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2017-03-22 Golf - Set up:

Hello LD:  Many great players have little quirks to start their swings.  What happens as a result is the important question.  If you can tell, notice where your weight ends up in the back swing.  It should

2017-03-19 Birding - Birds which cannot fly database.:

There are about 126 bird species that cannot fly. Birds became flightless because in their habitats there were few or no predators, so over evolutionary time, birds simply gave up flying. Yes, they cannot

2017-03-19 Self Defense - Knife use drills:

The answer isn't really about drills. It goes much, much deeper than that. It's about familiarity of the object in your hand.     The peoples who allegedly have the best blade systems are usually cultures

2017-03-18 Weightlifting & Exercise - Ask Expert Greg:

Eliam,    So as far as getting good results from two days of training I suppose it spends on what you consider "good." It's better than nothing yes but not going to do much to help you attain your goal

2017-03-18 Golf - Struggling with iron play:

Hi Mike.  Thanks for your question.  I'll need some more information before I can venture an answer.  Namely,  1.  Before you changed your grip, what was your ball flight?  2.  Did the ball tend to go


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