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2014-09-01 Antique Clocks - Antique PRIMA Wall Clock:

nice clock-- must sound beautiful when it strikes    made in Germany around 1910    by Schlenker & Kienzle  in Schwenningen

2014-09-01 Collectibles-General (Antiques) - Wisconsin Chair Company Chair No. 182:

Hollie - Thank you for the excellent photos. Your chair was made after the Wisconsin Chair Co burned to the ground in 1899. The company recovered and eventually closed in 1954. Here is some history of

2014-09-01 Silver and Flatware - 1847 Rogers Brother:

Hello.    This Rogers mark was most often used on silver plate flatware and hollowware. I do not know if the company made rings. It's a common practice to convert something like a teaspoon into a ring

2014-09-01 Hair Color - Hair Color:

Hi David,    There are many reasons for having dry hair.  Your scalp may be dry and not produce sufficient amounts of sebum. Your genes may make you prone to this condition.  Quite often however, the condition

2014-09-01 Silver and Flatware - 1847 Rogers and Bros:

Hello.    In 1898, this Rogers brand was taken over by International Silver Co. In 1918, International introduced the Louvain pattern which looks like it might be your pattern. There are some pictures


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