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2016-11-24 Westerns - Old western movie:

Dear Elaine:        I believe that the movie you may be looking or is a Spaghetti western entitled, Stranger in Sacramento (1965). During a cattle drive Mike Jordan finds his father and brothers murdered

2016-11-13 Horror Film - Horror movie:

Lee, sorry but I may need some more information in order to help you. Do you know anything else about the movie? Are you sure it was a horror movie. Can you describe the characters , the scene. How old

2016-11-04 Scifi Movies - Sci fi tv show:

Hi Martin,    A single scene from an unknown episode of an unknown TV show? That's not a lot to go on. There are enormous amounts of TV shows out there. The one thing I can think of is the Doctor Who episode

2016-10-23 Star Trek: The Next Generation - TNG:

Another criticism of Enterprise is the disregard for continuity. Supposedly little is known about the Ferengi in Picard's day. In "The Last Outpost," the Federation meets the Ferengi for what is supposed

2016-10-22 Star Trek: The Next Generation - TNG:

Hello, James.    Feel free to ask whatever you wish about any Star Trek series. I may not be able to answer certain questions, of course.    To be honest, I never got into Enterprise. I never watched it


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