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2015-03-28 Dragon Ball, DB Z, DB - dragonball gt:

Uub and Pan getting together would be pretty much impossible since in A Hero's Legacy with Goku Jr., Pan is an old woman and Goku Jr. doesn't appear to be descended from Uub, nor was there any mention

2015-03-26 Horror Film - Horror movie:

I really think you are talking about the movie SPLIT SECOND with Rutger Hauer but it is from 1992. It has most of what you described....alien creature(mutant) with blade like finers, soldiers being killed

2015-03-23 Wayne, John - Complete list of all John Wayne films.:

Hello Barry,    If you go to the following sites, you will find complete lists of all the films that John Wayne was in, either as a bit part player, a featured player, a co-star or in the lead role.  

2015-03-21 Classic Film - Help with Movie Name:

Hello Sukant,    This was a film called "It's Always Fair Weather". It came out in 1955 and starred Gene Kelly, Dan Dailey and Michael Kidd as the three ex-soldiers, with Cyd Charisse and Dolores Gray

2015-03-18 Celebrity News - question:

Hi Amanda,    I do not have specific information on how his fan mail is handled.  It is up to the performer and his management on how they handle mail.  I would not send anything of value as you might


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