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2015-01-25 Surfing & Windsurfing - Optimising the sail for light wind:

Hey Franco,    In 12kts wind there are two things that are going to get you planning, knowing how to pump the board on to a plane and having enough sail to power up the board.    An 8.5 should be enough

2015-01-24 Fishing - Action rod pat# 1920966:

Mike    it would help to have a photo. But, I believe your rod is an Orchard Industries Action rod made in Detroit Michigan. I included my email if you want to send a photo.    Value of the rod depends

2015-01-24 Strength Training - flabby lower pecs:

I would say age is closer to the issue.  After age 30 we start losing a little bit of muscle each year.  That is why our metabolism starts slowing down as we age because we don't have as much muscle on

2015-01-23 Volleyball - Volleyball Blocking Rules:

Hello Sam!  It's great to hear from you, and I want to answer your question thoroughly.   However, at present I'm 40 minutes from leaving my house in Roanoke, Va, picking up my assistant coach and making

2015-01-22 Fishing - value of fishing rod:

John,  Model Oriskany  is not in my price book, Antique & Collectible  Fishing Rods: Identification & Value Guide Homel, Dan. 1997 (2nd edition 2000) add about 30% for age of book.    But I have seen many


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