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2014-11-20 Antique Safes - old Yale safe value:

Hi Lorna,    Chances are the "LOCKS" are made by Yale and not the safe.    I would be more than happy to look at your safe to see what you actually have, and to answer any questions that you might have

2014-11-20 Antique Safes - locking my safe:

Hi Joho,    I'm not sure exactly what you are referring to??   And/or why you would want to keep fruits in a "SAFE".    I'm sure that we are NOT going to be talking about the same type of "SAFE"!     

2014-11-20 Antique Safes - AMSEC safe:

Tammy, that will most likely be a KPL 2000 AMSEC lock.  If you have installed new Duracells ,checked the wiring and it still isn't working, it could be the outside keypad or the lock itself inside that

2014-11-20 Antique Safes - swab safe:

Frank, nice S(ch)wab safe.  Along time ago I thought about advertising a mail study course on match book covers.  You know, something like "learn safecracking in your spare time".  That was just a joke

2014-11-20 Antique Furniture - Antique Maddox Mahogany Serpentine 4 Drawer Secretary/ Desk/ Cabinet W/claw Feet:

not being sure of what it is first have you tried wiping with a dry rag, wet rag, anything?  if so what happened, if not, try and tell me what happens.    mold usually is not quite so linear, more random


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