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2014-04-17 Motorcycle Repair - second gear noise:

Tony, your primary problem is that the clutch plates are all stuck together, so even though you are pulling in the clutch, the plates are not releasing, so it is the same as if you weren't pulling the

2014-04-16 Classic/Antique Car Repair - 1965 Plymouth Sport Fury with 318/V8 and auto matic transmission:

Hello Sue,    Transmission in Park, Engine idling and fluid warm (just drive the car a bit before checking) to ensure an accurate level. (And parking brake on, of course, for safety.)      Good additional

2014-04-16 Food Safety Issues - Black beans:

Hi Karen,    The temperature inside a pressure cooker at 15 psi is 250 degrees F which is 32 degrees above boiling.  At this temperature foods cook quicker and lectins would be destroyed at a much faster

2014-04-16 Food Safety Issues - Spiral Ham:

Hi Pat,    Good question and unfortunately there is no definitive answer that will assure that the ham is still safe to heat and eat.    Even vacuum sealed potentially hazardous foods (foods capable of

2014-04-15 Cellular Phones - transferring photos/videos from cell phone:

If your phone has an SD card, then you can copy the photos to your computer and then you can transfer them to the iphone from the computer. Also you can plug your phone into your computer and transfer


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