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2016-02-01 Pediatrics - typhoid:

Hi Krishanakant,    Just on the basis of test, one cannot say whether she is suffering from typhoid or not; the test can be falsely positive even in a patient who does not have typhoid. Hence, this test

2016-02-01 Pediatrics - Boy behavior.:

Hi, Louise,     Sorry this was not answered in my usual timely fashion!    Kids have various levels of anxiety about a lot of things.  It sounds like he was initially a bit resistant regarding even doing

2016-01-31 Yu-Gi-Oh - aider avec mon venin s'il vous plaît:

Tout d'abord, toutes mes excuses pour la réponse en Anglais. Je parle un peu Français, mais pas assez pour une réponse complete.    I think the way I'd go about this deck is different. I think the best

2016-01-28 Pediatrics - Alternative to pentaxim:

Hi Mr. Prathap,    Here are the answers:    1. It has been found that PENTAXIM and other vaccines that contain DTaP (so called "painless" DTP) are much less effective than brands with DTwP ("normal" DTP)

2016-01-27 Pediatrics - vaccination:

Dear Navneet,    There is no clear evidence on the questions you have asked, but let me assure you that for all practical purposes, most brand switches are compatible with proper immunity development as


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