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2014-11-23 Electronics - Fixing Chandelier within a Automobile.:

I have never heard of a chandelier in a vehicle.  Are you speaking of the internal ceiling lamp which comes on when the door is opened?    If you are speaking of the bus or car internal lighting system

2014-11-22 Interspecies Conflict - Questions:

Hello Gian.      Q: How good would a pack of Gray Wolves do at bringing down Eland?  A: An eland can weigh over 15 times as much as a large male gray wolf.  Elands are fast, athletic, and powerful.  A

2014-11-22 Electronics - Website links in straight Line.:

Not sure I understand the question.  If the display is properly aligned and the link line is normal it should be straight. Tilting requires html software to write it on the tilt - which I have never seen

2014-11-22 Electronics - Connecting Laptop to Television Set.:

I think it must be tested.  Compatibility and version of software is key to it being able to operate via bluetooth.  Most bluetooth implementation of tv is to feed tv speaker addition and it it outgoing

2014-11-22 Word Problems - Math:

1 ton = 2,000 pounds  5 million tons 2,000 pounds/ton = 10,000 million pounds    (10,000 million pounds)/(310 million Americans) = (10,000/310) pounds/American = 32.258 pounds/American    On average


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