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2015-01-24 Nonprofit Law - Charity Deduction:

Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(3) which is available at (on page 2, first column) provides, in part, that the 501(c)(3) organization must be "operated exclusively for religious

2015-01-23 Nonprofit Law - coaches travel reimbursement:

The IRS rule for what nonprofits may spend money on is similar to the standard that the IRS uses when determining what is a valid business expense for an ordinary business. For example, at http://www.irs

2015-01-23 Nonprofit Law - Accumulation of Savings:

The organization would definitely not want to use the word "insurance" as that word is highly regulated in each state.  What you propose is an investment, where people invest $10 per year for their family

2015-01-23 Nonprofit Law - Accumulation of Savings:

It appears from what you wrote that the members would be paying the full cost of the life insurance. If they are, then the organization is not giving any benefits to members.  They would not be receiving

2015-01-22 Nonprofit Law - Accumulation of Savings:

1.   I am assuming from what you wrote to me that the organization  is not a private foundation (you can confirm that on the IRS  determination letter).    There is no restriction for one or two years


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