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2016-04-28 Christianity --Youth Issues - Confusion:

Hi Johnny X from Norway, or South Africa!  I have noticed " Johnny that you have been asking the same questions of others on the Christian forum, and I have to wonder just what you are up to. I'm not sure

2016-04-25 Birth Control - Continous birth control:

It's not unusual to have bleeding when taking the pill continuously.  Usually it's best to stop the pill for about 4 days, let the period come, then re-start the pill.  So that's what I would recommend

2016-04-24 Calculus - Calculus 2:

Sorry about the delay, but I haven't been able to do this for a few days.  Here's my answer, though ...    This is what a Taylor's series does.  It approximates a continuous function that is continuously

2016-04-22 Birth Control - Possible pregnancy or peri menopause:

Hello Emma,  Some women stop getting periods while on the pill.  It's not a big deal.  As long as your pregnancy test was negative, I would just keep taking your pills as usual.  If you prefer to have

2016-04-17 Muslim Teens - Missed solat:

Thank you for your question.  Im sorry but salaat has to be prayed on time..even its not allowed to miss it in battlefield. However because of unavoidable circumstances you were unable to offer them on


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