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2016-12-08 Ask the Veterinarian - Puppy Canine Teeth Not Comig In?:

First of all, the canines are the last teeth to go and they fall out between 5-6 months of age.   First are the incisors, usually around 2-3 months, followed by the premolars and then the molars, which

2016-12-07 Pet Rats - Potentially sick baby rat:

Hi Nicole, first off, people underestimate the cost of caring for rats because they are small and inexpensive to buy.  However, vet Bills can be quite high and you should be prepared to pay for their care

2016-12-06 Ask the Veterinarian - different behavior after meds:

Hi Holly,  Sorry for the delay in answering you but I have been thinking about this and I don't feel I am qualified to answer this question for you.     There are two vets in this category that I feel

2016-12-06 Canine Behavior - dog behavior:

Dan,    Thank you for your question. I'm sorry you have had such a tense relationship with your dog. I know it can be disheartening when that relationship seems to break down.    So, from what you describe

2016-12-05 Pigeons - pigeon diet:

Hi Asad,    Hemp seed should be fed in moderation and can be given as a treat to your pigeons. They do love it! If you want to encourage them to eat their regular diet, I would remove the hemp seed from


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