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2015-03-26 Electrical Engineering - motor switch:

If the motor is rated 120VAC, then you should be able to eliminate the PCB and use a double throw switch.  The problem will be to find a switch that is rated for high enough current. Since the motor takes

2015-03-26 Civil Engineering - Cracks formation near column nod bricks joints:

Hi Vinay,    Its very difficult to explain without more information about the structure and additional floors. The problem may be due to settlement of foundations, possibly the brickwork is not supported

2015-03-26 Advanced Math - Logarithms:

Noting that 3 times 2 = 6, write    log10(6) = log10(3・2) = log10(3) + log10(2) = a +b  <-- a and b are known    using the algebraic property of logs.    Also, for the unknown x    log5(6) = x -->

2015-03-26 Entomology (Study of Bugs) - Los Penasquitos Canyon bugs:

Michelle:    First of all, this is a medical question.  Second, I'm not sure that your symptoms are the result of "bites" at all.  Virtually any unexplained wound, rash, or whatever is invariably blamed

2015-03-26 Civil Engineering - response spectrum:

Dear Hemanth    1- I stated that the formula is for z directions and in other directions you need to assign a very big (infinite) stiffness.    2- Because all the properties you need are inherent in your


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