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2015-08-29 Interspecies Conflict - fights:

Hello Anthony.      * Any answers or assessments involving non-real creatures are guesses (not my strong suit). *      3 male Xenos (380kg) vs Allosaurus: The Allosaurus will weigh over 6-7 times as much

2015-08-29 Entomology (Study of Bugs) - unknown:

Dear Guadalupe - Your image is not clear enough for me to be certain, but this could be a bird or rodent mite. These mites will bite humans when their normal hosts are absent, and their bites can be quite

2015-08-28 Interspecies Conflict - silverback gorila:

Hello David.      1) 384kg bengal tiger (the largest hunted tiger ever) vs 2x 175kg (normal specimen) asiatic lion: Assuming this Bengal tiger wasn't overweight or unhealthy, it will be a force to be reckoned

2015-08-28 Pests - bugs on the windowsill:

Ok, from this image it appears to be an adult beetle (which do fly), possibly either the cigarette beetle or drugstore beetle. See for photos

2015-08-28 Electrical Engineering - Life on Mars planet.:

It is all fiction to me - and I follow these developments fairly closely as reported in engineering journals and popular press.    When I was an elementary student it was predicted by scientist of the


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