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2014-10-24 Sports Medicine - Posterior thigh/ buttock pain:

Dear Nathan,    This Orthopedic Chicago Podiatrist located in West Loop 60661,Roscoe Village 60618, Ukranian Village 60622, Elmhurst 60126 & Bartlett 60103 says...     The pain in your buttox appears to

2014-10-22 Fishing - Ted Williams Rod and Reel:

Hello Mary Jane,    Thank you so much for the question. Unfortunately, I do not give appraisals on gear. I can tell you that the rod and reel were sold typically as a combo and were marketed as a solid

2014-10-22 Pro Golfing - PGA money eligibility:

Yes of course he would have.  Any professional playing in any event will win money if he has a good enough score to make the cut into the weekend.      Seniors (Champion Tour) no cut so everyone who plays

2014-10-22 Fishing - 1950-60's Southbend fly rod and reel:

Beau,    here is a good site to compare whether the rod is bamboo (six sided) or fiberglass (round).      If its not marked with a weight I would

2014-10-21 Yachting - tonnage and length?:

Ahoy David,    Thanks for your email. Here is my simple answer. Gross tonnage is calcualted by measuring the volume a boat or ship can carry. If it is a ship, you multiply the depth of the boat (from the


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