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2016-02-14 Motorcycle Repair - 1999 suzuki 800vz marauder:

Hi Autumn,    This might be a few things. Is the engine still running normally?  If not you might have a engine cylinder that is misfiring for some reason  and dumping raw fuel into the pipes.    Check

2016-02-13 Stamps (Philately) - Ten Cent Washington:

Hi Barbara,     Actually the photo is "larger" but the stamp is still the same size... these are very specific in minute detail that make the difference between whether this stamp is worth $65 or $2,100

2016-02-13 Motorcycle Repair - High Idle CB77:

Kelvin, several systems interact when the high idle condition shows up. Loading the engine reduces the rpms which causes the spark advancer weights to pull the timing back enough to slow it down again

2016-02-13 Stamps (Philately) - 4 old stamps:

Barbara,     You have potential for some nice stamps in this case, but the photo you have given me is way to small for me to be able to tell exactly what they are.  So, can you take closeup of individual

2016-02-12 Comic books (Comics) - Origins of Marvel Hardcover - 1st Edition - How many printings?:

Hi, Yaniv! Thanks for your question!    Yes, there are multiple printings of this book and two publishers.    1) Published by Fireside Books/Simon & Shuster:    1974 and 1975 saw publishing of two printings


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