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2014-10-30 Sex Toys - Eroscillator:

Hello Amber,    Thank you for your question.    Prolonging orgasm means, when you reach orgasm, the orgasm lasts longer, and is often more powerful.  Usually, this happens once you reach just before orgasm

2014-10-30 Celibacy/Abstinence - The World & other voices:

1. Do your Sadhana and be quiet.    2. Digestion occurs all by itself, in parallel. Not indulging in strenous physical activity for a while after a meal is advisable.    3. To hold on to the Atman (self)

2014-10-30 Sex Toys - Eroscillator:

Hi Amber,    Thanks for your feedback.  That helps a lot.    Yes, the Magic Wand is strong.  So, if you found the pocket rocket too strong, the the Magic Wand will definitely be too much.    The Eroscillator

2014-10-30 Celibacy/Abstinence - The Clairs:

Based on the nature of one's past Samskara-s (impressions), the mind is made to go through various illusory experiences, under the force of the Ego. One should turn a blind eye to such experiences, which

2014-10-30 Sex Toys - Eroscillator:

Hello Amber,    Thank you for your question!    Yes, the Eroscillator is a very good sex toy, excellent for clitoral stimulation, and is one of the most expensive toys on the market.  Is it worth it?


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