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2014-12-22 Antique Safes - antique meilinks deposit vault.:

Hi Michael,    I would be more than happy to look at your little safe, one you have it open and are able to take the necessary photos.   Regardless of if you are looking for an estimate of value or appraisal

2014-12-21 Ear & Body Piercing - weird bump on my tongue. Keloid i think:

In my observation, you may find that changing to a simpler toothpaste while healing could avoid prolonging the irritation. If the bumps do not go away on their own, then see your dentist for a referral

2014-12-21 Antique Clocks - Winterhalder & Hoffmeier 8 day mantle clock:

There are two ways to synchronize the movement depending on what type of movement you have.    First try to move the minute hand rapidly past the 6 or 12 which ever is closest to the current placement

2014-12-21 Collectibles-General (Antiques) - pigeon holes Cutler desk:

i can see them better now.  also can see that these did not have a full interior-meaning that all the holes were not filled with drawers.    dont take them apart, your will loose the integrity and stability

2014-12-21 Collectibles-General (Antiques) - pigeon holes in cutler desk:

not knowing your skill set in this regard i cannot tell you what to do.  i rarely take them apart, just out.     i clean them using mineral spirits, sometimes lacquer thinner after, wipe them with 320


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