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2015-10-01 Motorcycle Repair - Four stroke miss:

Kevin, if the bike has been modified with a different exhaust or intake system, it may need to be re-jetted richer.    Did you check the spark plug cap for excessive resistance? Most bikes use a 5k ohm

2015-10-01 iPhone - IPhone Battery:

There really isn't anything that you can do with this battery. An iphone battery has a specific number of charges so when it gets to the end of its life, that's it. If you can't buy a new phone you may

2015-09-30 Motorcycle Repair - 79 Honda xl100:

John, unlike the earlier XL100 models which began production in 1970, the 1979 version is based off of the XL/XR75-80 engine designs, which used a magneto ignition instead of the battery powered points/condenser

2015-09-30 Food Safety Issues - Refrigerator left ajar overnight:

Hi Eileen,    How disappointing to find your refrigerator door ajar all night.  I know from experience as my upright freezer door was left ajar and all of the food items on the door defrosted....bummer!

2015-09-29 Components for Building Computers From - computer help:

It is the BSOD (blue screen of death). Sounds worse than it is and can mean any number of things from bad RAM, hard drive failure, etc. check this out. According to the hexadecimal number on the screen


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