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2014-11-26 Dog Boarding/Kenneling - Turf for dog area of back yard:

Hi Brenda,  Thank-you for your question.  I actually wouldn't recommend indoor/outdoor carpeting as a "ground" for dogs.  Your initial idea of laying some type of mesh followed by gravel would be a better

2014-11-26 Canine Behavior - are dog salivas safe for humans?:

I do not wash my hands every time I pet my dog UNLESS I am going to eat, but then my dog lives indoors, is groomed by me every 2 to 3 weeks, and is not in a situation to roll in interesting poop (as some

2014-11-26 Canine Behavior - i need to know coz i had a dog n due to the fur prob i had to give her off:

Thank you for your question. Labradors can be great dogs. Though individuals will have different and unique personalities. It's important to remember that just because as a general rule, Labs are less

2014-11-26 Canine Behavior - help:

All dogs shed.  The Labrador Retriever does not shed as much as one would think and there are grooming tools available (shedding blades, for example, and good soft brush for daily brushing outside) that

2014-11-26 Canine Behavior - Face rubbing on blankets:

This is a benign behavior and my dog does it too (and yes it's very cute).  If you reward it by giving extra attention, it might become annoying.  Just let the dog do her thing, it's sort of like us rubbing


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