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2017-04-21 Oracle - PIVOT Operator:

Hi Santhosh,    Reference A:  Reference B:    Starting with Oracle

2017-04-07 Using MS Access - option groups:

OK, First, an Option Group returns a numeric value corresponding to the button within the group that was selected. An Option Group only allows for one selection. it sounds like you set up the table and

2017-03-27 Using MS Access - Kicking users off shared database:

Hi Carla,    I use the Force Shut Down Tool provided here: Its a freebie.     It works by having a hidden form check for a filename on a server location on a Timer

2017-03-04 Oracle - Course Guidance Need..:

Hi Rajesh,    This depends on what you are interested in focusing your education. Oracle technologies spam a vast library of similar and mutually exclusive solutions.    In each subject area, there are

2017-02-15 Using MS Access - Sequential Numbering:

Ok, Are you sure that is form?     Try it like this:    Forms!formname!controlname = Nz(DMax(“[Claim Reference]”,”tblWarrantyClaims”),0)+1    Use the actual form and control names.    it is not a good


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