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2014-10-19 General Dating Questions - Is this guy boorish or just ignorant?:

Hello!    I really hate questions like "What do you think he was {thinking/saying/feeling/doing/etc.}?" as it's really impossible for me to say with any sort of accuracy. You talked to him at least a few

2014-10-18 How to Strengthen Your Relationship - Confusion:

Hi Alexander!    Keep in mind exactly what you said; you still have a chance.  Her liking someone else does not mean it is over.  Have you ever shared with her the reasons for your behavior early on?

2014-10-18 Celibacy/Abstinence - Spiritual Growth & Brahmacharya:

Residing in the self, as the self is Brahmacharya, spirituality or whatever else one may wish to call it.  Is there any difference between the two? True spirituality results in natural Brahmacharya and

2014-10-18 Celibacy/Abstinence - Homosexuality and spirituality:

Sexuality is an illusion concerning the Ego and is itself unreal in terms of the absolute. However, the concept of sexuality has its rightful purpose, for procreation, in this Leela (play) of the Lord

2014-10-18 Celibacy/Abstinence - List of things to do for Brahmacharya:

All the past answers are to be gone through without exception. Brahmacharya is not a science which can be studied chapter wise, looking at the index. It requires reorienting one's life, with a change in


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