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2016-08-26 Pediatrics - vaccine:

Hi Kauser,    In  addition to the cost of vaccine, the doctor's charges (consultation fee and vaccine administration fee) are chargeable. Kindly be aware of these charges of your doctor.       Best wishes

2016-08-26 Pediatrics - Dark spots on eye, normal?:

Hi, Reese, fellow Michigander!    When I look at this picture, everything seems normal.  The iris is the colored portion of the eye.  The rim of dark around the iris is a normal finding and the darker

2016-08-23 Yu-Gi-Oh - qli monarch:

The Reason for the Majesty's Fiends is that it's difficult to maintain a scale in a deck that's not necessarily built to have one al the time, which makes Single-Tribute monsters much more practical than

2016-08-22 Pediatrics - Infantile spasms or mimic 3 days after DTaP vaccine:

Hi, Ana,     Events happening 3 days after the 4 mo vaccines are hard to link to the vaccination.  We commonly feel that vaccination effects, if any, will occur in the first 48 hours after the shot. Generally

2016-08-20 Pediatrics - Treating diaper rash:

Hi Athulya,    Mintonia Syp is safe for babies. Candiderma+ cream can prescribed in very severe cases...      Best wishes,  Dr. Puneet Kumar,  Kumar Child Clinic, Dwarka,  New Delhi, India    +91-9818356846


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