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2017-04-22 Motorcycle Repair - 1977 DT400:

Remove the headlight ring and bulb. Remove the bulb to give yourself some room to work.  The trace the wires down and disconnect and reconnect 1 wire at a time.  take your time, its not hard. Then be sure

2017-04-22 Cadillac Repair - Dash Warning Lights:

Hi, I hope you are doing well.  You are asking me a question I am not qualified to answer without being at the vehicle and having the ability to scan the computer electronically when it comes to these

2017-04-22 Motorcycle Repair - Honda 900:

Hello Lisa,    Probably I can help. For sure I will recognise the model, and as for the year, if not exactly, plus or minus one year.    Upload the picture and I'll do my best...    Bear in mind, though

2017-04-18 Stamps (Philately) - e stamp booklet date:

Steve,    The E stamp booklet of 20 was issued March 22, 1988.  However the artwork was developed and copyrighted in 1986, which accounts for the 1986 date on the booklet.  The E stamp booklet, designated

2017-04-15 Board Games - Checkers game.:

I'm not sure which is your question, but I'll try to answer each of the pieces.    Is it possible to play checkers game on the web?  Yes, it is. Many web-based interfaces for playing board games on the


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