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2017-03-04 Oracle - Course Guidance Need..:

Hi Rajesh,    This depends on what you are interested in focusing your education. Oracle technologies spam a vast library of similar and mutually exclusive solutions.    In each subject area, there are

2017-02-15 Using MS Access - Sequential Numbering:

Ok, Are you sure that is form?     Try it like this:    Forms!formname!controlname = Nz(DMax(“[Claim Reference]”,”tblWarrantyClaims”),0)+1    Use the actual form and control names.    it is not a good

2017-02-10 Using MS Access - Securing BackEnd file:

Read my blog on Securing the Back End    But frankly, if you have people who will try to get past the front end, then you have a bigger problem. I have well over 100 Access apps and I don't use extraordinary

2017-02-02 Using MS Access - Passing value between forms:

I would do it differently.     DoCmd.OpenForm "frmTimEntry",,,,acAdd    Then, on frmTimeentry I would set the default value for txtValue2 to Forms!frmLogin.txtValue1.    The problem is likely that the

2017-02-02 Using MS Access - Passing value between forms:

You can open the form in Add Mode and then assign values to the controls. Or you could set the default value to read from the referenced control.    


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