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2015-01-30 Electrical Engineering - TCP/IP and UDP Port Numbers Nomenclature.:

Don't know the answer to this question.     But, I believe the answer lies in this web page:    It says these unassigned numbers are due to potential

2015-01-29 Entomology (Study of Bugs) - Please let me if this is possible:

Lady bugs are excellent at flying.  They can spread their wings in mid air and fly.  They are also very tough.  Even if they don't fly, if they fall onto the ground, it doesn't hurt them. What your mother

2015-01-29 Entomology (Study of Bugs) - Can they save themselves:

Hi Debbie   These ladybugs usually in the winter unless they can get into a shelter of some kind  Like most incests have a short life span anyway. Don't be too hard on Mom. At age 88 she has most likely

2015-01-29 Astrophysics - The origins of the universe:

Hi Naomi,    I'm afraid science doesn't have an answer to the origin of the energy contained (and then released) in the quantum fluctuations. Nor does science have a good explanation of what "energy" actually

2015-01-29 Electronics - Currency coin exchange value.:

Why don't you try the experts in accounting of finance?    I have no interest in this question, sorry to say, although I have a business background, just not in this area of expertise.    If there is an


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