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2015-01-27 Mice - on holiday:

Hi CJ,    Are you positive the escapee was a female?  Males will fight after being separated quite viciously, and cannot be put back together once they have been apart.    If she is definitely a female

2015-01-27 Reptiles - Leopard gecko:

Hello MaKayla,    Wow that is terrible!  I am sorry to hear of your girl having so much trouble.   Do you have any pictures of her?  What type of set up do you have for her, are you using sand or a loose

2015-01-27 Pet Rats - chirping sound:

There is a company that sells a supplement called Booster that some people claim helps with myco symptoms. See it at It is mostly red palm oil that

2015-01-27 Pet Rats - chirping sound:

Hi Skye,  So do these chirping episodes only last a few minutes? And he looks like he is having hiccups? They sound like sneezing jags caused by mycoplasma. If he is only doing it a couple times a day

2015-01-27 Reptiles - sulcata tortoise:

Hello Ashton,    How large is your sulcata tortoise, do you have any pictures of it?  Feeding just leafy greens wont be enough to maintain the shell & calcium levels, unfortunately.  What other greens


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