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2015-05-16 Classic Film - Older Film:

Hi Justin,    Thanks for your question.  Yes, I DO know thw film you've described.  It actually was made Three times,ůso I don't know which version you saw.  The title is "State Fair" and the first was

2015-04-25 Westerns - Obsecure:

Dear Brian:        Well you can cross this movie off your bucket list. The name of this movie is They Call Me Trinity (1970)It is in the category of spaghetti western comedies and Star Terrence Hill and

2015-04-25 Christian Movies - puppet movie:

I'm not sure what this is - all I could find was this one - Wow Wow Wibble Woggle Wazzie Woodle Woo [actual title!!] from 1985 about a boy (played by a man) stuck in his white room to do his homework and

2015-04-11 Classic Film - movie comedy:

Hi Lane,    The film you're looking for is one of my favorites,...the hysterical 1976 comedy, "The Ritz", starring Jack Weston, Jerry Stiller, Treat Williams, Rita Moreno, and Kaye Ballard.   Learn more

2015-04-11 Dragon Ball, DB Z, DB - DBZ:

Well as I'm sure you know there are plenty of truly amazing and legendary moments in the franchise.     DRAGON BALL    This may come as a shock, but as far as Dragon Ball, one of my favorite moments was


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