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2017-04-24 Reptiles - Health:

OK, so what's the temperature at the bottom of the cage?  What type of UV bulb are you running?  And has it eaten?    For humidity, I'd recommend a live Hibiscus bush in the cage.  Not only will that provide

2017-04-23 Horses - Research on Horse climbing a Steep Hill or mountain.:

A horse could certainly climb those stairs. Getting back down would be a problem. A horse couldn't make it back down those steps. Yes, he could carry a rider up the stairs.  But the horse would have to

2017-04-22 Ask the Veterinarian - Car rides/separation anxiety:

There are a lot of things you can do but they all involve behavioral training.     I am not a behaviorist, so I don't know all the tips and tricks, but if you Google "Separation anxiety in dogs" you will

2017-04-22 Goats - kid with rear leg semi paralysis:

Thanks for the update. You can also use human selenium mineral tablets and vitamin e and d oil , you use one 200 mcg tablet crushed and dissolved in a little hot water and mixed with all the oil from a

2017-04-22 Goats - kid with rear leg semi paralysis:

My advice for kids who appear weak or I'll is always to bring into the house and bottle feed. Glad you did start injectable antibiotics. I generally use penicillin injectable for 3 days of treatment but


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