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2014-07-21 Retirement Planning - Retirement:

Hi Steve,  Yes, he can still keep contributing to his IRA even if he has a 401k from work. The contribution limit is $5500 annually. Whether the IRA contributions are fully tax deductible depends on his

2014-07-21 Celibacy/Abstinence - Prostate Problem:

There is no such relationship. Prostate troubles occur to those who continue to live in the sex plane, after having given up sexual activity due to old age or some other reason. Mere physical abstinence

2014-07-21 Marriage and the Husband-Wife Relationship - frustrated wife:

Hi Charles-     Have you tried sitting down with her and having a heart to heart talk, if not then do so. And if you have talk to her again. Regular communication is dire in a relationship. Otherwise,

2014-07-21 Marriage and the Husband-Wife Relationship - frustrated wife:

understanding why men have insecurity in relationships is half the battle to solving it.  When you know yourself, and understand some of the psychology and biology behind a problem it helps in overcoming

2014-07-20 General Dating Questions - Boy:

Hello Cosh!    Absolutely he would like it and absolutely you should do that! Giving a sincere compliment is the best way to break the ice with someone. Obviously, don't gush all over him, but be sincere


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