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2014-11-26 Canadian Stocks - Panandean Resources shares:

Michael, from the information I have available, Panandean was acquired by Petrominerales, which was a subsidiary of a Canadian company which has since become Touchstone Explorations. In order to be able

2014-11-24 Canadian Stocks - old stocks:

Ellen, many of these shares are very old and predate much of the information I have available. But, from the information I do have available:    Kirkland had a name change and two reverse splits (1 for

2014-11-24 Beginner Investing - how do I start investing?:

Sagar,    Thank you for your question! Please keep in mind that all of the suggestions I provide below are for investors in the USA. I have no experience for investing in India. Many of the principles

2014-11-23 Canadian Stocks - worth shares:

David, from the information I have available:    Cordon Cobalt has no current value. The Company had its charter revoked and was dissolved in the late 1950's.    Mirado was around until 2010 when it merged

2014-11-21 Property & Casualty Insurance - statement of claim requested by insurance co for personal loss:

Jacqueline:    Sorry for my delay in response.  For some reason, the AllExpert's notification email wasn't received.  As for your son's luggage being lost by the airlines, I'm sorry to hear that the luggage


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