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2015-03-01 Pediatrics - Medicines for Swine Flu:

There is no  preventive medicine for swine  flu. Avoid contact with people suffering from fever as far as possible Vaccine is not 100 percent effective. It is better not to worry too much. First priority

2015-02-28 Pediatrics - throbbing headaches to 10yrs old girl:

Hi, Manoj,     If there is a family history of migraines, I would think of so-called "icepick" headaches, a pain that describes your daughter quite nicely.  I would have her seen by a pediatric neurologist

2015-02-25 Yu-Gi-Oh - Shaddoll Chaos Dragons 2015 Deck Help:

There's actually a precedent for this - a Shaddoll deck maining Lightpulsar Dragon made the top cut at a regional in Glasgow.  While it was only a single copy, it shows that there was merit to this at

2015-02-24 Yu-Gi-Oh - Hieratic Blue-Eyes Post THSF:

I feel that this needs to change heavily to be able to beat Nekroz, since you're going to really struggle to beat Brionac/Unicore backed by Valkyrus in the same way that Burning Abyss does.    You're going

2015-02-23 Pediatrics - Cough:

Hi, James,     Coughs for a couple weeks that aren't getting better probably need to  be evaluated.  The vocal cord issues, can't hit the high pitches, suggest a vocal cord issue, probably viral.  The


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