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2016-05-24 Entomology (Study of Bugs) - Maybe Juvinille Black Widow?:

Dahlia:    Actually, from what I can make out in the image (next time crop it as close to the subject as possible), it appears to be an *adult male* black widow.  Up there in CT you have both the Northern

2016-05-24 Physics - space travel:

Hello josh,    See this website:  It says that they expect to put a man on an asteroid by 2025 and on Mars "in the 2030s". (That probably means, the

2016-05-24 Food Science - Questions needing (scientific) answers on corn puff production:

Ted,      As you know you have a number if problems. that probably cannot be easily fixed.  While the anti-oxidants are effective in slowing rancidity development there are still a number of questions

2016-05-24 Astronomy - Black Holes:

Hi Corissa    In fact, light CAN enter a black hole.  A black hole is a massive object, and light and matter both can enter it.  But it is so massive that its gravitational field is so strong that neither

2016-05-24 Astronomy - Stars:

Hi Corissa,    The answer is gravity. The same thing that keeps the earth together also keeps the stars together. But stars are gas, aren't they? Yes, but even the gas molecules are attracted to other


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