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2015-10-02 Entomology (Study of Bugs) - Spider Identification:

Chasity,    Can you tell me how large this spider is? Also, can you get a picture that shows the area just behind the "head" more clearly? Try using an ordinary flashlight to light the photo better. Here's

2015-10-02 Pests - mosquitos:

James,    You can treat the water with a special bacterial insecticide called Bti, see for info. The bacteria are very specific against mosquitos and safe to

2015-10-02 Entomology (Study of Bugs) - Common brown/black spider in San Diego?:

Dear Ms. Muffet:    Thank you for both the nice, clear images, and the thorough description of its behavior.  You obviously have done some homework, and have a delightful sense of humor!    Near as I can

2015-10-02 Physics - tension in string:

First, I don't answer homework questions.  It's right there in my profile, no homework questions.  Second you have to make a lot of assumptions to answer this question, no answer would be exactly accurate

2015-10-02 Meteorology (Weather) - Hi. Question about a blizzard this last winter.:

Yes, the media do tend to get a little carried away with the names they give to various weather events. The blizzard that you are thinking of happened between January 25th and January 28th 2015 (with the


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