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2015-03-04 Mice - Baby deer mouse:

Hi Vanessa,    If it is old enough to be able to walk and move normally, oats are a good "starter" solid food.  You can also try commercial mouse foods, available at any pet shop.  However, if its eyes

2015-03-04 Ask the Veterinarian - Old/New Cat Behavior:

Hi Michael,  You are doing just the right thing for these two. It can take weeks for the hissing to settle down. It shouldn't ever come to a full-blown fight but my own cat tore into a female I adopted

2015-03-04 Canine Behavior - Is 3 dogs/puppies better then 2:

Hello, and thank you for contacting All Experts,  It's really difficult to predict how things may go, especially down the road, once all these dogs mature. Your German shepherd sounds like is happy to

2015-03-04 Ask the Veterinarian - Cat is limping, vomiting, meowing alot, acting strange:

Yes, if you have not yet done it - go to your vet right away.  Also, please get in contact with an integrative veterinarian as soon as possible as they may be able to prevent euthanasia. This is a person

2015-03-04 Goats - newborn pygmy goat:

Sorry to hear of the loss.  Being full of blood would indicate the cord vein hemorrhaged, either from being torn in an abnormal way at birth or a prolonged birth time or from being a breech kidding.  It


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