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2017-02-24 Italian Language - "in" e "a":

Dear Rich,    the sentence “Di mattina io scrivo al parco”, used as a caption under a picture of a woman writing in a notebook while she is sitting on a bench in a park, is correct.    Anyway,  it would

2017-02-22 English as a Second Language - Beat someone up - beat up on someone:

Hi Paolo,    the two expressions are synonym but I believe "to beat someone up" is more frequently used by native speakers.    The older kids used to beat Johnny up every day after school.    The governor

2017-02-21 Italian Language - definite article:

Dear Rich,    you can say either “Loro bevono il caffè dopo cena”, without the definite article before “cena”, or “Loro bevono il caffè dopo la cena” with  the definite article before “cena”, but you must

2017-02-21 English as a Second Language - Across, through, throughout:

Hi Paolo,    quickly spread or spread quickly are both acceptable     Of the three sentences the only one that works for me is the first one: The news of his death spread quickly across the internet.

2017-02-20 English as a Second Language - Reach of or the reach of:

Hi Antoine,     the proper expression in this context is "out of THE reach of children" since it's a "specific" reach so to say that you have in mind.     You can say "out of reach" in sentences like:


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