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2014-07-29 Dogs - Dog barking:

Kaja,    Thanks for the question and thanks for getting a shelter dog and saving a life ;-)      Barking is something that dogs do for several reasons. He is protecting his yard and his family. He is so

2014-07-29 Canine Behavior - picking up bone/toy:

Hi Laura,    What a great question! It's rare that i'm not asked to try to help resolve an issue of concern regarding a dog, so your question is really a pleasure to answer, and thank you for submitting

2014-07-28 Goats - Large udder:

When there is lack of fore and rear udder attachments as well as the medial suspensory ligament being very lax/not strong an udder can expand to be dragging and oversized as it is not kept in shape by

2014-07-28 Canine Behavior - unprovoked bullying:

Thank you for your question. If I could get a bit more information, that would help to create a more detailed picture for me of what's going on.    1. Could you please provide the ages of each dog and

2014-07-28 Ask the Veterinarian - cyclical GI symptoms:

I am so glad you asked me. Do not do all those tests. Read on and begin to explore the wonderful healing world of holistic approaches. When I only had my conventional veterinary training, I would often


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