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2015-02-26 Gay Life - gay?:

Hi Jeff,     It's possible that you are gay. But my advice to people that are questioning it is to just always go with what feels comfortable for you on a personal (and sexual) level.     It may be that

2015-02-25 Retirement Planning - Your response to Vera dated 11/13/.2012 re RMD calculation:

Hi Richard,  I just reviewed the question you are referring too. It appears I made a mistake when answering it. The amount in my example would be $80k. I can't believe I didn't catch that. Sorry for any

2015-02-25 Celibacy/Abstinence - Tension in the genital area:

Apply the suggested Yoga Sadhana properly. Busy the body with regular physical exercise & the mind with constructive work. Things will stabilize in due course.    <b>ॐ तत् स

2015-02-25 Gay/Lesbian Issues - I'm so confused:

Greetings Hayley,    Thank you for sharing your journey with me. I'm glad to know that you feel that you would have family support if shared with them your feelings and emotions about your attraction.

2015-02-25 UK Relationships - will he ever admit it:

he's interest in u,ask him out  and for his number;age is no barrier,if u like him back confront him,maybe he don't know how to let u know so he's sending u sure signs,go for it,life is short and precious


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