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2015-08-28 Antique Safes - Mosler and Browning Safes:

Hi Abelardo,    The lock on your Mosler safe is most likely a CD-302, which is a three wheel lock.   The lock on the Browning safe is most likely an S&G 6730 lock.   Dialing sequence for both locks is

2015-08-28 Flooring and Carpeting - Torginol Flooring:

I looked up the "Torginal" specs and just learned it is a polymer resin with color chips embedded.  Torginal has an 800# your can reach them at 800 558-7596.     I honestly can not say with certainty to

2015-08-28 Antique Safes - Information on antique Hall's safe:

Hi Richard,    sorry but manufacturers NEVER publish their records for obvious security and liability reasons, and once they go out of business, this info is gone for ever.    The best that we can offer

2015-08-28 Antique Furniture - Antique Chest with inlaid wood lid:

I would not expect him to build his tool chest, which was common back then, until he was probably older, at least in his 20s, but who knows, maybe in his 30s or 40s.  it was common for carpenters and cabinetmakers

2015-08-28 Antique Furniture - Antique Chest with inlaid wood lid:

please use the followup function so i can see the bottom and tell me if it appears to have been any shelving or drawers in the interior.    thanks for showing this tool box.    I believe the name to be


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