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2015-10-08 Pet Rats - My rat has sores:

Hi Morganne,  It's not unusual for there to be a runt or two, but this sounds like maybe there is something wrong with the pups and they might not survive. The best thing to try is to temporarily separate

2015-10-08 Dogs - finding a dog:

Hi,  I don't know how long your friend waited, but people do tie their dogs outside sometimes.. Why don't you talk to your friend and tell him that if he is sure the dog was abandoned, that you will take

2015-10-08 Ask the Veterinarian - Spots on cat's nose (bridge) beneath fur:

If this was a SCC, I would think it would have grown significantly since 2013.  Unfortunately, without a biopsy, it is impossible to be sure of SCC or any other type of tumor.  You could try an antibiotic/steroid

2015-10-08 Ask the Veterinarian - Alix:

Then I especially think the best option is to try an animal communicator. Then you either return him to see how he does back at the foster home (especially if they are willing to keep him permanently)

2015-10-07 Goats - Coughing doe:

Thanks for the update.  Re the not pooping, does the one doe seem bloated at all? Sometimes with pneumonia and with antibiotics their digestive system goes off track.  You are welcome to gibve her some


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