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2015-11-29 Celibacy/Abstinence - Headache/Migraine:

Stick to the suggested Sadhana properly and persevere. All these are eventually vacate in the course of time. The body goes through various changes, both physical and karmic, which can manifest in different

2015-11-29 Personal Investment & Financial Planning - Pay off student loan, or buy a house:

My advice is to pay off that very expensive student debt.  You can continue to save for the home down payment with the savings in cash flow, but the interest rate on your student debt is very expensive

2015-11-28 General Dating Questions - friends with benefits:

Hello!    One thought to start off: emotional maturity isn't about time. One month, one year, even one lifetime isn't enough for some people to reach emotional maturity. Instead, it's about milestones

2015-11-28 Sex Toys - sex toys for the aging woman:

Hello Carole,    Glad to hear your libido is still going strong.  Yes, it is common for women of your age to still desire sexual pleasure and to self pleasure.  It is harder as women age to find suitable

2015-11-27 Celibacy/Abstinence - Increased Appetite during Brahmacharya:

Various kinds of reactions can occur, further to the gamut of changes which occur during the initial years of practice. Hunger can oscillate. The beginner does well to avoid meat in the initial years.


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