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2016-04-12 Shareware/Freeware - AnyDVD:    You can download youtube videos without installing any software. I ran an inspection scan using Comodo Dragon Browser and it reported that the

2016-04-06 Shareware/Freeware - AnyDVD:    It's now under red fox.     Their is also dvdfab    It's impossible to ban software that allows you to backup DVD's. The first software program was 321 studios. After a major

2016-04-02 General HTML/Web Design Programming Q`s - Mobile phone slider image repeated 3x:

Melissa - this is a WordPress issue which depends on the version and the plugins you are using.  I would suggest that you go to the WP forums for support.    I am involved

2016-03-20 Email - weird problem in emailing:

Hi Chris,    Yikes, sounds like you are having a crazy problem with your email service provider.  Not sure who you are using but it could be a glitch with them or it could be you are trying to search your

2016-03-12 Email - remove Juno from Gmail:

Hello John,    You should be able to stop the routing from your gmail dashboard. Log into your gmail and on the right gear, click on the drop-down and settings.   This is the place you can see many options


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