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2016-05-01 Scifi Movies - science fiction 50s 60s:

Dear Roger: This plot description best fits the Italian/Mexican horror film "Caltiki, the Immortal Monster," made in 1959 but released in the U.S. in 1960. Often shown on television in the 1960s, the film

2016-04-29 Making Films & Videos - Film making evolution:

The complete answer would fill a book, Kayla.    Just think, when you are my age, you can tell your kids that you were around when movies were actually on film and got projected on big film projectors

2016-04-19 Westerns - Western movie:

Dear Anton:        There are three suggested movies which i will recommend to you, that have a similar theme .       The first is Westward Ho with John Wayne and Sheila Bromley (1935)       John Wyatt

2016-04-11 Making Films & Videos - More questions:

If you wanted to complain, I suppose the ASC would be fine, but remember that you are upset about an artistic choice by either Cinematographer or Director.  It is similar to complaining that people use

2016-04-10 Making Films & Videos - More questions:

Hi Simon,    I must have clicked the wrong response button on the last email saying I couldn't answer it.  Sorry about that.    Color grading has always happened for color films.  Real film captures images


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