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2016-12-03 Motorcycle Repair - Questions on 1987 Yamaha:

Hello Doug,    Any motorcycle that's been sitting for so long is prone to problems, both minor and severe. There are many factors that determine the overall condition.    How old were the engine/transmission

2016-12-02 Time-Shares - foreclosure for maintenance fees:

Hi John,    Yes, they can foreclose when you stop paying maintenance fees. My suggestion would be to call them and see if they would like to do a deed in lieu. It would be cheaper for them, and it would

2016-12-01 Quicken & Other Budget/Accounting Software - Is this bookkeeper scamming me?:

Hi Chris,     I don't know if scamming is the right term, but certainly you are not receiving the level of   customer service you desire.     You will find many qualified QuickBooks bookkeepers that offer

2016-12-01 Auto Theft Prevention - Box Truck Security System:

Hi Kevin,    You didn't state what type of work you do and how often you will use the mandoor in conjunction with the tailgate.    As for the rear door, there are some awful looking locks with chrome steel

2016-11-30 Stamps (Philately) - value of postal cards plus stamp:

Your green Jefferson with added stamp is probably the result of a rate increase.  The postal card itself is extremely common.  I use them bookmarks.  Up-rated due to rate change but unused has no real


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