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2016-12-06 Volleyball - Highlights Video...:

Hello Molly!   Welcome to!  It's great to hear from you.    It's pretty late out here on the east coast, and I've been slammed all night with:  * requests for private lessons;  * questions

2016-12-04 Guns, Firearms, Projectile Weapon Sports - My 20 gauge:

Hello Thomas.     Your shotgun was manufactured from 1959-1968 by O.F. Mossberg. You ask if it is either a "slug gun" or a "plain shotgun". If it has a smooth bore, it was designed as a 'shotgun'. However

2016-12-03 Self Defense - What sword is closest to the machete in design, weight, and usage?:

The times I played with a falchon the same mechanics worked well. Also bolos.    Your statement about having a basis on how blades works, really only applies to blades weighted that way. One of the biggest

2016-12-03 Self Defense - What is the difference between thrusting and stabbing, and chopping,slashing,slicing, hacking, and cutting?:

Hacking and chopping are close. The difference is the weight of the blade. Both use the edge to sever and split with direct pressure. An ax chops, but it's the weight behind the edge that powers it through

2016-12-02 Weightlifting & Exercise - Nausea:

Hi James,    I would guess that your doctor has way more information on the subject here than I do, and I am not a physician, so I would have to side with him/her at this point. If you are riding your


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