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2014-04-18 Goats - nubian goat kid with swollen knee:

I wonder whether it is stressed due to overusing that leg. Unless you have been giving banamine or other anti inflammatory for the broken leg, I would consider giving him that to help his knee. He also

2014-04-18 Pet Rats - my female pet rat is in pain and dying:

Hi Brittnee,  I'm so sorry to hear your rat is so sick. You have done a great job getting her to almost 4 years of age!  If you think it is time to euthanize her, and it sounds like it might be, you will

2014-04-18 Ask the Veterinarian - electro-medicine for cat's cardiomyopathy?:

If you have that locally available, you can definitely try it. There are so few that I have not seen a lot of articles about it. There are dozens of different modalities you can try, though. California

2014-04-18 Canine Behavior - Resource guarding me? Snarling at my child:

Return the dog.    This is the tip of a very large iceberg.  This dog has issues you are not prepared to deal with.  I suggest STRONGLY that, despite your loving nature and your wish to give a dog a chance

2014-04-18 Pet Rats - New rat shaky on feet:

Hi Kaylee,  With a female of this age a pituitary tumor must be considered, but usually the symptoms would progress rapidly, so if she has been like this for 3 months, it's probably not a pituitary tumor


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