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2014-04-12 Teenage Problems - Life is a highway:

Hi Paul,    Unfortunately, I cannot tell you what you should do after high school. Only you can answer that question. Why? Because you know yourself better than anyone which means that only you know what

2014-04-11 Teenage Problems - I'm Thinking About Running Away....:

Hi Hally,    Thank you for writing to me.  I need some more information about who you live with and why you are so unhappy.  I do need to give you some advice.  If you ran away, your parents would have

2014-04-11 How to Know if He/She - Confused and Don't know what to think?:

Hi Kiara,    No you're not getting annoying, and yes, what you're saying makes sense to me.  Normally I would say yes, if he wants to talk to you he would contact you first, but not in this case. In this

2014-04-08 Teenage Problems - moving schools?:

Hi Alaina,    Thank you for writing to me.  I have to answer you from my outlook on school.  School is such an important part of ones life. Don't think for one moment that I do not understand what you

2014-04-08 Teenage Problems - being a teen:

Hi Leda,    I don't know what may be causing this however, I do have some suggestions that may help you figure it out. Do you have any idea why you feel sad? Is there something that has happened in your


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