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2015-08-27 Microsoft Outlook - Categories:

Hi, Where did you plan on importing from?  Another computer? An excel file?    I would export a contact into a CSV file to get the format  then use this file and populate the category field for 125 records

2015-08-26 Microsoft Outlook - Categories:

Sara, you might review the following.      Nancy

2015-08-18 Email - Yahoo Outbox:

Hello Sam!    Thanks for your question!    I am aware of this problem as AOL Mail (Which I use for my iPhone rather than paying Apple for iCloud emai service) does use the exact same system. It happens

2015-08-10 Email - News Alerts:

I suggest setting up a new gmail account dedicated for your searches and then adjust the settings to forward to the main email account you prefer to read them at.    I do this for many reasons and find

2015-08-01 Microsoft Outlook - Outlook will not open:

Paul, I feel there are going to be many issues with Windows 10, it is brand new . i have no intention of updating on any of my computers until the dust settles.    I am not aware of what would work for


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