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2015-04-23 Communication Skills - angry letter from neighbor:

I encourage you to (1) review your (and her) personal rights, (b) make contact with an open mind - ideally in person; (c) clarify her and your respective needs; and (d) try win-win pr3oblem solving:  

2015-04-20 Help with College & Grad - higher studies:

Hi.    You don't tell me what your major is (and I don't know what BE CSE means) but assuming you are looking into a general graduate degree (not law, business, or med school) you will need the GRE exam

2015-04-20 Construction & Contractors - Pouring cement on rock:

Yes you can pour concrete onto solid rock, the only exception being that some rock types, chiefly those that contain a lot of hydrated silica like chert, may adversely react with the concrete.  That is

2015-04-19 Gifted Children - Advanced twin 5 year olds:

Dear Stephanie,    I am about to walk out the door to my dauther's 21st birthday dinner! But I wanted you to have a response right away because this is important. So I will give you a direct and brief

2015-04-15 Construction & Contractors - Concrete Slab:

6 inch slab would be best, I would personally go with small footings on the perimeter to allow for extra weight distribution. The big thing with anything like a container or machine shop machines, is good


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