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2014-04-16 Pediatrics - Children's fear:

Hi, Jing,     Being frightened of your anger and loss of control will probably not effect them physically, but the mental consequences could potentially be life long.  Why don't you talk with someone about

2014-04-15 Pediatrics - vaccination?:

Hi Mr. Sursh,    Relax! There is nothing to worry.    Pentavac is a combination of DTP, Hib and Hepatitis B.  Quadrovax is a combination of DTP and Hib.    Doctor has rightly given Quadrovax as 3rd dose

2014-04-14 Yu-Gi-Oh - Zombie POWER Deck:

There are a lot of good ideas here, they just don't gel in exactly the way I'd like them to...  3 Destiny Draw for 3 Malicious and a Diamond Dude almost guarantees that one Destiny Draw will be useless

2014-04-14 Pediatrics - PCV vaccination:

Hi Ritesh,    Yes, PCV vaccine is as important as other vaccines. Your son needs to be given 3 doses at one month interval followed by booster at 15 months of age.    Best wishes,  Dr. Puneet Kumar,  Kumar

2014-04-12 Pediatrics - sleep requirements for 21 month baby:

Hi Priya,    Every human has his/ her unique sleep requirement. If your baby is active with 8 hours sleep it is perfectly fine...nothing to worry AT ALL!      Best wishes,  Dr. Puneet Kumar,  Kumar Child


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