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2014-07-27 Painting & Wallpapering - Wallpaper & popcorn ceiling:

Yes....When you remove wallpaper from the walls, try and wash off as much paste as possible.  Any major drywall scrapes (where the drywall was peeling off and the brown is showing), those areas should

2014-07-27 Irrigation - Hydro Rain HR 6100 Wiring:

Hey Tom, for our company, we always use white as the common, and the colored wires as the hot leads. In your situation, lead #3, I would hook the white to the common, and red to terminal #6. As for the

2014-07-27 Collectibles-General (Antiques) - bed frame identification:

Brad - From your description I deduce that your bed frame is from the very early 20th century. Frames like that were used in institutional settings such as hospitals and college dorms. While originally

2014-07-27 Antique Safes - Crane hinge info:

Hi Don,    Sorry, but manufacturers NEVER published that type of info for a number of reasons including patent infringements, security reasons and service requirements.    So basically you are going to

2014-07-26 Antique Furniture - Hutch & Sideboard:

1920s.  walnut veneer and sweet gum woods.  Fretwork in the door covering the glass.  Jacobean style better than the standard grade.  This is a blind china cabinet that was part of a dining room set, as


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