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2014-04-21 Trusts & Estates Law - Annuity:

Hi Gayle,    The insurance company should be able to let you create your own annuity and continue the deferral.  Did you ask them about that?  If you already have the money then it is too late.  I am surprised

2014-04-21 Canadian Stocks - stock shares:

Nancy, from the information I have available, Green Diamond and Can-Med are the same company. Green Diamond had a 1 for 6 reverse split and changed its name to Can-Med. The transfer agent likely just sent

2014-04-19 Canadian Stocks - old stock certificates:

Sigi, from the information I have available:    Alwin has no value. The Company had a 1 for 5 reverse split and a name change before being dissolved in the early 1980's.    Austin was cease-traded in the

2014-04-19 Canadian Stocks - Old oil company shares:

Tony, from the information I have available:    Wellington went through several name changes and reverse splits and became Inouye Technologies, which was cease-traded in 2003. Those cease-trade orders

2014-04-18 Canadian Stocks - old stock prices:

Kip, there are several places that have that information available.    The easiest (and cheapest) for an individual investor is in the newspaper. Local libraries usually have old newspapers going back


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