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2015-06-27 Communication Skills - problems communicating with my mother:

Hi Harold - It sounds as tho your Mom is a "Grown Wounded Child" (GWC)  //  //

2015-06-25 Help with College & Grad - planning to study MS in USA:

Dear Lokesh,    The requirements for entrance into a graduate program include completing the application form, submitting your undergraduate records, submitting a personal statement, also called letter

2015-06-21 Construction & Contractors - black slate stone - watermarks:

Martin,  Sorry for the delay in responding.  I may have spoken to you on the phone, but try using White Vinegar (mild acid) straight out of the bottle.  It is already diluted to about 8% so no worries

2015-06-19 Resume Help - Job application:

Hi Mike:    Simply say that you had an interview in December for a position that had been filled.  Since you have all of the needed qualifications, you were told to check back in June.  Thus, you are wondering

2015-06-18 Resume Help - Job application:

Hi Mike,    I will assume this has to be done via email.  Ideally, you would want to present yourself in person, but if you need to do this online, what I suggest is simple and straight-forward.    First


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