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2014-09-21 Entomology (Study of Bugs) - tiny reddish black beetles that seem to be coming from an inside wall:

Dear Antoinette - I hesitate to state with any certainty without actually being able to see your unwanted house guests, but I suspect that they might be foreign grain beetles (). Also known as 'new house

2014-09-21 Philosophy - Reason.:

Actions don't have a truth value.  Only propositions (or beliefs, or statements).  Actions may however, have value.  And, we impart value to actions, as well as our community.  Sure, not every action is

2014-09-21 Entomology (Study of Bugs) - caterpillars:

Hi Gail   It is hard to know what to say about this. Caterpillars occurring in such large numbers in a pool is very unusual.Caterpillars do not congregate.  I have no solution to the problem. Can you rescue

2014-09-21 Archaeology - brass or bronze cannonball:

Hi Jerry,  what he has is a Demi-Calverin.  Very typical of a kind of ball found on sailing ships.  These were used by the French, Spanish and most of the other colonial powers of the time.  Florida was

2014-09-21 Interspecies Conflict - Smilodon populator:

Hello David.      1) 500kg smilodon populator vs 600kg utahraptor: Smilodon populators had robust, muscular bodies (built almost bear-like), and were adept at tackling large prey items to the ground and


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