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2015-10-12 Pediatrics - formula:

Hi, lissette, (what a pretty name!),     I am a bit skeptical regarding the overwhelming benefits of a DHA/ARA formula vs one without.  The organic or not to me is an issue that you decide based on your

2015-10-12 Pediatrics - Age Bracket:

Hi, Denise,     The age bracket you mention, 15-30 years, is of course fine.  I suspect most kids in the 8-10 age range could handle this, although hard to tell, as the screen shots are just static images

2015-10-10 Pediatrics - 1 year baby one leg slightly fatter than other:

Hi, hari,     One leg can normally be slightly bigger than the other, but it is impossible for me to reassure you unless I take a look and do a good exam.  Your pediatrician should be able to do this and

2015-10-10 Pediatrics - Pediatrics:

Hi, Amit,     It is potentially harmful for her development if she spends long hours in front of a TV, more than an hour a day, at this age.  It doesn't hurt her vision, the sound doesn't hurt her ears

2015-10-09 Pediatrics - Age Range:

Dear Zhie,    You will be surprised at what 8-year olds can do today. However, it all depends on the complexity of the puzzle. You could, for example, have fewer pieces to rotate to complete the puzzle


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