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2016-04-28 Special Education - Visiting a school:

Hi Michelle,    Thank you for following up and clarifying for me that you've already reached out to the Principal.     I am not aware of the 'law' that you are referencing. Feel free to send it to me if

2016-04-25 Autism - Parenting plan assessment for child with ASD:

Hello Leo,    First, your son is very lucky to have two parents who love him and want to be involved in his life.     I can offer you some opinions on autism and kids in general, but I don't know your

2016-04-24 Parenting--Toddlers/Infants/Pre-Schoolers - new fear of dogs:

Hi Beverly,    I want to be 100% honest with you. I am not an expert in toddler fears. I focus on discipline, success, raising happy children, and more.     But, I am a father of two girls and we do have

2016-04-24 Special Education - Visiting a school:

Hello, Michelle,    Thanks so much for asking me about whether you have a 'right' to visit the high school where your child has been placed for the upcoming year. I am very sorry for my delay in my response!

2016-04-23 Adoption Issues - Birth Mother Wants Updated Obituary:

JoAnne, in my opinion, it is likely that the "birth" father's recent passing has triggered your sister. Losing a child is not something she can entirely "put behind her." Mothers do not forget. Your sister


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