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2014-07-21 Canadian Stocks - old stock:

Douglas, from the information I have available, Cadington went through numerous name changes and two reverse splits (1 for 6, then 1 for 10) and became Iberian Minerals. Iberian was acquired in January

2014-07-20 Canadian Stocks - Old Stocks:

Paul, from the information I have available:    Boeing went through a couple of name changes and at least 1 reverse split (1 for 2) and became Academy Explorations Limited. Academy is still around, but

2014-07-19 Life & Health Insurance - Universal Life:

Is your husband in good health now?  Of course as we get older, such insurance costs more and more;  what I'm exploring is whether a tax free exchange to something more suitable would be in order.  Let

2014-07-18 Insurance Law - Bill from mitigation company:

Qin,    I am afraid that you would have little success in fighting this agreement in court but you may want to talk to a local attorney before you do.    The reality is that your insurance company is the

2014-07-15 Trusts & Estates Law - estate planning:

Hi - what is a "paramour"  Also you are asking for a very complex solution.  The life interest allows your dad to live in a property for life but not own it.  The other vehicle would probably be a trust


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