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2016-10-21 Oil/Gas - How long is a lease in effect - Not 4 years:

This information can be found in the lease form. I very highly doubt that the lease is still in force if you have not received royalty since 2012.    Each lease will have a different primary term that

2016-10-10 Oil/Gas - Washita County Gas Lease Offer:

Carol,  I always advise a landowner to counter any first offer that is made to them. In your situation, where the initial offer was $500 per acre with a 3/16ths royalty, I would suggest you ask for $750/acre

2016-10-04 Oil/Gas - Wireline on a well on a vacuum:

If the well is on a vacuum then the chances of getting the wireline tools stuck in the well are increased; this risk is increased the most if the tools will be traveling to the depth where the fluid is

2016-09-30 Oil/Gas - Witness Requirements:

James,    I prefer to follow the laws in the jurisdiction where the property is located.  The property is in Louisiana and if there is a suit the Louisiana courts will be hearing any dispute.  I would

2016-09-16 Oil/Gas - Mineral Rights Valuation:

I believe this to be more of a financial question than an oil and gas question.  But, I will give you the basis for which borrowers and banks work this problem out.  The application to one individual royalty


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