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2015-07-05 Sex Advice/Oral Sex - Ejaculation:

When you're new to sex, there is often a learning curve.  Just work at taking a little longer each time.  If you persist in reaching orgasm earlier than you want to, then it might be worth seeking professional

2015-07-04 BDSM - removeing a collar:

Good morning, Jack...    I seem to remember your "MTT" signature line. Thanks for writing again.  Let's see whether I can be of any help.     There is no set protocol for removing a collar. I write about

2015-07-04 BDSM - establish:

James -    Honestly, I'm a bit perplexed by your question. When a person co sensually enters slavery to another there is typically an already establish sense of authority. The slave determines that the

2015-07-03 How to Attract the Man - Disappearing:

Hello again Jo!    Let's be clear about your opening statement: you don't attract the wrong types. You are ATTRACTED TO the wrong types. That's a very different thing.    It's pretty clear from your response

2015-07-03 Family Relations - Sister help:

Hi, Tammy, thanks for your question. you asked "Are there some questions we can ask each other or some kind of suggestion you have that we can use to help clear this up?"    Well, the answer is yes (although


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