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2014-09-15 Celebrity News - EMIN3M:

Hi Richard,    This is the address of his management:  Eminem  The Schiff Company, Llc  9220 Sunset Blvd.  Suite 106  West Hollywood, CA 90069      How to send your fan mail and autograph requests to Eminem?:

2014-09-10 Horror Film - Horror Film Question:

Erica,  Can you explain what you mean by the bars on the basement...were the bars on the doors or the windows, etc? Also what do you mean by 666 stuff?    One movie that I remember that had a spooky deal

2014-09-10 Star Trek: The Original Series - Fanfiction Help:

1---You are correct. TOS took place in the 23rd century, probably almost exactly 300 years after it aired.  2---NO.  3---Did you mean have we grown a third eye or duplicate sexual organs? NO.  4---This

2014-09-06 Romantic Movies - movies recommendations:

There are more romantic movies that begin with the hero and heroine hating each other or with one of them hating the other than there are that begin with them liking each other!  There's even a whole category

2014-09-03 Classic Film - Trying to find title of movie based on plot:

Hello Brandi,    Sorry for the delay in this reply, but I was looking for material to send you.  Yes, I Definitely know the film you're referring to.  You've described the closing minutes of the film,


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