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2015-07-24 Scifi Movies - scifi series:

Gary, this was an interesting assignment, although a bit out of my area of expertise. TV series from the early days of television are not always easy to locate, and this was no exception. I don't have

2015-07-23 Scifi Movies - movie name or actors involved:

Hello Gary,    That's a tough one - when did you see it? Was it color or black&white? American, English or foreign? Could it have been an episode of a TV show? Any info will be helpful. Let me know, and

2015-07-22 Horror Film - Haunted painting?:

Tim, I would love to try and help you but I am afraid that this is just too little info. A painting with creepy eyes has just been in SO many movies....that I just couldn't find your movie just from that

2015-07-18 Dragon Ball, DB Z, DB - db super:

It's absolutely great. It's literally a dream come true, it's what every DBZ fan has been fantasizing about for years.     Yes I'm very excited, I have been watching it online each week. There's currently

2015-07-08 Christian Movies - 90s teen show Christian:

I am so sorry but this one doesn't sound familiar at all.  I know there is a Kids Praise where they sing but I couldn't figure this one out.    If you can recall anything else about the show it might be


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