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2015-03-31 Reptiles - leapord gecko:

Hello Sylvia,    Do you have any pictures of her jaw & the swelling?  Does she eat crickets on a regular basis? It could be from a cricket bite possibly or some other type of abscess or infection.  Is

2015-03-30 Goats - hookworms in billy boer goat:

HI Jess,  I'm sorry you and your precious boy have been through so much..    What did the vet say about this?  I know a dewormer called Valbazen (Albendazole)  is the drug of choice  which is a white oral

2015-03-30 Ask the Veterinarian - My dog is limping:

Yes Gabe, there are some degenerative diseases like intervertibral disc disease,muscular degeneration etc and even some viral infections may cause such symptoms.Beagle pain syndrome is another immune mediated

2015-03-30 Ask the Veterinarian - My dog is limping:

Dear Gabe,    We definitely need to diagnose the condition. My opinion will be to go for radiology of the hip so as to find out/rule out conditions like Hip Dysplasia,as beagle and beagle mix are prone

2015-03-30 Snakes - ball python breeding:

The female should really be 3 years of age before any sport of breeding, as well as knowledge should be known of the snakes exact hatch date and breeder. As far as her behavior and the blood, only medical


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