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2014-07-29 Resume Help - Need help?:

Hi Frank,    The process may not "seem that complicated" but it only seems that way.  The process is just as complex as doing anything else well.  Try to think of job searching this way: you are looking

2014-07-28 Construction & Contractors - Building on exisiting cement block bunker:

I would rely on the comments of your builder and inspector. The concrete roof may not be designed to carry floor load. You will probably need to penetrate the slab for plumbing on the new living level

2014-07-21 College Exams (SAT`s) - question:

You will need to fill out the college applications for the schools that interest you.  Check to see if any of your colleges are on the Common Application.  Colleges will also need to have your SAT scores

2014-07-14 Student Loans - student loan:

Hi there    I'm afraid not and getting a lawyer will only be a waste of time and money.  Federal student loans are highly regulated and those regulations require you to go into repayment on your loan six

2014-07-10 Continuing/Adult Education - Further education:

Hello Louise,   In most cases, you would not need a degree to enter the photography industry. Photography is a wide field and you did not specify if you plan to work in the movie industry, open up a portrait


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