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2016-05-25 Vintage Cars - Mercedes 380sl vacuum advance:

you cannot , my buddy posted this awhile back , it is a Djet system , so may or may not be the same ,

2016-05-23 Comic books (Comics) - Walking Dead #1:

Wade,    Well, my advice is for you to monitor the price range (like, on eBay) and try to see if it has been rising or falling recently. If it's been falling, now is probably a good time to sell it. On

2016-05-20 Food Safety Issues - Freezing Liver/Cow Brains:

Dear Angel,    Yes, you can successfully freeze organ meats including liver and cow brains.      The key to successful freezing is packaging the products so that no air can come in contact with the food

2016-05-19 Cadillac Repair - 2000 Deville:

Hi,    Here is what they look like.    Its been a long time since I have worked on these. I do not remember exactly where the arm/sensor

2016-05-18 Vintage Cars - 1973 450sel stalls when throttle opens:

The MAP and ECU are the next things I'd check. Check the vacuum lines o the MAP. Make sure there are no leaks.    The ECU could also be at fault make sure big plug is    firmly attached and free of corrosion


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