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2015-10-04 Bicycling - Tricycle v/s Bicycle:

Prashant,    Because there is more resistance on the road from one more tyre, yes it will require a bit more strength. Most tricycles today, at least here in the USA are utilitarian. They are mainly used

2015-10-04 Judo - Making throws work at a longer distance:

As you noted, there is no way to tell from the video exactly what he is doing with his lower body, but it seems to me that he is turning with the throw so I like the idea of calling it tai otoshi. It is

2015-10-03 Bicycling - Tricycle racing games.:

Prashant,    Tricycle racing was very popular in England in the early 1980's. Well, maybe "very" is too strong of a word! It was popular for a while.     To organize racing it would first take enough people

2015-10-02 Pro Golfing - Putting stats:

Hello Paul;    So far as I know, it is determined by the number of players whom have attempted that shot for that tournament.  Though for better clarification,you should probably contact those in charge

2015-10-02 Bicycling - Tubeless tyres in Bicycles.:

Yes! Tubeless tires (or tyres) have been around for years. There are many manufacturers of retrofit systems, Stan's No Tubes. Orange Seal, Bontrager, Hutchinson... and others. And many new bikes come ready


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