010 problem:

John, I have not seen this issue before but in checking I would ask if you have recently installed or updated a browser other than the Internet explorer?      I would check that the IE is the default browser


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