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2015-03-26 US Military Academy at West - Admissions Questions before the 1950's:

It's good to hear from you, Marcus.  Thanks for your interest in West Point Admissions.    Unfortunately I have no information personally nor do I have direct access to such information before my Admissions

2015-03-19 US Military Academy at West - Joseph Anderson class of 1965:

It's good to hear from you, Ralph.  Thanks for your interest in West Point.    Joe Anderson of the Class of 1965 is indeed a great man and American hero.  I was fortunate to know him in the 1990s when

2015-03-17 Construction & Contractors - cleaning new construction homes:

I think most contractors would want a lump sum estimate. You should be able to understand the variables that would affect your price (sf, complexity, travel, etc) and have some experience with how much

2015-03-16 Gifted Children - Crafts for gifted kids:

Kelly    Hello again, my friend! You ask amazing questions.    As I am sure you know, creative arts - including arts and crafts - engage the whole brain! New neural connections are created or reinforced

2015-03-15 Medical Support Careers - Curious:

Hi Dan    Great question. To become a lab technician you must complete a two year degree program. You may not be able to complete this type of degree online because science related degrees often require


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