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2014-11-21 Motorcycle Repair - 1965 Honda 305 Dream Cam Removal:

Don, the other end of the camshaft is held into the sprocket with a tapered bolt. Remove the nut and washer, then turn the nut back onto the bolt just enough to get the nut flat with the end of the bolt

2014-11-21 Motorcycle Repair - Kawasaki Vulcan 750 gear shifter:

Hello Sue,    Which cover did you take apart? Not the clutch...!  You only need to take apart the small cover on the left side, where the shift rod goes out of the engine.  You don't have to remove the

2014-11-21 Motorcycle Repair - Rust:

Hello Brock,    There are many reasons for external parts rusting. Left out in the rain, too much salt on the streets due to low temperatures and/or usage near the sea, and failure to wash with fresh water

2014-11-20 Cadillac Repair - Teves brake system:

Hello,    I have some bad news for you. I haven't had the nightmare of dealing with the teves system for at least 5 years and at that time I was told these units were no longer being rebuilt.  The unit

2014-11-20 Motorcycle Repair - 1965 Honda 305 Dream Cam Removal:

Don, after about 1962, the camshaft locking nuts were left-hand threads, so you have to loosen them in a clockwise direction. I usually jam a big fat box end wrench in the head between the head opening


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