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2017-02-15 Oil/Gas - Mineral Rights:

Your problem is a common one with heirs to mineral rights when the mineral rights are located in a state other than the state where the Will was probated.    All oil companies have a company policy that

2017-02-13 Oil/Gas - gas well:

Vicki,  Thank you for asking for my help. I always feel honored when my expertise in oil and gas is respected because I value being recognized as such.  The situation with the gas well on your property

2017-02-03 Oil/Gas - Gross Proceeds Lease - Post Production Gas deductions:

It sure makes you wonder if they are doing something wrong when they refuse to respond to inquiries, doesn't it?  As a practical matter, you might have to file a lawsuit to find out the answers to your

2017-01-26 Oil/Gas - Mineral rights:

Jerry,  Other than hiring a consulting reservoir engineer to determine the value of your mineral rights in Pecos County, TX, I would suggest visiting some of the internet sites for oil and gas, in particular

2016-12-29 Oil/Gas - BPO & APO:

Let's look just at the Brown lease.  Brown signed the lease AFTER selling 25% of his mineral rights to Black.  The Brown lease covers 100% leasehold as to Brown's 75% mineral rights.  It reserves a 25%


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