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2015-03-28 Nonprofit Law - Property transfers:

See starting on pdf page 13 as to the discussion of "Charitable Class"  --start of excerpt  ---  The group of individuals that may properly receive assistance from

2015-03-27 Nonprofit Law - Property transfers:

I have in my profile that this free forum is only for general questions about IRS federal exemption issues of 501(c)(3) organizations. Therefore, I am assuming you are referring to such an organization

2015-03-27 Tax Planning - QUESTIONS DONATIONS:

Ken - Unfortunately, there is no way to make a donation in 2015 and have it count for 2014.  The answer about the best way to document a donation depends on whether it is a cash donation or non-cash donation

2015-03-26 Nonprofit Law - non-profit status vs broker status:

The word "broker" is applicable to the situation that you described because the nonprofit does not take ownership of any of the horses, but, instead, helps the owner to match up with a buyer.  But your

2015-03-25 Buying or Selling a Home - condo:

Hi Lee,    If the question was about Nevada, I could have answered it, but these are actually legal questions specific to the state of Texas. I hit the button to send it back to the "question pool" because


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