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2016-08-25 Pool/Billiards - last pocket pool:

Hi Raymond,     This is a argument that will probably never be completely settled. But it's a question of which set of rules you play by. If you're playing in a tavern using "house rules" they could be

2016-08-24 Pool/Billiards - cue:

Sorry, can't do that I have enough spam coming in already. There should be enough info about me to find a place you can email me at if it's that important to you but I have already given you as much info

2016-08-24 Pool/Billiards - cue:

I'll give you 200.00 for it. It looks to be in very good condition as far as fading of the colors go in those colored veneer points. Can't tell from the pics if that's a real leather wrap or not. It's

2016-08-24 Self Defense - What melee weapons would you recommend over a knife?:

The best melee weapons are your feet. As in use them to get the HELL out of there!    If you're participating in a melee, it ISN'T self-defense. Melees are overwhelmingly two sides getting together to

2016-08-24 Pool/Billiards - cue:

Look on Ebay and see what they are actually selling for. That's one of the best gauges for current market value. Do not put much stock into what people are asking for them but what they are actually selling


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