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2014-09-29 Security & Fire Protection Systems - dsc 1864 alarm panel:

The only thing I can suggest then is to do a panel software default and start over programming from scratch.  If there are no issues with the telephone line, try eliminating dial tone detection and put

2014-09-29 Security & Fire Protection Systems - dsc 1864 alarm panel:

I'd suggest going through every programming parameter to check that you have the right phone number programmed, account number (remember the double "f's" at the end if you're only using four digits), and

2014-09-28 Autism - disclosing:

The diagnostic information belongs to the person, or to the parents of the child. Unless things are different in Sweden, there is no obligation to disclose a diagnosis.    But, there are some reason when

2014-09-28 Genealogy - Family Tree Template:

It is rather difficult to use a pre-printed template for descendants because you have issues like multiple marriages or differing numbers of children that make any standard template insufficient.  Typically

2014-09-27 Security & Fire Protection Systems - Ademco Vista 20 with 6160 keypad:

Hi Mark, and thanks for the question.    The Vista 20 manual says it'll only support 1 smoke detector in alarm with the 2-wire configuration, so adding those two detectors with sounders is not a good idea


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