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2015-08-30 US Military Academy at West - west point cadet:

It's good to hear from you Becki.  Thanks for your interest in West Point.    My primary reference is "The Register of Graduates and Former Cadets of the US Military Academy" published annually by the

2015-08-27 Communication Skills - how to deal with a child that is being used by a friend:

Hi Ely - I respectfully acknowledge your empathy for your son. I suggest using this situation as a teaching/learning opportunity. Teach him on a child's level about these topics:

2015-08-24 Resume Help - en garde:

Hi Arnold,    I'll try to give you the short version of what is required here in answer to your questions.  I could write you a book on what you are asking, but I think a few sentences will give you the

2015-08-24 Resume Help - en garde:

Hi Arnold,    I am not necessarily telling you that you shouldn't work at Medieval Times.  I am familiar with the show; I have seen it.  But that isn't really the issue.    The issue of "getting" you a

2015-08-24 Resume Help - en garde:

Hi Arnold,    I think your next step should be to take a serious look at what you have aptitudes for, where you might "fit" (as you put it), and what you would find rewarding.    I work with a woman who


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