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2014-10-24 Dogs - Crate training:

 Hi Kendra,    It sounds like you're having two problems, the crate training issues and also your puppy having diarrhea.    Diarrhea isn't a normal thing for any dog or puppy, it's a symptom of a problem

2014-10-24 Mice - Orphaned mouse with red irritated bottom:

Oh no, Andrea, I am so sorry to hear that.    Like I was saying, orphaned mice are an uphill fight.  From what you've told me just this message, I think we can guess at one of two outcomes - failure to

2014-10-24 Ask the Veterinarian - puppy chewing:

Oh dear, the shoes at least you can pick up, but the table is much harder! I would try spraying it with something bitter and redirecting his attention when you are around to something more appropriate

2014-10-24 Saltwater Aquarium - Raise Oysters in tank:

To successfully keep live oysters you will need proper saltwater parameters, below I have compiled some information for you:    WATER  To begin, most experts recommend using reverse osmosis water water

2014-10-24 Reptiles - leopard gecko won't eat please help:

Hello Jeffrey,    Sure, can you get some panacur at your local feed store possibly, like Tractor supply or other feed type of store?  Or do you already have the panacur at home?  Did you do a fecal on


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