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2015-04-16 Female Masturbation - Hi I have more questions:

Horny means sexually aroused or sometimes desirous of being sexually aroused.  The feeling of needing to urinate probably means your sexual arousal is increasing, perhaps getting closer to orgasm

2015-04-16 Adult Film - want to get started but...:

Yes, that is a scam.    To avoid being duped in the future,    professional models & actresses don't deal with producers directly...    Their talent managers do that, on their behalf. (Not that these guys

2015-04-16 BDSM - soon to be officially collared:

First, I want to encourage you to freely communicate with your owners.  I'm sure you don't want to burden them, or have them feel you're naive.  However, every question you ask them provides information

2015-04-15 Adultery - feelings about partner's infidelity:

Hello,  My question for you is why does it matter to differentiate between acts? Do you get to decide the meaning of someone else's behavior? If you forgave him, why are there still hurt feelings? How

2015-04-15 Celibacy/Abstinence - Brahmacharya & Prostate:

1. Proper Brahmacharya removes all issues of the prostate. It does not cause any health impediment, including cancer.    2. Apply the proper techniques of transmutation on a regular and unbroken basis


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