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2015-09-30 Residential Property Management - Pest control on rental property:

Hello Jared,    I am not Licensed in California although I lived there for many years. Also I am not an Attorney so I must advise you to obtain legal council in your state or a qualified property management

2015-09-30 Nonprofit Law - What paperwork do I use:

It appears that a 501(c)(3) organization is going to be directly paying music artists for their services. Those people would not be employees because of several reasons, mostly that you do not control

2015-09-28 Nonprofit Law - Dissolution Issue?:

There are many regulations that relate to 501(c)(3) organizations, but Section 501 does not apply to state, county or municipal governmental unit except in certain circumstances. See IRS Publication 557

2015-09-25 Canadian Real Estate - offer:

Hi Kim,   Thank you for your question. Typically there is an irrevocable day and time that is within your offer meaning that the offer is valid until that time. If you have passed this day/time then the

2015-09-25 Nonprofit Law - Transferring funds to India:

See the IRS publication at for details about international grants to and international activities of U.S. exempt organizations, and, especially page 2:  --- Start


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