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2017-03-07 Oil/Gas - no surface operations clause:

Ella, I am attaching a pdf containing several custom clauses addressing surface use restrictions in an oil and gas lease.  I am offering them only to illustrate that there are different versions of a surface

2017-02-25 Oil/Gas - Drilling being done on lands where I own gas and oil rights.:

The website for checking production in New Mexico is    The answer to the second question: And, how can a company legally drill without checking to see if there are beneficiaries

2017-02-20 Oil/Gas - Production Company:

Palmer,  It appears there are multiple matters covered here which I see as:  a) surface damages for a multi-well pad  b) water use - to be paid by amount of water used - to be measured by ???  c) surface

2017-02-17 Oil/Gas - Production Company:

Palmer,  Thank you for allowing me to assist you with your question.  I will need further information in order to respond to your questions.    What is the legal description of the acreage?  What is the

2017-02-15 Oil/Gas - Mineral Rights:

Your problem is a common one with heirs to mineral rights when the mineral rights are located in a state other than the state where the Will was probated.    All oil companies have a company policy that


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