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2014-10-21 Motorcycle Repair - Tires for CA160:

John,  Benly/CA160s came with rim widths that carry 3.00x16 tires. I have seen people spoon on Dream-sized tires (3.25x16), but they bulge out along the sidewalls and could contribute to either worsening

2014-10-20 Motorcycle Repair - CD175 6V coil primary resistance:

Eli,  the coil resistance figures are usually pretty consistent for any type of points type coil. The 250-305 12v coils are usually about 4.5 ohms. Theoretically, a 6v coil would have about half that resistance

2014-10-20 Quicken & Other Budget/Accounting Software - Credit Card:

Debit Expense account- the appropriate expense for the purchase  Credit  - the appropriate credit card liability account   MEMO - enter the name of the vendor /payee and what was purchased.   date = date

2014-10-20 Quicken & Other Budget/Accounting Software - Depreciation of Fixed Asset:

Debit depreciation Expense  Credit Accumulated Depreciation    Some companies keep a separate accumulated depreciation account for     each class of assets    For example the fixed asset section of the

2014-10-20 Food Safety Issues - Chicken:

Hi Cheri,    Yes, the chicken should be safe to cook and consume or freeze.  As long as they were refrigerated at 41 degrees or below and show no signs of food spoilage (sticky flesh, off odors, etc) then


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