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2014-11-20 Communication Skills - Dorm Guy:

Hi Jordan,    It is very interesting that you sent this to me under the category of Communications, because it is hard to answer the question based on how you communicated it to me.  For example: you haven't

2014-11-20 Construction & Contractors - Question on Construction:

There is no easy method to smoothen it out, you could try a concrete patch material and trowel it like crazy and keep moist while doing so, this would help to fill imperfections. There are many web sites

2014-11-20 Construction & Contractors - Repair Concrete Drain:

What scale is the box drain?  might it be appropriate to consider just replacing it with a precast unit and be done with it?    I don't think there is much that can, or probably needs to be, done about

2014-11-19 Resume Help - Samples of past work:

Hi Kyla,     You are in a unique position, how exciting!     Why not take the opportunity to demonstrate your previous contributions through a small personal portfolio that you carry to the interview.

2014-11-18 Resume Help - Resumes after major life change:

Hello Holly,    For the women that you help, my advice would be the same to them as it is to others that I work with every day.  Certainly their situation demands careful definition of their attributes


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