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2014-04-16 Marriage - Is this a midlife crisis?:

Hi Jennifer~    That is very odd and seemingly out of character for him as you've described.  I think you need to try and sit down with him and have a serious heart to heart talk with him.  He needs to

2014-04-16 Antique Safes - Year,current ,value,and weight of safe:

Maureen, you have a commercial grade Meilink fire safe from around the 1960's-70's.  Probably around 700-800 lbs., and it was well made with a good S&G lock.  Easily worth $500 or so to someone needing

2014-04-16 Ear & Body Piercing - Longer Bar for a Lip Ring:

Hello Beth,     Please don't buy your jewelry online if at all possible. There is no safe body jewelry on Amazon that I have seen. My colleagues at http://piercingexp.com/ are professional piercers

2014-04-15 Antique Safes - Victor Strong box:

Hi Wayne,    Sorry but there is no such thing as "replica locks"!   There simply isn't a market for them.   If the lock is missing you possibly will never find one.   There are no sources for these locks

2014-04-15 Antique Safes - Victor Strong box:

Wayne,    Victor Safe and Lock made thousands of these "Quartermaster" chests for the US Military for use in WWI.    These containers were used to secure everything from payrolls to small arms and documents


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