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2016-01-26 Microsoft Outlook - Windows 10 mail app won't sync.:

Tom, Windows 10 issues are ongoing and causing all kinds of problems.      I can not help, as each problem is slightly different and dependent on your computer.    I will say -     Do a browser search

2016-01-20 Email - Yahoo:

Hello Frank    thanks for your question!    Unfortunately I am neither working for Yahoo nor a Yahoo Email user so I can't possibly know the answer, sorry, but they have a good and free email support team

2016-01-18 Email - Excite news and email:

Hello Glenn!     Happy New Year and thanks for your question!    I am not working for Excite nor am I a customer, so I can't possible know, but if their help page is no help for you, I found on the bottom

2016-01-13 Email - gmail:

Hello Jack! Happy New Year!    I am taking it from the pool as other experts didn't know how to answer.    Try this here, it tells you 3 methods on how to log out:

2016-01-13 Shareware/Freeware - slow down mp3:

Any time you convert your MP3 files to a slower speed, you lose quality. The best quality is 320kbps. This is considered studio quality. If you compress file to 128kbps, this is still really good quality


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