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2016-12-29 Oil/Gas - BPO & APO:

Let's look just at the Brown lease.  Brown signed the lease AFTER selling 25% of his mineral rights to Black.  The Brown lease covers 100% leasehold as to Brown's 75% mineral rights.  It reserves a 25%

2016-12-16 Oil/Gas - Mineral interest up for lease:

Bart,  I would be very interested in handling this for your group. In my opinion, handling this negotiation process collectively will be best for your party.  There will be certain things we need to get

2016-12-08 Oil/Gas - Verifying mineral interest ownership:

This is a common problem for many landowners today. It will be expensive (several hundreds if not thousands of dollars) to hire an independent landman to "run title" to all of the 12 tracts. A good alternative

2016-12-01 Oil/Gas - BPO & APO:

First, let me say that you aren't clear on the terms of the farmout. Based on what you say here, the ORI reserved by CHK is not convertible, meaning they keep it APO even if they elect to back-in.  If

2016-11-20 Oil/Gas - lease royalties:

You can research the Oklahoma Corporation Commission website to find out what wells are producing from your mother-in-law's acreage in Section 3.  Go to Go to the "Industry" yellow


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