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2014-08-30 Yu-Gi-Oh - can you make me this:

Volcanic can go with a few things - Monarch being the most famous. Nowadays I prefer something along these lines:    3 Volcanic Rocket  3 Volcanic Shell  2 Fencing Fire Ferret  2 Flamvell Firedog  2 Flamvell

2014-08-29 Yu-Gi-Oh - Armed dragon:

most people play it like this   set masked dragon some fd and end     on opponent turn masked dies by battle (if their only 1 atking monster summon armed dragon lvl 3  if their more then 1 atking monster

2014-08-28 Yu-Gi-Oh - Dark World Deck:

i would go more something like this  its a synchro version giving you more   options and more way to counter your   opponent which increases your win %    3 DW Grapha  2 DW Goldd/Dw Silvaa (pick 1 run

2014-08-28 Pediatrics - Bacteria++ & Related 8 months:

Dear Sonam  Sorry for late.  here are exact replies:    1) Even though no bacteria cultured, what does bacteria-++ mean?  it just means they saw some bacteria I(may eb normal) but they did not grow.. means

2014-08-28 Yu-Gi-Oh - Red Eyes Deck:

Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon is by far the best Red-Eyes Card, so it's best to focus around him.  Since Red-Eyes is a Level 7 monster, you'll be able to special summon him with Darkness Metal, Special


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