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2016-12-05 Using MS Access - database design:

Sorry, I missed this.     What it sounds like you want is a standard technique called Synchronized or Cascading comboboxes. This is a technique where you filter a combobox list based on a selection in

2016-12-01 FoxPro - payslip heads in Hindi:

Sir:       Let me start by saying - I don't know anything about printing in any language other than English.       However, I suspect it's a matter of choosing the correct font.  Look at something else

2016-10-17 Using MS Access - MS Access Linked Tables:

There are a couple of ways to link to tables in an external SQL database. The most common way is to create a ODBC Data Set Name (DSN). This is done using the ODBC Administrator.     You need to be careful

2016-10-14 Using MS Access - Combo box:

Correct, Access does not know whether a field should be using a list control or not. The only data type that automatically uses a specific control type is a Yes/No data type which uses a check box. You

2016-10-11 Using MS Access - MS Access Linked Tables:

Hi Sam,    Thanks for the question.    I have only had to do this once or twice.  I had no luck with directly linking to the table that accesses the SQL via the OBDC, I had to create an Append query, to


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