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2014-09-22 Entomology (Study of Bugs) - caterpillar??:

Hi again, Dorothe:    The image came through just fine, and now it is easy to tell what you have:    Dogwood Sawfly larvae.  Sawflies are stingless wasps that have larvae which feed on plants and greatly

2014-09-22 Algebra - Algebra II/ Trig Honors word problem:

Total amount of gold in all 5 rings = 90/100 * 18 * 5 =81 g    Total amount of silver in all 5 rings = 10/100 * 18 * 5 =9 g    Let the required amount of silver to be added to dilute the gold content to

2014-09-22 Advanced Math - Rates:

kenneth~    four tires for $240 can be written as $240 per four tires or $60 per tire which is a rate by the definition found in wikepedia  "a rate of change can be specified per unit time, or per unit

2014-09-22 Electronics - Electronics:

Well, that has been the goal of advanced software development, Artificial Intelligence research and robotics.  We are making some progress with it but it is going slowly.    On the tv game show Jeopardy

2014-09-21 Entomology (Study of Bugs) - tiny reddish black beetles that seem to be coming from an inside wall:

Dear Antoinette - I hesitate to state with any certainty without actually being able to see your unwanted house guests, but I suspect that they might be foreign grain beetles (). Also known as 'new house


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