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2016-05-02 Hairstyling - Bangs:

Ash,    If your face is long, then any bang will help make it look shorter. A textured bang will add softness rather than a solid look the a straight bag would give. If your face is more square, then a

2016-05-02 Antique Safes - Reliable safe:

Hi Mike,    Good job getting it working.    During the late 1800's and into the 1900's, part of the practice was lettering the name of the original buyer on the top of the safe.    So in your case  "I

2016-05-02 Antique Safes - Cracking a Louis F. Dow Safe:

Hi Elicia,    I'm not sure WHAT a "substantial vintage" would indicate.    Vintage only applies to the year of a wine harvest or bottling - not to old or antique safes.    Louis F. Dow was simply a reseller

2016-05-02 Antique Furniture - Warsaw Furn., KY:

Hi Keith,    Yes, you are correct, this is a reproduction breakfront that was most likely produced  in the late 1930's to 1940's. Breakfronts aware not so popular today as they were years  ago effecting

2016-05-02 Collectibles-General (Antiques) - Vintage or antique and possible value:

by definition it is not antique but dont worry with that too much.  antique and collectible is a better phrasing.  Antique furniture is generally thought of as 100 years old.      the wardrobe is of European


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