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2015-05-28 Resume Help - resumes:

Hi Maggie,    It would help if I knew what the "odd jobs" are that you have been doing during the hiatus from full-time work.  It would also be useful for me to know what kind of work you were doing (that

2015-05-28 Choosing the Right College - Pros and Cons for Community college & University:

Community college has MANY advantages.  Closer to home, much cheaper, usually smaller classes, usually better counseling.  But it has a disadvantage - they don't offer upper-division classes, and you will

2015-05-27 Communication Skills - Selfish?:

Hi Ashtyn - without knowing the extent of your Mom's disability, I can't judge whether your request of her is "reasonable" or not. There are many jobs (e.g. sales) that can be filled at home via phone

2015-05-27 US Military Academy at West - William Penn Watkinson Callum 28955:

It's good to hear from you, Richard.  Thanks for your interest in your classmate Penn Watkinson and the Class of 1970.      To answer your specific questions:  1. The first graduate in the Class of 1970

2015-05-25 Distance Learning - Gradute classes online:

Greetings I would never answer your question which university would I select   The rationale is Cyber Security is not my discipline and you need to decide if the cost, accreditation and respect or not


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