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2015-11-28 Self Defense - second best:

Okay,you're asking a very important question. But you're approaching it from a direction that while it seems to make sense, it's a whole lot bigger and complicated subject.    If you only have a hammer

2015-11-26 Skiing and other snow sports - What size snowboard should I get?:

Hey Johnny,    The rule of thumb is, stand the board up and the tip should reach from bottom of your neck to your nose. Some of board length depends on the style of riding you will be doing the most. If

2015-11-25 Bicycle Repair - Front derailer problem..?:

Front derailers come in two basic configurations, dictated by the direction in which the shifter cable approaches or "pulls" on the derailer actuator arm. Some derailers allow both configurations; depending

2015-11-24 Jogging & Running - is running beter or cycling:

Kadijah,    Neither can promise that your legs will be "way skinny", but running has the ability to burn more calories in a shorter amount of time. Plus, you work your legs in an eccentric and concentric

2015-11-24 Guns, Firearms, Projectile Weapon Sports - Gr Douglas 40 cal:

Hello John.    Yes, your rifle is a muzzle loading black powder .40 cal. rifle. It looks to be a Hawken model, but your pictures are of the wrong angles. I cannot see the hammer side, but I am sure you


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