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2015-08-30 Archaeology - Tribes and where they did their business:

Hi Geoff,    Most humans as well as some primates prefer to "do their business" in private.  Since these waste products are an indication of presence to predators,  humans tended to "hide" their waste

2015-08-30 Physics - physics of sound:

That depends on the material you're talking about.  In a crystal lattice, there is a minimum wavelength (maximum frequency) to the sound...the shortest the wavelength of a phonon (yes, there's a phonon

2015-08-30 Electronics - Combo Camera product.:

As before, I am not a true expert for this category as I haven't studied nor worked with digital cameras.  So, you can think of me as an 'arm chair' enthusiast.    There are so many innovations going on

2015-08-30 Electrical Engineering - Combo Camera product.:

I see it as a very hard question to answer.  See the following URL:    The above link highlights the differences and points out the users

2015-08-30 Physics - Nano sized cpu or gps.:

Transistors are made even smaller...but that's kinda beside the point here.  A single transistor doesn't make a chip.  A chip is a complex circuit made of thousands or millions of such transistors.  Still


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