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2015-08-03 Food Safety Issues - alfredos sauce:

Hi Camille,    The date on can goods is a "best if used by" date and not an expiration date.  This date means that the manufacturer guarantees that the product will be of the best quality if used by this

2015-08-03 Motorcycle Repair - cm400t '79 valve adjustment:

Hello James,    You can use any type of feeler gauge available on the market (see photo).  The valve clearance for your bike is, 0,10mm (0,004")for the intake and 0,15mm (0,006") for the exhaust, measured

2015-08-02 Motorcycle Repair - 86 honda magna 750:

Hello Bob,    Firstly I would like to know, if, the wires you refer to are all coming from the main harness, and if the harness is brand new, genuine and exactly for your model.  Did you order it based

2015-08-02 Board Games - chap aquitted:

The largest board game database with American games called the Boardgamegeek has some info on this game, which you may know about already.  Here is the link:

2015-08-01 Food Safety Issues - Food safety at the supermarket:

Hi Jessica,    The chances for contamination are extremely low, especially since you did not see any meat juices anywhere in your grocery bags. Wiping the outside of food packages and your son's car seat


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