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2016-12-08 Hypnosis - undoing negative associations:

Hello,    What you describe is similar to creating a habit.  It's not unusual to connect certain things to a particular memory, such as a certain smell reminding you of a wonderful time you had at a restaurant

2016-12-07 Geography - HW help:

Hi Nita,    This is a very interesting question.  Unlike Islam which tends towards a more aggessive conversion, Buddhism is quite the opposite.  It spread from India over the mountains and into China's

2016-12-07 Electronics - 7447 chip decoder with 7 segment display:

I can't tell from the photo. It be better if you had sent schematic diagram also.    But with these kind of circuits it is most often a problem with power connections and miswiring.    Go through it again

2016-12-07 Electrical Engineering - POV Displays.:

No, I don't have personal experience with POV displays.  I snooped around the Internet for a few minutes looking for something of interest but didn't find anything that hit the mark.    The best search

2016-12-07 Electrical Engineering - POV Displays.:

There are POV techniques    and holographic techniques to produce 3d phenomenon.


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