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2014-04-13 Westerns - Can you give me a list of westerns that are:

Dear Questioner:         I can start you off with a list of several movies off hand that have at least one female child under the age of 16 at the time the movie was filmed.    Rio Grande- 1950- John Wayne

2014-04-10 Making Films & Videos - Voice over:

Hello Raja, I did some quick research on your software editing program and I am not convinced it is the best match for your needs. Unfortunately the editing software reviews and descriptions appear to

2014-04-10 Making Films & Videos - Voice over:

Most editing software will work - Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas, Apple iMovie, etc.  Unfortunately, For Arcsoft Showbiz, I looked these up:    This link talks about the multiple audio tracks

2014-04-08 Making Films & Videos - Voice over:

It all depends on your editing software.  You can film yourself speaking and then import that clip into your editing.  In the editing program, separate the video from the audio and delete the video out

2014-04-05 Star Wars & Phantom Menace - Luke Han Leila:

Dear Kristine,    I just wanted to drop in and take a closer look at your questions. To be totally honest, there hasn't been a lot of information out right now about the new movies coming out, but I'll


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