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2014-07-11 Horror Film - The Blob 1988:

Hey Jake, Yes I have seen the remake of the Blob from 1988. I am not positive but I would say that Megan just kind of panicked and was scared that the Blob would get her too. She also probably thought

2014-06-28 Classic Film - Classic Movie title:

Hi Lucy,  Thanks for your question. I'm pleased to say it's one I can answer easily, since it's always been one of my favorite "fantasy" films, from Universal Pictures,…the 1943 movie, "Flesh and Fantasy"

2014-06-27 Scifi Movies - what film is this?:

Hello Maria,    This is indeed a difficult one. The only movie that comes immediately to mind is "Barbarella" from 1968; it has some scenes that look more or less like you describe. Might this be the one?

2014-06-09 Westerns - Chimp westerns:

Dear James:      First of all, I wish to apologize for the time duration in getting back to you.My computer was inoperable until recently and I was also recovering from minor surgery.So I humbly ask forgiveness

2014-06-08 Westerns - vague movie scene from 60's or before:

Dear David:       First of all i would like to apologize for taking so long to get back with you. My computer has been inoperable until recently so i had no viable means to communicate with you.And i do


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