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2015-04-18 Nonprofit Law - Fundraising profit dispensing:

There are no IRS regulations that prohibit a 501(c)(3) organization from giving funds to a particular team based upon what that team arranges to bring into the 501(c)(3) organization unless the team is

2015-04-17 Nonprofit Law - forming our Scout troop into a 501(c)(3):

The easiest way to set up a 501(c)(3) organization (and, it happens to be for no cost) is to use the charitable trust form in IRS Publication 557 "Tax Exempt Status for Your Organization" which is available

2015-04-16 Nonprofit Law - Defraying the costs for competitve wear for gymnasts:

Inurement (benefits to insiders) is discussed by the IRS at and specifically note, on the bottom of page 10, "even a minimal amount of inurement can result

2015-04-16 Canadian Real Estate - House renovations:

Hi Bill,  Thank you for your question. You would eliminate a number of Buyers from purchasing your home as families with small children won't put them in the basement. If your basement has large windows

2015-04-16 Nonprofit Law - Changing my nonprofit to a foundation:

The word "foundation" has no particular meaning in reference to exemption issues.  There is, however, a term "private foundation".  From what you wrote I am assuming that your organization received a determination


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