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2016-09-26 BDSM - fisting to the next level?:

Hi Gus,    It sounds like you currently exploring the safest way possible, by listening to your partner.    I can't tell you what she'll enjoy or not enjoy, nor can I guess at how she'll react because

2016-09-25 General Dating Questions - Your thoughts on relationships:

Hello!    You know those messages they put in the beginning of movies that say "based on a true story"? Well, the story you actually see is about 5% real and 95% made-up.    That's exactly how relationships

2016-09-24 BDSM - Is punishment required?:

Thank you for the clarification!    We present a class called "Dealing With Conflict In An Authority Based Relationship" which looks a different ways, some more effective than others, that we can deal

2016-09-21 Marriage and the Husband-Wife Relationship - marriage issue:

HI Ana,   well, it looks so much like that the family issues that are happening here are from years of tradition. With family issues like this i feel that whatever i say could offend the culture of your

2016-09-21 Domestic Violence - How do I start to feel comfortable again?:

Hello Sara,    First I want to congratulate you.  It took a huge amount of courage to leave a relationship that was so terribly abusive. I applaud you.     I also applaud you for getting professional help


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