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2014-10-28 Insurance Law - additional insurance premium:

Hi Cindy-  The company has 60 days in which to underwrite the policy.  Any premium changes have to be advised of in that time frame.  Check your policy declarations page and compare it to the quote you

2014-10-26 Canadian Stocks - redcon gold mines:

Manny, from the information I have available, Redcon had a 1 for 3.5 reverse stock split and became Goldquest. Goldquest reorganized in 1994 and shareholders received shares of Goldcorp. I am not sure

2014-10-25 Canadian Stocks - canadian stocks:

Blair, from the information I have available:    Vista had numerous name changes and at least 2 reverse stock splits (1 for 2 and 1 for 4) and is now Unique Broadband Systems, which trades for about 1

2014-10-25 Life & Health Insurance - SINGLE UNIVERSAL LIFE:

Dear George,    I have not seen the actual proposal, so my answer is that this is mathematically possible. However, I doubt that the 2.25% is guaranteed against the entire $100,000 and for the whole period

2014-10-25 Insurance Law - Out of state storage - insurance:

Hi Dennis-  I would suggest inquiring into a Personal Articles Floater policy, which would cover personal property anywhere.  Your renters policy gives you only 10% to personal property away from your


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