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2017-02-20 Food Safety Issues - Bone disc on ham:

Hi Janet, are not the only person to miss removing the piece of plastic which protects the bone from breaking the packaging.  I've been asked this question many times.    According to the Food

2017-02-20 Motorcycle Repair - Noise in engine:

Hello Mike,    At this mileage, it could be either one or both the problems I mentioned.    If the noise fades out as the revs rise, and comes back as they fall, most probably it's the camshaft train.

2017-02-20 Comic books (Comics) - follow up:

Thanks, Danny - I'm glad that it helped!     I do always try to give as much information as possible, even if I can't directly answer the question & I'm happy that it was of use this time out!    Pax,

2017-02-20 Motorcycle Repair - Noise in engine:

Hello Mike,    The mileage of the bike would help me a great deal, but anyway...    First of all, check if the noise changes when you pull the clutch.  If it does, the clutch hub and/or clutch discs have

2017-02-19 Food Safety Issues - Opened can of sliced mangos:

Hi Bev,    Fruits don't have to be refrigerated to stay safe to consume as their pH doesn't support the growth of harmful bacteria. This is why fruit pies can safely be stored at room temperature.    It


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