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2015-07-27 Communication Skills - Relationship issues - long distance:

Hi Harley - I respectfully suggest your real issue is why you distrust your own judgment in this situation?    From your description, I suggest you check to see if your guy is a "Grown Wounded Child"

2015-07-27 Resume Help - Entry Level Engineer Jobs In Europe:

Hi Rishan,    It appears to me that you have thought of the correct basic approach to writing your resume and letter.  However, HOW you write is just as important as WHAT you write in both documents.

2015-07-27 Resume Help - Graduate Engineer - International Jobs:

Hi Rishan,    Thank you for reaching out! It sounds like you have completed a great deal of research and are on the right track. The problem may not be the content in your actual resume, rather, it may

2015-07-26 Resume Help - professional references:

Hi Yadira,    Let me see if I understand what you are saying: you don't want to work in the department where you are now employed and you want to move to another department.  I am assuming both departments

2015-07-23 Resume Help - is my story well written?:

Hi Elizabeth,    Don't mind helping at all; I do a lot of writing so this is not a difficult task for me.  However, I don't think you need me to rewrite this.    Your story ought to stay as it is.  The


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