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2014-12-17 Security & Fire Protection Systems - PC1500 master code:

Mike,    Yes, all it will do is lock up the panel. No affect on the keypads, etc, a new board will have installer code and master code set to factory default. Not sure what they are, it will be in the

2014-12-17 Security & Fire Protection Systems - DSC PC3000:

You can set the alarm time to four minutes (actually required by most Jurisdictions in North America).  Siren time-out is Section 22 (where you program the delay times).  As for "calling a central station

2014-12-17 Autism - bubble:

Dear John,     I suspect they are saying that we live in a "bubble", meaning that we see things in an isolated way.  There is some truth to that, but it an indication that they don't understand autism

2014-12-14 Security & Fire Protection Systems - PC1500 master code:

Mike,    Your best bet would be to just replace the control board. I did a search on Ebay and found 2 1500 boards for about $40.     Here is the problem with resetting a DSC panel to factory default -

2014-12-14 Teaching Advice - Letting the Students check Quizzes and Exams:

Thanks for your question.  There is no wrong or right answer to this. It depends on the circumstances and I believe most importantly in the guidelines that are used when doing this. For example for MC


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