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2016-04-24 Yu-Gi-Oh - Nekroz without Shruit Still Good?:

Every deck has to change massively to compete in Traditional Format, but Traditional Format still has limited cards, so you still only get one Nekroz of Unicore.   Nekroz's Issue is that it's just not

2016-04-24 Pediatrics - Milk in babys breast:

Dear Manisha,    Absolutely not. This is the answer to the question on science behind squeezing. Babies' breasts have milk in them as they contain maternal hormones in their blood-stream for about a fortnight

2016-04-23 Yu-Gi-Oh - Volcanic FIRE:

This deck is unlikely to ever be able to beat Kozmo, it just doesn't have enough ways to get rid of the Ships without them respawning.    I'd probably make it look like this, but you need Access to Abyss

2016-04-22 Yu-Gi-Oh - The Ban List unintenionally crippled my deck somewhat and its not even top tier (ish):

Realistically this particular variant of Infernoid is not going to survive.   For Infernoid to play like it used to it needs to create a greater focus on the Lightsworn Engine in order to replicate the

2016-04-21 Pediatrics - FERONIA XT:

Hi Vithika,    If possible, feronia Xt should not be given just before or just after feeding, as milk hampers absorption of iron from intestines...It can be given at any time of the day.    You must have


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