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2014-07-21 College Exams (SAT`s) - question:

You will need to fill out the college applications for the schools that interest you.  Check to see if any of your colleges are on the Common Application.  Colleges will also need to have your SAT scores

2014-07-14 Student Loans - student loan:

Hi there    I'm afraid not and getting a lawyer will only be a waste of time and money.  Federal student loans are highly regulated and those regulations require you to go into repayment on your loan six

2014-07-10 Continuing/Adult Education - Further education:

Hello Louise,   In most cases, you would not need a degree to enter the photography industry. Photography is a wide field and you did not specify if you plan to work in the movie industry, open up a portrait

2014-07-09 Gifted Children - gifted or not:

There is a previous answer - Giftedness, asked on 5/2/2014, which is the exact information that's best for you. Go to the page on which you clicked "ask a question" and click on "read previous answers

2014-07-08 US Military Academy at West - First in class of 1986:

Hi, Mark, it's good to hear from you.  Thanks for your interest in West Point.    Unfortunately there is no publicly available answer to your question.  After the 1976 Honor scandal at West Point (cheating


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