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2016-02-10 Entomology (Study of Bugs) - Tiny, dainty flying insects throughout my apartment.:

Dear Lucy - Your image is not clear enough for me to be certain, but they do resemble dark-winged fungus gnats. These are common indoor pests in homes/buildings with potted plants that have been over-watered

2016-02-10 Physics - Entangled Particles:

The orthodox opinion of researchers in that field is that no, the particles become fixed upon observation.  You're not alone in being unable to wrap your head around the "spooky" part, because the way

2016-02-10 Physics - Help:

Seeing is a physical process involving a chemical reaction and change in our eyes due to the light, which is then converted by our cells into electrical signals.  These signals are then interpreted in

2016-02-10 Geology - eqs around Charleston SC:

Connie    I am wondering, is this some sort of homework or school work question?  If not, what is driving this interest?    Do you have a map of the occurrence of these earthquakes? I would be curious

2016-02-10 Biology - Zika virus question:

Hi Geoff    I am a scientist and teacher so I approach all conspiracy theories with skepticism I would have to see irrefutable evidence of any such theory before I would accept it.  In fact most of these


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