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2015-03-30 Parenting --Teens - help with 12 year old boy:

Hello Bernadette,    Thank you for your excellent response.  From what you said, I would agree that he is dealing with a great deal in his life and he is not handling it well at school and with some authority

2015-03-30 Special Education - consult follow up:

Dear Jane,    Thank you very much for following up with me to see if I can help clarify. Let me say that if you feel that the delay in doing the functional behavior assessment from two years ago has harmed

2015-03-30 Special Education - recess punishment:

Sam,    I represent many students that have ADD/ADHD. Their ability to concentrate is impacted and their minds tend to wander in class. Studies have shown that these children benefit from being physically

2015-03-30 Special Education - testing:

Dear Lia, Thank you so much for writing to me.  I found your first question about how I can help parents on this site without knowing the child very interesting.  Your second question is about how you

2015-03-29 Autism - One Extra Piece:

Hello again Kirsten,    I think I finally figured out your question.  (That is because, as an autistic myself, I can often have difficulty picking up on social cues, especially when the person with whom


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