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2014-07-24 Goats - goat breathing:

Was this sudden? Could she have been stung by a bee or something? I would check for that. Do you have epinephrine? You can give an injection of that, in case it is allergy. Worst it will do is make her

2014-07-24 Dog Food (Canine Diet and - underweight dog!:

Feed him more of his dog food, try giving carrots, they are high in sugars and carbohydrates, so are apples, sugar beets and rice.  Are you able to order products on line?  There are some good supplements

2014-07-24 Canine Behavior - Nighttime aggression toward other dog:

Educated guess (because I can't see anything from here):    Female is asserting her "right" to a privilege she perceives male does not have: sleeping on the bed.  She is making a statement of social hierarchy

2014-07-24 Mice - orphan infant mouse pup:

HI Amanda,    I am hoping you are on Facebook and can join my orphans group where we can help you a lot faster and in real time if necessary.  I am so sorry it took me this long to get back to you. I am

2014-07-24 Pet Rats - Brother freaks out:

I don't know if there is scientific evidence that rats can have psychological disorders but many rat owners claim they have had rats that did.  Consider that the physical makeup of rats is extremely close


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