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2015-10-02 Autism - Autism:

Dear Ben,    I agree, autism stinks in many ways, especially with the enormous fear of autism so ubiquitous in the society at large. But autistics have strengths too.  And, though "few and far between"

2015-10-02 Fatherhood - Sleepless nights:

Hello Jared,    Over the years, I've found it interesting how the bulk of questions I get are only tangentially  related to the child and most often the question lies with the adult relationships. First

2015-10-01 Indoor Air Quality - asbestos pipe insulation and paper:

Michelle,    Without seeing the pipe insulation I can't say for sure.  However most wrapped asbestos pipe insulation has asbestos in the wrap, but not always.  If the wrap was falling off, it is more likely

2015-09-28 Divorce Issues - house:

Hi Annette.    Thank you for your question. You can take someone to court anytime you'd like. But, before you do, you may want to just ask your ex if he would be willing to sign a 'quit claim deed'. One

2015-09-27 Parenting K-6 Kids - Siblings lying:

Hi Alison,    Ultimately, there are a few things to think about with lying:    1) Don't get overwrought about it. The bigger the reaction from, the more likely the kids will try to lie better. Instead


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