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2016-05-25 Mice - escape-obsessed mouse??:

Ashley,    I live in a muggy climate, too (gulf coast)! I promise, as long as you keep the cage clean and use a screen lid, it's really not any worse than a wire cage. Plus there's no bedding getting kicked

2016-05-24 Mice - escape-obsessed mouse??:

Hi Ashley,    Is she escaping from the cage, or only from the play area?  You might look into a ten or twenty gallon aquarium with a mesh lid (some of them can be locked with reptile clips, too).  That's

2016-05-24 Freshwater Aquarium - Pictus Catfish/Bala Sharks:

Hi Lauren    This probably isn't what you want to hear, but a 60g tank would only work for small fish. Long term, they will need at least 125g tank, but I recommend 180g for Bala Sharks as they are schooling

2016-05-24 Reptiles - Indian Roofed Turtles:

Hello Dipto,    Oh they are so cute swimming around!  :-)  Thanks for the video.  I think that for the short amount of time, they are fine.  I am sure that they were very happy to be released into the

2016-05-23 Guinea Pigs - guinea pig problems:

This is a yes and no answer. Guinea pigs enjoy grazing on grass. The danger is the sun. If they're left in the sun and have no shade they will die in minutes.     If you want to make some kind of enclosure


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