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2014-07-27 Parenting --Teens - ALL ALONE:

Dear Cameron,    Are you kidding me? I can count on one hand the number of children in their teen years who actually WANT to go places with their parents. Most people ages 13-19 would almost always rather

2014-07-24 Special Education - Ot quantity:

Jared,    You don't have to accept this change or any other changes proposed. When they present you with a new IEP that lowers his OT, you sign it agreeing to everything except the reduction in OT Services

2014-07-23 Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) - Welbutrin:

It is impossible to answer without doing a full neurological examination on a patient. However starting and/or stopping medical treatment is not for the layman. It requires medical expertise. Moreover

2014-07-22 Parenting Stepchildren - Step-parenting a 20-year old daughter:

Hi Lori - yes, I have advice. [1] agree with your husband  on specifically what your role as stepmom is:(what are you responsible for?)    2] Identify specifically what

2014-07-21 Could I be Pregnant?! - am i pregant:

Hi Kate, Call a pregnancy center and see when is a good time to get a free pregnancy test. It's possible you could be pregnant but what happens if you are? Here is the link to find a pregnancy center.


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