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2017-03-24 Number Theory - Number sequence:

First, the quickest way to find information about a sequence is the Online Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences. Using their search form, one can quickly find that your sequence

2017-03-23 Electrical Engineering - Compute Cross Sectional area of Solids.:

There are many ways to approach such solutions.  But it is primarily a mathematical process.  By knowing the shape in advance of the problem one can use standardized math geometrical descriptions and shapes

2017-03-23 Electronics - Compute Cross Sectional area of Solids.:

Yes, there are many ways of doing so depending on the specific object being considered.  It can be done empirically with instruments or by scanning with laser beam or by computing and measuring with simple

2017-03-23 Number Theory - Compute Cross Sectional area of Solids.:

We can only talk about cross sectional area if it is the same everywhere.  i.e. The shape has to be a prism, for example a cuboid, a cylinder, a triangular prism.  None of the shapes you give are prisms

2017-03-23 Advanced Math - Rates:

Hi  Yes, it could.  For instance, while ($35.95/1 year)/$1000 means the same as ($35.95/$1000)/1 year, changing the placement of the parentheses gives $35.95/(1 year/$1000) and $35.95/($1000/1 year) respectively


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