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2016-08-16 Classic Film - Old black and white movie:

Hello Tina,    Thanks for your question.  I believe I know the film you're looking for.  Though there have been several films which a young girl sees her mother's ghost ( for example, 1946's "Sentimental

2016-08-05 Classic Film - do you know the title?:

Hello Jeff,    The only one I can think of that comes close to your description is a TV film from 1978 called "The Bermuda Depths". It starred Burl Ives, Leigh McCloskey, Carl Weathers and Connie Sellecca

2016-08-01 Classic Film - RE: Classic movie from the 30s (remade in 50s?):

Hi Marcia,  Sorry for the delay,..but although the plot of the movie you described sounded familiar to me,...I couldn't quite put my finger on it right away.  At first, I thought it might be one of Rock

2016-07-28 Star Wars & Phantom Menace - Movies:

Hello,  Like I mentioned before, there are 3 different versions of the original trilogy, the theatrical release, the special edition, and the Blu-ray.    The Blu-ray version in episodes 4 and 5 didn't

2016-07-21 Star Wars & Phantom Menace - Movies:

Hello,  No I personally don't think we'll ever see thee original releases in print again. While the original cut was good, the special edition added not only controversial scenes like Han and Greedo, but


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