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2016-12-03 Interspecies Conflict - Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Had A Very Shiny Nose:

Hello Trish.  Glad you had a great week.  Mine went well overall.      Red Kangaroo vs Chimpanzee: A red kangaroo can weigh about 50% more than a chimpanzee.  The powerful kicks delivered from a red kangaroo

2016-12-02 Number Theory - Sequences:

Hello Isabel  It can't.  When you have irrationals in the denominator, the trick is to multiply Numerator and denominator by the surd conjugate of the denominator.  In this case it is √(7r-3) + √

2016-12-01 Astrophysics - superfluidity:

Superfluidity is a state where a fluid can flow with no viscosity,  like liquid helium below 4 Kelvin.  Normal fluids need work to pump against viscous resistance due to molecular collisions, like water

2016-11-30 Entomology (Study of Bugs) - Ant Farm:

Hi Kristine   I think it is great that your son is interested in insects, especially ants.  I began my love for bugs at about 6 years of age and I have been studying ants for many years. We live on a world

2016-11-29 Advanced Math - Width Follpw-up:

area of metal = y  area of wood = x-y  y:(x-y) = 25:39  39y = 25(x-y) = 25x - 25y  64y = 25x  y = (25/64)x  y = √((25/64)x) = (√25/√64)√x = (5/8)x    w = (x - y)/2


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