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2016-09-29 Collectibles-General (Antiques) - Cigar store indian:

I do not believe this Indian was from the shop of Samuel Robb, even though it does hold a Rose.  The Robb Indians are not as rigid as this figure.  Robb Indians have more carved motion to the figure, more

2016-09-29 Antique Safes - Old Treasury Department Safe:

Leanne, from what I can tell it is not a fire resistant safe and appears to be for burglary protection only. The best market for the safe would be to a gun collector who is interested in a higher degree

2016-09-29 Antique Safes - Safe from 1914:

Hi Leanne,    The safe is NOT a Sargent & Greenleaf - that is the lock manufacture.    It is also NOT from 1914, that is a PATENT date reference.   The safe would have been built AFTER that date, and up

2016-09-29 Ear & Body Piercing - 2ns Lobe Piercing Not Healed After Almost 4 Months?:

Hello Belle,  It is not surprising when less than six months old that there piercings are still delicate, and easily damaged when jewelry is changed. You'll want to have a qualified professional sterilize

2016-09-29 Antique Safes - York safe:

HI Jay,    What you have is an insulated filing cabinet - NOT a safe.  To be more accurate it is an insulated ledger tray.     This is considered OLD office equipment.  It provides no security and it doesn't


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