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2017-03-19 Internet Safety - Porn being posted on Yahoo! Answers.:

Unfortunately, My answer for you is to report, report and report again. At present, all social media platforms are ill equipped to dealing with sexual content involving minors, hardcore pornography and

2017-03-16 Internet for Beginners - Connecting to Internet Ptroblem:

I can't be much help. But I can explain the DNS stands for Domain Name server. There are a series of DNS machines all over the world that translate the URL you enter (i.e. to an IP address

2017-03-16 Internet for Beginners - Trouble connecting:

Hi Dave,    I'm not sure I can help you with this, but here are things you can try.    1) Have you unplugged the transceivers where possible? Wait a min or so and then plug them back in. I think it had

2017-02-06 Internet for Beginners - I need a Cheaper Internet Service:

Tina, I feel your pain.  I've lived in rural areas with limited service and no choice in providers.    First, check FB for local oriented pages - on in my neck of the woods is "You Know You are from [my


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