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2017-02-21 Yu-Gi-Oh - ocg deck idea trying to get ready for when its out here:

Realistically you've not given me much room to manoeuvre here. Within a 40 card deck there's very little to be added once I include the things you've made mandatory.  Your Even number request is odd and

2017-02-20 Yu-Gi-Oh - Dragoncaller Magician ruling with XYZ monsters:

Hi Brian,    The Effect of "Dragoncaller Magician" grants an effect to the monster you use it to summon, but that effect isn't tied to Dragoncaller in any way once the summon is complete.  So even if you

2017-02-20 Pediatrics - Vaccination.:

The OPV drops in the pulse polio and the ones given in the clinic should both be "bivalent" polio drops and be equal to each other. However, we do not normally count the pulse polio doses as part of the

2017-02-19 Yu-Gi-Oh - Union help:

ABC Tends to be a good choice for those returning to the game - it's relatively cheap, powerful, and easy to play.  Most variations on the Abc deck actually don't play the XYZ parts at all, choosing the

2017-02-17 Yu-Gi-Oh - I dont like the graveyard:

So before we go ahead with this there are a few things to cover:    Firstly, while Necrovalley is a mild irritation to Zoodiac, it's not doing anything on its own - the only part of the Zoodiac combo that


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