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2015-05-22 Goats - Fever:

HI Ronald-  what is her rectal temp? 101.5 to 103.5 is normal.. what is she eating in her bottles?  how often do you feed and how much each feeding? these things may be unrelated.  If you are feeding too

2015-05-22 Goats - Hurt baby goat:

Hi Hannah  The ears  have many vessels and bleed a lot more than you would expect..  and it looks much worse than it is.. the antibiotic is fine to put on it..  lie neosporin..     Worst thing you can

2015-05-21 Dogs - poison ivy:

Hi Tina,    Thanks for writing to me about your Morkie and poison ivy.  The best product that I've heard of for poison ivy is Tecnu Poison Oak And Ivy Cleanser. It actually dissolves the oils so you can

2015-05-21 Ask the Veterinarian - Male cat problems:

Since you neutered him rather late, he has already gotten the urge to mate and it is spring/summer which is when they become more hormone riddled and want to seek out mates.     So what you are doing is

2015-05-21 Reptiles - Milk thistle for green iguana:

Hello Michelle,    Wow, that is great information!  Poor girl, she has been through the mill, being poked & prodded for sure!  Do you think she could have come into contact with any toxic agent that would


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