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2015-11-28 Archaeology - Carbon Dating:

Hi Den,    1). A median date is based on several dates from a given feature.  This is because trees being long lived may have a very broad date range as would its charcoal.  In such cases it is the most

2015-11-28 Flags - Position of POW/MIA flag:

You misread some answer I gave. Mr Buss is 100% correct; the POW/MIA flag is the flag of a private organization and is junior to all government flags of whatever level.     Aside: Much the same is also

2015-11-28 Astronomy - Geocentric:

HI Al    Actually, if you look at these models, they are pretty much the same--a modified Geocentric Solar System with everything but Earth orbiting around the Sun...and the whole Solar System orbiting

2015-11-28 Electronics - Hybrid Electric Water Pumps.:

Feasibility? Yes.  Design criteria must allow for switching motor over to other power source.  If two motors are used it may require an alteration of the drive mechanism when switching over to other power

2015-11-28 Interspecies Conflict - Leopard:

Hello Gian.      Q: Let's say Leopards hunted in prides like lions do with the same type of experience and the same numbers would they be able to hunt the following animals?  A: A leopard is only about


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