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2015-08-29 How to Attract the Woman - Confession to a girl:

Hello again Jackson!    Image how you'd treat another guy you don't know well who is also involved in the product. That's how you'd treat her. Other than that, don't reach out to her - keep it strictly

2015-08-26 Male Masturbation - Ejaculation:

Think about whatever turns you on the most; look at arousing images; and touch your private area in ways that you find appealing.  If doing two or three of those things doesn't get you erect, then maybe

2015-08-26 How to Attract the Woman - Confession to a girl:

Hello Jackson!    She's avoiding you. That tells you a lot. At this point the only thing you can do is to back even further away - as in zero contact - and see what she does. Give her at least 2-3 weeks

2015-08-25 Sex Advice/Oral Sex - Husband's ideas:

Intermammary intercourse can be accomplished if the woman's breasts are big enough to meet.  You hold them together and he thrusts between them.  This will probably make him squirt, but it is unlikely

2015-08-25 Accounting, Payroll & Pension Issues - 1099's:

If the concrete guy is a corporation no 1099. You will have to find out if he is a corporation or not. If he is not a corporation he gets a 1099.    I would not give the computer guy one as his labor was


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