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2017-01-16 Pediatrics - spo2 levels:

Hi, william,     Just checking stuff for no good reason is subject to a lot of mis-interpretation of normal phenomena.  Pulse ox varies on everyone, and sometimes the values aren't accurate.  If you are

2017-01-15 Pediatrics - choking:

Hi Will,    Relax! There is nothing to worry.    If you are breathing normally, talking normally and not coughing, there is no chance that there would be any catastrophe later due to the episode.     

2017-01-11 Pediatrics - 2 mo. old barely sleeps:

Please answer these questions  1. Was sleep a problem before starting non breast feed or after?  2.what is the description and frequency of stools   3.what medicines child is on?    It will be precise

2016-12-29 Pediatrics - soiling:

Hi, gabi,     Enemas are an option, but they really are pretty invasive and need to be done daily, just like the cleanout and maintain program needs to be done daily for at least a few months. I send about

2016-12-28 Pediatrics - Bloody-ish nose:

Hi, Erin,     This really doesn't sound like a bloody nose where one needs to do a lot of evaluation/blood work to look at clotting function.  I would just try some local humidity in her room, an inexpensive


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