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2015-10-08 Antique Safes - safe opening:

Hi Paul,    The manufacturer of this safe is more than likely Victor Safe & Lock company.    The Security Lock and Safe Co., was probably just a seller of used safes, a distributor or agent for the manufacturer

2015-10-08 Antique Safes - Victor safe:

Hi Cindy,    If your safe was made in Tonawanda, NY, then it isn't made by Victor Safe & Lock, it was made by Victor Safe & Equipment - a division of Remington-Rand.   These safes were made from 1926 until

2015-10-07 Collectibles-General (Antiques) - Armoire:

Meghan - Your cabinet is a chifferobe. A cabinet that has a door on one side (or in your case both sides) and stacked drawers is called a “chifferobe.” It is a combination of a “chiffonier” which is a

2015-10-07 Collectibles-General (Antiques) - Crystal Toy Sewing Machine:

Hello Pat,    Thanks for sending photos, that helps a lot.    Crystal Sewing Machine Industrial Co., Ltd, Tokyo, Japan.  You should be able to find the trademark underneath the machine.    Your model was

2015-10-07 Antique Safes - Milners Safe:

Firstly, my apologies for sending you to the other side of the world.    600 euros to drill open an ancient Milner safe is far too much.  Perhaps you could ask the following company for advice.  They are


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