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2014-04-23 Security & Fire Protection Systems - FA260 shows no ac:

Hello Paul, and thanks for your question.    There are a few things you can check. First, let's confirm that the outlet that holds the system transformer is okay. Just plug a known good lamp into the outlet

2014-04-22 Microsoft Internet Explorer - Explorer not working:

Hi Steve,    Regarding your issue, I would suggest couple of options.    Option 1    Check Lan settings under Tools>Internet Options>Connections>Lan Settings     *In case your company uses proxy server

2014-04-22 Security & Fire Protection Systems - Alarm system triggers on Power Loss:

You're definitely having a power problem.  I would suggest that your battery may not be up to snuff.  The way to test this is to simulate a power failure.  If you have a DC voltmeter, put it across the

2014-04-22 First Aid - Defibrilators:

Hello Rob,    First, it world have to be a manual defibrillator like we have on the ambulance or in the hospital. An AED you would find at the mall, school, or work site has built-in safety features that

2014-04-20 Playground Safety and Design - plyground:

Hard to say what you should do without knowing how much of a slope or hill you are dealing with. In most cases wood chips do require a boarder to contain them. Sometimes on a slope you can actually take


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