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2015-11-26 Motorcycle Repair - Throttle Free-Play (Slop in Throttle):

Robert, there is a lot of slop inherent in the design of the later slide-type throttle assemblies. Honda did make a provision for cable slack adjustment in the middle of the throttle cable, just about

2015-11-26 Food Safety Issues - browned sausage:

Hi Kathy,    Unfortunately yes.    Foods such as meat that sit at room temperature all night are capable of supporting the growth of harmful bacteria. One of these bacteria, Staphylococcus aureus, is capable


Hello,    You say you checked Microsoft in door lock. What does that mean?  It's been a long time since I worked on one of these. Does it have a switch in the door jamb near the end of the door on the

2015-11-26 Food Safety Issues - Cooked terrine:

Hi Wil,    Unfortunately, a pork and game terrine left at 11 degrees C for 5.5.hours is a recipe for problems with potential food borne illness.  While you cooked the terrine to a high enough temperature

2015-11-25 Food Safety Issues - Cabbage and kielbasa soup left out:

Hi Kristen,    There is no way to tell by sight, smell or taste if your soup which was out at room temperature for 6 hours is still safe to consume.  What we do know that there is a possibility for contamination


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