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2015-04-18 Jogging & Running - Unexplained foot pain, after kidner procedure:

Dear Mellisa,    This Orthopedic Chicago Podiatrist located in West Loop 60661,Roscoe Village 60618, Ukrainian Village 60622, Elmhurst 60126 & Bartlett 60103 says..  For your post Kidner procedure pain

2015-04-18 Weightlifting & Exercise - how to measure and get physycally strong:

The things you are doing will give you an advantage, stamina, and power developed through your hiit program will help you, and adding some basic strength will add to your ability to defend yourself. but

2015-04-15 Jogging & Running - Illiac Crest Pain:

Ashlee,    I'm sorry to hear you've had such trouble with this. With what I know I'm not confident in giving you instruction on whether to run or not. However, I can provide direction. It seems like you

2015-04-14 Self Defense - Angles, and lines of movement:

Okay, short answer, if it's not working, you're going the wrong way. The trick is to change directions before he can resist again.    Longer answer, just because we're designed move that way doesn't mean

2015-04-14 Sports Medicine - partial acl tear and type 3 meniscus tear:

Hi Yillana- couple points you should keep in mind:  1. Sounds like you've done your due dilligance & gotten tests & med opinions-   2. Conservative management sounds best initially, & you're not hurting


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