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2014-07-24 Entomology (Study of Bugs) - Mystery Insect:

Yes, it is a tick.  Notice the 8 legs.  Insects have only 6 legs.  Caution -ticks can carry Lyme disease in parts of the country.  If you get a "bulls eye" rash around the tick bite, see a doctor within

2014-07-23 Entomology (Study of Bugs) - Biting insect:

Amie,    Looks like an antlion (see They can bite but don't normally unless handled. They live in the soil and make "sand-traps" to catch insects like ants. See the

2014-07-23 Electronics - Question about mobile batteries.:

If you search youtube videos you can find many ways of extending the battery life; repairing the charge system, etc. but you will not find a method of swapping cells from one to another.    While it may

2014-07-23 Entomology (Study of Bugs) - ants:

Hi Samantha,    Thanks for the question. Ants are pretty good at finding their way home, so I wouldn't worry too much. However, if it cannot find its way home, it will not survive long. Worker ants cannot

2014-07-23 Civil Engineering - Waffle Slab:

Hi Abdulkadir,    A waffle slab is basically a 2-way spanning ribbed slab, so the rules about 2-way spanning solid slabs apply in terms of limits to ratio of longer and shorter edge lengths. That is, if


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