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2015-11-16 Christian Movies - Looking for Christian movie 'The Centreville Awakening' made in 1959:

Title Centerville awakening [motion picture] / presented by Gospel Films, Inc         Imprint [United States : s.n., 1958] sd., b&w 2 reels (ca. 73 min.) ;   2 film reels (ca. 73 min.) 16mm         Cast

2015-11-14 Horror Film - YOU SCARE ME:

Cameron, you are right in that there is no definitive research to show that watching scary movies will cause you to have nightmares....Many people do say that it does! I am one of those. I have always

2015-11-14 Making Films & Videos - Film:

Sorry for the late response.  Yes, a negative look would swap black for white, etc.  You wouldn't shoot anything with such a filter, but rather film it normally and use an editing software that has a "negative

2015-11-08 Westerns - Battles of Chief Pontiac:

Nancy:      I concur with your discovery that the Battle of Chief Pontiac could be the correct movie.I had not heard of this film before, so it is an education for me as well. I praise you for your diligence

2015-11-06 Classic Film - Obscure question about The Three Musketeers.:

Hi Gerald,    Sorry for the delay.  Was trying to find an answer for you.  ( Perhaps one of the other 'experts' might be able to help you.)  The closest I could come to locating a possible answer ,..was


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