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2015-04-26 Physics - R E:

Common misconception.  Radians are a placeholder, and not a real unit.  They're a ratio of distance around a circle, divided by there's no unit left there when dist/dist cancels out.  The placeholder

2015-04-26 Astronomy - Name of star:

My earlier answer was completely wrong (sorry about that). I was in a hurry and tried using some online planetarium software I wasn't familiar with, and must have set it up wrong. Arcturus is high in the

2015-04-26 Biology - difference:

Hi Anders   Homeostasis maintains a state of dynamic egualibrium or the maintainance of the status quo regarding physiological systems. It is a biological term   Equilibrium occurs when the final state

2015-04-26 Interspecies Conflict - Tales From The Wildside:

Hello Trish.      Giraffe vs Elephant Seal: An Southern elephant seal can weigh twice as much as a giraffe.  Elephant seals fight by posturing up (face-to-face) and forcefully thrusting forward with their

2015-04-25 Physics - Particle beam weapons:

You could always make a neutron beam out of a proton beam by spallation, or perhaps neutral pions.  Range depends on technology, and you're basically talking about putting a particle accelerator up in


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