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2014-04-16 Adult Film - How to start up a porn industry in Nebraska:

Hey Ferris,    Are you writing me because it's your day off? ;-)    Just kidding... I couldn't resist.     Thanks for coming to me with your question.    As stated on my profile, I am not a lawyer.   

2014-04-16 Celibacy/Abstinence - Regarding practicals:

Go through each and every past answer from the start and apply the said Sadhana in an honest and uninterrupted manner. The practice will get established in the course of time.    <b>ॐ तत

2014-04-16 Male Masturbation - erection dsyfunction:

Most males your age masturbate about once a day.  Masturbating by itself does not cause erectile dysfunction.  Have you been doing it in an odd or rough way?  That might make a difference.  It would help

2014-04-16 Male Masturbation - Testicle pain:

I suspect your recent burst of activity is taxing your prostate gland.  Pain originating in the prostate tends to radiate out and feel like it's in your testes.  Please see this page for an explanation

2014-04-16 Celibacy/Abstinence - Remembering God at the time of death:

1. One should never give up. Having being awarded with birth in the human body, one's duty is to strive for Brahmacharya, to realize the self, till the last breath, with devotion to God. When this much


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