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2017-04-24 Electronics - Spacecraft Geometrical Shape.:

There are no evaluation tools that I can find.    The evaluation is ongoing by the engineers that are doing the designs, I am sure.  They are surely using the typical computer modeling and prototype designs

2017-04-24 Entomology (Study of Bugs) - Tiny long skinny black bug that jumps:

Shannon,    I can't see much detail but it has the overall shape of a flea, but not a dog flea. There are many species of fleas that occur on different animals. My guess is you may have contacted a rodent

2017-04-24 Electronics - Spacecraft Geometrical Shape.:

Shapes of spacecraft bodies are determined by aeronautical requirements from engineering synthesis and computer modeling and lots of testing.  That is my opinion only.    I don't think there are assigned

2017-04-23 Philosophy - End of Service?:

I was answering questions in in this category of Philosophy since 2002. Altogether I answered 61 public questions (our of which 14 were answered more than once due to Follow-ups). I also answered 41 private

2017-04-23 Entomology (Study of Bugs) - Strange Creature--Can You ID?:

HI Sasha   This is the larvae of a carpet beetle. Since it is an immature beetle I suspect that you have adults in your house. Carpet beetles are small roundish beetles often with a  pattern on the back


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