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2014-12-15 IP Telephony - using a Logitech headset:

Hi Chris,    Yeah, you don't always need the microphone but it's there in case you do need it to talk to someone - for example when using Skype or something like that.    Think of it like the mirrors on

2014-12-14 IP Telephony - using a Logitech headset:

Hi Chris,    you can either plug your headset into the rear of the computer or into the front. Front is probably easiest to get to. Your headset should have the two pins color coded. Generally pink means

2014-12-07 Social Media and Networking - Twitter Notifications:

I am really not certain. If an email was sent,  then a notification should have been sent also, since they both work hand in hand. This is a question that should be forwarded to a twitter support representative

2014-12-04 IP Telephony - making calls with Google Voice:

Hi Jordan,    I really can't help here very much as Google does not offer a lot of help or ways to help people debug issues. Either it works or it doesn't and if it doesn't Google doesn't really seem to

2014-12-02 General HTML/Web Design Programming Q`s - Table:

Good morning - Bob you are missing the ending </table> tag.    I put this Table code inbetween the BODY Tag on my Page and nothing shows up    <BODY>  <TABLE WIDTH="100%" CELLSPACE="2">  <TR>  <TD>  You


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