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2016-10-21 Weightlifting & Exercise - Abs catching on ribs?:

Sarah,   Try the stretching for sure but I would also add rest days. Maybe abs every other day. The location doesn't indicate that lat work would cause it. If it persists I would see a doc.  Just don't

2016-10-20 Springboard and Platform Diving - looking for Pool and Trampoline Practice:

Miguel - The only program I know of in the Sacramento area is the Capital Divers in Rio Linda. The head coaches are DeDe Crayne and Phil Tonne. DeDe has a diving pool/trampoline in her backyard. Phil is

2016-10-20 Bowling - New bowling ball hurts my hand and would pull me across foul line:

DaRenda,    Take it back. Tell the guy what's going on. If you've not had experience with a proper fit, you will struggle mightily when what you think fits is a house ball!!!      House balls demand that

2016-10-20 Weightlifting & Exercise - Abs catching on ribs?:

Hi Sarah,  Thanks for patiently waiting for my response.  Before I can speak with any intelligence I need to understand the kinds of exercises you did for your core. Im thinking specifically of the obliques

2016-10-13 Sports Medicine - Hamstring Problem MRI attached!:

Hi Stephen- Good news is that it appears there is no tear or damage to hamstring area. Probable tendonitis or myositis problem, ( tendon or muscle inflammation) The repetitiveness & persistence of your


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