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2015-05-03 Security & Fire Protection Systems - Napco Security Systems class 2 transformer TRF 8/T116:

If the battery has never been replaced, then likely it's completely depleted (dried out), and the panel is putting excessive charging voltage to the unit to compensate (drawing more power from the transformer

2015-05-02 Autism - 4 year olds behaviour:

First, you have my admiration. If you have two children already diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and suspect that your third child may also have autism, you have an incredibly full plate

2015-05-01 Security & Fire Protection Systems - False Alarms:

Hello Juan and thanks for writing.    The General System Tamper is often associated with the zone expansion module. However, there's probably no correlation between that and the temperature, unless the

2015-04-30 Searching the Internet - perpetual search:

Hi, Rick.  I've used Google Alerts for that sort of thing for years and it works really well receiving notification emails when whatever I've plugged in shows up on the Internet.  Might work for what you

2015-04-29 Special Education - services:

Hi Sally, Thank you for following up with me!    It would be best if you would email me at    So I can send you our welcome packet and fees.      I have traveled for expert engagements


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