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2015-04-20 Probability & Statistics - P value:

No, it does not. The "p" value indicates the probability that the phenomenon you are testing occurred due to random chance.    Unless your p value is very small (less than 0.05), you would not normally

2015-04-19 Entomology (Study of Bugs) - I.D. Spider:

Hi, Javier:    Believe it or not, this spider is called a "flattie," in the genus Selenops, family Selenopidae.  I wrote a blog post about them awhile back:

2015-04-19 Math and Science Solutions for - Simple Interest:

I'm not sure why you say the calculation is incorrect. Did you take into account that 6% really means the fraction 0.06? Also, just to be a little more rigorous (and to make sure we are on the same page)

2015-04-19 Neuroscience - Dopamine:

Hello, Derrek  Please inform the main purpose of your question and the context (specialty and level of scientific training). In general terms, this information is readily available on the Internet, in

2015-04-19 Entomology (Study of Bugs) - what is this:

Hi Casper   This photo is very blurry and I cannot t ell you much. However it looks like long antennae so it would be a bedbug. It looks like some kind of a mite. Do you find a lot of them or just this


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