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2014-11-22 Food Safety Issues - Thanksgiving turkey refrigeration:

Hi Patsy,    Since you say that once the turkey is removed from the heat source it will be 5+ hours before it is served, it will either need to be kept hot (above 135 degrees F) or cooled down to 41 degrees

2014-11-22 Components for Building Computers From - cpu:

The answer depends on *which* specific packaging you're talking about. There was a "middle era" of CPUs between chips that relied on L2 being external, to L2 being "on package" (but not "on die") meaning

2014-11-21 Cellular Phones - Caller ID with Name app for Android?:

Caller ID doesn't require an app. The information comes from the phone system to your phone. Your phone only displays the number but if you have a person in your contacts, the number will be matched to

2014-11-21 Motorcycle Repair - 1965 Honda 305 Dream Cam Removal:

Don, the other end of the camshaft is held into the sprocket with a tapered bolt. Remove the nut and washer, then turn the nut back onto the bolt just enough to get the nut flat with the end of the bolt

2014-11-21 Living on a Budget, Saving - parents helping adult disabled son:

Hi Jon:    Thank you so much for choosing me to assist you on your financial journey. If I understand you correctly you are concern with maintaining your parentís home after they pass away on your limited


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