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2015-07-02 Jewelry, Gems, & Minerals - using waxed nylon cord to string semi-precisous stone bracelet:

Dear Seunghu,  Beading is not my area of expertise but I believe I have an answer for you.    The problem with stone beads is the drilling which often leaves sharp edges to the holes ans that will eventually

2015-07-02 Pest Control - bug identification:

Erika,    There are no insects or mites that exactly match your description. The only mites that burrow into skin are scabies mites (see for a description and

2015-07-02 Collectibles-General (Antiques) - Old(?) chair:

stop sanding!    chair from around 1900.  probably mahogany veneer with inlay stringing.  this chair should have sold untouched around 250$ then after a good cleaning and waxing retail at 450...    how

2015-07-02 Antique Safes - York Safe Co.:

Hi Michael,    The best I can do is to narrow down possible years of manufacture.   As there are no records available, there is no way to tell exactly when it would have been made.    Based on the single

2015-07-02 Antique Safes - Macneale & urban safe dial:

Hi Randy,    it would depend on the dial and shaft assembly and more importantly, how they are connected.    Cutting it and welding a "section" in the middle to increase length is an option, however it


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