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2014-04-21 Worst of the Web - Uploading a photo of myself to a forum:

Dear Mika,    Good morning from New York Mika. Regarding your question, it is a little hard to answer with 100% confidence knowing advice will be 150% accurate. Most importantly, I do not know the theme

2014-04-20 Shareware/Freeware - MS Basic:

I gave you links to both Microsoft Office 2003 and 2007 basic editions. Not sure what MS Basic you want, their are a few. MS Visual basic, and MS small basic. Here is another link that will allow you to

2014-04-16 Shareware/Freeware - AutoCad 2000:

Yeah, you should have no problem making a copy of Autocad 2000. As far as being legal, if you own it, then you may make 1 backup copy. It only becomes illegal when you didn't buy the license to have it

2014-04-13 Email - Hacked email?:

Hello there, thanks for your question and happy easter.    I do not know what "CL" means. but yes, it's possible that your email address was used for scam emails, it's not something unusual.Email headers

2014-04-12 Microsoft Outlook - Outlook 2007 fonts:

Lyn, I am unable to duplicate what you are experiencing and I understand the need to upgrade from XP.    What I would suggest is from the Customize View Messages window > Click on Reset Current View and


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