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2014-09-01 Ask the Veterinarian - Cat being sick:

Hi Sherry,  This is a tricky one to answer without seeing your cat and examining him. It does sound a little more than just a fur ball. I would get him to your vet to have him checked out. Could be just

2014-09-01 Dogs - Feeding:

Hi Jackie,    We feed our dogs twice a day, at breakfast and dinner time. Some people feed only once a day.    But we find that a dogs metabolism and if you are supplementing/medicating are better served

2014-08-31 Bearded Dragons - Bearded Dragons and Aquatic plants:

Hey there, I have heard that cat grass isn't harmful to them but consider this: many people get the same idea that you have (like I did years ago) but later find it is a bad idea because your bearded dragons

2014-08-31 Polo - neck size of polo pony:

Rohit,  A neck of ideal length is about one third of the horse's length, measured from poll to withers, with a length comparable to the length of the legs.  An ideally placed neck is called a horizontal

2014-08-31 Polo - polo - demanding:

Rohit,  Polo can be a physically demanding game and requires participants to use their leg and core muscles almost constantly. Arms and upper body is always in motion as the player plays the ball from


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