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2015-10-05 Male Masturbation - Burn on scrotum:

I've never heard of that being a cause of cancer.  You can certainly burn your thin penile and scrotal skin with a hot liquid.  It would be worth having that checked out by a doctor.  Maybe have a semen

2015-09-30 Domestic Violence - Is there anything I can do to help her get out of an abusive marriage?:

Dear Confused,  Thank you for writing me with this issue.  It is a very difficult thing to see someone we care about going through difficulties such as this.  I'm sorry that my response may not be what

2015-09-29 Celibacy/Abstinence - Effects of sexual stimulation on health:

He who holds on to the Atman (self) through regular and honest Sadhana with surrender to God develops the immunity to remain untouched by external stimuli. The methods to be employed to maintain Brahmacharya

2015-09-29 Alzheimer`s Disease - hallucinations:

Hello Carolyn:  Thank you for your kind words--I'm glad you are finding some information helpful.  I don't know anything about this Charles Bonnet Syndrome, but with all of his medical issues, it's not

2015-09-29 How to Attract the Woman - Should I give a gift to this girl:

Hello again Jackson!    Is this about her or you? In other words what are you really trying to do here? Are you being considerate and concerned for her or are you only worried how you look? Really? Really???


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