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2014-10-22 Fishing - 1950-60's Southbend fly rod and reel:

Beau,    here is a good site to compare whether the rod is bamboo (six sided) or fiberglass (round).      If its not marked with a weight I would

2014-10-21 Yachting - tonnage and length?:

Ahoy David,    Thanks for your email. Here is my simple answer. Gross tonnage is calcualted by measuring the volume a boat or ship can carry. If it is a ship, you multiply the depth of the boat (from the

2014-10-20 Springboard and Platform Diving - to old?:

Teresa -     Try these websites to find pools: - Click on Join USA Diving and then Find A Club. Enter TX and a list of teams that have lessons will come up. -

2014-10-19 Weightlifting & Exercise - Dumbbells:

Hi James,    Are you asking if the dumbbells contain not so good products? Usually they are either concrete covered in plastic or solid iron or steel. Not too many chemicals in that combo that will be

2014-10-19 Weightlifting & Exercise - Dumbbells:

Hi James,    Personally I watch the yard sales, garage sales and auctions also the stores for closeouts. Bought a nice bench once that sells for 300.00 new for 75.00 because it was last years model at


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