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2014-10-24 Canadian Stocks - Stock Certificates:

Christine, from the information I have available, the Company had numerous name changes and reverse splits (1 for 4, 1 for 5, and 1 for 5) and is now in the UK. The Company is now Billington Holdings.

2014-10-24 Canadian Stocks - Old canadian stock certificates:

Pat, from the information I have available:    Halren has no current value. The Company had its charter cancelled and was dissolved in the mid-1970's.    Storimin has no value. The company had numerous

2014-10-21 Canadian Stocks - Stock/Share certificates.:

Albert, from the information I have available:    Rights certificates grant the holder the right to buy additional shares for a limited time. I have no doubt those rights have expired. However, if you

2014-10-18 Beginner Investing - RE::

Russ,      Thanks for the follow up!  The only real way to play with stocks that have pending earnings releases is if you feel that you know something, or have a better feel for what the announcement will

2014-10-16 Canadian Stocks - Insulite:

Martin, from the information I have available, the company had 2 name changes and at least 1 reverse split (1 for 4) and became Northampton Group. Northampton was acquired and taken private for $1.40 cash


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