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2015-01-24 Email - Yahoo:

Hello,    Personally I am not a fan of Yahoo for that reason and I suggest using the google email service called gmail.   It is especially perfect with all mobile devices and compliments the google calendar

2015-01-13 Internet Appliances - Internet Connectivity:

Hi,    Here are some related docs which may be helpful.

2015-01-11 Microsoft Frontpage - FP 2003 FTP Upload Problems:

I used FP 2003 just fine on Windows 7. You just have to make sure you use FTP and hot HTTP.    I would recommend downloading Expression Web (it's FREE) from Microsoft. That's what I use now. No problems

2015-01-10 Microsoft Outlook - Outlook Tasks:

Steven, I double checked and I had clicked on the "ToDo list on the left panel and not the Tasks list.    I clicked on the ToDo list and sorted and then went back to the Task List and they were sorted

2015-01-09 Microsoft Outlook - Outlook Tasks:

Steven, I am currently sitting at a computer with 2013 but i believe it will be the same as 2010.    I have attached an image.    Be sure to have your Outlook Window maximized.  Clicking on the Task Subject


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