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2014-04-21 Antique Safes - VICTOR SAFE:

Jim,    There were two "Victor" safe companies - the first was in business from about 1885 until 1920 and the second was in business from 1920 until about 1956.    "IF and/or Where" there is a serial number

2014-04-21 Hairstyling - chunky hilites:

If she rinsed it twice it's more likely that you're sensitive to something in the shampoo and conditioner. If you feel like you did receive the quality of service you were looking for, you can call. Maybe

2014-04-21 Hairstyling - point cutting and deep point cutting:

If you keep the ends trimmed they won't grow out stringy because you'll be cutting off the buts have been thinned.     Your hair needs to be cut for volume. Shampoo isn't going to help if the cut isn't

2014-04-21 Hairstyling - how to style loose hair?:

Nisha,    If your hair naturally tends to frizz it will be difficult to just let it go without using styling tools. What I would suggest trying is a combination of products for control and smoothness.

2014-04-21 Antique Clocks - Antique schoolhouse clock losing time:

Yes, turning the nut clockwise will generally raise the pendulum which speeds the clock up. Counter clockwise will slow it down. When turning it counter clockwise be certain the pendulum bob actually lowers


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