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2015-02-25 Creditors and Bankruptcy - Collection Question:

I would contest both of the listings that you see on your credit report, saying I don't owe it.     If that does not do the trick, call ComED, and see what they can tell you.    If you owe the debt, you

2015-02-25 Credit Repair - Account in Collection:

Dan,    I do not think it is reasonable to pay a debt twice.     You have two option, call both the debt collectors and see who is really collecting the account or dispute both accounts at the credit bureaus

2015-02-24 Motorcycle Repair - finding out what is wrong with my motercycle:

There are several safety's on the engine that could be the issue.  1 the Neutral Safety Switch, Second the Kick Stand safty Switch.  Email me at and I will send you a Parts Manual

2015-02-24 Motorcycle Repair - 350cc banshee:

Sounds like a seized engine... pistons or crankshaft blow-up. The engine is separated from the transmission by the clutch. If the clutch blows up, that could be an issue, as well, but if the kickstarter

2015-02-23 Beverages - Cafe Bebnedictine:

Hi Bill    I had to do a little research on this one.  This product was introduced in the 1970's, but they stopped making it years ago.  There doesn't seem to be a secondary market for it~ I've seen a


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