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2015-06-28 Pediatrics - 4 year old girl not having enough urine:

The amount of urine you produce is purely a reflection of how much you drink. At night we produce a hormone called ADH which slows down urine production and allows us to sleep through without needing to

2015-06-28 Pediatrics - Five year old says something is stuck in his throat:

Hi, Sarah,     This is still probably a tic.  Some points that you can look at that would support the diagnosis would be lack of symptoms while asleep and eating OK.  If he is only mentioning this a couple

2015-06-26 Pediatrics - Potty training my son:

Hi, Jason,     With my son and grandson, we put in tiny pieces of toilet paper and used them for floating targets.  This seemed to work well.  Remember that we are all inherently men and aiming is not

2015-06-25 Pediatrics - Stomach bug?:

Hi, Cadence,     Viral stomach flu is common and should be a self limited illness.  I stress that for the first 12 hours, liquids alone should suffice and after that we usually recommend back to a regular

2015-06-25 Pediatrics - 6-month-old Sleep Issues:

Hi, Jason,     Kids vary greatly in their abilities to adapt to their surrounding.  Some kids are laid back and can accept anything and others are not.  You clearly have a kid you is inherently a bit on


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