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2014-07-30 Guns, Firearms, Projectile Weapon Sports - Information:

Hello, Charles.     The research I have done on your shotgun has yielded several results. I have tried to corner the most reliable results, but they just are not there. This is the best I can do. The Pioneer

2014-07-28 Fishing - Bamboo Fly Fishing pole:

Anthony    I recommend posting a question here to determine if its worth restoring. If its 9 ft long, probably not worth it, Beaverkill is a Orvis model.

2014-07-27 Bowling - drilling a ball for a two handed bowler:

Ryan,  As a two handed player, the roll is controlled by top hand and wrist of the hand in the ball. The angles of the finger holes influence how you can roll the ball. But, your speed, axis tilt and axis

2014-07-27 Surfing & Windsurfing - Mast Pin:

Hey Patricia,    Thank you for the good pics. It will be very difficult to find a replacement so you will need try to get one made. You will have to remove the connector to get to the pin/clip area. If

2014-07-27 Surfing & Windsurfing - Mast Pin:

Het Patrica,    I would need to see a photo of your base and where it connects to the board. Try to get a clear close up of the board connection. The solution for you might be easy but I need to see what


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