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2015-01-31 Stamps (Philately) - Hawaii- 1853:

Hi Janine,     Ok, thanks very much for sending this image.  While it's a little blurry I'm rather certain still that this is the Hawaii Scott #11R which is the reprint version of the stamp.  There's no

2015-01-31 Motorcycle Repair - 81 yamaha sr250 exciter ...:

Hello Rob,    You haven't answer my question, if the problem occurred before or after left unused.  Also, what number is the main jet.    Insufficient battery charging could mean, malfunctioning generator

2015-01-30 Cadillac Repair - 1992 Eldorado blows out muffler:

Hello,    Why was the cat replaced in the first place? We need to look at the situation before you replaced the cat. Before putting the cat on you had no muffler problems correct?  For some reason back

2015-01-30 Volvo - problem with radio,sunroof and 12 volt plugs:

there could be a fuse issue here ,under the driverside kickpanel there is the fuse box and cem ,check the fuses there also possible that the alarm siren could be what is not letting the sunroof function

2015-01-30 Volvo - 1995 volvo 850 bogging stalling:

this is a strange one ,be interested to no if the alternator was charging ok when these things happen if they do again .The radio and other interior things could be related to an ignition switch electrical


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