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2014-10-22 Pokemon - Lavender City:

Well, after some research, it seems to be pretty much the same as in Fire Red and Leaf Green. (or Red and Blue...)    But just in case you never played those:    Prior to Rock Tunnel you can enter the

2014-10-22 Yu-Gi-Oh - Horus/Fairy Deck:

These aren't things that usually go together, but you can probably make it work by focusing around a Kristya/Horus/Decree lockout - at which point your opponent can only play with Monster Effects (that

2014-10-21 Pediatrics - vaccination:

Hi Anjali,    Relax! There is nothing to worry. Extra dose of IPV (Imovax polio) will not harm the baby.    Regarding Hepatitis B vaccine, for best effect, 3rd dose of hepatitis B vaccine should be given

2014-10-20 Increasing Self-Esteem - pride is a little hurt:

Hi Greg,    Since you've chosen the category of 'increasing self-esteem' to ask this question, I'll presume this is affecting yours.     As an objective observer, upon reading your situation, I cannot

2014-10-20 Pediatrics - calorie output:

Hi, James,     Kids need more calories on a kcal/kg/day basis to grow than a stable adult does.  We tend to need to watch calories so as to not gain weight as an adult, because of changes in hormonal control


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