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2015-07-27 Pests - black sesame seed shaped bug casing:

Maria,    Looks like a carpet beetle with the legs drawn in, it may be dead. See for a picture of one adult beetle, there are several different species

2015-07-27 Entomology (Study of Bugs) - Stripped Leaf Beetle:

Ralph:    Please e-mail your queries from now on if you would be so kind.  Thank you. You are light years ahead of my usual...clientele(?), and I want to leave the rest of them room to ask questions.

2015-07-26 Astronomy - is this meme factual:

As noted in my answer to your first question, we can see the Andromeda Galaxy and the Magellanic Clouds, which are satellites of our galaxy, with the "naked eye" in a dark sky. With an "average" telescope

2015-07-26 Astronomy - What galaxy is this?:

The image you attached is an artist's conception of what our Milky Way Galaxy might look like if seen from "above" or "below" the disk of the galaxy.    All the individual stars we can see in the night

2015-07-26 Entomology (Study of Bugs) - blonde tarantula:

Samuel:    Your image is very small, but it would appear the tarantula is a male.  Males wander naturally in search of mates, and this one will very likely leave your yard without you having to do anything


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