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2014-09-29 Stamps (Philately) - AUTOGRAPHED STAMP SHEETS:

Otto,    The 1982 50 different State Birds and Flowers issue was indeed designed by father and son team Arthur and Alan Singer, but I have no idea if the signatures on the sheet are authentic.  I also

2014-09-29 Quicken & Other Budget/Accounting Software - Accounting Entries:

1 a.  when you write the check post to an Other current asset called "employee receivable          I would split that up into 5 split lines, same account         employee receivable  Joe   $200      

2014-09-28 Classic/Antique Car Repair - QUESTION TIMING:

The basic steps to set up timing a distributor are straight forward but require a little work. The first thing it to locate number one firing position. This is a straight forward procedure. The simplest

2014-09-28 Comic books (Comics) - Batman Comics:

Hi Samantha,    Well, that's not an easy question. Batman comics, and his villains, have been around since 1939, so there are hundreds of villains. Which ones are you interested in? Also, everybody have

2014-09-28 Motorcycle Repair - 1965 c100 no spark:

Curt, the C100 has a self-powered magneto ignition, which is not dependent upon a battery. The ignition coil has a black lead (charges the windings) and a green lead which opens/closes the circuit. If


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