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2015-01-29 Pediatrics - Urobilinogen & RBC in urine - 10 Year old:

relax. all is likely to be normal. there may be a very uncommon chance of being abnormal .  do repeat a test if u worried about it.    lover diseases of nonspecific origin may cause such isssues and  

2015-01-28 Pediatrics - Blood work:

Hi, Marilyn,     Why did he have the blood work done?  This makes a difference in interpretation of the lab work.      The normal range for infants is low.  I know of no disease where low BUN and creatinine

2015-01-28 Pediatrics - 18 month old's height:

Hi, Lindsay,     Whenever I see a weird, inconsistent height in the office in a child this age, I remeasure.  This is most likely the cause of an apparent height velocity decrease in a child this age who

2015-01-28 Yu-Gi-Oh - Cyber Shadow Guardna:

Your Question is mildly confusing. Let me walk through your Scenario:    Your Opponent controls "Renge, Gatekeeper of Dark World" (100 ATK) and "Alexandrite Dragon" (2000 ATK) in Attack Position.    1

2015-01-27 Pediatrics - shaky:

Hi, Rebekah,     Do you eat a good breakfast to start out the day?  Some of your symptoms sound like they could be due to low blood sugar.  Is this only in the morning?  Do you have times during the day


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