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2015-01-23 Resume Help - Resume question:

Hi Missy,     Chances are that the staff has changed. The same hiring authority or HR personnel that made the original job offer may very well have moved on, moved up, or moved out of the company, so mentioning

2015-01-20 Gifted Children - 2 year old advanced?:

Dear Kayla,    I am so very glad that you asked this question. You are right on target being concerned about your child’s current school situation. I am going to respond with two different aspects of this

2015-01-19 US Military Academy at West - re: a graduate:

It's good to hear from you Edmond.  Thanks for your interest in West Point.     My primary reference is the "Register of Graduates and Former Cadets of the US Military Academy," published annually by the

2015-01-15 Gifted Children - Free Range Parenting:

Dear Donna    You bring up a really good question. Just the fact that you are asking this question tells me how responsible and attentive you are to your child's safety needs.    The article about 'free

2015-01-12 Private School - Private school kindergarten application process:

Hi, Bobby.    First of all, and not meant as critisim but more advice to anyone who reads this, these questions are best asked a) before you get involved in the application, and b) to the school to which


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