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2015-04-25 Massage - spa or clinic?:

Hi Shari,    Thanks for your question.   I only work in a clinical setting so can't really say much about a spa    However in my first years I used to work in a spa. You do get extra tips because people

2015-04-24 Collectibles-General (Antiques) - Vintage Porcelain Lamps:

I found a similar on ebay:    Now an estate sale co or other dealer would expect

2015-04-24 Antique Safes - Mosler, Bahmann & Co Antique Safe:

Hi Paul,    As noted, our "informal" evaluation is at no charge, once we get all of the photos.    Formal evaluations are generally not necessary UNLESS you need to establish the safe as antique for insurance

2015-04-23 Ear & Body Piercing - Ear Piercing:

It may be that the holes are getting scratched or otherwise irritated when jewelry is inserted. Try a bit  of water based lubricant, and make sure that your jewelry has rounded ends and a smooth surface

2015-04-23 Antique Furniture - Antique Table:

it is an oak lamp table or end table.  these were advertised both ways back around 1890-1915 when they were made and sold.    the legs usually fit in a slot under the top but some were attached to a mounting


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