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2014-10-31 Snakes - feeding:

I'm so jealous... Had to give up my burms.  FL made it nearly impossible to keep them anymore.  You could consider small pigs, I did that once.  Interesting to watch not fun to clean up 3 weeks later.

2014-10-31 Reptiles - Box Turtles and Cherry Tomatoes:

Hello Brittany,    She is very tiny still!    Are you keeping her warm, around 85 or so in her enclosure & are you using a UVB light also?  The humidity should also be high, too, for her.   The cat food

2014-10-30 Reptiles - Box Turtles and Cherry Tomatoes:

Hello Brittany,    How big is your box turtle?  I would definitely chop it up for her, it would be able to be chewed better.    The skin probably will pass through separately.  If you wanted to peel the

2014-10-30 Ask the Veterinarian - Handling a cat after a seizure:

Interesting that you should ask this question when a bunch of us techs had this conversation today online.     The general thinking here is that you leave the animal alone but stay by them after the seizure

2014-10-30 Goats - Cough in young female boar goat:

Coughing in goats can come from eating dusty and moldy hay, or indeed eating too fast, but this generally is not a consistent cough, just once in a while.  Where are you located?  This is possibly lung


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