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2014-11-26 US Military Academy at West - Re-Applying:

It's good to hear from you Gene.  Thanks for your interest in West Point on behalf of your son.    It SHOULD be the case that the nomination is good for direct admission.      I must admit it is unusual

2014-11-24 Gifted Children - Grandson:

Thank you for your responses - they are helpful.    There are 2 resources which are absolute treasures:    Free Spirit Publishing,, has books, family games, and more, about gifted children

2014-11-22 US Military Academy at West - West Point Attendee:

It's good to hear from you Rick.  Thanks for your interest in West Point.     My primary reference is the "Register of Graduates and Former Cadets of the US Military Academy," published annually by the

2014-11-22 Choosing the Right College - I NEED HELP:

Every school is different.  Contact your local universities and/or community colleges.  You can meet with an advisor who can review your transcript and tell you what classes you are missing.  You would

2014-11-20 Communication Skills - Dorm Guy:

Hi Jordan,    It is very interesting that you sent this to me under the category of Communications, because it is hard to answer the question based on how you communicated it to me.  For example: you haven't


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