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2017-02-26 Birds--General - bird identification and whether it is still a baby:

It is an immature goldlfinch but not a baby, Best thing to do is contact your nearest wildlife rehab center or wildlife official. It is VERY difficult to raise a baby or injured bird unless you have experience

2017-02-24 Pet Rats - Litter loss:

Hi Helen,  I'm very glad to hear that Patches is doing well. I don't think you need to worry any more, although I would recommend you get some amoxicillin to have on hand to put her on if she seems at

2017-02-24 Turtles - Hyperactive:

OK, thank you for the additional information. You need to make some significant changes to the way you're keeping him. This is especially important because you live in India. I get many questions from

2017-02-24 Rabbits - rabbit:

Hi Daisy,    Any bleeding a full day after giving birth is not normal.  Occasionally you will find a small bit of blood in the cage right after giving birth but nothing significant in size.  If you are

2017-02-22 Goats - Possible CL:

If the lumps seem hard I would try to check the contents, that is either using a very large bore needle or a small lance-type blade - if the contents looks like cottage cheese then it is most likely CL


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