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2014-08-21 Resume Help - Career change resume:

Hi Kemby,    I would be happy to take a look at your resume for you.  Send me an email to the address below and attach the resume (as well as a cover letter if you have one).  If you have the job announcement

2014-08-20 Behavior & Learning in School - Middle school daughter with problems:

Thank you for your question Tanya.  I am sorry your daughter is having such a hard time. You are right, there is only so much you can do as a mother. But you can help.  You can provide the space and support

2014-08-10 Communication Skills - NICE BOY:

hi Cameron,    It may not be due to impoliteness, and I can think of a few reasons for people doing this.  Maybe your friend simply forgotten needs a reminder, maybe they are disorganized and just haven't

2014-08-08 Gifted Children - Gifted 5 yr old boy:

Thank you for your patience.    Giftedness, and how it manifests is infinitely variable. It can give a false impression of maturity, or the expectation that a child is advanced emotionally or in control

2014-08-08 Gifted Children - Gifted 5 yr old boy:

I'd like to ask  questions so I can give you a better answer.    You said your son acts excitedly to the point of loss of control. What do you mean? What are the behaviors?    He becomes the class leader


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