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2016-12-02 Geriatric Medicine - exhaustion:

I'm sorry, I did forget to address the issue of how to "avoid" having a stroke. The best way to avoid having a stroke is to maintain a BP close to what is considered the "normal" range. Here in the states

2016-12-02 Alzheimer`s Disease - geriatrician single handed diag dementia:

If I was your attorney I'd be asking for a second unbiased opinion.     To answer your first question, yes a geriatric physician can diagnose dementiia. Doesn't take a lot of visits to do that. If he gave

2016-12-02 Geriatric Medicine - exhaustion:

Dear Philip:    I think the fact that you are signed up for "memory services" is a good thing. It is concerning to me when a doctor chalks everything up to old age rather than to investigate until he/she

2016-12-01 Geriatric Medicine - exhaustion:

Hi Philip:    If you have the need to write in the future, kindly include a list of your mom's medical conditions and the medications that she takes. The fact that she was prescribed folic acid for a while

2016-11-30 Celibacy/Abstinence - Marraige and children:

1. The world and this birth are itself Maya. However, there are certain urges which are deemed valid, the desire to make a family being one. While there is no harm in aspiring for marriage and a family


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