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2017-02-14 Cigars - Humidor:

Hi Daniel,    The first thing you should do is check to make sure that your hygrometer is calibrated and functioning properly.  If you are using an analog hygrometer, conduct a salt test on it to ensure

2017-02-05 Beer - Low Acid Beers?:

Terribly sorry to hear about the problem, and I'm afraid I don't have much help for you.    First thing I would do is ask your doctor about what he or she considers "high acid." I'm certainly not a doctor

2017-02-04 Cigars - Montecristo:

Hi John,    When Fidel Castro took control of Cuba and became president in 1959, he had the Government assume control of the Cuban cigar industry and all the Cuban brand names so by the time Alonso Menendez

2017-01-30 Wine - canard-duchene:

Hi Lauren    Thanks for your enquiry, unfortunately a Magnum (1.5Ltr) of the Canard Duchene doesn't really have a big value. Retail prices would be around 50-60 so i would say that if you had a Magnum

2017-01-27 Cigars - Cigar Issue?:

Daniel,    A couple of things. First, it sounds like the cigars arrived with proper humidity. Regardless of what the outdoor temperature is, unless your humidor is stored in the cold (50's) temperature


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