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2015-05-20 Insurance Law - parking on a private buiness parking lot:

I think the police can do anything they can get away with. The question would seem to me to be the land owners permission.  If the owner of the vehicle had liens against it, then I guess they would have

2015-05-16 Trusts & Estates Law - charitable trust:

Most charities incorporate and use this process. Then run the charitable activity as a non-profit corporation from there. I prefer to recommend Wyoming or Nevada corporation for this activity. You can

2015-05-15 Insurance Law - Homeowner insurance claim:

Hi Mark-  Your third paragraph wasn't really quite understandable.  I'm guessing that after you made major improvements in your home, you didn't contact your insurance company to raise your dwelling limit?

2015-05-14 Canadian Stocks - Shares Value:

Paul, from the information I have available, the shares have no value. The Company had multiple name changes and reverse splits and ended as SHEP Technologies, which was used in a stock fraud scheme in

2015-05-12 Insurance Law - Uninsured driver:

Hi!  I'm not from Michigan, but I can tell you how somewhat how auto insurance works.     First, since it's your vehicle, it is your auto insurance that would respond in the accident.  Michigan is unique


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