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2015-08-31 Special Education - Home bound:

Joann,    Given all the options you have stated you can't do, there are but three left for you to consider.     1) If a medical doctor prescribes home/hospital teaching, the school district must provide

2015-08-29 Searching the Internet - help me please!!:

Hi, Amy.  Your question really should be asked in the category of Computing Hardware, software, but I'll give it a shot even though I'm not an Apple user.  The following should get you back into images

2015-08-29 Security & Fire Protection Systems - USI electric smoke alarm 1204:

Hello Mike, and thanks for your question.    Manufacturers and industry experts say that the useful life of smoke detectors is about ten years. Yours are 13 years old.    Now, detectors often perform well

2015-08-28 Security & Fire Protection Systems - Lightning etc.:

Yes, in Layman's terminology when lightning strikes, the EMP (Elector Mechanical Pulse) heavy current, heavy voltage goes into the ground....but what radiates from that is EMI (Electro Mechanical Interference)(like

2015-08-28 Security & Fire Protection Systems - Lightning etc.:

So long as there is a grounding differential, static electricity can take out PC boards for today technology. A strike of a mile, 10 miles, or next door can get you.  If you have any kind of potential


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