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2016-05-03 Construction & Contractors - slate verses blue stone countertops:

Karen,  Thank you for your question.  Both Slate and Bluestone are quite suitable for countertops with the understanding that they MUST be properly sealed to prevent stains.  I find Bluestone to be more

2016-04-30 Gifted Children - Gifted?:

I want you to know you haven't been forgotten. It may be tomorrow before I get your full answer to you. In the meantime, you may want to take a look at Free Spirit Publishing, FABULOUS

2016-04-18 IQ Tests - Is there something wrong with this?:

First of all sorry for the delay.    Of course this is not a problem , not even a luck of discipline, i would say the opposite. Any student can find a way to study and increase his gpa is almost a way

2016-04-17 Gifted Children - Help interpreting WAIS and fluency measures results:

Your question contains much of your answer. There is no exact, objective answer. In medicine we have a saying: "A test is a test is a test." It means tests of this nature have limitations. They may give

2016-04-13 Construction & Contractors - Organic matter in base course material for roads:

Here are my reactions to your questions in numerical order:  1.  Not knowing the details of your contractual language, I can only respond generally.      Whether the Engineer has the contractual basis


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