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2016-07-19 Pediatrics - Vaccination:

Hi Shylaja,    BioHib is a brand of Hib vaccine. It is mixed with DTP vaccine of the same manufacturer and administered at 10 weeks (and also at 14 weeks of age). The sticker is available for BioHib, while

2016-07-19 Pediatrics - Daughter's ear piercing:

Hi, Asma,     I would agree that if on only one ear, the chance of an allergic reaction is very slight.  The notion of coating the post with either a triple antibiotic ointment or a product called mupirocin

2016-07-19 Pediatrics - Swollen lymphnodes:

Hi Resee,    Relax!! It doesn't sound sinister    Nevertheless, don't miss your upcoming physical...A good examination is what one needs to diagnose/ classify such swellings      Best wishes,  Dr. Puneet

2016-07-18 Pediatrics - Daughter's ear piercing:

Hi, Asma,     I would first of all be sure the earrings are hypoallergenic.  It sounds like she may have some constant irritation and this may be due to an intolerance to the particular constituents of

2016-07-18 Pediatrics - want to know any illeffects:

Relax. You are lucky that it is safe. But had this happened with anyother drug it might have been serious. Do not repeat such mistake again. Be careful.  This medicine is not for cough but for cause of


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