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2017-02-25 Fishing - More info on South Bend split bamboo fly rod:

Frad,  The model #47 appeared in the latter 1930s and continued into the 1950s.  If it  has the "Comficient" cork grip, thumb rest, it is from the 1940s-1950s.  It is a nine foot rod.  HCH or C is line

2017-02-25 Weightlifting & Exercise - Both sides.:

Hi James,    You will indeed get an equal amount of weight for each side as the weights are counterbalanced and the actual amount of weight would stay the same. It is the same as using a leg press machine

2017-02-21 Self Defense - Finding good biomechanics for blade arts:

An Olympic fencing sword is a toy. It's about as related to actual sword use as kendo is to kenjitsu.    Starting with the 'strip'  you don't sword fight on a straight line. Both fencing and kendo are

2017-02-20 Self Defense - Workplace Bully:

Short version is be more popular than him.     Longer is find someone who he doesn't fuck with -- especially people who have power over him -- and make yourself REAL valuable to them and in their good

2017-02-19 Self Defense - Finding good biomechanics for blade arts:

The best way is to pick up a sword.     Way too many so-called experts on blades spend more time in front of the computer screen and not enough time swinging a blade (or having one swung at them)  Having


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