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2014-09-15 Weightlifting & Exercise - sadness:

Boy oh boy do I know how you feel.  The first contest I did I came in behind girls who were skinny to begin with and never lifted a weight.  All they did was diet a little and put a bathing suit on. So

2014-09-14 Weightlifting & Exercise - sadness:

Rishabh,    I understand you being disappointed in the results of the contest. However, no effort is ever lost. You have improved greatly with what you have available to you. I want you to look at the

2014-09-14 Birding - Hummingbirds:

First, it is a Ruby-throated Hummingbird, the only kind you will see in Illinois. They will feed on flowers when the flowers produce nectar and they don't do it all the time, so that's probably why the

2014-09-12 Weightlifting & Exercise - feeling depressed:

Rishabh,    First off take it easy on your self, look at all you have accomplished and don't get upset that you did not perform as you would have liked. There are always going to be days we fall short

2014-09-12 Weightlifting & Exercise - depression after loosing tournament:

no belts or suppliments, except maybe a good one-a-day complete vitamin/mineral taken once a WEEK.    all you need is a barbell and enough weight to put on it.    and ONE exercise. (for now)    powerclean&push


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