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2016-08-24 Turtles - Redfoot tortoise feces:

Hi,    Yes, you need to improve his diet.  Stop feeding the bites and get him on a more natural diet. Redfoots are omnivores, and eat a wide variety of foods in nature, so you should feed as much variety

2016-08-23 Rabbits - X rays for Pets.:

Hi Prashant,    X rays are often necessary to determine why an animal is ill.  Since they can't speak the only thing we can rely on is what we see.  They would have to be exposed to more than a couple

2016-08-22 Guinea Pigs - Guniea pig overgrown molar problem:

I'm sorry to hear you've had such a hard time with your pig's teeth.  To answer your last question about pulling grass out with their mouth, this is not at all uncommon.    You've obviously spent a great

2016-08-22 Canine Behavior - Large Dog Kills Small Dog:

Thank you for your question. What a horrible situation to find yourself facing. I'm sorry that you and your dog and the other family are having to go through this.    Your question ended mid-sentence so

2016-08-21 Pet Rats - Older rat died, and left behind one insecure rat.:

Hi Lauren,  I'm sorry to hear you lost Ralphie. I'm sure you will miss him terribly. Some male rats stay aggressive toward other rats even when they have been neutered. You could certainly get 2 more babies


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