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2014-10-22 Teen Dating Issues - i like this guy, but:

Yes, you should talk to her. She is putting all of her effort into making it look like she's with him when in reality, she isn't making any real effort to get to know him.     A romantic relationship is

2014-10-21 Teen Dating Issues - What if he's the right person, and its just the wrong time?:

Why don't you tell him your concerns and ask him if there is a 4 or 5 hour time slot once a week where the two of you REFUSE to let anyone or anything come between you? For example, Sunday evening from

2014-10-20 Calculus - calculus:

Let one side be x.  Since there are two sides of this length, that makes up 2x.  That leaves 4-2x for the sum of the other two sides.  This makes one of the other sides 2-x.  With length x and width 2-x

2014-10-20 Teen Dating Issues - Did I really have friends?:

Your friends are being very childish. Still, you can't let that become part of the conversation. Yet again, it always helps to hear that YOU, my dear, are NOT the problem. Your friends are just uptight

2014-10-17 Teen Dating Issues - Confused , help:

Sheila, I think you are both being a little unrealistic. At your age, VERY FEW girls find the man of their dreams.  Let me give you a little metaphor:    All kids grow up on an island. The island is their


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