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2015-11-26 Yu-Gi-Oh - Evil Dark Help:

The whole point of the Dark Gaia version is that you opponent never gets chance to out Jinzo - Chimeratech and Mind Control are lovely and all, but your opponent has to actually have a turn in order to

2015-11-26 Console Games (Nintendo, Sony etc - Star Wars Battlefront 3 (2015):

Your laptop does not meet the system requirements to run Star Wars Battle Front 3. If you want to play PC games, then you need a laptop with a high end dedicated video card. Most PC games today require

2015-11-23 Pediatrics - Excessive burping:

Dear Anoo,    You seem to be doing all the right things, and yet, as you say, his burping isn't subsiding. This might be due to him swallowing a lot of air. Is he a fretful baby, crying a lot? Does he

2015-11-23 Pediatrics - VACCINATION:

Hi Mr. Dhillan,    It is increasingly clear that DTaP is less effective than DTwP. The countries wwhich have been using DTaP for many years (Like USA, Australia, etc.) are currently facing huge epidemics

2015-11-20 Pediatrics - Mashed banana to 6 month baby in winters:

Hi Minal,    There is no problem in giving banana in winters.    However, you should kep trying different fruits. Gradually taste will develop. Different fruits have different advantages/ nutrients. For


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