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2014-08-21 Civil Engineering - modeling foundation in etabs:

Dear mohammad    The very consideration is the stiffness of the springs which is related to the nature ( Subgrade modulus of the soil) . I suggest you to perform a sensitivity study on influence of variation

2014-08-21 Pests - Weird bugs:

Jacob,    This is a silverfish or firebrat, see for pictures. These insects don't bite. Check the page cited above for ways to control them. I don't

2014-08-20 Entomology (Study of Bugs) - what is this type of but:

Dear Melissa - I cannot see enough detail in your image to be absolutely certain, but I believe that these might be tiny wasps emerging from moth eggs - see for an example. Some

2014-08-20 Genetics - Baby'Complexion and Features:

Hi Jordan,    Thanks for your question.    Since African-American features are dominant over the European features, your child is likely to share your looks. The child is likely to have your hair and texture

2014-08-20 Entomology (Study of Bugs) - Curculio sp?:

Tadas:    Yes, you are correct once again.  Species ID is rather difficult for Curculio, in part because females have a much longer "snout" than males, so can be mistaken for two separate species


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