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2014-10-18 Beginner Investing - RE::

Russ,      Thanks for the follow up!  The only real way to play with stocks that have pending earnings releases is if you feel that you know something, or have a better feel for what the announcement will

2014-10-16 Canadian Stocks - Insulite:

Martin, from the information I have available, the company had 2 name changes and at least 1 reverse split (1 for 4) and became Northampton Group. Northampton was acquired and taken private for $1.40 cash

2014-10-16 Life & Health Insurance - Selecting a Life Insurance Policy:

Amanda,  Thanks for your question.  It sounds like you could benefit from some basic advice about buying life insurance.  I admire both your motivation to help your mother and your willingness to admit

2014-10-15 Canadian Stocks - 20 shares certificate:

Maxine, from the information I have available, Trans-Western was acquired by Acroll Oil and Gas in the 1960's. Western shareholders received 1 Acroll share for every 2.08 Western shares. Acroll had a 1

2014-10-13 Beginner Investing - RE::

Russ,       It sounds like your timing was excellent. So the question becomes how to allocate back from cash and bonds into stocks.       Timing the bottom of the market is incredibly difficult, probably


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