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2015-07-03 Snakes - What snake should i get:

Here's my "two cents:"  Ring Neck is out, they are far too difficult to feed in captivity.  Ball pythons are good but required slightly more care than a corn and have the name ball python BECAUSE they

2015-07-02 Turtles - Species ID:

Hi Amor,    It's generally my policy not to provide information to students that they should discover through their own research, and especially so for university students.  Since you're in a physiology/anatomy

2015-07-01 Mice - Hurt mouse?:

Hi Cindee,    It would make sense if he were stunned for him to stay in the same place for a few hours, but for him to sit there for 30 hours straight in one place with no energy to run from you really

2015-07-01 Ask the Veterinarian - Buttermilk:

Hello Paige,    I am very sorry for what has happened to Buttermilk.But the thing is to understand and adjust with the situation.There are many medical conditions in which early diagnosis are very difficult

2015-07-01 Guinea Pigs - Gingers pee and poop:

Guinea pigs don't show signs of illness until it's almost always too late. The hunched posture and not moving a lot is a sign of severe illness and imminent death.  Same with the crusty eyes.    The white


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