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2016-02-06 Dating at Midlife - widower:

well, at 66, if your goal is to still find a special someone, there's no time for endless emails with no actual goal. the only reasonable choice is to offer up the suggestion of meeting (always with minimal

2016-02-06 Dating at Midlife - widower:

Hi Jeannie, first off let me say good for you! Good for you for trying. I give you a hundred thumbs up. People our age have history and although we try to bag it, ignore it, try to forget it, somehow it's

2016-02-06 Alzheimer`s Disease - Stages of and progression of AD:

Hi Lorraine,    Thank you so much for writing.   I am so very sorry for your medical challenges with your husband but applaud your commitment and tenacity to the care of your husband.    While each person

2016-02-04 BDSM - Rabbit in the Headlights:

This is kind of a no-brainer, Ben. What you're supposed to do is stop. You know that, but you think you can't. I'm going to tell why you can.    The reason for the rabbit in the headlights feeling is because

2016-02-04 Celibacy/Abstinence - Mental turmoil in the path:

It is normal for the mind and body to go through extreme oscillations of an opposite nature during the initial years of practice. This is on account of the upsurge of past Vasana-s, which have suddenly


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