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2015-08-26 Self Defense - Managing your anger, deflating your ego, swallowing back your pride, etc.:

Yeah I do, but I guarantee you, you aren't going to like it.    Get down off your bad self.    I had to do a lot of work in a lot of aspects in my life -- mostly having to do with my self-importance. See

2015-08-25 Guns, Firearms, Projectile Weapon Sports - IverJohnson .22 Target:

Hello Penny.     Yes, that part is called the 'Single Action Sear'. It's function is to catch on a notch in the hammer, when manually cocking the revolver, to hold the hammer back until you pull the trigger

2015-08-24 Golf - Rules:

Hi and thanks for asking.    It is never legal to stand right behind a player on the same line and watch them putt or hit any shot with any club.    No, OB means OB extends infinitely past the OB markers

2015-08-22 Guns, Firearms, Projectile Weapon Sports - Need information on a 300 mag:

Hello Kenny.    Your rifle was an import from England, to a company called Herter's in Waseca, Minn.. Since it was an import, the best I can do on a date would be 1960-73. It was built on a Mauser 98 action

2015-08-22 Self Defense - Knife Injuries vs other (nonfatal) injuries:

First off, always watch video with the sound off for the first time. That allows you see what is happening instead of being swayed by what the commentator/cameraman is saying is happening. If you hear


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