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2015-05-24 Antique Furniture - kittinger table:

Hi Joy,    Regarding your Kittinger table.  As far as Ii can see it is a Kittinger table  that would have been made in the 1920's.     Due to it's Jacobean style and condition it is not worth much. Perhaps

2015-05-23 Massage - Aromatherapy Massage after hysterectomy:

Good morning Roger    Thank you for your question.  This is out of my field-but the only answer I would give anybody in your position: protect yourself first.    If anything goes wrong after the surgery

2015-05-23 Antique Furniture - China cabinet and buffet:

both are from the 1920s and are not a pair although they are of the same time.    the sideboard needs work and has mismatched hardware which will make the monetary value low. additionally it is more of

2015-05-22 Silver and Flatware - Quadruple Silver plated Cup:

Hello.    Derby was founded in 1873. In 1898, it was taken over by International Silver Co. but they continued to use the Derby brand name. I can't tell when this piece was made but it was definitely 1873

2015-05-22 Antique Clocks - My Revere Mantle Clock with Westminster Chime Model R-913:

I think if you bend the chime rod that is causing the problem up just a little bit it will solve the first problem.    The jerky chiming is not as easy.  You will probably have to lubricate all of the


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