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2014-10-18 Family Law (Divorce, Family Relations) - divorce & child support:

Tyoni:  DISCLAIMER:  I AM NOT AN ATTORNEY: I am someone with experience with Family law matters, and can give some directions of what I would do but these are my opinions: I strongly recommend that you

2014-10-14 First Aid - Hole in Nail:

Hello Sandy,    I's sorry to say that I don't have a good option to make the bulb go away (your doctor may be a better one to ask about treatment for that). The injury looks like it isn't into the nail

2014-10-13 Parenting--Toddlers/Infants/Pre-Schoolers - Kid issues:

Cornell,  First,  I would like to apologize for the delay in getting back to you.  The day you sent this to me,  I had just given birth to my 6th child.  I just got released from the hospital yesterday

2014-10-13 Parenting--Toddlers/Infants/Pre-Schoolers - Kid problems:

Dear Cornell,    Thank you for contacting me. I understand how frustrating parenting can be especially when we have more than one child. I have posted an answer for you here http://mkaykeller.blogspot

2014-10-13 Parenting--Toddlers/Infants/Pre-Schoolers - Kids:

Hello Cornell,     Having one toddler is difficult enough, but having two and...well, you know exactly what it's like! I agree with you that some things have to change. For you and for your relationship


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