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2014-12-17 Early Childhood Education - CDA Test:

I've never taken this test so I have no idea. My specialty is creative art for children.  I suppose you should know some health and safety questions.   Something typical of various age-groups.   Whatever

2014-12-17 Construction & Contractors - roofing..:

I will do you one better, the following is a link that I use on a regular basis, it is a very well put together construction calculator, It will allow for rafters hips blocks and all kinds of other things

2014-12-17 Construction & Contractors - roof questions:

I am not a roof carpenter but using pythagorean theorum found the following  Roof rafter (assume jack rafter 3.5" thick) would be 17'-101/4"  Jack rafter 30'  Hip rafter 23'-113/4"  This assumes 4:12 slope

2014-12-03 Repairing Copiers & Faxes - Regarding Canon ir3300 Copier help:

simple solution is put the print driver on your main computer... and share it to the others... and then pause the print que... and then have the customer send a print job and come to you when you want

2014-12-03 Construction & Contractors - Query on Foundation..:

Whenever I do any type of calculations like the above there are 2 sources i swear by. I will provide you with the link for 1 and the name of the other,    which is an online


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