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2014-12-20 Interspecies Conflict - Ram vs goat:

Hello Emanuele.      Q: If a male ram would fight a male goat, who would win?  A: There are several types of sheep and several types of goats to choose from.  As a general rule, goats are bolder and typically

2014-12-20 Thermodynamics - Human Body Temperature.:

Hi Prashant,    Fat, unfit and big people need fans. Thin, fit, small people may not.  The human metabolic rate varies from person to person as all human variables its a Gaussian distribution. (Bell shaped

2014-12-20 Advanced Math - % Improvement:

This does not make sense -- a percentage score is a measure of correctness, a rate of correct answers, basically an average or expected number of correct responses out of 100.    You can measure the absolute

2014-12-20 Biology - Human Body Temperature.:

There are a couple of answers to this Prashant. First of all everyone does not react the same to changes in temperature because their Homeostatic mechanisms may vary. Remember that our sensory impulses

2014-12-19 Interspecies Conflict - Epic Match Ups:

Hello Trish.  Good to hear from you.      1. Jaguar vs Moose: A moose will weigh about 5 times as much as a jaguar.  Jaguars have the assets most big cats share (quickness/agility/jaws & claws/finishing


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