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2015-08-28 Calculus - Differential Calculus:

Hi Christine,  The first thing we have to do is relate the base angle to the altitude. Consider half of the isosceles triangle to one side and you have a right-angled triangle with a 4 feet long base.

2015-08-27 Teenage Problems - Help stop teen from washing clothes all the time.:

Hi Tina,    Thanks for writing to me.  You did not tell me the age of your daughter.  However, there should not be an argument about her washing one piece of clothing in the washing machine instead of

2015-08-23 Birth Control - Stopping birth control and menstrual cycles:

When a woman stops the pill (whether she's been on it continuously, one month, or any other way), her next period will often be late.  It just takes your body a little time to get back to normal.    So

2015-08-23 Teen Dating Issues - This girl I like has past relationship problems:

It is at this point that I would sit her down and explain that she's sending mixed signals and that you need clarification. Babe is a term reserved for romantic relationships (most of the time). Next time

2015-08-22 Teen Dating Issues - This girl I like has past relationship problems:

Ok. I was confused. I thought you were 16 and she was in 7th grade. Now I realize you met her when you were both in 7th grade.    Girls her age who say they can't "get over the hurt" from a previous relationship


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