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2015-07-29 Goats - my 12 year old pygmy goat's breathing.:

This could be pneumonia - penicillin is best but could at least start with expired norocillin for tonght.  She will also need probiotics during antibiotic therapy.  Hope this helps - let me know - Donna

2015-07-29 Turtles - Russian Tortoise Sniffing?:

Thanks, it's going very well actualy, but recovery takes a while since it was foot surgery.  Feeling good, though!    The pet store was totally talking out their hind end.  The only way to force-feed a

2015-07-28 Turtles - Russian Tortoise Sniffing?:

Hi Livi,    Please excuse any typos; I'm recovering from surgery and on my phone.     It sounds like you have hin set up pretty well. I encourage you to build a secure outdoor pen for the warmer months

2015-07-28 Ask the Veterinarian - Brushing Teeth:

You did good research and that brand is fine.  I have heard of using coconut oil for tarter, but it is the hot new holistic cure all, so I am not suprised.  Since the article said the pulling needs 20

2015-07-28 Ask the Veterinarian - parrots:

Hi Mahreen,    The major medical causes for feather plucking include changes in hormone levels, external and internal parasites, malnutrition, internal disease, and bacterial or fungal infections of the


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