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2015-08-02 Canadian Stocks - canadian stocks:

Stanislaw, from the information I have available:    Midswana has no value. In 1999, Midswana did a 1 for 5 reverse split and changed its name to Vertex, then later changed its name to First Strike Diamonds

2015-07-30 Canadian Stocks - United Grain Growers:

Sue, those certificates will no longer be valid. United Grain Growers merged with Agricore, then Agricore was later acquired by Saskatchewan Wheat Pool and renamed Viterra. Viterra was acquired in 2012

2015-07-27 Canadian Stocks - old stock certificates worth anything?:

Diane, from the information I have available:    Warstar has no value. The Company was dissolved in the early 1990's.    Multinational had a 1 for 5 reverse split and became New Guinea Gold. New Guinea

2015-07-22 Women`s Investing - trading:

Hi Kelly,     Congratulations for learning about trading. One important aspect is learning how to read charts, this is called Technical Analysis. Online, look for "Telechart 2000 tutorials" or "Think or

2015-07-21 Canadian Stocks - Illusion Systems:

Alan, from the information I have available, the shares have no current value. The Company's operating subsidiary filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and stopped operating in 2002. The stock was suspended,


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