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2014-10-25 Civil Engineering - RCC structure:

Dear Sudarshan    Surely not. Cracks are signs of probable damage. But no crack doesn't mean a reliable safety. Because safety has 2 branches : loading and material properties. You can be safe only when

2014-10-25 Entomology (Study of Bugs) - mysterious striped bug with red abdomen:

Robin:    I'm sorry, but nothing comes to mind from your description.  Text descriptions are always difficult because as an entomologist I have a catalog of characters I run through and it never matches

2014-10-24 Entomology (Study of Bugs) - What are those insects, frass and holes?:

Again, I don't think these are caused by insects. Several of the holes appear to have chips broken out of the surface. Insects such as powderpost beetles make smooth, circular holes, they would not make

2014-10-24 Physics - How to create matter artificially?:

That still in no way solves the nuclear reaction problem of making tons of radioactive and unintended by-product.  That's inherent in the nuclear reactions you intend to use to make the material you want

2014-10-24 Geology - Index fossils:

Hi Umer    I am not an expert on Paleontology in Pakistan - I am sure you can find a lot of information on the internet, at your University and any natural history museum.    Here is a link I found to


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