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2017-02-19 Antique Furniture - Coal chest (?):

coal box or kindling box.      we used to see a lot of these from europe back in teh 70s and 80s.    they sell around 150 for nice ones like yours.    hope this helps    thanks    the box being from europe

2017-02-19 Antique Furniture - Antique carved lion head settee and chair:

use followup function and post close clear and infocus picture of the wood grain so in can determine species.  and a close up picture of the lions head    Understand that without a label there is no way

2017-02-19 Antique Safes - Value and history of safe:

Hi Ashlee,    This was one of the later model "hinged round door, chests", while it was made under the J & J Taylor logo, this wasn't the original company.    The ownership of this company was acquired

2017-02-18 Antique Furniture - Table:

where are the feet or legs??    the well is for tobacco products unless there is a hole in it for a drain then it would be for cooling beverage.    could you use the followup function and post another

2017-02-17 Antique Safes - ball bearing that sits on hinge of door:

Hi Wendy,    If you want parts from the manufacturer - then you need to know who made your safe.    You didn't provide me with any useable info, so I can't help there.    As far as just getting "plain"


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