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2016-05-28 Antique Clocks - follow-up pix of my Aunt Olga's clock:

I think that this clock is older than I originally thought.  It looks like it has wooden end plates.  I would contact:   This is the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors

2016-05-27 Antique Clocks - Looking for info about an old clock:

This is a very interesting wall clock.  I do not see any writing on the face but it looks like it is hand painted.  I could tell more about it if I could see the movement.  If you can take the back off

2016-05-27 Pest Control - Is this a bedbug?:

David,    No, this is a carpet beetle. For comparison, this is a bed bug See for id and control of carpet beetles

2016-05-27 Irrigation - Lawn Sprinkler Zone:

Hey Jim, normally the problem is in the valve itself, either the diaphragm needs replaced or the plunger in the solenoid is stuck and the solenoid needs replaced. Go to, and

2016-05-26 Collectibles-General (Antiques) - Empire Sofa - Era and Remaining value:

You will have to use the follow up function to do more pictures. And email me several pictures of the sofa for me to determine when. You may have to send several pictures and my email address as well I


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