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2016-08-28 Antique Safes - York Safe Y25711:

Hi Paul,    Sorry, but not enough information to answer your question.        Safes are made with two ideas in mind - their ability to keep fire/heat out of the safe or their ability to keep burglars/people

2016-08-27 Cooking for Parties - Cheesey hashbrown potatoes for 350 people.:

I did not get the attachment.  Here's a wonderful recipe that I've adjusted for 350:  "Cheesy and delicious, this hash brown casserole has a crunchy topping."  Ingredients  25 (2 pound) packages frozen

2016-08-27 Antique Safes - SAFE ID:

Hi Rich,    As far as how easy this safe is to break in to - first you have to realize that it is easily 130 years old.    The tools available then and now are literally generations apart.    If you are

2016-08-27 Jewelry, Gems, & Minerals - Orange Ethiopian Opals:

Hello Jo Anne,  Thank you for your question ...  Ive seen many Ethiopian Opals on EBAY , they appear to in abundance at present .  Although the colour looks terrific .Ethiopian Opals are Hyrophane  ( that

2016-08-27 Antique Furniture - antique bedroom furniture:

Hi Ramada,    I feel the reason you could not find any info regarding your furniture is because  it is boring 1920's factory made furniture with no buyers interest.    BTW  It  would have to be 100 years


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