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2016-08-29 Motorcycle Repair - 1970 Honda SL350 K0:

Steve, Honda marks all engines with E serial numbers to differentiate them from the frame numbers.    Only the 350K0 models had the CB/CL series CV carburetors (SL3A) with primary/secondary main jets.

2016-08-28 Board Games - Carrom board coins color.:

Realistically... whatever you like. The White, Black and Red are chosen to be easily distinguishable at a glance. The core purpose of the colors of pieces is so that nobody gets confused understanding

2016-08-28 Buying & Selling Thru Ebay - Query re online business:

We have found in our years of selling that there is no quick and easy start up on EBay or Etsy.  It takes a while to get started and get known online.  From our own experience and others we knows that

2016-08-28 Board Games - Carrom board coins color.:

Hi Prashant, Thanks for your interesting question.  Unfortunately, carrom games are not a part of the boardgame knowledge that I possess.  I wish I knew where to send you for this information, so I will

2016-08-27 Beverages - Old whiskey value?:

Hi Tim    That's cool.  I thought that might be the case....because the packaging reflects some of those older regulations.  The liquid inside still isn't truly a treasure--it's just good whiskey.  But


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