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2014-10-20 Entomology (Study of Bugs) - 6" diameter insect.:

Morgan,    I'd be glad to take a look at a picture but this sounds more like a spider than an insect. There are no insects as large as you describe but there are some very large tropical spiders. Sorry

2014-10-20 Physics - Using water as a magnet:

First, graphene is a material and not really a nanomaterial.  And it has little to do with using water to make electricity.  Water is diamagnetic, so it actually reduces magnetic fields that pass through

2014-10-19 Science for Kids - Antibodies and Antigens:

Hi Oliver   Antigens are organic molecule found on the surfaces on blood cells and other cells that cause the production of antibodies antibodies are protein molecules that recognize foreign bodies and

2014-10-19 Pests - mites:

TC,    These "creepy/crawly" sensations are very common and are caused by a variety of things like allergies, dry skin, chemical/physical irritants and so forth. Even some prescription drugs can cause

2014-10-19 Astronomy - Question about virgo constellation:

First of all, there is one question that you have to ask when asking this question and that is "When was Jesus born?". Everyone thinks it was December 25th 0, however it cannot have been because a) there


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