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2014-09-29 Goats - Sick Dairy Goats:

What color are the doeling's lower inner eyelid? What does her poop look like? Is she up to date on worming?     A pneumonia is still a possibility for the other kid, and indeed this doeling could have

2014-09-29 Turtles - Hatchling Box Turtle Care:

Hi Spencer,    With hatchling box turtles, you really need to be careful to keep a lot of moisture in their habitat.  Rather than using soil or similar substrate, sphagnum moss (not peat moss--Mosser Lee

2014-09-29 Goats - Goat birth:

Are you sure she has no more kids inside? Is she having a bloody discharge at all? Were you there for the birth? The breathing hard can be due to over exertion, loss of blood, or an illness.  Would start

2014-09-29 Turtles - q.:

This appears to be an Assam Roofed Turtle, which is CITES II listed and IUCN listed as endangered. What I will tell you is that you have stolen a wild creature from it's home and your keeping it in a bucket

2014-09-29 Rabbits - Sick bunny, puzzled vet:

Emily,    Did your vet check for dental issues? If there are issues with her teeth, no amount of antibiotics will help with that as your bun will not eat anything (alfalfa included, but yes... try that


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