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2014-09-18 Canadian Stocks - Legacy explorations limited:

Fred, from the information I have available, the shares have no current value. The Company had a 1 for 2 reverse split and became TriNexus, which ran into serious financial trouble and was suspended, delisted

2014-09-18 Canadian Stocks - Forbes Lake:

Debbie, from the information I have available, the Company has gone through numerous name changes and capital changes. It had a 1 for 3 reverse, then a 1 for 13, then a 1 for 7.7. Then a 1.5 for 1 forward

2014-09-16 Canadian Stocks - HIMAC Reources LTD:

Joseph, from the information I have available, HIMAC had numerous reverse splits (1 for 2, 1 for 5, and 1 for 8) and name changes. It became Creston Moly, which was acquired by Mercator Minerals on the

2014-09-15 Insurance Law - Hurrican Sandy:

Hi Jessie-  I looked on line, and this is what I found about the recently passed law in your state:    "...Connecticut’s newly enacted statute requires that “[w]hen a covered loss for real property requires

2014-09-13 Canadian Stocks - Pan Ocean Oil Corp & First Maritime Mining Corp:

Good question. It could make a different in certain situations, but in this case it should not. It the certificate was issued the registered holder should have been made in your name with the registrar


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