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2015-11-27 Private Investigations and Personal Security - Finding Information:

Kenneth, W:2 records are not public and there is no legal source, absent a subpoena or voluntary examination to access them. I am quite positive that there would be criminal sanctions and penalties at

2015-11-26 Private Investigations and Personal Security - Finding Information:

There are no single databases that can answer all of your questions.Address is the easiest, followed perhaps, by marital status by checking deeds, vehicle ownership and so forth. Those would be followed

2015-11-26 Autism - autism:

Dear Anders,    I suspect there is some sort of "rhythm" in social situations, per se.  If all you're looking for is to impress someone, performance may matter.  But as I see it, social communication is

2015-11-24 Security & Fire Protection Systems - low battery message:

Hello Paul, and thanks for your question.    A battery a year is unusual. They should last longer than that.    Here are the possibilities.    The battery isn't charging properly. Causes could be (a)corroded

2015-11-22 Searching the Internet - PBS in Mexico:

If Phil's having dos tacos count me in!  Quick research shows:  For more info search on keywords:  pbs video not available in your area  You didn't


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