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2017-01-16 Collectibles--Toys - Peez dispenser:

Hi Dusty,    Good question... one that comes up quite often....  Today's value for a dispenser sold currently, is approximately $2...    If the dispenser/packaging is from the 50's, 60's, 70's values could

2017-01-14 Components for Building Computers From - Which gaming PC should I buy:

Before I spend a lot of time going to all the links amd comparing all the machines you listed, which is beyond the scope of a volunteer, with the money you have to spend I would go to

2017-01-14 Quicken & Other Budget/Accounting Software - Working Capital:

Hi FA,     Since the capital deposited needs to be paid back to the bank, it is indeed a loan.   Set up a new chart of account, type = long term liability, name = bank name + last 4 digits of loan account

2017-01-13 Motorcycle Repair - Honda Dream VIN de-Coding:

Ed, Honda did an odd thing in 1964. They have two sets of serial numbers denoting that one specific year.  There are CA77(78 for "late" style models) 4xxxxx numbers and yours which is the 6 digit number

2017-01-11 Motorcycle Repair - 1965 honda 305 scrambler:

I can't think of anyone personally in the AZ area, but I found a listing for that might be able to take it on or direct you to someone in the area.    If you are on FB,


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