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2014-11-18 Calculus - related rates:

The only thing that needs to be taken care of with travelling objects is the speed and direction need to be known.  For example, if one boat is going north at 5 mph and the other boat is going south at

2014-11-15 Calculus - Mathematics:

That function is f(x) = { 2x - 5 for x < 2 / cx^2 for x>= 2 }.  To be continuous, the value at x=2 must be the same on both sides.    On the left it is 2x - 5 at x=2, and that is 2(2) - 5 = -1.    On the

2014-11-15 Calculus - Mathematics Question:

For continuity to happen, you simply need to assert that at the point x=1, both x^2-3 and cx+2 yield the same y value.    Thus, substituting x=1 into both expressions and equating them together gives

2014-11-14 Addiction to Drugs - Meth use while pregnant:

Hi Hailey,   It is dangerous for your friend to stop on her on, as both she and the baby are dependent on the drug at this point. She needs to seek medical help from a detox facility that deals with pregnant

2014-11-12 Teen Dating Issues - Dating:

How do you get him to like you? You can't. What I mean is YOU can get him to. That's beyond your control. All you can do is be yourself. If he likes you, great. If he doesn't, nothing you can do will change


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