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2017-01-18 Antique Furniture - question about a antique table:

No way to tell by looking at the pictures.      In order to determine if this is mid 18th c or late 19th c is to examine in person.  There are many things to look for including but not limited to, tool

2017-01-18 Antique Safes - How much is my safe:

Hi Cameron,    I would be more than happy to look at your safe, but I'll need much better photos.   Based on the serial number you have provided the lock that I would expect to see on your safe would be

2017-01-18 Collectibles-General (Antiques) - Rocking Chair:

Linda - Your spindle back chair is a "faux" Shaker rocker. It looks somewhat like a Shaker but it isn't a true Shaker. It was factory made around the turn of the 20th century. It was originally made of

2017-01-17 Antique Safes - Follow-up to my floor Cary safe, circa early 1900s at least:

Hi Amanda,    Yes all of your photos came in while I was out last week - and yesterday.    I got a chance to look at them today, but there are a couple more photos that I need.     I'll be on the road

2017-01-17 Pest Control - booklice!!:

Dear Jade,    What we refer to as 'booklice' are NOT lice at all. They are an insect known as a psocid. These insects absolutely, positively MUST have moisture to exist. Their food is mold, which requires


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