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2015-04-16 Yu-Gi-Oh - natural traps:

While I'm not sure I'd call this competitive, it's probably going to irritate a fair few Nekroz players...  The goal here is to summon Nature Beast and have it never die. Sacred Tree can help get you there

2015-04-15 Pediatrics - Refusing to Walk:

Hi, Tina,     Any neurologic condition that causes less activity will have a tendency to cause bones to be a bit weak.  I have seen many kids, who don't have a fracture at all, sort of slowly recover from

2015-04-14 Pediatrics - Refusing to Walk:

Hi, Tina,     I'm assuming she had xrays and these were negative.  If not, she needs them.  If they were negative and she still 6 days later is not bearing weight, consider to have the Xrays repeated in

2015-04-13 Pediatrics - Cold and cough:

Hi, Greeshma,     In the USA, we would never put a child with a cold on an antibiotic and a decongestant and an antihistamine.  These are viral illnesses and unless there is a bacterial infection, the

2015-04-12 Pediatrics - Raisins:

Hi, James,     Raisins are usually pretty benign, but if you were a kid and described these symptoms, I would simply tell you to avoid raisins.  It would be interesting to know if you have this same response


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