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2016-12-03 Parenting--Toddlers/Infants/Pre-Schoolers - 3 year old doesnt listen and shows signs of aggression:

Hello Dina,     You may not be doing anything wrong. Parents are not always responsible for the behaviors of their children.     However, there are good and "not-so-good" strategies for dealing with more

2016-12-02 Parenting --Teens - 16yo son in unhealthy relationship:

Dear Sherrie,    At this point, I am not sure that I have any easy solutions to your concerns. An area that you might immediately attend to is to establish better communication with your son. For this

2016-11-28 Transportation and Vehicle Safety - Question:

You live in Bulgaria.  I am unfamiliar with their laws regarding driving privileges.  If you're talking about the laws here in the United States, only legal residents of a state may test for a driver's

2016-11-28 Transportation and Vehicle Safety - Question:

Hi,    Yes, you can drive in the United States with a valid driver's license issued by your home country.  You will want to get the international driver's page, which translates your license into English

2016-11-27 First Aid - healing is too slow:

Hello Chris,      Sorry to hear that you cut your finger. Yes, as we get older the skin and circulation changes quite a bit. Because you said you weren't sure when the cut actually happened I wonder if


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