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2017-03-21 Tires - lug nnut torgue:

Jerry,    Yes, The standard recommendation is that lug nuts need to be retorqued on alloy wheels after 50 or so miles.     - HOWEVER -     Not only am I of the opinion that what the torque spec ought to

2017-03-21 Audio Systems - car entertain:

It is a personal choice. If you listen mostly to news and voice programs you would benifit little with rear speakers. Unless you have back seat riders with demands of their own!    For music you would

2017-03-17 Auto Insurance Claims - Motorcycle damage:

Hi Marcy,    This should not be a claim against your policy at all. Your claim is against the tow truck company and is therefore a 3rd party claim. You insurance company may pay the repair bill but that

2017-03-16 Audio Systems - Receiver and speaker combination:

I cannot vouch for the dog, but humans quickly get accustomed to hearing background noises.      You should start with a low cost receiver with built-in fm radio.  Places like BestBuy still have low cost

2017-03-16 Audio Systems - 500 sq ft Indoor Cycling studio:

Hi John and thanks for the question.   Since you have a mic already, I would start here to assure compatibility:


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