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2014-08-30 Weightlifting & Exercise - performance in gym:

I always discourage suppliments of this type, PROTEIN and a good mix of fruits & some vegetables are usually enough.     soy is not the best, real milk would provide better complete protein.    as to the

2014-08-30 Weightlifting & Exercise - masterbation:

Hi Rishabh,    I don't believe masturbation decreases performance on a physiological basis but may on a psychological basis. That is if you believe in something hard enough it becomes fact in your mind

2014-08-30 Bodybuilding - about masterbation:

There are loads of suggestions about how to break through plateaus (in fact too many to summarise in a single answer) so what I would suggest is that you search YouTube for the words "bodybuilding plateau"

2014-08-29 Bodybuilding - about masterbation:

There is a great deal of discussion about this and opinion is spilt on the subject. Some people believe that you can never do too much of it and other people believe that you should never do it (so in

2014-08-29 Birding - cardinal fledglings:

The young cardinals will leave the nest about 9-11 days after hatching. They won't be able to fly after they leave the nest and the parents will take care of them for a few days to a week or so until the


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