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2014-08-01 Yu-Gi-Oh - XYZ Avenger Deck:

"TCG cards only" rather pus a damper on this, since one of the better builds (Shown below this one) Utilises Spirits to combo with Creature Swap and to make Utopia, which can then become Hope Dragun. At

2014-07-31 Yu-Gi-Oh - hand artifact monarchs(h.a.m.):

See, you're going to have an Issue with the Monarchs Storm Forth here, simply because the whole "No Extra Deck" thing doesn't work well with the Artifact and Hand Engines.    The only reason anyone plays

2014-07-30 Pediatrics - 2 year girl baby making lower body movements to sleep:

Hi Priya,    I don't think this is of any concern medically. You can just ignore this...would go off on its own.    Best wishes,  Dr. Puneet Kumar,  Kumar Child Clinic, Dwarka,  New Delhi, India    +91-9818356846

2014-07-30 Pediatrics - baby food:

Hi Rekha,    Regarding weight gain, not gaining weight in one month is usually not of much concern. A general trend (as seen on baby's growth chart) is more important. Howeevr, I must inform you that the

2014-07-30 Yu-Gi-Oh - Deck build help and tips:

I wouldn't worry about Dracossack. Most Prophecy Decks very Rarely actually make Rank 7 monsters, since 2 Copies of High Priestess are usually Better.    What's more of an issue here is that this deck


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