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2015-05-27 Motorcycle Repair - carburetor fitment:

Hello Chris,    The VS1400 carburettors, as bodies, are interchangeable on models 1988 to 2002.  Differences, based on areas and local legislation, are found in the internal parts (jets, jet needles) and

2015-05-27 Cadillac Repair - 1989 cadi:

Hello,    This symptom is not a regular occurrence, but I can give you some thoughts. It sounds like a feed back issue, but you did not state if the blower continued to run when the brake was released

2015-05-27 Cameras - old Leica camera:

 Hello Roxanne,    Never got your earlier e-mail with the camera's serial number and pics. I checked, I have all my incoming messages from the past three months, and you're not there. Cyber gremlins.

2015-05-27 Time-Shares - Timeshare pressure:

Polly,    If the resort or management company is not in the same country as you then there is pretty much no way they can force payment from you. They can send you bills and to collections but they would

2015-05-26 Motorcycle Repair - 1982 honda cb650sc [ 4cyl. single 0hc]:

The few times I have seen fuel come up out of the vents is when the float valve has stuck open filling the bowls full of fuel which has no where else to go at that point.    When the bowl vents in the


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