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2015-02-25 How to Know if He/She - will he ever admit it:

Hi Sasha!     Good day to you!    Oh yes, he'll ask you out all right - if you give him the green light to. I LOVE that you put him in his place, and showed him some sass. To be honest, this is what has

2015-02-24 Birth Control - Depo provera:

Depo Provera can remain in your system for up to 6 months after a shot.  The amount decreases after 3 months to where is may not prevent pregnancy, but it's still there in small amounts.    Weight gain

2015-02-23 Calculus - area of the surface when revolved:

The area at position x is πy where y is given as (12x-2).  This means we need to integrate π(12x-2) from x=5/12 to x=13/12.    The derivative of 12x-2 is 12, so the integral is π(12x-2)/(3*12)

2015-02-23 Gay/Lesbian/Bi Teens - help me in my school:

Hi Sam, thanks for responding to the question that I asked.    First of all, to answer your last question. No; you shouldn't feel forced to accept anything that you don't want. In fact, it's good that

2015-02-23 Gay/Lesbian/Bi Teens - help me in my school:

Hey There Sam, it's nice to hear from you.    Do you mind if I ask you for a bit more detail before I write a more specific response?    I'd like you to tell me more about what specifically you are confused


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