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2016-09-28 Coffee - Looking for buyers:

Danny, Robusta is always a more difficult sell than Indonesian Arabica, which is in high demand. Most visitors to Bali become hooked on the coffee they get at the many smaller or Indonesian brand hotels-

2016-09-26 Cigars - Freezing Cigars:

Hello again, again!    Thompson, Vinotemp, Vigilant and NewAir are reputable companies that make excellent electric humidors of varying size and prices.  Shipping costs direct from North America might

2016-09-26 Cigars - Freezing Cigars:

Hello again,    They are all similar in performance and function so it's really personal preference. I personally prefer thermo-electric but compressor units perform equally well so it depends on what

2016-09-26 Cigars - Freezing Cigars:

Hello F Gaddo    To answer your questions:    1/Yes, I highly recommend a thermo-electric humidor if you live in a hot and dry place. A thermo-electric humidor is the best option as it will be easy to

2016-09-20 Wine - Best Auction Web Site for Selling Brandy:

Hi SHIHN JEN,    Many big-spending Chinese collectors frequent the international auctioneers in Hong Kong but they tend to offer collections of First Growth Claret and top Burgundies so I'm not sure they'd


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