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2014-07-26 Calculus - Solid shape_problem:

Hi Fran,  First of all, LHS and RHS refer to the left and right hand sides of the equation respectively, if you didn't already know.  Now, to be successful with these kind of problems you need to know

2014-07-23 Birth Control - Help.. Confused about pregnancy:

Bobby, Have you found out anything yet, if she is pregnant or not? It's possible that she could be pregnant from your actions but it would be a slight possibility. Has she taken a pregnancy test? You can

2014-07-21 Teen Dating Issues - Long distance relationship:

Hi,    There is no reason that your relationship cannot go on if you trust and love each other. IT is natural to feel frustrated when you haven't met for so long. You need to think about why you are feeling

2014-07-21 Birth Control - Dry pre-ejaculatory fluid cause pregnancy?:

I think that the chance of her becoming pregnant from dry pre-cum on your finger is about 1 in 10,000.  It might not be impossible, but pretty close.    Women often get late periods from stress, which

2014-07-18 Birth Control - Birth Control For Life?!?!:

Hi Debra,    It's hard to put everything together and figure out what is going on.  So I would definitely advise a second opinion.  It's very hard to know whether you may always need to take hormones.


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