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2014-04-14 Bluebirds - female bluebird with four eggs alone:

They have many predators and this is not unusual. Although it is not easy a female can usually hatch eggs and raise young. (a male cannot as he has no brood patch ((a spot without feathers))to incubate

2014-04-14 Entomology (Study of Bugs) - Unknown bug?:

Shannon,    This is one of the dermestid carpet beetles, there are several different species. See for more pictures. Larvae feed on a variety of organic

2014-04-14 Physics - regarding heavier metals formation:

Scientists have not failed to create gold in the laboratory.  Example: take some mercury and use a proton beam to knock off an alpha particle (with the proton coming in, that can make gold).  Or just expose

2014-04-14 Civil Engineering - Lift walls and structural walls:

Dear Kyogi    This is a matter of design which must be studied by yourself and can be answered very shortly because I don't know your level of knowledge. Please tell me a bout your state of knowledge to

2014-04-14 Geometry - Triangle Side Length from Median Lengths:

Hi Nathanial,    Each median divides the triangle into two smaller triangles of equal area.  If all three medians are drawn, because they intersect at a point, the triangle will be divided into six smaller


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