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2014-07-25 Horror Film - Horror Movie Expertise Needed:

Ah....the scary dolls phobia! Not sure when it started but yes LOTS of people are creept out by dolls just like some people are scared of clowns. Here are some of the movies I can think of:    -Dead of

2014-07-11 Horror Film - The Blob 1988:

Hey Jake, Yes I have seen the remake of the Blob from 1988. I am not positive but I would say that Megan just kind of panicked and was scared that the Blob would get her too. She also probably thought

2014-06-28 Classic Film - Classic Movie title:

Hi Lucy,  Thanks for your question. I'm pleased to say it's one I can answer easily, since it's always been one of my favorite "fantasy" films, from Universal Pictures,…the 1943 movie, "Flesh and Fantasy"

2014-06-27 Scifi Movies - what film is this?:

Hello Maria,    This is indeed a difficult one. The only movie that comes immediately to mind is "Barbarella" from 1968; it has some scenes that look more or less like you describe. Might this be the one?

2014-06-09 Westerns - Chimp westerns:

Dear James:      First of all, I wish to apologize for the time duration in getting back to you.My computer was inoperable until recently and I was also recovering from minor surgery.So I humbly ask forgiveness


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