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2014-09-24 Resume Help - Words in my resume:

Hi Kari,    I am glad you have attended my workshop; I hope you got some help via your attendance and from my books.  Your questions are certainly understandable; perhaps I did not address my objections

2014-09-24 Resume Help - Things to include in resume:

Hi Colin,    I understand your confusion about which route to take, but I also understand why there are conflicting opinions out there.  Just remember this: no one person has all the answers for every

2014-09-23 Communication Skills - Self confidence:

Hello Jem - It sounds like you did not get some important needs met (like self confidence and healthy pride, and assertion skill). As a result, you have suffered a lot. I suspect your grandparents, parents

2014-09-22 Resume Help - Job application/ job search question ?:

Dear Chris:    It is best to make 2 letters if you do decide to quit, one for the manager and one for HR.  Be very careful in deciding to quit, because if you can stick it out, it is better to stay until

2014-09-18 Communication Skills - stammer:

Hello Zain,    There is certainly a big difference between a stammer and disfluency. Since the speech therapist seems to think that you have the latter and not the former I'll try to deal with that.  As


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