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2014-10-27 Communication Skills - Unable to talk to known peoples when i meet them suddenly outside.:

Hello Vivek,    You are not alone in this.  It may surprise you to know that even some of your friends sometimes suffer from this. Your courage in trying to find a solution is important.  I can tell by

2014-10-25 Medical Support Careers - billing/coding:

Hi Lisa    I don't think employers have a preference in regards to whether you acquire your billing and coding certification online or on grounds as long as it is from a reputable organization.  Many community

2014-10-23 Help with College & Grad - Need comment on my motivation letter:

Hi, Michael.    It's beyond the scope of this site for me to give you a comprehensive review. Your statement does look strong to me. You might want to include your academic performance. Even though this

2014-10-20 Home Schooling - Homeschooling (general):

Hi, Tamara. Thanks for your question. It's a big one! I could write a book about how homeschooling positively affected my life. But instead, I'm going to recommend that you read some books on the learning

2014-10-16 Communication Skills - missing link:

Hello Ibrahim,    Of course you must realize that without knowing your mannerisms or the way that you respond to people that I can't exactly tell you why you leave this impression.  However, that being


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