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2014-08-28 Guinea Pigs - Guinea not doing well:

Oh Denise, I'm so very sorry. The hardest thing abouth these little guys is that they don't show us there is a problem until it's too late.      If you're interested in getting another I would be happy

2014-08-28 Guinea Pigs - Possibly sickly guinea pig:

Guinea pigs will sometimes get a subglottal cyst under the chin that does just as you've described and ruptures. However, the seizure activity is not likely related to that.     Any kind of seizure activity

2014-08-27 Goats - Puss from disbudding:

This looks like the disbudded areas are infected (thanks much for sending the photo).  Would start the kid goat on 1/2 cc of intramuscular injection of penicillin twice a day for 3 days - penicillin is

2014-08-27 Reptiles - Bearded Dragon Beginner:

Hello Cristie,    Sure!  Do you have a bearded dragon yet or contemplating getting one?  The UVB tube bulb only needs to go 2/3rds of the length of the tank, really so that they can retreat away from it

2014-08-27 Guinea Pigs - Guinea not doing well:

You don't say how old Rocky is so it's difficult to guess whether this is age related to an illness of some sort.    That milky discharge is a sign of stress, not infection. That isn't to say he's not


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