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2014-09-14 Male Masturbation - Using my balls:

Erections are good.  Erections are always good.  They shouldn't be wished away.  Just wear heavier pants so that you know no one can see your erection.  They are easy to hide if you keep them pointing

2014-09-13 Celibacy/Abstinence - Transcending the Ego:

1. When one learns to hold on to the self, realizing the falsity behind the allure of flesh, which is ageing every minute and prone to decay, one will no longer feel bothered.    2. Who perceives and who

2014-09-13 Celibacy/Abstinence - Fear of death:

1. Fear is unwarranted faith in the negative. It is an illusion and a fancy of the mind, devoid of substance.     2. That which has to happen will happen no matter what and that which is not destined,

2014-09-13 Celibacy/Abstinence - Samyama on objects:

Perform Samyama on the Atman (self), as suggested in the method of meditation, in past answers. Samyama on other objects, for Siddhi-s does not come in the purview of quest of the self.     <b>ॐ

2014-09-12 Male Masturbation - Lubrication:

Silicone lubes are not oily at all.  The clean up is very similar to water based lubes.  But you might need to use a wet cloth.  They do not wipe up as cleanly as water-based lubes.  I think some guys


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