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2014-04-23 Teenage Problems - Urgent please help! "The talk":

Hi Natasha,    I love these types of questions! I'm glad that you want to talk to your parents about sex. They have to know that at some point you are going to want to learn about it. So with that being

2014-04-20 Birth Control - Any chances?:

Your question is somewhat confusing.  If you ovulated March 30, you certainly never got pregnant from sex on March 24.  No sperm lives that long.    Allso, if you ovulated March 30, you should have gotten

2014-04-19 Teenage Problems - urgent help.feelings :( need an answer asap:

If you can't forget him then try reaching out to him. If he's a her to you then you should move on.  But it seems like you can't forget him so reach out to him.  Tell him how you feel. You're a senior

2014-04-19 Teenage Problems - troubled:

Hi Issac,    The one thing you need is confidence and neither I nor anyone else can give you that. That's something you have to gain on your own. It's normal to be shy around girls because we can be intimidating

2014-04-16 Teenage Problems - A crush:

Hi Sarah,    Why is he doing what? He probably didn't say anything about the outing because he left it up to you to organize. It seems like you're still trying to play hard to get and it may end up back


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