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2015-05-19 Pediatrics - Abdominal pain in 5 year old:

Hi, Julia,     Frequent daytime urination is often what we call pollikiuria, a stress related phenomena.  The urine is normal, a genital exam is normal, there is not excessive night urination and it goes

2015-05-15 Pediatrics - positive reducing substances test in stool and ph factor 6:

Hi, Yasmin,     Lactose intolerance is an inability to process large amounts of lactose, a double sugar in milk.  This inability is due to a relative lack of an intestinal enzyme call lactase.  Avoiding

2015-05-15 Pediatrics - vaccination:

Dear friend,    Yes, you may give the next dose in India, as it is the same vaccine that is available in India ... but please do ask the doctor to specifically give PCV 13, as some doctors may still be

2015-05-15 Pediatrics - appetite:

Hi, annur,     Tough to say what, if anything, is the issue.  A lot of kids who have a loss of appetite will have a low grade, usually viral illness.  I am not aware of how serious or prevalent worms are

2015-05-15 Yu-Gi-Oh - U.A. Deck:

I actually like Penalty Box much better in the Graveyard than in my hand, so I've been trying to find ways to put it there with reasonable consistency.    U.A. can actually output some incredible damage


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