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2017-03-29 Antique Safes - Old Safe:

Hi Jim,    The Syracuse Safe Company was in business from about 1885 until the beginning of the Great Depression in 1930, in Syracuse, NY.    Locked up, the safe basically has a negative value - that being

2017-03-29 Silver and Flatware - j d & s sterling cherub topped salt spoons:

Hello.    These appear to be made of sterling by James Dixon & Sons in Sheffield, England. The "Z" date letter appears to represent 1892 for Sheffield.    These are rare but I cannot say much else about

2017-03-28 Antique Safes - Value of A Safe:

Hi Dave,    You are WAY OFF on the weight, it could easily be in the 4000 to 6000 lb range!    These safes were manufactured from 1903 until 1909 when the stockholders voted to dissolve the company, and

2017-03-28 Antique Furniture - dining room set:

Hi Sandy,    It appears that your dining room set having been made in the Jacobean style back in the 1920's  at some point had been painted over what is most likely Oak.    This particular style of furniture

2017-03-28 Antique Safes - year of safe:

Hi Victoria,    The safe appears to be a Meilink safe, but I can't make out what the lettering says.    As far as your donating the safe, I have no idea who you might donate it to, but as far as "value"


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