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2017-03-28 Locksmithing - Keep Safe Wall Safe model 7100:

Hi Kim,    Sorry, unfortunately mechanical issues require hands on diagnostics and solutions.   Unfortunately my wife broke my crystal ball about the same time she killed my money tree!    There are a

2017-03-28 Locksmithing - Setting Mosler safe combination:

There may be some wear issues.    Look on the inside of the back cover for two lines or dots.    Dial the combination, 4L-3R-2L, pull the back cover off and see where the gates line up.    You may have

2017-03-26 Roofing - Lead flashings on a tile roof:

Hi Pablo,  I would recommend getting the lead flashing replaced, the holes from the squirrels can cause leaks It's actually a common problem.  Also after the pipes are fixed it'd be a good idea to have

2017-03-26 Audio Systems - car entertain:

Hope you have a big automobile!  Mounting 4 speakers will take a big space.    If you are looking to get accurate sound stage it will not help much. Why? Because space in car is small and very reflective

2017-03-26 Locksmithing - Safe:

Hi John,    The Vanguard line were safes sold through Sears, probably manufactured by the Meilink Safe Company, which was acquired by FireKing International in the early 1990's.      Unfortunately FireKing


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