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2014-09-09 Email - Accounts subscribed via Gmail or hotmail:

Hello Moham'mad,    thanks for your question!    Well, some services allow to connect your Facebook or Google Accounts, Microsoft Accounts or others to their services so you can use those accounts as alternative

2014-09-04 Email - SHADOW EMAIL:

Gafoor,     thanks for your questions!  So you have asked a couple of questions, let me go down and ask them      1) What are "shadow emails"?     I have googled for a definition and found this: http://www

2014-09-02 General HTML/Web Design Programming Q`s - Web Development & Design Foundations with HTML5:

Derek, this does sound like a  homework assignment.  Did they suggest the authoring tool/software you could use or are you supposed to type the html code?    The source for all HTML and web design is the

2014-09-02 How to Have an Online - Dating question:

Hi Craig    The divorce information is sketchy, so will be hard to detail, and the way you wrote it I cannot tell what year you actually got the divorce. You obviously were intimate then broke up right

2014-08-27 General HTML/Web Design Programming Q`s - HTML question:

Sina, you have not mentioned how you are making the website.  Are you typing in the html code ?    If so you wuld go to the for details on how to add your menus.  It is not clear if you


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