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2014-12-17 Goats - diareah:

Powdered colostrum works fine.  In kid goats, brown diarrhea is usually bacterial infection or just digestive upset. I would give her pepto bismol at one tablespoon per 10 pounds body weight now and again

2014-12-17 Horses - remedy for tendinitis:

Dear Rohit:   Tendonitis is the inflammation of the tendon or the the tendon sheath. The remedy depends on what has caused the tendon to become inflamed in the first place.Tendons connect muscles to bone-

2014-12-17 Cocker Spaniels - Travelling:

Hi Anelizia,  Yes there are ways to handle this.  But tell me a little about when she's in the car - where is she going - how long is the trip usually?  Is she anxious right from the beginning?  Is this

2014-12-17 Cows/Cattle - Skinny cow:

Hello Joel,    It sounds like you've been doing all the right things with this cow. I think she may be very used to eating coastal and doesn't yet know that the alfalfa and feed is better--or whether to

2014-12-17 Dogs - dog itching:

Hey Crystal,    I'm glad to hear you are at least feeding a decent food. We used to carry the Natural Balance products until they were bought out by Del Monte who test on live animals. We don't support


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