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2016-02-09 Parenting--Toddlers/Infants/Pre-Schoolers - Labor Pain:

Kenneth,     Seeing as my youngest was just born at 12:18 am, and it's only 4 hours later, I think I can give you a pretty good example.    My son was due the 15th of Feb, but the morning of the 8th, I

2016-02-07 First Aid - cut the tip of my thumb:

Hello Dorthy,    It sounds like you have a less severe injury though cuts at the ends of fingers can be very painful and can cause problems when you try to use your fingers for about a week after. Keep

2016-02-05 Searching the Internet - google image search:

Rick, I know nothing about this topic, but my first thought is if the problem is in the foot, why do you want to see only lower leg muscles?  But, you must have a reason.  Start with an image keyword search:

2016-02-04 Security & Fire Protection Systems - False Alarms:

The common control is the the DSC main board (inside the metal cabinet).  Please ensure you power down the system completely before you start messing around with the wires.  I'm pretty sure you'll find

2016-02-04 Security & Fire Protection Systems - False Alarms:

Hi Juan:  Two things spring to mind.      1.  Is your system hooked up to a telephone line?  An alarm without any zone identifier is indicative of a telephone line fault.  When the system's armed the siren


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