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2014-09-30 Pediatrics - toddler restless while sleeping:

Hi Sakshi,    Ants around urine do not indicate any problem in otherwise healthy child.    Regarding pain in thigh, he needs to be examined to find out what is it. Please consult a good pediatrician in

2014-09-30 Yu-Gi-Oh - madolche:

Pure Madolche would probably look something like this nowadays:    3 Madolche Magilleine  3 Madolche Anjelly  3 Madolche Hootcake  2 Madolche Messengelato  2 Madolche Mewfille  2 Spell Striker  2 Maxx

2014-09-27 Yu-Gi-Oh - Red Eyes Metal Dragon Deck:

Unfortunately, the Restricting of Soul Charge will lower this deck's playability considerably, since you'll no longer be able to play for advantage with Charges into Huge Fields and then finish with the

2014-09-26 Pediatrics - My 1 year baby not eating:

Hi Yashmine,    Your pediatrician would recommend you the vitamin supplement, as per the need. There is no need to give vitamin supplement to anyone and everyone.    Regarding color of hair also, it needs

2014-09-26 Yu-Gi-Oh - evilswarm:

Evilswarm didn't really change much for the new Forbidden/Limited List, effectively losing a Soul charge and Gaining a Reinforcement of the Army and Raigeki.  Something like this should be fine:    3 Evilswarm


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