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2016-02-09 Silver and Flatware - Rodgers silverplate silverware:

Hello.    This Rogers brand is now owned by International Silver. You may find this pattern listed under International Silver or Rogers.    Unfortunately, use silver plate flatware generally does not hold

2016-02-08 Silver and Flatware - approximate value:

Hello.    I believe this set is made of silver plate. If I am correct, a dealer would probably set a price in the $300 to $400 range for the set. Unfortunately, an individual selling the set might get

2016-02-08 Silver and Flatware - Pattern on Salad Serving Set:

Hello.    I do not recognize the pattern. I would say that the vast majority of silversmiths and manufacturers did place some identifying words or symbols on their products, especially if made of sterling

2016-02-08 Antique Clocks - Kienzle Westminister Chime wall clock:

It sounds like it needs a good cleaning.  You can try to move the minute hand forward and see if it will chime stopping at the 3,6,9,12.  You should hear a click at each number but if it is not chiming

2016-02-07 Antique Safes - Halls safe:

Don,    You are more than welcome.   If you can't find someone in your area, let me know and I'll see who I might know and/or recommend in your area.   As I mentioned worse case you could send the lock


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