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2015-08-25 Pediatrics - query on immunisation:

Dear Regina,    Indeed there would be no problem. However, why don't you ask your doctor to give combination vaccines - there is a penta combination which has DPT, Hep B and Hib. This will be one injection

2015-08-21 Pediatrics - stomach pain,irregular bowel movements,underweight:

Hi, shipra,     Stomach pain in India, from what I gather in this forum, is sort of treated in a "shotgun" approach, ie. give a lot of meds and see what happens.      The antibiotic cefixime, the proton

2015-08-21 Pediatrics - is it dabur jaanma guthi good for my child:

Hi, Deepak,     We really don't recommend cows milk for infants this age, as it risks developing protein sensitivity and some anemia.  Pediatricians recommend breast or formula for the first year of life

2015-08-20 Yu-Gi-Oh - Price check please.:

You're unlikely to find any copies of these online, since (assuming they're real) they're booster boxes of the first 6 sets ever printed.  You can find out more about them here:    http://yugioh.wikia

2015-08-19 Pediatrics - adducted foot:

Hi, fatima,     Congratulations!    I think that an ultrasound to definitively make a diagnosis of a foot locked in a fixed position is difficult.  What needs to be determined if the foot is moveable,


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