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2016-10-18 Resume Help - Resume Questions?:

Hi!    The 2nd resume is much better since it gives the experience she wants to provide.  However, take out the experience that doesn't apply from 1998 and back.  You only have to go back 10 years, and

2016-10-11 Student Loans - FAFSA & Working?:

Hi there    You can work as much as you want without losing your federal aid.  With that said, there are income limits for certain need based aid programs such as Pell grants and subsidized loans.  It's

2016-10-10 Behavior & Learning in School - 10th grade, readong on 2nd grade level:

Hi Jill,  It is very admirable of you to help the young lady with her reading.  I do hope that you will be able to meet her in person because I'm sure it isn't easy to help her from afar.  I will certainly

2016-10-08 Gifted Children - Is my son is gifted ? How can i improve his skills:

Thank you for your patience.    Your child will never lack for intellectual stimulation. When he starts school, if you decide to home school, you can look at advanced programs for home. There are also

2016-10-07 International Education - intern concept:

Usually an apprenticeship is for a skilled trade like carpentry or mechanics.  Internships are used more in professional fields like engineering, architecture, etc.    In the USA, apprenticeships have


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