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2015-07-27 General Dating Questions - First date!:

Hello!    Welcome to the US!    We are generally more personal in dating. Let's face it, everyone here knows what you're meeting for - and this isn't a business function. Shaking hands is what business

2015-07-27 General Dating Questions - Taking photos of her on a first date?:

NEVER ask, for anything...confident guy reads clues, doesn't need to weakly ask; you make such decisions right at that moment; you look at her--if you sense she's truly happy to see you and you feel similarly

2015-07-27 General Dating Questions - The first date:

I would make sure she realizes this is your first date out of your culture and that you're a little nervous. Let her reassure you. I think maybe a handshake is too formal but kissing her hand may not be

2015-07-26 General Dating Questions - Confused/Crush:

Hello again. Yes I recall your situation. It is somewhat positive that she showed up for the second date. Did she mention doing any future activities with you while on this date? You didnít wait quite

2015-07-26 General Dating Questions - Confused:

Hello again Joey!    Yep - I sure do. You've made every mistake you could have made here. In effect, you forced her to go into hiding. I seriously don't think you want me to list all the mistakes.    Regards


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