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2017-02-26 Advanced Math - Fluid Mechanics:

OK, thanks. This problem was a little confusing to me because a) the term ω・∆U didn't seem to be the complete expression for vortex stretching and b) including the diagonal terms of the

2017-02-26 Word Problems - word problem:

Aiden began with n fruit.   His friend received (⅕)n fruit, leaving Aiden with (⅘)n fruit.  His sister received ()(⅘)n fruit, leaving Aiden with ()(⅘)n fruit.    ()(⅘)n

2017-02-26 Artificial Intelligence - Advanced Scientific Calculator App.:

yes, I am sure that is possible.  you just have to design the functions you want, design the user interface - then write the code.  Keep in mind all smartphones already have calculator apps.  most are

2017-02-26 Electronics - Advanced Scientific Calculator App.:

Yes, entirely possible.  There are many already in the marketplace.    Here is a detailed instruction, for example, on how to create and Android APP:

2017-02-26 Electrical Engineering - Advanced Scientific Calculator App.:

There are many scientific apps available on both google-play and i-tunes stores.  They come in various levels of scientific functions and some are meant to duplicate the pocket scientific calculators by


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