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2016-07-27 Motorcycle Repair - CB77 footpeg rivet:

Tim, I have never disassembled a CB77 footpeg. Some platers can work around a riveted part and some prefer to do individual parts. I think if you search "steel rivets" in the size that is determined when

2016-07-25 Motorcycle Repair - backfiring:

There are 2 possibilties here. One is your fuel line gets hot and the bike vapor locks. Once you have fuel flowing it cools off. The other is your ignition is breaking down.  I would start by riding the

2016-07-24 Auto Theft Prevention - say::

Hello,    As you addressed your question you stated your vehicle was a 199 expedition and no chip in key. That statement is factually incorrect, because the 1997 expedition was the first SUV to have the

2016-07-24 Volvo - 2001 Volvo xc70 cold hard start with white smoke:

Possible that you have a leaking injector ,you say white smoke ,do you  need to top up the coolant or does it stay where it should .It is possible that you may have a coolant leak .Do you smell any sweet

2016-07-22 Vines - golden pothos:

Hello Rasha,  I hope you are well, also; thank you for writing, and thank you for sending the photographs, they are very helpful.  Golden ivy, or "Pothos," is a wonderful houseplant and I like the way


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