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2014-10-31 Antique Safes - Identify manufacturer:

Randy, there were several makers that used the cast roping trim so that doesn't help.  Group 2 locks were much later so that's not original.  Good pictures of the wheel skirting and door handle will help

2014-10-30 House Plants - calla lily:

Evelyn,    It is a bulb like tulips, except it is tropical. It cannot stand tto freeze. If it is going to frost tonight it needs to be brought in.. It needs to go dormant. If your garaage does not freeze

2014-10-30 House Plants - pregnant onion plant:

Mary,    I would like to suggest that there is a reason scale is attacking your plants. Scale and other insects usually attack stressed plants. Many imes it can be from the air around the plants being

2014-10-30 Silver and Flatware - salt &pepper shakers:

Hello.    I've not seen this particular set but here's my opinion.    The "GM CO" stands for Gorham Manufacturing Co. while "ep" stands for electroplated (silver plate). The numbers are Gorham's model

2014-10-30 Collectibles-General (Antiques) - Gumball Machine Identification:

Hi Colleen,  You have a circa 1972 Davis Sales Co machine. Davis Sales Co. was sold to Penny Arcade  of Beverly Hills, CA in 1975. The original Davis Co machine was called the DEAN. The   name was embossed


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