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2014-09-01 Security & Fire Protection Systems - Radionics D4112 alarm:

Hello Barry, and thanks for your questions.    To answer your last question first, yes, your existing outside siren will work with a newer system, if one is needed.    But before considering system replacement

2014-08-29 Parenting --Teens - Tween Girl:

Hello Jason,   I agree it is a phase and it doesn't necessarily portend anything more serious. More likely that depends on how you are you are going to handle this phase. I would also add thst you  didn't

2014-08-26 Special Education - Assistive tech law:

Hi Sheena,    I answered this question on August 7.  Is this your same question?  I am copying my answer so you can ask a follow up if needed.  If this is not your question from the past, please review

2014-08-26 Parenting K-6 Kids - child separation anxiety:

Hi Scott,  Separation anxiety isn't uncommon in early elementary school and often dissipates with time. However, by bringing her home, she hasn't developed the skills to cope, which means it's not surprising

2014-08-26 Special Education - PE for autistic children in grades 4/5:

There is no certification for adaptive PE, although it would be a good idea.  Because of that there is no legal reason a district can't have a PE certified teacher teach the course.  However, if those


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