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2014-11-24 Birding - Looking for suggestions to attract chickadees:

Any plantings would help, but too close to the house will deter some birds. Berry bushes are overrated as bird attractors. Yes, they do attract some birds at times, but more than anything birds want and

2014-11-24 Jogging & Running - morning soreness:

Good question Len. I obviously can't diagnosis arthritis without seeing you, but a classic sign of arthritis is being stiff after resting and it loosens up as you move more. I always ask patients how the

2014-11-24 Birding - Looking for suggestions to attract chickadees:

. Thanks for the photos. That helps. Virtually any bush or shrub with small fruit will help to attract birds, but it looks like your back and front yards are in a new housing development. It looks awfully

2014-11-21 Guns, Firearms, Projectile Weapon Sports - Cylinder release problem:

I am assuming you mean a solid frame 5 shot side opening cylinder small frame Smith, an I or J frame...but it might be a short barrel .32 Hand Ejector which is a 6 shot revolver...    Open it and check

2014-11-21 Golf - Left to Right?:

Hey Barry:    I think it's a great idea.  Why not try to see how you "see" things, how it feels, and if it might make sense to do it.  I like your plan of a few clubs at a store and a few sessions at the


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