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2016-05-03 Birding - Cardinal Nest:

Usually the parent will lie flat on the eggs to protect them from the rain. It's fun to watch the birds nest but if she flies away the eggs will cool down while she is gone, A little bit of time of cooling

2016-05-03 Birding - Cardinal making nest in a house about to be tented:

It's a dilemma. If the house is going to be tented in two weekends, that will kill the birds for sure. You should move the nest just to get the birds out of the vicinity of the termite spraying. The parents

2016-05-02 Bowling - Bowling shoes:

GW,  The half size thing was for Linds Shoes specifically. You CAN get Lind shoes to replace your Linds. They still make the Linds Classic. And they are one of the few manufacturers that make larger sizes

2016-05-01 Birding - mockingbird nest:

Mockingbirds typically lay 2-6 eggs. If there is only one egg, they most likely will lay more. They do not start incubation until all the eggs are laid. One or two or three eggs can be in the nest for

2016-05-01 Weightlifting & Exercise - Muscles after age 60:

Hi Carl,    The thing about the loss of muscle after 40 is that most people do lose it, but most people do not try to change that. Jack Lalane was still increasing muscle well into his 70s, and could run


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