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2015-01-25 Advanced Math - Scientific calculator with Touch screen display.:

Please stop asking me these ridiculous questions. I am am mathematician, why would I know anything about touch screen displays? OF course it si possible to construct a calculator with a touchscreen display

2015-01-24 Thermodynamics - Can meerschaum pipes explode while being smoked?:

Hi Luis,  Meerschaum is very fragile, that is why it has been replaced by briar wood pipes.  'Explode' is a bit of an exageration it may crack or fall apart. This is true also of poor quality Meerschaum

2015-01-24 Electronics - Scientific calculator with mathematical and physical constants:

Yes, or course.  Some of the early HP scientific calculators had them.  If I remember correctly some of the TI units did also.  I do not know about current models as I don't track them anymore.    But

2015-01-24 Entomology (Study of Bugs) - Bug:

They do look like scabs/dried blood. Are they concentrated in one area or scattered around the room? Do you have a pet that has access to this room? My guess is they are being scratched off something or

2015-01-24 Civil Engineering - structural engineering:

Dear Hani    When you have a lateral system consisting of a number of resisting frames then a load transfer occurs between them. If you have a system like a RC roof the stifness of it is considered to


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