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2016-04-29 Ask the Veterinarian - Questions:

First, I wonder why you are asking. Are you interested in becoming a veterinarian? If yes, please email me at so I can support you in your dream.     Your questions:  1. I am a holistic

2016-04-29 Ask the Veterinarian - Vaccine Reaction:

You are certainly thinking in a holistic way to try to see what the inciting cause was and to realize that all are tied together. there is only one quantum field that, when triggered, produces all symptoms

2016-04-28 Pot Bellied Pigs - Help:

Pigs see the world as a ladder, with each person, pet or pig having his or her own rung. Little piglets are content to be on the lower rungs. But when they start to reach adulthood at age 2 or so, they

2016-04-28 Mice - Orphaned baby mouse:

Hi Katie,    Similac is good to tide her over, but kitten or puppy milk replacement would be much better. KMR is formulated specifically with the kind of calories and proteins small animals need to grow

2016-04-28 Ask the Veterinarian - Kefir for Cats:

Feed at least 1/2 teaspoon a day. If she wants to eat more - as much as she wants. Please start feeding her a fresh food diet with no grains through the kefir should be ok (see #2 below).  Please avoid


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