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2014-04-21 Resume Help - Rehire:

Dear Melanie:    If your previous track record and work history was positive, then I would make personal contact or at least phone contact and explain that you are now well and would like to apply for

2014-04-18 Resume Help - Non-Credit Courses on Resume:

Hi Alicia,    On the resume, you can list the courses you took very simply and straight-forward.  The best place to describe the content and your interest is in the cover letter.  Remember that the resume

2014-04-16 Resume Help - Resume gaps:

Hi Gilbert,    Good question - and one that I get asked a lot.  The short answer is yes, some employers are taking advantage of a large number of unemployed and are automatically eliminating anyone out

2014-04-15 Resume Help - Resume Question:

Dear Alicia:    This landed in spam....thus the extreme delay.    Interests and activities are not put on the actual resume.  You can mention them in the cover letter.    Simply list the online courses

2014-04-13 Construction & Contractors - Rock anchor foundation and frost:

The danger from frost heave results from the permeation of free water into the pore spaces of the substrate, freezing, and displacing the material.  A hard intact basalt probably has very poor permeability


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