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2014-07-17 Fishing - small crack repair:

Ricky.  You have not given me enough information to completely answer your question.  First I  need to know what the joint is made of.  Is it a metal feral?  Or is it the rod itself where  the tip end

2014-07-16 Sports Medicine - Knee Pain- Is this an overuse injury?:

Hi Dustin- yes, very suspicious of overuse injury. you are really pushing the envelope with your year round mileage & doesn't sound like any breaks.  You can't go wrong seeing sports Orthopaedist  or therapist

2014-07-16 Sports Medicine - Knee Pain- Do I Have An Injury?:

Hello Dustin!    Thank you for your question relevant to your left knee pain.  To be able to run 55-60 miles a week is a great achievement!  Because this activity is not a new program for you, I have to

2014-07-15 Guns, Firearms, Projectile Weapon Sports - Luger:

The Luger pistol was the military pistol of several European nations starting in 1901 and was officially replaced by the German military in 1942 by the P 38 Walther. They were being produced in Oberndorf

2014-07-14 Bicycling - Identify bike company logo:

This is going to drive me nuts since I know that logo but cannot think of the name. I was thinking your local shop owner is close and that it was Cyclo Sport, but that doesn't seem to go with the  "C -


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