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2017-03-23 English as a Second Language - preposition with 'sold':

Hi Anabell,     a bit of context could always help me come up with a better answer but for now...     we say "sold at" or "sold by" or "sold in" never "sold on"     The phone you're looking at is sold

2017-03-20 Latin - Trust your instincts:

Hello Katherine,    “Trust your instincts” as  a command directed to yourself in the sense of self-reflection can be translated as  “Tuam sequere naturam”  or “Tuae confide naturae”, both  meaning “Trust

2017-03-19 Italian Language - prepositions:

Dear Rich,    the sentences “Io lavoro in un parco”, “Io lavoro in un ospedale”,”Io lavoro in una scuola”,”Io lavoro in un ristorante” are correct, but “Io lavoro a un parco” “Io lavoro a un ospedale”

2017-03-19 Latin - Remember to Live:

Hello,    “Memento vivere”, just meaning “Remember to live”, does not change in spelling related to male/female person simply because “Memento” is the 2nd person singular, imperative of the defective verb

2017-03-17 English as a Second Language - Can't decide on a single term:

Hi Adam,     that's a bidet shower, or a hand held bidet, or a bidet hand spray.   These would be the terms I'm familiar with.   Someone in a home improvement type of store might be of more help than I


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