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2016-02-07 Dog Grooming - Nail trimming, teeth cleaning:

Hi Vickie,  First- thank you for rescuing this pup, thank you! I think you're right in letting him settle in first- a minimum of 3-5 months.  The good news is this dog is young and may be turned around

2016-02-06 Rabbits - Hormonal neutered rabbit:

Dear Freddi,    The only thing that's sure is that Toffee *really* likes his new girl.  :)    Lots of neutered males will behave this way, especially if they have been neutered within 6 months.  It takes

2016-02-06 Ask the Veterinarian - cruciate ligament:

so sorry you have experienced the challenges of working with conventional veterinarians (same is true in US for people and animal doctors). It is not that they are just in it for the money. Until the last

2016-02-06 Freshwater Aquarium - Fumigation:

Hi Robyn     I've also set off foggers in my house. I covered the tanks with plastic sheets and turned off the filters and air pumps, and the fish were fine. There is no need to completely seal the tank

2016-02-05 Rabbits - Rabbit passed away - Questions about blood clots and dental:

Dear Kira,    I am very sorry about the sad passing of your friend.  It does sound as if he had a lot going on, so it's going to be hard to pinpoint exactly what was the cause of death.    You wrote:


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