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2014-09-18 Security & Fire Protection Systems - FA260 alarm:

Hello Vinnie, and thanks for writing.    The fact that none of the three backlights are working suggests a power issue. This could be either the battery you just put in (unlikely, but possible), the charging

2014-09-18 Parenting--Toddlers/Infants/Pre-Schoolers - food:

Rekha - I'm not familiar with where too much water would cause colds and do not believe any fruits would cause your son to get a cold.  I've seen where my children have occasionally passed bowel movements

2014-09-17 Teaching Advice - Problem with teaching/dealing with kids:

Thank you for your question Hessa. And no, your long story is not a bother.  You seem to be a difficult position with a Director who requires more of the students than they are able to perform at this

2014-09-16 Indoor Air Quality - de humidifers:

Joyce,    Evaporative coolers only work well in very dry climates such as portions of the southwest.  Air conditioning (and its high cost) is a way of life in hot, humid Florida.  In fact, Florida was

2014-09-16 Speech Disorders - Repeatitive talking in 6 year old girl:

Hello,    Your daughter seems very interesting to be around. To be honest I won't be of much help because she is not a typical case where you feel like you could make a diagnose or at least understand


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