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2014-04-24 Turtles - Turtle transfer:

Not hard at all. I moved my fiance with her Painted and RES turtles from PA to TX, which was over 1200 miles. 150 miles isn't a very long ride at all. I'd actually be more concerned that you have proper

2014-04-23 Ask the Veterinarian - english bull terrier help requred:

When I only had my conventional veterinary training, I would often be very frustrated by skin problems that recurred or persisted like this. My goal then was to stop itching, get hair to grow back, stop

2014-04-23 Goats - kid goat:

The health risk would be the cows passing Johnes disease. I have not heard of that happening. But I have always used cow milk along with a little whole cream to make it rich enough. My kids  never did

2014-04-23 Goats - Scours in kid goats.:

That is discouraging. A vet could do a stool sample and also test for Johnes disease, and also could rx a drug that you cannot buy, e.g., Trimethoprim, which is a broad spectrum antibiotic. If you don't

2014-04-23 Bearded Dragons - My bearded dragon has sore lips.:

Try to get her to the vet a soon as possible because you don't want it to get any worse. I'm not really sure what's wrong with her but it's probably some kind of infection! Maybe you can get some kind


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