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2014-12-19 Celibacy/Abstinence - What is the extent of tolerance?:

1. To what extent does an actor playing the role of a suffering man suffer? Such is the involvement. One not in the state of realization cannot function in that manner with complete detachment, as regards

2014-12-18 Single Parenting - what to do at Christmas time:

I think what he says is true but "alone time" is not a party with his family who your son does not know.  Your son would probably be uncomfortable not knowing anyone.     Having you go to the party to

2014-12-18 Alzheimer`s Disease - help:

Hello Desirai:  I'm very sorry to hear of your grandfather's increasing problems.  I know it's very hard for you and your family to understand and to handle.    He REALLY needs to get to a doctor in order

2014-12-18 How to Attract the Man - how to keep a man:

Hello Patricia!    You have quite the self-fulfilling cycle going on there! You're fat because you don't care and you don't care because you're fat. Since you don't care, you don't exercise or take care

2014-12-18 General Dating Questions - Do I want kids?:

Hello Alex,    Thank-you for your question, and it is a great question to be asking at your age. I applaud you for reaching out to obtain new information before making such a big decision. Keep seeking


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