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2015-01-25 Christian Movies - VHS Cartoon:

Now this is going to make me wonder too.    Could it be either of these:    Original Top 10:      Paws and

2015-01-21 Scifi Movies - Why do we need the matrix:

Hello Avi,    The point of the movie is that the people ARE dreaming. They are dreaming about a world that looks like ours, but in reality is a future dystopia which is so bleak that most people would

2015-01-21 Scifi Movies - The Matrix:

Hi Avi    That is a good question. I guess we all perceive the machines as the bad guys in the film and therefore the option for mankind seems logical, however what if the machines are not evil and they

2015-01-16 Monroe, Marilyn - The Legacy of Marilyn Monroe:

Hi Molly!    Sounds like you're working on a fun project. I hope I can help.     Marilyn was a ambitious woman before the women's movement, so she stood out even during her own lifetime. Also, no one in

2015-01-12 Scifi Movies - looking for movie:

Hello Susan    There are a few possibilities for this assuming it is not an episode from a TV series like Twilight Zone or Outer Limits...     Some films it could be are:    Time Travelers (1964)    Journey


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