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2016-09-26 Pediatrics - pus cell in baby stool:

Hi Monali,    There is NO correlation of your diet with pus cells in baby's stool.    Examination of baby gives much more information than just lab reports. Lab reports as such (without exammining baby)

2016-09-26 Yu-Gi-Oh - Misprint or fake card appraisal / advice:

This card is definitely fake.    The biggest tells you've already picked up on:    Misspelling of "Spellcaster" - this does not happen. Very few cards have Spelling/Grammar mistakes in their card text

2016-09-19 Yu-Gi-Oh - Dark Monarch:

I think my primary issue with this is that you've given up on Utility in order to play only DARK monsters. That's effectively just made his a worse version of the Fiend Stun deck.    Your issues with Big

2016-09-18 Pediatrics - Diarea in my 4 month old baby boy:

Hi, purva,     Diarrhea is handled differently in your part of the world.  In the USA, we never would stop breast feeding to help with diarrhea.  Breast milk is not causing the diarrhea. If he is healthy

2016-09-16 Pediatrics - Vaccination:

Hi Mr. Mawah,    There is no difference between Pentaxim and Pentaxim booster. Both are not recommended in India.    The Indian (IAP) guidelines are clear: Even if baby has receieved DTaP in the past,


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