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2016-09-22 Board Games - Scrabble words by Field specialisation.:

Now I think you're going in a good direction... but with a few caveats.    First, restricting people to "Only fruits" is going to cause the same problem as the Capital letters... it would be too restrictive

2016-09-22 Board Games - Scrabble words by Field specialisation.:

Hi Prashant, Thanks again for another great question.  Your idea about specific fields being used for words in Scrabble is already being done by the makers of Scrabble.  For example, there is a Pirates

2016-09-21 Beverages - Beam's Deluxe Bourbon:

Hi Tom    Distilled spirits like this are so high in alcohol that they don't change much, for better or for worse, over time.  The good news is that this is perfectly good to drink.  The bad news is that

2016-09-21 Cadillac Repair - 1969 Deville headlights:

Hi Joe,    You did not state high beam or low beam. High beam is the inside headlight which has a two prong connector or a Lowe beam which is a three wire prong on the back of the headlights.  The chrome

2016-09-19 Living on a Budget, Saving - College student budgeting:

Hi Alec,    Thanks for considering me to answer this question. I love the title, How to Enjoy Being a Broke College Student.  I have two pieces of advice that I wish young college students would remember


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