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2016-06-26 Electrical Engineering - USB Flash Device as Backup media on Servers.:

Yes, folks have been using flash drives for backup ever since they become popular and inexpensive.  Further the data is easily carried in ones pocket.    But, now days, it is common to have more than one

2016-06-25 Entomology (Study of Bugs) - pollinator ID:

Jen:    I looked for you on Facebook, but alas couldn't find you....    Keep an eye on Amazon and other booksellers for new titles.  Pollinators are a hot topic right now and there are sure to be more

2016-06-25 Biology - Sex:

I did watch the episode of Americas Got talent. Female impersonators are often a part of show business.. In fact I had a friend years ago that performed in Drag. These performers are not always Transgender

2016-06-25 Entomology (Study of Bugs) - Post about your 2-3 month old mantis acting odd:

Hi Kittens    There are a lot of reasons for an insect to act strangely. There is little that you can do. I hope yours recovers    I have answered over 13,000 questions since I have been on allexperts

2016-06-25 Interspecies Conflict - chimp vs man:

Hello Chris.  Good to hear from you again.      Q: Is there any man on the planet that could defeat a large male chimp in a fight to the death?  A: A large male chimpanzee typically weighs no more than


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