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2016-05-20 Weightlifting & Exercise - Bike Riding:

Hi Stephanie,    The picture you sent me never came through so I cannot give you an accurate assessment of your glutes, and as far as your diet goes unless you are consuming Big Mac's and pizza often I

2016-05-19 Bicycle Repair - height:

Bike fit from brand to brand can get quite tricky.  Many manufacturers seem to be steering away from measurements in relation to the seat tube length, in favour of more generic S-M-L-XL style sizing.

2016-05-19 Bicycling - frame:

Hi Gabe,    Sorry for the late reply. Usually the clearance should be 2" for a male rider from the top bar when standing.     Reason being is so that you have better control over the bike. This is one

2016-05-19 Bicycling - size:

Hello Gabe,     How are you doing?  Nice question, in the old days the vintage mountainbikes from Ritchey, Ibis and Cunningham and Fisher (Klein, Trek) had actually no clearance. Later on in the 90's you

2016-05-16 Birding - blue birds nesting:

There are a number of possibilities. One or both parents could have died or been killed, the left egg may have been addled (unfertilized), a predator might have scared them off, etc. Hopefully you didn't


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