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2016-01-27 Westerns - western:

Dear Randall:        I think that I may have found the answer to your question.The name of the movie that you are looking for is a 1959 movie called "Thunder in the Sun", directed by Randall Rouse and

2016-01-26 Star Trek: The Original Series - Auxiliary Control:

Ok, you've got me on that one. The only place I can think of that may tell what the stations do is in the Tech Manual. Once I find out where I have packed mine I am going to look... now I am curious as

2016-01-25 Star Trek: The Original Series - Block a scan:

From what I have seen, scans can be blocked by atmospheric conditions on a planet, radiation, when a ship is cloaked, etc. There is equipment that can block a scan, but then the sensors would detect that

2016-01-25 Star Trek: The Original Series - NCC-1701:

From what I have seen and read, the Galileo shuttlecraft have deflector shields. Any craft travelling at close to impulse speed would need deflectors. From watching "The Galileo Seven" I don't think that

2016-01-14 Scifi Movies - Equivalent of a small thesis on Sci-Fi:

Dear Patrick: By a "small thesis" I am guessing this is a school project of some kind? You don't give the level or further explanations so I cannot be sure. Normally I donít do school work, but in this


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