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2017-03-19 Calculus - choosing a suitable substitution for the integral of 1/(x^2+x+1):

Hi,      You are on the right solution pathway, the integral subsequently gets reduced to an arctan function.    Here is the general formula:    <u>integrating f'(x)/{[f(x)]^2 +a ^2 } wrt x gives 1/a *

2017-03-19 Birth Control - Skipping/delaying periods on the pill:

You're correct that you may have breakthrough bleeding when trying to skip the placebo pills, although many women don't, at least not until they're well into the next pack.  I would recommend adding the

2017-03-17 Calculus - Extrema, Rolle's and Mean Value Theorem:

A) The global or absolute maximum is the highest point the graph reaches in the y direction.    B) The global or absolute minimum is the lowest point the graph reaches in the y direction.    C) The global

2017-03-12 Calculus - Simple Harmonic Motion:

It could be, for a 2-dimensional the surface of a drum or some other flexible surface that can oscillate.  The usual example students see is in a first course in differential equations..

2017-03-10 How to Know if He/She - Mixed signals: does he like me or not?:

Greetings Ana,    Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to answer your question. I know for certain that some guys are indeed shy when it comes to asking women out and expressing their feelings. The


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