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2014-12-17 Fishing - fly rod:

Jeff  Just looking at the bamboo , metal and finish , your rod is probably a Montague or Horricks-Ibbotson.   If I am to read this label for a maker I need more info  If you want to try again try sending

2014-12-17 Podiatry - Posterior Tibial Pain after modified kidner:

Bee,    If you felt suffered a different trauma during your recovery period your surgeon should know this.  Either an ultrasound or an MRI would be beneficial to see whether or not the posterior tibial

2014-12-16 Skiing and other snow sports - Yellow spots on the base of my board:

Hey Tyler,    You have presented me with a few questions as to what your spots are. I'm trying to figure out the cause first.     You mention 'P-tex' wax. We're you trying to fill in some shallow gouges?

2014-12-16 Guns, Firearms, Projectile Weapon Sports - sccy:

SCCY was once called SKYY. They were known as making a sort of variation of the Keltec pistols - they have polymer frames with steel inserts to take the slide and to hang the parts from. They are a bit

2014-12-15 Pool/Billiards - rules:

Hi Sam,     In a word, yes.     In most sets of rules this also applies if balls were pocketed on the break. For example in BCA, WPA, TAP making a ball on the break does not decide the players suit, it


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