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2014-08-20 Yu-Gi-Oh - junk otter otk:

I actually had to go look this up, since apparently it eluded my attention since its conception (Which tends to be a bad thing, since I'd probably have heard of it if it was good...).  I'm not sure what

2014-08-19 Yu-Gi-Oh - X-SABERS:

You may not want to play the lowest rarity foil versions of cards when you see the price-tag on Gottoms' Emergency Call...    X-Saber tends not to be that expensive when built with low rarity stuff, so

2014-08-18 Pediatrics - vaccination queries:

Hi Sandeep,    Then your physician is definitely wrong.    Any child less than 5 years of age definitely needs the vaccine. The vaccine is effective, there is no doubt absolutely.    Your baby would need

2014-08-18 Yu-Gi-Oh - first off thank you so much:

I've looked back through my Question History but can't find your previous question, so I apologise if I forget some of the restrictions on building this.    Only flips and Graveyard effects eh? That's

2014-08-17 Pediatrics - PCV:

Hi Mr. Patra,    PCV vaccine is recommended at 6, 10 and 14 weeks of age, followed by booster at 12-15 months of age.    If the vaccine is missed, it can be started at 4 months also, no problem. Schedule


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