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2014-11-26 Antique Safes - photo of safe draw lock:

Hello Robert,    Thank you for your question.  What you have is a false Tann.  John Tann was the world's first safe maker and was very well known.  All their safes were made in their Reliance Safe Works

2014-11-25 Silver and Flatware - Parker Casper & Co. Piece:

Hello.    Parker & Casper Co. was formed in 1866 in Meriden, CT. In 1869, they were taken over by Wilcox Silver Plate Co, which was itself taken over by International Silver Company in 1898. I do not know

2014-11-25 Ear & Body Piercing - ear stretching gone bad:

The consensus among experienced piercers would be for you to drop back down to the smaller size (2g) with jewelry that meets APP safety standards for initial healing, such as Titanium or glass, and to

2014-11-25 Silver and Flatware - Wm. Rogers and Son victorian rose:

Hello.    In 1898, the Wm. Rogers brand was taken over by International Silver Company. They also took over several other companies with "Rogers" in the name as well as some not named "Rogers". International

2014-11-25 Collectibles-General (Antiques) - Antique Bed:

I was unable to see the wood grain in any of the pictures but if you would send a picture to my email of any areas where the grain can be seen i will try to help.  cant go on color, must see grain details


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