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2014-08-27 Electrical Engineering - measuring antanna impedance in 2.4 ghz spectrum:

The 'cheapest' way to proceed is by trial and error; that is, by setting up a controlled reception area and a transmission system which allows you to make comparison readings of reception strength. Then

2014-08-26 Geology - Found a weird "rock" in a cave. Don't know what it is.:

Hi Rhianna,  What you have there is called a "speleothem", more commonly called a stalactite or stalagmite.  Speleothem is a generalized term for this type of formation, normally found in caves.      Groundwater

2014-08-26 Entomology (Study of Bugs) - Dragonfly/moth/cranefly/mosquito bug:

Dear Maureen:    How delightful to get your question and the wonderful sketch accompanying the query!    I lived in Cincinnati from 1988-1999, but was never fortunate enough to see the beauty that you

2014-08-26 Relativity - geocentrism:

Mike, I am not familiar with the work you cite and cannot make any relevant comments beyond the following general one:    The choice of a frame of reference with which to discuss physics is arbitrary.

2014-08-26 Geology - Found a "rock" in a cave. Don't know what it is.:

I have been an expert on all experts for ten or so years and this is the first time that I do not have a clue about a rock.  I have also been a caver for 30 or so years and have never seen a rock like


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