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2016-09-16 Oil/Gas - Mineral Rights Valuation:

I believe this to be more of a financial question than an oil and gas question.  But, I will give you the basis for which borrowers and banks work this problem out.  The application to one individual royalty

2016-09-09 Oil/Gas - Keeping mineral rights on a property in Delaware county, oklahoma:

I would say that it is still a very popular philosophy to retain the mineral rights when you sell the surface rights.  I suppose it depends on the price you are being offered for your mineral rights.

2016-09-06 Oil/Gas - Division order calculations:

Gary,    The leading zeros are important because they are part of the value of the number.  Your royalty interest is 0.000106477 of 1.000000000.  All of the revenues from all of the sale of oil or gas

2016-09-05 Oil/Gas - Selling small mineral rights:

Jacqueline   When a mineral owner is seeking to sell their mineral interests they should work with a reputable company who has been in the oil and gas mineral acquisition side of the business for at least

2016-08-28 Oil/Gas - lease pooling:

John,  You can go to the Texas Railroad Commission site to find the drilling permits and producing wells for any property. You need to have either the Abstract no. or the Survey Name, to perform the search


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