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2014-10-28 Wayne, John - Fireplace in McLintock:

The fireplace you refer to seems to appear at 0:40 of this video, the trailer for the movie.    I have no way of knowing what material that fireplace would be.    If

2014-10-17 Horror Film - movie title.:

Julie, do you have a time period that this movie would have been from? Where did you see, at the movies, etc?    Here are some movies that it could be:    The Mummy's Tomb  The Mummy's Ghost  The

2014-10-14 Classic Film - Navy,Romance, Kid with flashlight:

Hi Chris,  After I'd read your question again, I suddenly recalled a film which Might be the one you're asking about.  Anyway, its plot is close enough to your description.  It's about a widow with three

2014-10-07 Christian Movies - christian tv show from the 90s???:

I don't know what that show is.  Is there anything else you can tell me to try and find it?    The only ones I could remember where Psalty and Music Machine - sometimes they had regular people too in theirs

2014-10-04 Christian Movies - 90's kids movie:

I am not positive but it sounds a little bit like "Superkids" perhaps the Intruder, which was the first one.    Check


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