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2014-04-23 Civil Engineering - Assigning diaphragm in ETABS:

Dear Sara     A diaphragm is a slab with infinite axial stiffness which force all nodes in a level moving together when a lateral load is applied on the structure. Ok?    You can say to yourself why modelling

2014-04-23 Civil Engineering - Query:

Dear Muhammad    No difference between a slab and a beam in this matter. You use top bars on corners, lower bars on the bottom. Usually you use a minimum top bars all over the slab and also for the lower

2014-04-23 Advanced Math - Original Dimensions:

"A rectangular flower bed has a perimeter of 54 feet."  Let L and W be the length and width, respectively.  L + W = 27  W = 27 - L    "7 additional beds were placed side by side next to the first bed."

2014-04-22 Physics - Energy Mass relationship:

No, joules=watts*seconds, not the other way around.  A Joule/second is a Watt.  And if you have a joule in  a femtosecond, you have 10^15 Watts of average power.  Mass and energy are related by E=mc^2

2014-04-22 Civil Engineering - Winkler Springs:

Dear Salim    The horizontal and rotational springs have no influence on your problem result Then you can consider them more than 100 times the vertical springs or even more. after all the vertical deflection


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