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2014-11-24 Star Wars & Phantom Menace - Future films:

Hi James!  It's  my understanding that episodes 7-9 will completely break from all prior lore and stories and become a completely new story. This is such a disappointment to me, especially after how careful

2014-11-23 Scifi Movies - Seeking a Movie Title:

Hi Judy    This was actually an episode of the TV series The Outer Limits.     (Season 2, Episode 5) The episode was called "The Demon with a Glass Hand" (1964)     The creatures are humanoid aliens called

2014-11-23 Scifi Movies - looking for a movie title:

Hi, how are you?    The film you are looking for is called Time Warp (1981)     This was a made-for-TV movie starring Chip Johnson, Adam West and Gretchen Corbett.

2014-11-21 Scifi Movies - Can't find a sci fi movie:

Peg, I am interested in looking for this question, but I have to wait until next week, because I actually am at an academic conference right now, and unable to spend time looking for the answer. I completely

2014-11-11 Dragon Ball, DB Z, DB - Are the base Saiyajins above Freeza?:

He never made any kind of comment, at least as far as the manga is concerned, about his capacity to win the Budoukai. Most of his concerns regarding the Budoukai were centered around keeping himself and


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