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2014-09-16 Cellular Phones - Verizon compatible devices:

Today's Verizon devices work on their CDMA, EVDO and GSM LTE networks. Most of the US carriers are all utilizing LTE for their networks but still need to be backwards compatible for areas that aren't up

2014-09-15 Cadillac Repair - 1997 cadi catera:

Hi Jimmy,    The first problem I have with drivability problems is logistics. I am not at the vehicle to diagnose. However with this being said, I can give you a couple of ideas.  This could be a fuel

2014-09-15 Vintage Cars - 1985 Mercedes 500 SEL:

I would replace injectors or at least make sure the spray pattern in sufficient  also check air flow sensor, control plate, Cold start valve . rest and warm pressures ect...  the Kjet requires a systematic

2014-09-14 Stamps (Philately) - stamps:

Robert,     There is interest in test stamps from various collectors.  Assuming they are postage stamp test roll, and not for some other purpose.  A full roll would have more value, but I have seen strips

2014-09-14 Monitors - error message:

Is this error being displayed on/by the monitor itself? Or is it a pop-up error dialog within an operating system?     If it's being displayed by the monitor, it's because the monitor isn't detecting any


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