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2016-09-23 Making Films & Videos - Editing film parts:

My apologies for the late response, my daughter has been in and out of several hospitals since two Sundays ago.    Technically, if you do not have copyright permission, in most cases, it is illegal.  BUT

2016-09-22 Classic Film - gift of magi:

Hello Rosie,    Sorry I didn't understand your question the first time round. I think you are looking for a film called "O'Henry's Full House", which came out in 1952 and starred Anne Baxter, Jeannie Crain

2016-09-22 Star Trek: Voyager - The krenim:

Hi Clint,    We don't know for sure since it wasn't addressed on the show but we have to assume that the Q felt that the changes that Annorax was making to the timeline were within the acceptable allowable

2016-09-19 Star Trek: The Next Generation - Was each episode shown twice?:

Hi! Thanks for the question! "Next Generation" will always be my favorite Star Trek series because I basically grew up with it as well.    It is actually a little hard to say. Since TNG was syndicated

2016-09-14 Classic Film - MOVIE NAME:

Hello Chester,    The only film that I can think of that comes anywhere near to the one you remember is a 1977 film called "The Car". The basic storyline was that of "a mysterious black, sleek automobile


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