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2016-05-25 Choosing the Right College - is ibmr gurgaon a good colg:

Dear Ankit    Kindly don't fall prey to false publicity.  There are many genuine sites like csr, time where you can find the actual ratings of a college.  If your budget is a contraint, then there are

2016-05-23 Resume Help - Short-lasting jobs on resume:

Dear Chris:    So sorry for this delay in answering this.  It landed in my spam.    I think the best option for you is to stating it was a temporary contract.  Make sure you coordinate that account with

2016-05-12 Choosing the Right College - Education:

Dear Danish    My expertise is limited when it comes to the commerce stream.    But still I can guide you based on my experience in financial management.    To answer you better:  1. I would like to understand

2016-05-03 Construction & Contractors - slate verses blue stone countertops:

Karen,  Thank you for your question.  Both Slate and Bluestone are quite suitable for countertops with the understanding that they MUST be properly sealed to prevent stains.  I find Bluestone to be more

2016-04-30 Gifted Children - Gifted?:

I want you to know you haven't been forgotten. It may be tomorrow before I get your full answer to you. In the meantime, you may want to take a look at Free Spirit Publishing, FABULOUS


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