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2014-04-12 Microsoft Outlook - Outlook 2007 fonts:

Lyn, I am unable to duplicate what you are experiencing and I understand the need to upgrade from XP.    What I would suggest is from the Customize View Messages window > Click on Reset Current View and

2014-04-08 Email - email as default:

Hello Marlene!    Thanks for your question!    I googled that for you and this here mentiones solutions for various environments/browsers:

2014-04-08 IP Telephony - VOIP Configuration on cisco 1760:

Hi Martin,    Cisco's website is full of these kind of examples. This one has something similar on the last page:

2014-04-08 Shareware/Freeware - Youtube downloads:

Not sure who makes it or from what country its from. I know this software has been around for a long time and that it works. Before recomending it to you, I tried it on my own computer, works like advertised

2014-04-06 Microsoft Frontpage - Error 550:

Hi Conor    You might want to read this.    You said you were publishing


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