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2015-07-28 Pediatrics - Is dabur or baidyanath janam ghutti gud for toddlers?:

Dear Neha,    As a mainstream doctor, I am not qualified to answer about herbal medicines. However, as a rule, we do not advise parents to give such products, as we are not really aware of their ingredients

2015-07-27 Yu-Gi-Oh - Kozmo Deck!:

I think you're got a decent start here, but this is one of the only decks that can effectively play Ghost Ogre and Snow Rabbit, so that should definitely be there.  Playing the Ogre means that you can

2015-07-27 Pediatrics - my 3 year old is having dark colored urine:

Hi, ARPNA,     Phimosis, the closing down of the foreskin, can cause a lot of symptoms, but usually not frequent voiding.  Generally we tell parents that the foreskin should naturally retract between 3

2015-07-25 Yu-Gi-Oh - Deck build:

While extremely powerful, Ocean Dragon Lord - Neo Daedalus is not easy to summon - which means that any deck based around him is not likely to be particularly good.  The only real way to play him is to

2015-07-24 Pediatrics - 7 year old with deep breathing and chest pain:

Hi, Dan,     Chest/abdomen pain is common in kids with panic attacks.  Most of them are probably generated from thoughts within, rather than from external, easily identifiable sources.  Again, hard to


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