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2014-09-17 Irrigation - RainJet RJ46 controller:

Hey Richard, I would suggest replacing it with a Irri-trol "Rain dial" controller. They are a great quality controller for the price, and are easy to program. When you say you set it to rain and the stations

2014-09-17 Marriage - marriage:

Hi Tony - if you have a marriage which allows honest disclosure of needs and promotes effective problem-solving as partners, the age difference between you is irrelevant. Beware of scaring yourself by

2014-09-17 House Plants - Fiddle fig tree:

Hi Holly,    Both high temps above 90 degrees F. and too much direct sunlight can cause the symptoms you described. During those conditions it is also very important to keep the tree very well hydrated

2014-09-17 Irrigation - rjc 6:

I would first check and see if the plumber turned off the main valve feeding the sprinkling system, and never turned it back on!!! This controller has not been around for a long time, but usually the 1A06

2014-09-17 Antique Safes - Id a Key ?:

Hello Simon,    My expertise is in British and European safes so I don't usually accept questions from elsewhere.  However, I can offer some comments regarding this key.    Way before lever locks were


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