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2015-03-04 Collectibles-General (Antiques) - Old trunk:

Jennifer,     This trunk is almost certainly an American made trunk, but a few were made in Europe using American made parts. Also, many of these were made by trunk companies on the east coast, mostly

2015-03-04 Silver and Flatware - 330?:

Hello.    When the word, "Sterling", appears on a piece, you can feel comfortable that it is made of sterling. Sometimes, it's only a component, like the outer shell of a knife handle, that's made of sterling

2015-03-03 Costume Jewels - Determining value:

Hello Ed...    I am sorry about the passing of your mother.     There will be trash and certainly a ton of treasure in her jewelry hoarding piles..     If she frequented estate sales; it is a plus, the

2015-03-03 Flooring and Carpeting - Engineered hardwood floor install:

One of the reasons I joined this site was my irritation with some choice answers. However there are some very good people here as well.    As far as communication the phone is great...texting...photographs

2015-03-03 Antique Safes - Victor safe:

Hi Jack,    Disclaimer:    We do not give out any information concerning drilling or opening safes other than the dialing sequence which may be appropriate for the lock which should be installed on the


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