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2016-02-07 Self Defense - If Bruce Lee never came......:

I don't 'blame' Lee. Nor do I criticize him.     I'll critique his writings. I'll point out the flaws in his contentions. But him personally? Never met the man.    What I will do however, hit hard about

2016-02-05 Hunting - Hunting Rifles:

Wow!  That is a tall order.  I do not think you can. The best you can do for what I assume you want is to look at a ballistic property list of the most popular hunting calibers.    I found this one: swfsa

2016-02-05 Self Defense - Were elite warrior classes such as Samurai scumbags in reality?:

Any extreme is bad    Or in this case, wrong. As a social class that lasted for over a 1,000 years in many countries, knights were no more virtuous bastions of chivalry than they were sociopathic rapists

2016-02-05 Self Defense - Good books, videos, Websites to learn effective techniques for knife:

Let me start out by saying most 'knife fighting' instruction is ripping people off. Since you're not paying for it you have only half of the problem. That is the information is bullshit. Bullshit designed

2016-02-04 Self Defense - Can "contact" with a hostile person really cause a kind nonviolent person to be aggressive for the rest of the day (and beyond)?:

While I've moved beyond the electromagnetic idea, I still tell people that 'emotions are contagious'    Is there evidence that electromagnetic fields -- whether human or otherwise -- affect us? Yep. But


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