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2017-03-09 Scifi Movies - filming locations:

Hi David    The filming locations for The Chronicles of Riddick" were in Burnaby and Vancouver and British Columbia, Canada. The filming location for the last Firefly episode"The Message" was in  20th

2017-02-10 Star Wars & Phantom Menace - Versions:

Hi James,    Thanks for the question, and apologies for the rather delayed response.    Last time I counted, there are at least 8 different versions of Episode IV alone; this includes various theatrical

2017-01-24 Christian Movies - Children's puppet movie:

We think it is called Circle Square, but unfortunately it's not on DVD.   This is a link to a VHS for one of them.  It was a series.

2017-01-22 Westerns - Western movie:

Dear Shawn:          If this is the movie, I am thinking of, it is a long forgotten gem.Arrowhead is a 1953 western Technicolor film directed by Charles Marquis Warren and starring Charlton Heston and

2017-01-10 Classic Film - Quote:

Hi Terry,    Sorry for the delay. I believe that the quote,.. originated by H.L.Hunt;...(  see : )  was used in the 2007 film, "Lucky


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