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2016-05-02 Physics - Speed of Light:

If Dragon Ball depicts an object with mass moving at faster than the speed of light (as you describe), then it is ignoring physics.  Kind of obvious, we're talking about anime and not reality.  However

2016-05-02 Entomology (Study of Bugs) - tiny tiny bug with red legs:

Dear Jameshia - These sound like clover mites, a very common nuisance pest. See for detailed information. If after looking at this you believe that you have something else, please

2016-05-02 Archaeology - help:

Hi Aishwarya,    What you ask of me is very difficult to do at a distance and via email.  Have you spoken to anyone where you live?  A grandparent?  An Uncle or other family member?   Perhaps at your school

2016-05-02 Geometry - Decimal Numbers:

Hi Apsara,    Decimal numbers are a way of representing a number, it is not the number itself.  In principle, any number that you can write in decimal form is a real number.    Naturals, integers, rationals

2016-05-02 Geometry - Real Numbers and Inclusion:

Hi Aishwarya,    Naturals, integers, rationals, and irrationals are all subsets of real numbers.  This means there exists a real number that is not a natural number, a real number that is not an integer


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