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2016-09-26 Italian Language - phrases using "scimmia":

Dear Rich,    The Italian idiomatic expression “avere la scimmia” or “avere la scimmia sulla spalla” (literally meaning “to have a monkey on one's back”) denotes that somebody is a victim of a drug addiction

2016-09-26 Latin - Pronunciation:

Hello,    First of all the correct sentence is “Temet nosce”, not “Tenet nosce” where “tenet” with the N is wrong so that “Tenet nosce” would make no sense at all in Latin.    As for the pronunciation

2016-09-25 Dutch - Netherlands culture paper:

Hello Arlene,  You posted this in the category "Dutch" and I understand you would like to compare "sexuality and "sexual variation" between The Netherlands and The United States. Is that right?      To

2016-09-24 Spanish Language - Spanish 101:

Hi Maricia,    As far as I can see, the only tiny mistake that you made is not adding an s to sábado o domingo as you are talking about them in the plural. If you change this, then those phrases should

2016-09-23 Latin - grammar:

Dear Robert, “Sed custodienti quoque elabitur, eoque citius quo est acrior desinit” (Seneca, Epistulae morales ad Lucilium, LXIII.3) the subject of “desinit” is the implied “dolor”(pain/suffering)


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