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2015-05-21 Searching the Internet - Date of naturalization:

Sorry for the delay.  Your question got hung up in the system.  Same question came up here:  If that doesn't

2015-05-21 Parenting Stepchildren - co-parenting in need:

I understand your concern about your baby.  It is common for stepmoms to worry about how the step children will react to the new baby. For the most part there is no problem and children seem to accept

2015-05-18 First Aid - chicken bone:

Hello Anta,    The biggest danger in swallowing a chicken bone is that it will get caught in the esophagus (the foot tube). If it made it to the stomach it shouldn't be a problem. If you develop severe

2015-05-18 Parenting --Teens - Discipline:

She IS wrong. You are right.     This is really a tough one, and I thank you for asking, Ed. Sadly, I'd just do the same as you, and give her things to read, like this:

2015-05-17 Parenting K-6 Kids - Behavior problems in 10 year old:

Hi Sarah,  It's always a challenge for me to help with these types of questions, because I'm not there to observe or talk to you and your son. Although it's possible the comments about stabbing are to


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