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2014-07-30 Real Estate Home Mortgages - FHA loans:

Since the Seller is allowed to pay up to 6% of the Closing Costs on your loan and will be paying the Owners Title and his proration of taxes - my guess is that you might only have to pay the 10% down (and

2014-07-29 Nonprofit Law - 501(c)(3):

It appears you are referring to the situation when a donor gives payment to a 501(c)(3) organization with an understanding between the parties that the organization will pass the funds through to an individual

2014-07-29 Nonprofit Law - President of Booster Club Position:

Generally one person does not have the power to amend bylaws.  You could look into the previous version of the bylaws and they should indicate how bylaws are to be amended. It may be grounds for her removal

2014-07-29 Nonprofit Law - President of Booster Club Position:

Arizona Code Title 10 Chapters 24 - 42 has the State Law for Nonprofit Corporations and it is available at and go down to:    Article 3 Standards of Conduct  10-3830 General

2014-07-26 Nonprofit Law - IRS allowable expense for non-profit:

The IRS rule for what nonprofits may spend money on is similar to the standard that the IRS uses when determining what is a valid business expense for an ordinary business. For example, see  http://www


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