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2014-12-18 Classic Film - B&W Film where 2 kids go to heaven:

Hello Jason,    I'm pretty sure I have the film you're asking about.  It sounds Too much like this 1940 20th Century Fox film, not to be.  "The Blue Bird" starred Shirley Temple,…and was 20th's "answer"

2014-12-05 Horror Film - Movie title:

Glad I helped the way...I am pretty sure you can at least find parts of the movie on YOUTUBE...maybe even the whole movie there. IF not try CRACKLE...I think they have it there for free!    I

2014-12-04 Classic Film - Movie quote:

Hi Scott,  Yes, I think I've got the answer for you.  The quote was from the 1940 Warner Bros. film, "Torrid Zone" starring Cagney, Ann Sheridan and Pat O'Brien.  To see other quotes from the film, go

2014-11-24 Star Wars & Phantom Menace - Future films:

Hi James!  It's  my understanding that episodes 7-9 will completely break from all prior lore and stories and become a completely new story. This is such a disappointment to me, especially after how careful

2014-11-23 Scifi Movies - Seeking a Movie Title:

Hi Judy    This was actually an episode of the TV series The Outer Limits.     (Season 2, Episode 5) The episode was called "The Demon with a Glass Hand" (1964)     The creatures are humanoid aliens called


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