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2015-05-24 Physics - Airtight room CO2 build-up:

You're actually making this WAY too complex.  I don't know why you're messing with the nitrogen levels at all, people don't consume nitrogen (what goes in goes out, except under large pressure changes)

2015-05-23 Chemistry (including Biochemistry) - DNA subject:

Hi there!    I am uncertain what you intend to do with your DNA, which will affect what buffers you choose.    However, a great "getting started" book for cell bio PhD candidates is Kathy Barker's 'At

2015-05-23 Flags - outdated or superceded flags:

They should be saved and cherished as relics of America's past.  If you don't know what to do with one--that is you don't wish to keep it yourself and don't know any patriotic person that you might give

2015-05-22 Physics - volts:

Zero is a chosen point to measure zero at. It's called that because it usually refers to the actual "grounded" electrical connection to the nearby Earth.  If I drew a line and called some point zero distance

2015-05-22 Physics - helium balloons:

Far longer. It's less permeable due to its tighter molecular structure, it stops exerting pressure at small deflation....but the size and thickness of the balloon are unknown. A few weeks, if space-edge


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