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2016-08-24 BDSM - Wife in D&s relationship with another man:

Sorry to hear this.  BDSM requires informed consent of ALL the parties and, in my opinion, if you have not consented to this then what she is doing has no honor.    Having said that: Have you given you

2016-08-23 How to Know if You`re - Should I tell crush abroad I like her????....:

Hi,    You're welcome.    It doesn't matter one way or the other, because you can't control her; if she appreciates your loving her and loves you, too--she will likewise appreciate your timing. If she

2016-08-23 General Dating Questions - Should I tell crush abroad I like her??.?:

Well if there is no way to make such a relationship work due to distance than perhaps there is no benefit of sharing your feelings. I guess I would let circumstances change first and keep her as a friend

2016-08-21 Celibacy/Abstinence - Ongoing strggles:

It is normal for the Sadhaka to go through oscillations of the mind and body, depending on the nature of his past karma. Though it may appear for a few years that no progress is being made, large blocks

2016-08-20 How to Know if You`re - Should I tell crush abroad I like her????....:

OK:    On the one hand, how do you know it will end badly if you tell her you like her? On the other hsnd, maybe you feel that way because your unconscious mind (some say "intuition") is telling you it's


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