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2015-07-01 Muslim Teens - Question:

Dear Mr B.    Thank you for sending me that sample. I do agree with you that sometimes certain texts are too long for some people, although not for all....    It seems to me that this man is leading the

2015-06-30 Muslim Teens - Further reflection:

Jesus was never a begotten son of GOD !!    Please check...the work of a scholar of international repute, Dr. Raymond Brown.     It informs us that the innovated concept of Jesus being the "only begotten

2015-06-29 Muslim Teens - Question:

Dear Mr B.     Thanks for your message. I share your concern. How about if I give you some information and you can share with him?    On the Bible allegedly being corrupt you could use material from here

2015-06-29 Muslim Teens - No!:

So you are saying the Spirit and Soul is the same thing. They are inseparable.  Also scripture 10:10 says that we should believe in righteousness.    So my question : What is righteousness ??    10:12

2015-06-29 Muslim Teens - You Can't!:

YOU ARE SUPER CONFUSED..    Please don't just copy and paste blindly.    Body-4983  [*StrongsGreek*]  4983 soma so'-mah from 4982; the body (as a sound whole), used in a very wide application, literally


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