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2015-08-28 Turtles - Releasing Turtles:

This depends. Where were these hatchlings obtained? Were they taken from the wild or were they captive bred by you or purchased this way?     Post a photo of their size, and of this lake as well if you

2015-08-28 Reptiles - iquana found in pool:

Hello Carol,    Oh my, I am so sorry to hear that your iguana fell into the pool.    That is very very possible that she was affected by the chlorine.  How heavily is it chlorinated?  Did you turn her

2015-08-27 Ask the Veterinarian - high blood sugar in cats:

Apart from Diabetes mellitus there are a few conditions where there can be high blood sugar levels especially in Acute pancreatitis,Insufficient excretion of wastes by the kidneys,Hyperadrenocorticism

2015-08-27 Pet Rescue/Adoption - Indian palm squirrel in risk:

Thank you for getting this squirrel to safety. Please call your local wildlife rehab person. This page will help you find one in your area. These are people trained and licensed to take care of sick or

2015-08-27 Reptiles - My leopard gecko is having... serious shedding problems.:

Hello Melissa,    I am sorry your girl has had some tough sheds!  What type of humid hide substrate are you using?  Are the baths helping her retained shed on her feet at all?  You could try some olive


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