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2015-04-26 Goats - Polio:

Re the B1, yes, crushed up.  Re the pen-G - those folks most likely give it subcutaneously and that would need a higher dose just to get it through the body - but intramuscularly will be the 3 cc/100 pounds

2015-04-26 Goats - Polio:

Thanks for the update.  Generally re the penicillin I give it twice a day at 3 cc/100 pounds, and the B1 5 to 7 tablets twice a day.  Is she still running a fever? The blindness and blink reflex will be

2015-04-26 Goats - Pasture:

What type of fertilizer are you using? Different fertilizers can be more or less toxic if eaten. Usually there are specifics as to "off time" after use on the package.  Generally would advise waiting until

2015-04-26 Canine Behavior - Digging holes:

I doubt the surgery (or even its hormonal influence) is a major factor here.  Please tell me about your outdoor environment.     1.  Where has she begun to dig: exactly  2.  What is the wildlife population

2015-04-26 Ask the Veterinarian - dogs testicles:

Dear Kel,  Testicles can change color while the animal is maturing or because of the dog licking the area.But the present situation might be a fungal, yeast or bacterial infection,I reckon.Treatment of


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