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2015-11-28 US Military Academy at West - Question:

It's good to hear from you, Walter.  Thanks for your interest in West Point.    In general, you must be a US citizen for regular admission to West Point.  There is a separate category for International

2015-11-26 Behavior & Learning in School - What should:

Again, I am not sure of your actual question.  However, I do disagree that it is difficult for American Companies to find Americans that can properly present themselves abroad and have the skills to live

2015-11-26 Behavior & Learning in School - What should:

Hello,  I'm not certain what the question is but it seems as if this girl is indeed a special student!  When she is in the United States, her educational plan should be revised to meet her needs.  If she

2015-11-26 Behavior & Learning in School - Why is it that:

Hello,  I am not certain that I am an expert in this area but I will try to answer your question as best I can.    A child's first teacher of language is her mother. If a child is born in the United States

2015-11-21 Resume Help - job:

Hi Sachin,    Sorry, but you're going to need to give me a little more information before I can try to help.  "Instrumentation" in what field specifically?  I can think of three professions that grant


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