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2015-10-02 Resume Help - Resume / jobs history issue.....:

Hi Chris,     It is impossible to address all of your concerns in this brief response, but I can touch base on some of the most things to consider. The larger companies that can provide you with the advancement

2015-10-02 Resume Help - Resume / Jobs issue:

Dear Chris:    Sorry for the delay, but this landed in spam.    A resume only has to go back 10 years.  So, the fact that you have been at the same position for 8 out of 10 years, should work out well

2015-09-28 Construction & Contractors - Proper construction materila iagainst earthquake effects:

Now I first must say that I am no expert when it comes to earthquakes or related construction/damage. Now that being said, I do believe that the joining procedure of fire dried bricks is a stronger bond

2015-09-19 Home Schooling - Slow Thinking or slow learner:

Hello, Ester,    Mostly, this is outside my area of expertise. That said, here is what you can do. You can ask a local psychiatrist if he or she can administer the test. You can also ask the school district

2015-09-17 Resume Help - SAlary issue:

Hi Umamaheswaran,    To properly answer your question, you'll need to give me a lot more information.  How is your salary compared to others, not just in your field, but in comparison to other employees


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