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2014-12-17 Pediatrics - feeding problem:

Hi Sheetal,    Before answering, I would like to ask some questions that you need to answer to yourself, HONESTLY:    1. Why would she need to ask for food if you keep on offering her food before she is

2014-12-16 Pediatrics - Diabetes?:

Hi, Tiana,     She needs a urine test to rule out diabetes.  This could even be done yourself with test sticks that can be purchased at drug stores.  A quick urine check at a doctors should do it as well

2014-12-15 Pediatrics - elevated BUN/Creatinine Ratio:

Hi, Alana,     In a healthy child, the BUN/creatinine ratio is a fairly useless test.  The BUN can be slightly high due to simply not having enough to drink and the creatinine, the real marker in kids

2014-12-15 Pediatrics - Antibiotics bad for health?:

Hi Sudha,    Yes, unnecessary use of ANY medicine, including antibiotics, should always be avoided as it does more harm than good.    Most cold and coughs in children are viral, and antibiotics have NO

2014-12-14 Pediatrics - Elevated WBC CRP and ESR.:

Hi, Nikki,     Sounds like you are in a great place with skilled specialists looking over the entire situation.  Again, I kind of wonder about the numerous antibiotics.  Has anyone really suggested this


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