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2015-05-23 Judo - Throw identification?:

I would classify this technique as a left side osoto otoshi. While osoto otoshi is usually applied only against one leg, it may also be applied against both as shown in the image. It is sort of a reverse

2015-05-23 Self Defense - Finding the application in a technique:

The answer to your question is here:  Can a technique adhere to a common similarity in biomechanics, such that variations of it can be used for different situations please?    Yes.    Longer answer is

2015-05-23 Guns, Firearms, Projectile Weapon Sports - 1911A1 holsters:

The first 1911 A1 pistol I owned was a Remington Rand that I bought 1972, along with a box of steel cased WWII ammo, for $150. I believe it had been assembled from parts - It had a blued slide and a parkerized

2015-05-22 Springboard and Platform Diving - Dive Coach:

Keven -     The area you will be in this summer is not known for any diving programs that I know of. In looking through all the usual sources that I use to help people find diving coaches and programs

2015-05-19 Baseball Instruction - Rule 7.13:

Richard,    I'm not experienced with the history of Little League rules. However, in my experience I've found that the rule you mention is to make it harder for base runners to steal bases. With the younger


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