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2016-12-06 Canadian Stocks - Royco stocks:

Anthony, from the information I have available, it appears the company is no longer in existence and the shares have no value. They seem to have gone out of business around 1980, and due to them being

2016-12-05 Canadian Stocks - Current Value of MacDonald Mines LTD Stock Certificate:

Annete, from the information I have available, MacDonald did become MacDonald Mines Exploration, which currently trades for about 6 cents per share. Unfortunately, the Company has had at least 2 reverse

2016-12-03 Canadian Stocks - Adjusted Cost Base old stocks:

Vicky, for determining cost basis of stocks, you will need several pieces of information. The first is the price of the stock at the time it was purchased. The 3 stocks you list (since you are correct

2016-12-02 Property & Casualty Insurance - BOR letter question:

Hi Jerry,    Yes, you have to be appointed with the carrier you are submitting the BOR to, unless you are going through an aggregator.   That has always been my experience, thought often on very large

2016-11-26 Canadian Stocks - ugg shares:

Darcy, unfortunately, the successor company was acquired for $20.50 cash per share in 2007. It is possible that due to the mergers prior to the buyout, the 12 shares were wiped out. It is also very possible


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