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2015-04-23 Teenage Problems - am i jealous?:

Hi Alexandra,    It's quite a normal feeling to feel jealous of this girl, especially when you know your guy had a crush on her. I think at one point, everyone gets a bit jealous. You probably feel this

2015-04-21 Teenage Problems - college relationships:

Hi,    I honestly think you should just let it flow. Even though college is much different from high school, you and this guy seemed to be doing okay during those times. Since you're not exactly a couple

2015-04-21 Dealing with Crushes - Crush Advice... Sorta:

Dear Karrie,    From what you have said, it is likely that you are starting to like him again. In fact, I don't think you ever stopped liking him. You only went to the other guy since it didn't happen

2015-04-15 How to Work Out Arguments - relationship trouble:

Hi Nicole,    You judged it perfectly, you'd feel equally upset if he were to continue a dialogue with his ex. Yes, it seems he is trying to dictate terms to you and curtail your freedom. But trust me

2015-04-14 Calculus - Calculus Tangents:

The slope of the tangent line is 5.    The slope of the tangent line is given by the derivative of the function that defnes the curve.    y' = 2x + 3    Since the slope is 5 ,     5 = 2x + 3      x = 1


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