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2014-04-17 Weightlifting & Exercise - weak neck:

Hi Tam,    Sure so watch your posture as you go about your day and hold your head well aligned with the ears to the shoulders. You should do neck stretches in all directions and hold for 30-60 seconds

2014-04-15 Self Defense - assault:

Becca,    You can be very glad that your school offered a self-defense class, and that you took it.  Knowing how to spot or deter trouble is definitely helpful, and knowing how to fight if necessary can

2014-04-14 Birding - Wren house:

Hi. It seems to me that you have done everything correctly. I seriously doubt if the tie resembles a snake or would scare them off. Not knowing anything about your specific area, I can't give you detailed

2014-04-14 Weightlifting & Exercise - 56:

The pails are on both sides of you.  Squat down, pick up the pails evenly.  Keep your knees slightly bent.  Keep your elbows slightly bent.  Keep your spine slightly bent.   By doing this, your muscles

2014-04-13 Weightlifting & Exercise - bursitis:

Paul,    You seem like a man who has been very active his whole life, but with that comes discomfort and sometimes pain, down the road. As a martial artist also, and one with a lot of experience doing


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