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2014-04-19 Security & Fire Protection Systems - DSC PC 1500 HOME SECURITY:

Thanks for the additional information.    It's hard to tell without being able to examine the system, but I suspect that zone 1 is not programmed as a burglary zone. Have you or an alarm vendor been poking

2014-04-19 Parenting Stepchildren - Stepson becoming adult:

Hi Scott - I'm very familiar with your situation. You have a marital problem, not a stepson problem. Specifically, your wife must choose who's needs are more important to her: hers, her son's, or yours

2014-04-18 Security & Fire Protection Systems - DSC PC 1500 HOME SECURITY:

Hello David, and thanks for writing.    The system test verifies the battery, keypad LEDs, and the siren. So far so good.    Here are two things I want to confirm.    First, there's an entry delay which

2014-04-17 Searching the Internet - problems connecting:

Don, give me some more info and I'll try to help for no charge.  Where are you in PA?  I'm originally from Latrobe.  Who is the ISP?  Comcast?  Provide me more details re what's going or not going on.

2014-04-15 Autism - autism:

Hi Michelle,    Your son sounds like a delightful little boy with a lot of spirited energy.  You sound like a fabulous mom and he is lucky to have you by his side.  You mentioned that you've read some


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