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2014-09-18 Goats - Nigerian Dwarf breeding, estrus:

That is called short-cycling. She may or may not be pregnant. The sperm from 5 days ago would not be alive. If she could get bred again, that would be ideal, just in case she was not impregnated. Make

2014-09-18 Goats - CL:

Hi there - I don't give the CL vaccine.  I have heard good and bad results from it.  They want you to inject subcutaneously which is difficult on the side of the neck and also I never give injections subcu

2014-09-18 Rabbits - Gas build up:

Hi Natalie    There can be other causes of bloat and GI stasis other than lack of fibre, including gut blockages caused by food or hair balls. If she's still very flat she really needs to go to an emergency

2014-09-18 Reptiles - eyes stuck closed:

Hello Richard,     I am sorry his eyes are not doing well!  What type of lighting are you using & what is your setup like?  How old is he?  Continue with the sterile saline solution daily for him, the

2014-09-18 Reptiles - My Leopard Gecko:

Hello Prof_Hubert,    The pictures look great.          I think she should be happy in there.  Do you turn her light out at night & leave on an undertank heater for warmth?    That is good she is getting


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