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2014-11-26 Food Safety Issues - frozen turkey:

It's not a good idea to thaw a turkey at room temperature but being out for only 2 hours will not make the turkey potentially hazardous.I want to start out saying people have been thawing frozen turkey

2014-11-26 Board Games - '50s football board game:

Hi Eric,  Thanks so much for your question.  I have previously received an email from another person about this game which was sent to my online boardgame business at Don's Game Closet.  We spent a considerable

2014-11-26 Food Safety Issues - Cooked vegetables:

Hi Jeff,    It is impossible to tell by taste, smell or appearance if food that is capable of supporting the growth of harmful bacteria are still safe to consume when left out all night.  Cooked vegetables

2014-11-26 Air Travel - Exiting the US and Passport Control/Immigration:

Dear Ginny,    There is a rule issued by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection which published the Advance Information on Private Aircraft Arriving and Departing the United States.    This rule requires

2014-11-26 Motorcycle Repair - 1993 Honda CBR FP 600:

Russ, this too new for me, so I had to rely on the internet for references..    Probably


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