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2017-03-28 Nonprofit Law - us nonprotif corporation for abroad use:

I have in my profile in my forum at that the free service that I offer is only for questions directly related to IRS exempt purpose issues of 501(c)(3) organizations.    You

2017-03-27 Inheritance and Property Rights - Will question:

Amended answer:  things have changed in Texas and they have regular probate court proceedings.  I would suggest you retain a Texas attorney in the county where the decedent lived; he or she can answer

2017-03-26 Financing -- Loans - Bad company Carfinco:

I would recommend getting an attorney and finding out if the bankruptcy laws can be used in your favor.    Perhaps, not even filing bankruptcy, but having your attorney threaten the possibility of    

2017-03-26 Financing -- Loans - Bad company Carfinco:

Dear Elizabeth,    I am very sorry you are experiencing such difficulties with   this  company.  In my own experience, I have had more complaints   about this company, Carfinko, than any other company

2017-03-25 Nonprofit Law - Booster Club's 503 (c) (3) concerns:

When parents, instead of a 501(c)(3) organization are engaged in a sales business, that activity is taxable just like any ordinary sales business even though the profits might be going to pay for their


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