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2014-10-23 Physics - mecanical engineering:

Not really.  It's basically the same idea as Bernoulli's principle, where molecules in a fluid system share kinetic energy evenly by scattering off of each other.  But since that fluid is in motion, you

2014-10-23 Artificial Intelligence - About Computational Linguistics:

I suggest you use commercial software development tools that are in the widest possible use.  Don't use some one-off compiler no has ever heard of.  Also, academics and professors are not always in tune

2014-10-23 Entomology (Study of Bugs) - Bug found on bed:

Jeff:    Thanks for including the image with your question.    This appears to be the larva of a Black Carpet Beetle, genus Attagenus.  Because over 70% of the questions I receive have to do with

2014-10-23 Wildlife - RABBITS:

Hi Maggie,    The most humane way of getting rid of rabbits without guns or poison will be trapping and relocating them. I'd advise you to acquire a few live animal traps, such as those used to trap raccoons

2014-10-23 Civil Engineering - RCC structure:

Dear Sudarshan    Cracks may have shear (shear or torsion) source or bending. When you have a beam with moment resisting supports, the failure is more likely to occur from supports and be ended in mid


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