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2016-12-01 Oil/Gas - BPO & APO:

First, let me say that you aren't clear on the terms of the farmout. Based on what you say here, the ORI reserved by CHK is not convertible, meaning they keep it APO even if they elect to back-in.  If

2016-11-20 Oil/Gas - lease royalties:

You can research the Oklahoma Corporation Commission website to find out what wells are producing from your mother-in-law's acreage in Section 3.  Go to Go to the "Industry" yellow

2016-11-11 Oil/Gas - Oil & Gas Royalty Lease:

You have recited two different clauses from the oil and gas lease in your question.  The clause containing the "grants, leases and lets" language is called the granting clause, and this clause states there

2016-11-08 Oil/Gas - when I get my money:

The mortgage company may be correct depending on the state in which your home is located and your specific mortgage document.  In many mortgages there has not traditionally been a clause that captures

2016-11-03 Oil/Gas - Mineral rights:

Terry,  Yes, unfortunately many people are unaware that they own mineral interests by virtue of inheritance. It is the company's responsibility who is interested in negotiating lease terms with you to


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