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2016-07-23 Irrigation - Toro TMC212 irrigation system:

Hey George, It sounds like you have a hydraulic system, the unit below the controller is a hydraulic conversion kit. The controller is actually for electric valves, so the conversion kit allows the controller

2016-07-22 Hairstyling - razor cuts:

Jon,    All you need to do is bring the picture to your stylist. If you have to tell them HOW to cut it, you're going to the wrong person.    For this style you'll want to start with gel or mousse on damp

2016-07-22 Antique Safes - cary safe:

Hi Pat,    Based on the serial number 70916, the safe would have been made in 1902 most likely, which would make it about 114 years old, and yes, an antique.    I would be more than happy to look at your

2016-07-22 Hairstyling - perm before anestesthsia:

Mariann,    It sounds like your stylists knows what she is doing. A protein  treatment and protein spray are often not indicated. In fact, in many cases, the excess protein actually makes the hair more

2016-07-21 Collectibles-General (Antiques) - Bally Slot Machine:

Hi John,    I would agree with you on export for the 240V market, I would think that this would be easy to convert back with just adding a transformer for 110 volt. The inside of your machine looks the


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