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2014-08-30 Food Safety Issues - Produce left in hot car:

Hi Nick,    The foods that were given to you are in a form that does not require refrigeration in order to remain safe to consume.  Fresh produce is safe to consume without refrigeration, though the shelf

2014-08-30 Comic books (Comics) - horror comic:

Well, most of the old EC comics did indeed feature a crypt-keeper and a vault-keeper as hosts - so that doesn't really narrow it down a whole lot... :-/

2014-08-30 Motorcycle Repair - 1980 CB 750 Honda:

Here is a how to replace the parts video I found.    German video shows where it is and how to check it for wear

2014-08-29 Motorcycle Repair - Cdi burns out v45 700:

Shorted wire from Stator to CDI?  Bad Ground, maybe ad a extra ground  from battery to Frame. Bad connectors. Clean and Lubricate conections.  Bad connections cause heat in wires and electronical components

2014-08-29 Beverages - RIPPLE.:

HI Phyllis     Ripple is a product developed by the Gallo family in Modesto for those who want a sweet, fruity wine that is easy to drink.  It is best consumed when it is young, and quite chilled.  If


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