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2015-06-27 Classic Film - Creation (1931):

Hello Reyshelle,    What I know of "Creation" is as follows.... It was in its early stages of production at RKO when it was cancelled. This was primarily because it was becoming a very costly project at

2015-06-26 Comedy Movies - Funny movie can't remember name of movie or character:

Irene, based on this limited description, the film title you seek is most likely "It's Pat," a 1994 movie starring Julia Sweeney as the ambiguous character of Pat. The physical description matches, except

2015-06-16 Classic Film - Saw movie, don't no title.:

Hi Randy,    Thanks for your question,…and I'm pretty sure I have an answer for you.  I love the old 1930's "Gold Diggers' movie musical series from Warner Brothers  ( which Usually starrred Dick Powell

2015-06-16 Christian Movies - Russian Christian:

I believe it's "Gold Through the Fire" -

2015-06-12 Comedy Movies - Woody Allen:

Diamond, I'd definitely put "Sleeper" in that same category, and for me, "Love and Death." My husband and I often go around quoting it. The others I specifically listed were also quite funny to me, but


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