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2015-05-26 Female Masturbation - Masturbation questions:

1.  Not very many men that old have frequent wet dreams.  Surely they are not the only ones.  But only three in five males ever has a wet dream, and nearly all of them stop having them when they learn

2015-05-26 Female Masturbation - infertility:

Masturbation is normal, healthy, and fun.  Most women your age masturbate often.  It does not affect your fertility.  It is even good for you in many ways.  See here to learn some of the health benefits

2015-05-26 Marriage and the Husband-Wife Relationship - Family friend trying to seduce my wife.:

cut it all off,she shouldn't want to go be around a man that has a crush on her,she has a choice,u need to find out if more is going on here,don't be surprise if the friend already knows,sounds very fishy

2015-05-26 Masturbation - I am a virgin and I masturbate every day:

Most males and more than a few females your age masturbate daily.  It is normal, healthy, and fun.  If you're being late and ignoring your friends, then you need to make some changes.  Most people your

2015-05-25 Celibacy/Abstinence - Is Earth just the beginning?:

Who goes where? It is all a creation of the mind and nothing else. One need not go anywhere to realize the self, which is right within. He who goes and the places gone to, are both imaginary. THAT which


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