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2015-11-25 Goats - Listerious/Polio ?:

What great news.  Lots of work but oh the joy when you see them respond, even a little.  You could continue on the LA200 and indeed at a lower dose just to cover her.  Re the neck, you could use some hot

2015-11-25 Horses - horse cantering with head too low:

Dear Caine,  The "long and low" to which you refer comes from the western disciplines where horses are schooled to lengthen their frames and to carry their heads unnaturally low. It is NOT something that

2015-11-25 Rabbits - My Rabbit doesn't drink water:

Hi Lorien,    I would take her to the vet.  Any time a rabbit has a change in behavior it is usually indicative that there is something wrong.  If she is not drinking any water she wouldn't be eating.

2015-11-24 Dog Boarding/Kenneling - unauthorized charges:

Hi,  The vets that I work with only do "medical" boarding and they charge significantly more per night than I do as a boarding facility ($250 per night).  Generally they are pretty clear on what's authorized

2015-11-24 Horses - Behavior Issues, Breaking - Teeth Floating:

It depends on how horse is kept.  Grazing pasture horses don't need it as much as stalled fed.  when you the horse their shots from VET have them check and they can tell, older horses are different than


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