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2016-07-25 Real Estate: New York - New York:

Well William,  Almost all of the area could work for you. Lake George, Saratoga Springs, Ballston Spa all have a lake of some size and country type roads.What specifically can I help you with? Btw, you

2016-07-23 Inheritance and Property Rights - Life tenant:

No inheritance tax but are you sure about who is the life tenant?   Usually the elder parent deeds the house to the kids and reserves a life estate for himself.  You described just the opposite so I'm

2016-07-23 Buying or Selling a Home - Earnest Money Dispute:

It would seem as though you don't have much of a leg to stand on, John. As long as there was no time limitation on the "Buyers' Disapproval of Inspection Findings," or the buyer was within his time limit

2016-07-20 Inheritance and Property Rights - protecting 84 yr old mothers money:

I wish I had better news but the answer is nothing. There is a 5 year lookback on transfers of large assets like this -- she could transfer it now to relatives BUT if she were to die within that 5 year

2016-07-17 Buying or Selling a Home - real estate investment:

Unless you're very familiar with property values in other countries, Nureni, it is recommended that you do visit other lands FIRST before you shell out your funds for investing. There is one main reason


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