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2014-08-28 Motorcycle Repair - 1980 CB 750 Honda:

Sounds like the starter clutch roller springs are fatigued/broken so that the starter clutch hub won't stay engaged with the rest of the system.

2014-08-27 Motorcycle Repair - Oil seal, generator, CB77:

Michel...    Well, there are two seals on the crankshaft end for a CB77. One is for the crankshaft that mounts in the engine case and the other one is in the starter clutch hub.  Michel,    Glad you found

2014-08-26 Cadillac Repair - 1992 cadillac seville fuel pump:

Hello,    It appears you are asking for an absolute answer to a question that has so many varibles.  If you are doing it yourself and have no mechanical inclination. If you have the mechanical inclination

2014-08-26 Food Safety Issues - pasta sauce:

Expire dates refer to the processors estimation of how long their product will retain the optimum quality. It doesn't refer to the safety of the product. As long as the seal remains intact the product

2014-08-26 Motorcycle Repair - 1975 cb500t:

Caleb, There are a few things to check when this happens. First, when the bike appears to be dying off on one side, shut off the petcock and drop the float bowls to see how much gas is in each one.   


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