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2015-07-01 Self Defense - Does fast reflex means you're able to react to sneak attacks in time (esp from behind) and "surprise attacks" out of nowhere?:

I can answer your many and long drawn out questions in a very simple summation.    Most of these people are training (and looking for answers) to "I fucked up, I screwed up, I goofed and then I stepped

2015-07-01 Self Defense - How do you push off someone with evil intent heading toward you in attack range WITHOUT getting charged for assault?:

The answer comes in three parts  Communicate  Communicate and  Communicate    Yes you can get charged. So what? If you know how to talk things down, you can usually prevent it from getting that far.  

2015-07-01 Self Defense - Does the more well balanced fighter doesn't always win? Even in a sports based context?:

In Rudyard Kipling's "Jungle Book"  the general rule of the jungle people is to avoid the monkeys. They're too goofy and disrespectful for the jungle people. There's a scene where Mogali ignores this and

2015-07-01 Self Defense - How important is it to learn how to execute techniques with different arms?:

On this hand we have the need for mental flexibility, commitment and adaptability. On this hand we have the hamster wheel of endless what-if's.  Choose wisely. </ sage kung fu master voice>    One of the

2015-06-30 Weightlifting & Exercise - NEED A PLAN OF ATTACK:

Darlene,  Phase one.....workout. Take your 30 minutes and walk outside 4 days. The other three days try some of these exercises in case you get bored.


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