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2014-08-27 Antique Safes - milners safe:

Hello Willem,    You can send pictures to me directly at  Please send two; one with the door shut showing the entire front of the safe, and one with the door open to show

2014-08-27 Silver and Flatware - how to repair Sterling "Shell" knives that rattle:

Hello.    I'm not expert on repairing knives but I can point you to this article that will at least give you some information about these knives:

2014-08-26 Antique Safes - Chubb's fire proof safe:

Hello Olga,    Thank you for your enquiry and the pictures of your Chubb safe.  I was employed by Chubb for several years and have been part of the UK safe industry for over 44 years.  During this time

2014-08-26 Collectibles-General (Antiques) - Wooden Chair:

Daniela - In 1877 Canadian chair maker Michael J. Murphy moved his business into the Detroit factory building recently vacated by the Detroit Chair Factory that had been established in 1864. The company

2014-08-26 Hairstyling - What do I do with my hair:

Hi Chyanne,    You haven't given me enough information.  What does your hair look like now? How thick is it? How curly? How is it cut? What does it do or not do for you? What is your general hair care


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