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2014-10-23 Antique Furniture - Furniture Manufacturers:

There were thousands of furniture manufacturers in operation during that time.  About 5,000 in the USA.    about 25 years ago I contacted the US Census Bureau as they do census on manufacturing industries

2014-10-22 Silver and Flatware - IDENTIFY:

Hello.    "Community" is a brand name used by Oneida for a line of flatware. Most patterns in this line are made of silver plate. The first step will be to determine the name of the pattern. I suggest

2014-10-22 Irrigation - Orbit Irrigation System 57606:

Hey Annie, first thing I would suggest is to take out the batteries and see if you still have a display. It could be that the transformer or your power source is not giving you power. Also,  after you

2014-10-22 Silver and Flatware - Identifying Sterling Flatware Bailey Banks & Biddle:

Hello.    The symbol on the back represents Dominick & Haff. It was once common for retailers like BB&B to have some other company actually manufacture pieces. Check out this page for D&H's Queen Anne

2014-10-22 Hairstyling - Schwarzkopf Strait Therapy question:

Hi Deepti,     You need to do a salon search in your area for salons that carry Schwarzcopf. If you can't find one, check the yellow pages for professional beauty supply companies in your area. They will


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