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2017-02-21 Audio Systems - Turntable hookup:

You could connect the audio outputs (L and R rca connectors on back panel) of the Denon to audio inputs on the back of the Yamaha.  Keep the speakers always connected to the Yamaha rcvr.  When you want

2017-02-21 Decks - design deck pergola:

Hi Pat,          I don't really use anything like that personally, but I understand what you mean.   I would call a few different home centers or lumber places in your area. Often, these places will offer

2017-02-21 Locksmithing - mpontgomery ward safe 9030:

Hi Forrest,    I'm not sure what your question is???    "how can I open without 63mmb"?????      Montgomery Ward sold safes made by a couple different companies, including some imports.  unfortunately

2017-02-21 Painting & Wallpapering - painting after removing old wallpaper:

Len    Sometimes when giving answers to questions I am fully aware that the answer isn't what the questioner wants to hear !!!!!      From a technical stance I have No Idea how colour will affect adhesive

2017-02-21 Home Improvement--General - Bathroom ceiling requirements:

Thank you so much, Thomas, for taking the time to reply! I'm relieved to know that the 12" height difference in the floor is to alleviate the serious problem of a sunken tub (will never understand why


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