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2017-03-24 Trusts & Estates Law - convoluted estate:

Hi, Adreanna. I was on vacation and apologize for the delay. Sounds frustrating. The bank will tell you exactly what they need from you (it sounds like they may have already). You may need to talk further

2017-03-24 Canadian Stocks - Old share info:

Tom, from the information I have available, the Company merged into Paladin Petroleum on the basis of 1.75 new shares for every 1 Tipperary share. Paladin Petroleum went through several name changes and

2017-03-23 Canadian Stocks - Old stock certifictes:

Lisette, from the information I have available:    Goodfish had several name changes and at least two reverse splits (1 for 32 and 1 for 4) and became Probe Mines. Probe was acquired in 2015 by Goldcorp

2017-03-20 Insurance Law - Pitbulls:

Hi Paul-    Very good question.  Generally, the liability would be on the renter, but the person who was bit could still name the landlord in a lawsuit. I doubt though whether the property policy would

2017-03-20 Canadian Stocks - Midswana diamond exploration corp.:

Sheryl, from the information I have available, the shares have no current value. In 1999, Midswana did a 1 for 5 reverse split and changed its name to Vertex. Vertex later changed its name to First Strike


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