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2015-03-27 Antique Furniture - Dining Room Furniture:

please use the followup function and post pictures of the china cabinet and front of one chair.    table, with or without leaves?  6 chairs, how many are arm chairs?        probably wax with dark Briwax

2015-03-27 Pest Control - Termite:

Norman,    Did you mean drywood termite? The tent and fumigate treatment for drywood termites is common for extensive infestations in homes (see for control

2015-03-27 Antique Safes - Old safe without combo:

Hi Sarah,     While this cabinet had excellent fire resistance in its day, it no longer meets any current standards.   It would have been made between 1926 to 1955.    As far as value, it has little to

2015-03-27 Antique Furniture - Approximate value:

Hi Susan,    The Maddox desk that you are inquiring about was a popular model and   many were made by the Maddox Furniture Company. The bulk of these   desks were sold in 1960's on.    It should be referred

2015-03-27 Antique Safes - identify manufacturer and age of safe:

Hi Brad,    these photos didn't help, but they did expose a potentially dangerous problem.    The device on the back of the safe door is a tear gas device.   This type of gas was outlawed around 1980.


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