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2015-07-06 Physics - eletromagnetic wave and antenna:

There are current technological limits to what can power a GPS locator that can actually transmit a signal.  They can be made quite small, however, and broadcast a location via cell phone towers with quite

2015-07-05 Physics - eletromagnetic wave and antenna:

You can "trace" a target with a normal broadcast if it's implanted with something that responds to that normal broadcast.  However, that broadcast is too weak to harm.  After that, you would have to place

2015-07-05 Entomology (Study of Bugs) - Unknown Insect - patio damage:

HI cindra   Antlions would not built their ant traps in cracks like this. I am sure this is the work of plain old ants.  You are correct. One tiny ant could not do this but a lot of them could. I am just

2015-07-05 Pests - Bugs on my walls:

Joe,    This is the larva of a moth called a "plaster bagworm" or "household casebearer". They are related to clothes moths (see for info about these moths)

2015-07-05 Entomology (Study of Bugs) - Bat bugs or bed bugs?:

Dear Alison - There is no way that I (or anyone else that I know of)Could determine whether you have bed bugs or bat bugs from the images you provided; you need to examine them under at least 10x  magnification


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