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2016-07-19 Canadian Stocks - Jascan Resources Inc.:

Jeff, the Jascan shares cannot be transferred because the Company is defunct. It was acquired in 2000 by Breakwater. Under the takeover offer, Jascan shareholders could choose to receive 0.55 of a Breakwater

2016-07-17 Life & Health Insurance - Life insurance:

Dear Heather,    I do not know the age your son could receive life insurance proceeds in your state. In California the minimum age is 18. I suggest you contact a lawyer about setting up a trust with a

2016-07-16 Insurance Law - Can roomate sue me for damages to their truck:

Hi Vicky-  Good news for you.  While the Auto policy will generally respond with coverage to the extent that you carry, to a temporary replacement vehicle, you have to be legally liable for the policy

2016-07-12 Canadian Stocks - Growth stock themes:

Jim,    For many reasons, I am not permitted to give out specific stock names as potential investments. But, if you are looking for general industries with longer term potential, I believe many of the

2016-07-12 Financial Stocks - Stock reports:

Jim,    Thank you for your question!   Unfortunately there are no websites that I am aware of that offer free stock reports (other than a free sample to try to sell their service).  Stock research is expensive


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