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2015-07-27 Self Defense - Why do academicians, specialists, and experts (especially the first) rarely experience blatant violence (in particular the physical type)? Despite commenting openly sensitive fields that inspire cults, tribalism, and toxic narrative?:

A lot of it has to do with social conventions and who the person is dealing with. As in the redneck who punched you thought of you as an equal, not an over class (teacher). That also applies to the Marines

2015-07-26 Pool/Billiards - billiards play:

Hi David,     Sounds like your wife may be a hustler, knowing more than she lets on. :D    Sorry, you have to hit your own ball first. If you have stripes and there's one more stripe on the table you have

2015-07-25 Sailing - phantom tiller replacement cont.:

Your tiller should be the same for all phantom's.  Your sail style should make not difference as "lateen refers to the sail type or shape".  But it could not hurt to mention the style.  The Lateen style

2015-07-25 Sailing - phantom tiller replacement:

I have read that the Phantom uses the same tiller as the sunfish.  Have you contacted them to see about the interchangeability of the parts?    I saw one on Ebay but the sale was discontinued.    You might

2015-07-25 Self Defense - Why do people feel you're a traitor (to the point of even having the nerve to walk up to you and hit you) because you believe some foreign things not from your tribe is superior? Is it worth even trying to reason with them?:

Years ago, I used the "four types of violence" I've since moved onto another one, but on special occasions I come back to it. (This is one.)  There were four types   Fear, (someone acting out of fear)


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