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2015-05-21 Teenage Problems - quick answer please- relationship problem:

Hi Jess,    I'm going to give you my honest opinion. You may not like it but it's the truth. If I understand it right, "uni" means university. This means you're out of high school and you are now an adult

2015-05-21 Calculus - Question:

The problem is a first order differential equation, and can be reduced directly by integration.    Integrating both sides wrt x:    y = - x^(-2+1)/ (-2+1) - 3 x^ (-4+1)/ (-4+1) +12x +C      =   1/x + 1/(x^3)

2015-05-10 Birth Control - Stopped Birth control:

It's probably because you stopped the pill.  It's common for the next period to be late after stopping the pill.  The spotting suggests that you may have not ovulated since stopping the pill.  Hopefully

2015-05-09 Beverly Hills 90210 - Dylan's Money:

My unsatisfying answer is that we don't really know how rich Dylan is. You've identified many inconsistencies that arose regarding his fortune. It seemed, especially after Jonesy found Kevin and Suzanne

2015-05-08 Middle School Life - Makeout and Oral 2nd time ask:

Hi Trista,    I answered a similar questions before see if you can pick up anything from that and let me know if you have any other questions or require more details.    You can start with treating it


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