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2014-10-29 Increasing Self-Esteem - self-esteem issue:

first, i dont know your age. the need to be appreciated is universal but this is not done only by looking at you or acknowledging your presence. it is only when you get to know the person and he/she appreciates

2014-10-29 Pediatrics - lactose intolerance in babies.:

Hi Somal,    A child with lactose intolerance is not able to take milk, but there should be no problem in taking curd, and very less with cheese. Many such babies would even take milk-cereal without any

2014-10-29 Increasing Self-Esteem - I always get picked last for sports!!:

Hi Kayla,    First of all, it's evident that playing sports is not a priority for you so it's obviously not an area where you are going to do that well. That's ok! Sporty people usually aren't that good

2014-10-29 Pediatrics - low iga and pneumococcal vaccine:

Hi, Shannon,     I am not an expert in this precise field, but I know that many kids with IgA deficiency fail to mount a supposedly adequate response to the pneumoccocal vaccine.  The vaccine won't hurt

2014-10-29 Pediatrics - bald spot on child:

Hi,Karina,     A bald patch for a couple years that is unchanging is probably fine.  Next time you see the pediatrician, please have them look at it carefully.  If the skin appears normal and the remaining


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