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2017-01-23 Data Management & Storage - IFF statements:

You start off with the highest value, then the next highest etc. So the expression I gave you says:    If quality is greater than 97.5, return 5, otherwise test to see if its greater than 95, if yes, return

2017-01-23 Data Management & Storage - IFF statements:


2017-01-03 Using MS Access - Cascading combo box with UNMATCHED data:

Create an unmatched query using the wizard. Modify the SQL for that query so it is filtered for the current employee. In your combobox set the RowSource of the Locations Combo to something like:    SELECT

2016-12-19 Oracle - Upload Image into table:

Hi Natrajan,    In your procedure, your line:    src_file := BFILENAME ('image_dir', p_image_name);    should be reading    src_file := BFILENAME ('DB_IMG', p_image_name);      where DB_IMG is the variable

2016-12-06 Oracle - Oracle:

Hi Gaurav,    Sorry for the late reply.    Since Oracle and SQL developer area has become more coomon now, in order to get a better job you must try to explore specific areas which have high demand like


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