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2014-10-31 Motorcycle Repair - honda vfr400 nc24 Rothmans replica:

Tracy, you didn't mention the year of the bike, so I am winging it here. has one for a 1991 edition, apparently

2014-10-30 Food Safety Issues - Raw chuck roast:

Hi Elaine,    The recommendation is to not cook and consume foods that require time and temperature control for them to remain safe to consume. Meat, poultry, fish, eggs, etc all fall into this category

2014-10-29 Motorcycle Repair - 2009 Suzuki motorcycle m109r limited:

Hello George,    Looking back at your question, I saw "FEELS like gears not catching", and maybe I didn't  quite understood your problem. Is there a noise along with the feeling? Something like gears don't

2014-10-29 Motorcycle Repair - cb77 piston rings:

Keith, the bright shiny ring is the top compression ring and is pretty much symmetrical. The second compression ring is an oil scraper ring and has the machined, dropped edge on the bottom.  Make sure

2014-10-29 Motorcycle Repair - 03 bmw g450x:

Nate most of these units ground the negative side of the battery to the frame. Then every thing else is grounded to the frame in some way or another. Take off the pos cable first and connect a volt meter


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