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2014-10-23 How to Strengthen Your Relationship - Where to go from here?:

So I am guessing she is experiencing chaos -- she is not sure what to do.  If she were to date immediately, it is clear she would not be ready.  Taking a break to reflect on things, think about my hopes

2014-10-22 Gay Life - End of relationship?:

Dear A,     It could be a matter of the age difference. I think a person at 25 is sometimes in a very different place (depending on the maturity of the individual) than a person at 32.   It sounds like

2014-10-22 General Dating Questions - dating:

It's only natural for a boy your age to think about dating and sex. But in terms of whether that would be appropriate, it seems a little early for someone your age to actually start dating someone. I would

2014-10-22 Polyamory - What to do?:

Lynn:    First, I want to express my sympathy. Cheating is not okay and I'm sorry it has happened to you.  Also, I'm very pleased to hear that your therapist mentioned polyamory.  Not many of them do.

2014-10-21 Retirement Planning - Social Security:

If your wife is currently receiving SSD, her SSI converts to social security benefits when she turn full retirement age (FRA). She will most probably collect the same amount she is collecting from SSD


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