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2017-02-18 Retirement Planning - Disabilty benefit to Social Security:

If I get Social Security disability benefits and I reach full retirement age, will I then receive retirement benefits?    Social Security disability benefits automatically change to retirement benefits

2017-02-17 BDSM - masochist male:

Are you a member of  If not, that would be a start. In the search field, put in the name of your city. I did that, and have found pages and pages of members. It should not be too difficult

2017-02-16 BDSM - bdsm torture:

Hello there,  Torture can be defined as many things such as mental, emotional, etc. But since you only mentioned pain, I'll assume you mean physical only.    In regards to that I would suggest that any

2017-02-15 Celibacy/Abstinence - Query on Shirshasana:

1. Yoga is a perfect science. It is to be done right, under proper guidance from an adept.    2. One should start holding an Asana pose for a few seconds only. Gradually, the duration can be increased

2017-02-14 Personal Investment & Financial Planning - Money Questions:

Hi. To confirm I understand your question, you have access to US dollars and are wondering if a bank will give you a loan using these US dollars as security? To clarify, are the US dollars in a local US


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