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2014-12-19 Cadillac Repair - radio on 1991 deville:

Hello, it's been 15 years since I have done anything with  a stereo like that. I do not remember if that had a separate power button or if it was controlled by pushing on the column knob.  Send me a hoot

2014-12-18 Cellular Phones - cell phones:

If the $40.00 a month from Cricket includes unlimited voice and text and 1GB of data, that is a very good deal. You will only be using the data when you are not in a WiFi area and are doing things via

2014-12-18 Motorcycle Repair - 1500 intruder wont fire:

Hi James,    Make sure the battery is charged and good.  Sometimes a load test has to be done to  confirm the batteries stamina.    You can apply battery power directly to the  starter terminal on the

2014-12-18 Food Safety Issues - Bloody Mary:

Hi Amandia,    Normally, bloody mary's are served as a cold beverage, therefore the recommendation is to refrigerate the mix either after making or opening the bottle of premade mix.  The recommendation

2014-12-18 Buying & Selling Thru Ebay - Selling an Unlocked iPhone 5s on eBay:

Good morning Craig,    I am happy to help you with your questions pertaining to selling the iPhone 5s.  For starters, you would be better off if you could return the phone to the place of purchase, to


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