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2014-09-14 Resume Help - Human resource:

Hi Kim,    I have a standard rule about these kinds of situations.  This rule is based on both common sense and hard reality.  The rule is: unless you have a signed contract for a new job you have nothing

2014-09-12 Student Loans - I just applied for a 3k stafford loan but I am on ssi disability:

Hi Louis    You will not be denied this loan due to your SSDI status.  There is no credit check for Stafford loans and even if there was, such as for Graduate PLUS loans, debt to income is not a factor

2014-09-11 US Military Academy at West - Admission requirements:

It's good to hear from you Sue.  Thanks for your interest in West Point on behalf of your son.    As you know, West Point is looking for well rounded young men and women who are good students, good athletes

2014-09-10 College Life - essay buying:

Some are poorly written, but worse, some are duplicates or plagiarized.  Do NOT buy essays.  Write your own.  If you buy essays and get caught (and a large percentage of buyers DO get caught), you will

2014-09-02 Resume Help - How to ask for a job:

Hi Jo,    I think in responding to your question, I'll begin with the cliche - "I have good news and I have bad news."  The good news is that asking the question you want to ask your employer is not as


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