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2014-04-22 Sports Medicine - What Do I Do Now?:

Hi Carice- plantar fasciitis sounds like what you're dealing with, - usually orthotics & stretching & what you have done is in right direction. About 10-15% of these arch, heel problems are resistant.

2014-04-22 Jogging & Running - Beginning running:

Dawn, Thanks for the great question. It's great you want to be a runner. Join the large community of runners!     1) Perform this exercise https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YiesZvSVa7c, but with your heels

2014-04-21 Weightlifting & Exercise - bodybuilding:

"bodybuilding" is not my forte. but in order to gain useful MUSCLE, you have to LIFT properly.  I'll give you an example of what "I" mean by properly..    workout for muscle gain:  overhead press off rack

2014-04-20 Birding - wild bird birth defects:

James, no doubt birds exhibit birth defects but it is much more likely that the bird lost its leg somehow. Birds with missing toes or parts of legs or entire legs are not uncommon. A cat, rat, squirrel

2014-04-19 Springboard and Platform Diving - diving in DC:

You will be moving to a metro area where diving is very large in numbers and has excellent national level coaches so should not have a problem finding a program you like. You may have to drive farther


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