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2017-03-26 Car Alarms - 2002 Mitsubishi Galant Car Alarm:

Best thing is to contact Mitubishi parts dept tomorrow and have them  replace the transmitter (s) You may only need to reprogram,

2017-03-26 Audio Systems - car entertain:

Hope you have a big automobile!  Mounting 4 speakers will take a big space.    If you are looking to get accurate sound stage it will not help much. Why? Because space in car is small and very reflective

2017-03-24 Audio Systems - car entertain:

It depends on many factors. Program source and settings of the balance among others.    But the ultimate criteria is if you will like it. Most modern-day music is heavily processed during mix down and

2017-03-24 Automotive - Multilingual Traffic Sign Board.:

Prashant,    This is a very complicated question. While I would like to say "yes", how many languages do we need and how large would the Sign Board Pole?     I feel, if you live in a Country, you should

2017-03-24 Jaguar Repair - fuel sending unit:

Hi Tom,    Attached is a diagram of the instruments and wiring of the 87 XJ-S. The connector "CP-7" is in the center console. The color codes for the sending unit are "N/K" = Brown/Pink, "W" = White, "LG/O"


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