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2015-02-24 Star Trek: The Next Generation - Cloaking devices:

Hi David, thanks for the question! I don't think the limitation of cloaking devices is ever explained in the TV shows or movies, unfortunately. It is possible that an explanation was given in an obscure

2015-02-24 Classic Film - title of movie in which gypsy hides a pilot:

Hi Howell,    Sorry for the delay in my answering you,…but I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I have the answer for you.  I recall seeing this film as a little kid,…and although it's available on

2015-02-23 Horror Film - green inferno:

Rick, In checking around it seems the movie ran into "financial difficulties" and has been indefinately delayed. It was scheduled for a September 2014 released originally. Some rumors pointed to it just

2015-02-16 Actors` Exchange - Witch AND Baker's Wife audition song:

I am not a musical theatre maven, but I'd suggest you look for a song that shows off your singing. Don't worry about fitting the character -- if you are seen as an excellent singer and you give them something

2015-02-10 Star Wars & Phantom Menace - toilets in the Star Wars universe:

Hi Ruben,    Thank you for the question. I've seen plenty of bizarre questions asked here in AllExperts, and admittedly this one has to rank near the top....    Believe it or not, Wookieepedia (the online


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