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2014-08-26 Scifi Movies - movie on clones:

Hi Nickita    The film is as you stated: "Anna to the Infinite Power" (1982)    The DVD seems to be available for purchase on-line like sites such as Amazon etc.

2014-08-13 Scifi Movies - old dimension travel movie:

Hello Gerome    There was an old film showed in schools that sounded similar but I am not sure if it had parallel phenomenons in it called "Stalag 17" (1953) by Billy Wilde?    If this is not the film

2014-08-08 Classic Film - Classic Movie Help:

Hi Joe,  Thanks for your question,..and please forgive my delay in getting back to you.  Yes, I'm certain I know exactly which film you're asking about !  It has always been one of My favorites,…since

2014-08-01 Monroe, Marilyn - Marilyn:

Hi Sue,    Thank you for the question. Like a lot of women, Marilyn's weight and measurements fluctuated throughout her life. Generally speaking, she weighed between between 115-120 most of her life. She

2014-07-31 Making Films & Videos - external sound recording device:

This is a tough one to answer, but I think I found one for you: Rode VideoMic.  I have not used it, but the reviews seem to be good and the price is right.  check it out:


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