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2016-09-26 Pet Rats - The Loss of 2 Rats:

Hi Amanda,  I'm so sorry you lost both of your girls. I would highly recommend you find a vet who knows more about rats. First of all, if you were able to see or feel a lump on Gumdrop, a vet familiar

2016-09-25 Ask the Veterinarian - Sudden Knuckling:

The short answer is that your dog can most likely be helped and maybe even cured. I cannot answer fully until tomorrow, but I want you to start now reading the 7 keys to health on my web site, and to go

2016-09-25 Goats - CAE Doe.:

Hi there - glad to hear Annie is better.  Re the aspirin, I might advise giving it to her daily if possible.  You could also give her MSM/glucosamine/chondroitin human kind every day to help with stiffness

2016-09-25 Pet Rats - Symptoms remain after treating rat with Baytril/Doxy:

Hi Anne,  A rat this age who has had chronic symptoms should be on doxy or Baytril the rest of her life to keep the myco under control. Usually one or the other works fine, and both are not needed at the

2016-09-25 Reptiles - phallectomy complication:

I would have to say something went wrong during surgery-if he was fine going in and broken coming out...  Please understand I am not a vet so my opinion on this is less solid than even yours.  You could


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