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2015-07-02 Speech Disorders - Repeating letters in the words:

Hello,    Nice to hear from you again. I would have to hear her speak in order to be more accurate. However, it does not seem that she is stuttering as it only happens with those two sounds and in the

2015-07-01 Speech Disorders - Repeating letters in the words:

Hello Tanya,    I do not know how helpful I will be as speech is hard to analyse when we have no access to direct observation. However, I will try to be as helpful as possible and to do so I need to ask

2015-06-30 Parenting K-6 Kids - Age Gaps:

Hi Grace,    So sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. Was on vacation and forget to put on the vacation hold.    A con for having a larger gap is that you and your husband have to do contend with the

2015-06-27 Parenting Stepchildren - Advice?:

Brian     I can understand some of what you are going through.  Our oldest daughter was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.  We went through some very difficult times as as a family in trying to deal with

2015-06-26 Special Education - tech eval problems:

Denise,  I believe you have the basis for a Compliance Complaint though it is a bit of a stretch. The basis for this is that you signed the current Assessment Plan and they did not use a qualified assessor


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