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2014-12-20 Property & Casualty Insurance - Sworn statement of loss:

Hello Ashlee,    I am very sorry you for the challenges you are facing.  It is hard enough to suffer a fire, when the insurance company complicates the claim process it makes things even more traumatizing

2014-12-20 Day Trading - Futures leverage & API/DMA:

Hi Choo,    The initial margin is the amount you need to trade 1 contract. The maintenance margin is the minimum that you need in your account to hold the position without a margin call.    I believe you're

2014-12-16 Beginner Investing - Getting started:

Hi Jake,    Thanks for the question.    Keep in mind that this info is for US people, while it may be applicable to other areas, interest rates, suitable indices, etc. may be different.    I think the

2014-12-14 Canadian Stocks - Canadian stocks:

Louise, it wasn't clear from your question which Canadian mining companies your uncle owned. Did you find actual certificates or just a notice of some kind? And it would be very helpful for my research

2014-12-14 Property & Casualty Insurance - Depreciating Labor:

Ron,    The cost of labor cannot be depreciated. Labor itself cannot be depreciated but in an insurance estimate labor is a part of the cost but typically not separated out for specific costs. For instance


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