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2014-09-19 Yu-Gi-Oh - gusto otk:

This deck is interesting, but largely not that competitive, due to its incredibly poor Shaddoll matchup.    The main idea here, as I'm sure you know, is to summon Daigusto Sphreez and then run as many

2014-09-16 Pediatrics - soccer injury:

Hi, Leah,     It is unlikely that a bone is broken.  It is very likely that with this falling, flexing injury he has injured some of the muscles or supporting ligaments of the spine/back.  An XR image

2014-09-14 Pediatrics - late speech in 3 and half year old kid:

Hi, Jyoti,     I think it is unlikely, but possible, that the conductive losses, fairly slight, are causing this.  It would be reasonable to follow the presumed fluid that is behind both eardrums, make

2014-09-11 Language Arts for Kids - Identifying simple subjects and predicates:

Dear Mrs. Styles,  In a question sentence, always try to put it into a statement.   Have you seen something so fantastic?  You have seen something so fantastic.  Then the simple subject is shown to be

2014-09-11 Pediatrics - Regarding DPT Booster Vaccination:

Hi Anshul,    Yes, both of them can be given on the same day.    However, I would like to inform you the recent changes in the guidelines. Pentaxim is a combination of DTaP (so called "gentle" or "painless'


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