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2016-05-23 Star Trek: The Original Series - Two ships in warp:

2 ships can detect each other with sensors while they are in warp space. In the episode "Divergence" on Star Trek Enterprise it shows that 2 ships can share the same warp bubble and even physically move

2016-05-14 Making Films & Videos - FOLLOW THE LEADER:

Hello,    The implication of an installment is that it is one of several in a predetermined series.  A sequel is the follow-up to a previous story.  Harry Potter movies are considered installments because

2016-05-13 Classic Film - B/W movie:

Hi there Rick,    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you,...but I'm pretty sure that I know the film you're looking for.  I remember seeing it when I was a kid, and thinking it was hilarious.  It's

2016-05-02 Classic Film - Movie title:

Hi Judy,  Thanks for your question.  I believe I know the movie you're looking for,...although this black and white film is from a later time period than the years you mention.  At any rate, it's plot

2016-05-01 Scifi Movies - science fiction 50s 60s:

Dear Roger: This plot description best fits the Italian/Mexican horror film "Caltiki, the Immortal Monster," made in 1959 but released in the U.S. in 1960. Often shown on television in the 1960s, the film


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