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2014-04-23 Adultery - Other Women:

Hello Karen,    What you are experiencing is typical- both of him and you. Most women don't go into a relationship wanting to be the other woman. It happens just like you describe. You see what you want

2014-04-23 Female Masturbation - orgasms:

I highly advise against humping the pillow.  Prone masturbation has been shown to be a cause of sexual dysfunctions in males and there is some evidence that it is linked to orgasmic dysfunction in females

2014-04-23 Alzheimer`s Disease - can't figure it out.:

Hello Catie:  I'm so sorry to hear of your finance's mental stresses.  I'm sure it's very upsetting for both of you.  I'm guessing he's about your age, and I was glad to see that he has already consulted

2014-04-22 Celibacy/Abstinence - Maya, work and whatsapp:

1. Various things manifest through Maya, as per the grand plan of the Almighty. All these are only illusions and not real.    2. Like an actor playing his part in a drama. The actor behaves as the character

2014-04-22 Male Masturbation - over mustrabate cause penis shrink in size and hydrocele one sight very small:

actually too much masturbation  gradually robs a man of his primary source of vitality and immunity, leaving him weak and vulnerable to disease and shortening his life span.   therefore semen must be regarded


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