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2016-05-25 How to Work Out Arguments - Help asap:

Hello Trey     You are absolutely right, now actions will have to speak louder than words. The first step would be to promise yourself that you'd not go astray.  The moment you do that,  it'll start reflecting

2016-05-22 Calculus - Limits and l'Hospital's rule.:

I assume you mean No 8.    This is going to be tricky, and I only have the first part for you.  Perhaps you can use it to push the second part through.    Let  y = (sin x/x)^1/x    ln y = 1/x[ln sin x

2016-05-22 Birth Control - Abnormal bleeding:

Assuming that you've had routine Pap smears and exams, I think that it's very unlikely to be anythiing serious.  It's possible that you have developed some small fibroid tumors, which are very common during

2016-05-18 Wiccan Teens - Wazifa:

In Wicca, spells for love typically involve steps that help someone feel better about themselves, to become more accepting of who they are. This will make them more attractive to others, and love follows

2016-05-18 Wiccan Teens - Wazifa:

That would depend upon the court case. The only true success is that which brings about righteousness for all. Any spells designed to evoke truth and righteousness would be in order. If you're looking


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