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2014-07-22 Pediatrics - Diarrhea:

Hi Aslam,      Babies at this age NORMALLY pass loose stools. We don't give any treatment unless baby is otherwise lethargic,/ dull/ ick looking/ not passing urine frequently etc.      Adding cow's mild

2014-07-21 Pediatrics - Delayed Vaccination:

Hi Amee,    Yes, these vaccines should be given now. They can be given on the same day, but at different sites with different syringes/ needles. Effect would not be less even if given now.    Please get

2014-07-20 Pediatrics - loose motions from past 8 days:

Hi Rashmi,    Your pediatrician seems to be right!    If baby is otherwise active, feeding well and passing urine regularly, there is ANSOLUTELY no need to panic. So, relax and keep enjoying parenting!

2014-07-18 Pediatrics - 4 year old with Toe-In:

Hi, Mary Ellen,    I have not heard of the relation between long legs and in turned feet.    Many kids and adults are slightly in turned and this often is seen in world class sprinters.  The point of that

2014-07-18 Pediatrics - Loose motion with mucus in1 year old baby:

Hi Brijitha,    If the child is active, not having fever, passing urine regularly, then he is not "serious". The reort suggest infection. However, specifics of the treatment are decided by baby's careful


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