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2015-09-25 Classic Film - movie title question:

Hi Shelbi,    Sorry for the delay in replying,…but it took a little time to finally track down what I Believe is the film you're looking for.  The plot basically seems to be the same,..although Not exactly

2015-09-06 Classic Film - The Phantom of the Opera:

Hi Brooke,    Thanks for your question.   It's a most interesting one, because it really cannot be completely truthfully answered.  The story that ( some) women fainted at the sight of the Phantom's gruesome

2015-09-03 Star Wars & Phantom Menace - Star Wars movie poster print:

Hi Ron,    Thanks for the question. Interesting poster that you picked up there. That poster is actually the cover art for this 1992 Expanded Universe book (now branded as "Legends") called "The Glove

2015-08-26 Christian Movies - 90's Christian Teens VHS movie:

I think it's - Superkids and The Armor of Light - It could be 'The Intruder' - same series - http://www.christianfilmdatabase

2015-08-25 Classic Film - Our Gang Figurines:

Hi Allen,    Thanks for your question.  All I could learn about those Our Gang figurines …was that they were originally "give-away" items at theaters,…  back in the 30's ( not the 20's).   It looks like


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