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2016-10-24 Mice - My mouse fell, will he be okay??:

Hi Nims,    If he is running around normally, eating, drinking, and going to the bathroom, he might just be okay. Watch his movements to make sure he walking with a normal gait and not favoring one leg

2016-10-22 Goats - young goat weak knees:

first,nice job getting her back from cocci. The weak knees and stumbling sounds like selenium deficiency. I use human selenium tablets plus D and E oil but you can also use the selenium and vitamin E gel

2016-10-22 Pot Bellied Pigs - Sqeeling piggy:

As I said..... each piglet has individual needs.  I never feed Mazuri.  There are other feeds that I would recommend.   As these little pigs are often indoors more they don't always get all the vits/mins

2016-10-21 Pet Rats - rat with mycoplasma:

Hi Lauren,  First of all, let me say that we are probably going to need a conversation back and forth, so if you want you can email me instead at    I want to check the doses of

2016-10-21 Ask the Veterinarian - Sore on cats hind leg:

This is one of those things that needs to be seen by your veterinarian when he gets it next time.  There is no way I could even offer advice on something like this. Because they are re-occurring, this


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