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2015-08-26 Christian Movies - 90's Christian Teens VHS movie:

I think it's - Superkids and The Armor of Light - It could be 'The Intruder' - same series - http://www.christianfilmdatabase

2015-08-25 Classic Film - Our Gang Figurines:

Hi Allen,    Thanks for your question.  All I could learn about those Our Gang figurines …was that they were originally "give-away" items at theaters,…  back in the 30's ( not the 20's).   It looks like

2015-08-23 Horror Film - What's the name of this movie ?:

Hey Kat, nevermind...I think I found what you are looking for. It was actually a TV episode of GOOSEBUMPS called "The Headless Ghost". The whole episode is on YOUTUBE        What year is the movie from?

2015-08-18 Dragon Ball, DB Z, DB - Mystic form:

Yes, this confuses many people, however the answer is simple.    Gohan simply does not train like Goku or Vegeta once he is an adult. He focuses all of his attention on his family and studies/career. This

2015-08-14 Dragon Ball, DB Z, DB - about fusion:

This is a widely discussed match up all over the internet. I can assure you there is no definitive answer, but I can also assure you that I can give you the best possible answer. I'm afraid there isn't


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