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2014-04-23 Female Masturbation - orgasms:

I highly advise against humping the pillow.  Prone masturbation has been shown to be a cause of sexual dysfunctions in males and there is some evidence that it is linked to orgasmic dysfunction in females

2014-04-22 Celibacy/Abstinence - Maya, work and whatsapp:

1. Various things manifest through Maya, as per the grand plan of the Almighty. All these are only illusions and not real.    2. Like an actor playing his part in a drama. The actor behaves as the character

2014-04-22 Male Masturbation - over mustrabate cause penis shrink in size and hydrocele one sight very small:

actually too much masturbation  gradually robs a man of his primary source of vitality and immunity, leaving him weak and vulnerable to disease and shortening his life span.   therefore semen must be regarded

2014-04-22 General Dating Questions - ex:

Hello Samantha, hope all is well with you. Break up's really stink, and the ones that happen this way are confusing.  Its the questions of "How could he send mix signals?",And "Your asking yourself why

2014-04-22 Adult Film - Filming Porn in TN:

Suppose that you were looking for petroleum, for oil in Tennessee. Suppose, too, you could not find any oil when you went looking for it in Tennessee.    You might think it through and recognize that there


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