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2016-07-29 Geometry - Definitions in the Number System:

Hi Aishwarya,    Thank you for providing these definitions.  It is important to know them, to understand them, and to have them memorized.  It is also important to accept them.  Although in your opinion

2016-07-29 Civil Engineering - temp.load in long term deflection load case in safe:

Hi Ravi,    The answer is yes (with factor 1.0)but only if the temperature load is likely to increase the deflection in the long term. As temperature is usually cyclic, unless it's a special case, I would

2016-07-29 Electronics - Electronic Solenoid Valve Applications.:

Sure, they are being used and have been for years all around the world in liquid control and metering systems.  You should do a little research on your own for questions like this as there is plenty of

2016-07-29 Physics - Electronic Solenoid Valve Applications.:

Hello Prashant,    It has already been done. This is one of 3,850,000 hits I got for an internet search for [electronic solenoid valve fountains].

2016-07-28 Entomology (Study of Bugs) - Teeny tiny bees:

Hi Celeste   Since I have not seen one of these I am not even sure that they are bees. The fact that none of them have bitten you tells me they are harmless. Since I do not know what they are I cannot


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