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2014-04-23 Pet Rescue/Adoption - flea allergy:

Flea allergies are more common than people realize.  I have seen several cats with hair loss and scabby skin and flea allergies are the reason.  I am not sure if the actual allergy itself is fatal but

2014-04-23 Reptiles - Social needs of Gecko:

Hello Sarah,    That is a great question!  One leopard gecko is fine to keep alone, as long as he/she has some interaction with you.    They do just fine being alone.    You weren't wanting to breed were

2014-04-22 Rabbits - rabbit question:

Ok. The mounting is most likely due to not being fixed, especially now that you're mentioning this second girl bunny. Your lionhead doesn't have to be around. Remember they can leave a scent behind and

2014-04-22 Reptiles - leopard gecko eggs:

They should be plump and 'squishy,' yes, lol.  Incubation time is variable, and dependent upon many factors - 50 to 60 days is average.  Incubating at 89F, your eggs may hatch sooner.  Expect them to hatch

2014-04-22 Goats - None:

The standard is 15-20 feet per goat. I think no more than 3 goats, but you could get a lot of milk from them. Do they have an indoor area to stay at night? Sheep are harder on the land, causing more erosion


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