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2014-08-29 Bodybuilding - about masterbation:

There is a great deal of discussion about this and opinion is spilt on the subject. Some people believe that you can never do too much of it and other people believe that you should never do it (so in

2014-08-29 Birding - cardinal fledglings:

The young cardinals will leave the nest about 9-11 days after hatching. They won't be able to fly after they leave the nest and the parents will take care of them for a few days to a week or so until the

2014-08-26 Strength Training - Strength:

I can't give you a specific routine because that is not what this forum is about.  But, I can say that if you do push-ups and pull-ups your upper body would get bigger.  Providing that you are eating a

2014-08-25 Fishing - square steel fish rod:

Paul,     Steel rods were the low cost alternative to bamboo rods. They date from before 1900 thru the 1940s. They were then replaced by fiberglass as the low cost material of choice. Several makers produced

2014-08-24 Fishing - FS65 Powell spinning rod:

G. Harris,  You would think this rod would be worth something but it is not. And I doubt you can get history unless you can find a Powel employee from the 50.  I  am a bamboo man not fiberglass. Fiberglass


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