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2014-10-20 Horses - I'm I too big for my horse:

Dear Tatum,  An hour and a half is a very long time under saddle especially for a horse that (according to your original post) you are just staring under saddle. Yes- you could cut back your rides and

2014-10-20 Dog Grooming - Hi I have questions about snap on combs:

Hi Lauren  I applaud your desire to learn. My best advice about this is to experiment for yourself. Snap on combs are meant to give a longer appearance to the coat. Longer blades are going to cut more

2014-10-20 Horses - I'm I too big for my horse:

Dear Tatum,  Hmmm... as much as you may not want to hear this- your height would put your lower leg below this horse's belly line (unless you are riding with your stirrups too short)  in your photo- your

2014-10-20 Dog Training - My 2 Scotties Are Fighting Over Me and the Furniture!:

Thanks for your email, Leyla. Some suggestions for you:    Separate the dogs for 2 weeks. Each dog gets one-on-one time with you without competing with the other. During these 2 weeks, they will be getting

2014-10-19 Dogs - sponge:

Oh dear  Ed.... U must be beside yourself?  Retriever and lab breeds are so very good at helping themselves to things not belonging to them. Was it just a general kitchen sponge of normal size with no


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