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2016-10-23 Wine - 1970 Vino Rossi Wine:

Hi Elizabeth,    I think the giver hoped you'd celebrate your first anniversary by opening this as there is no possibility that it will still be enjoyable at your 50th.    It has no value as it wouldn't

2016-10-19 Wine - Tokaji Aszu:

Hi Laurie    It is a dessert wine from Hungary, and is quite a treat.  The combination of high sugar, alcohol, and acid makes these wines pretty long lived.  Yours should be delicious.  Serve it chilled

2016-10-18 Cigars - Xikar travel humidor & distilled water:

Rad,    I apologize for the late response, I just got back from the Dominican Republic and I forgot to change my settings on the site to show that I was away.    You can use distilled water in the Xikar

2016-10-18 Wine - Pauillac:

Tony,  A second label wine to classified growth like that is usually made from the grapes from the younger vines and in a style that matures faster. The idea being you enjoy that wine while waiting for

2016-10-17 Wine - Cordon Rouge Millenium 750ml:

Hi Derrick,    Cordon Rouge is Mumm's premium NV Champagne and you have a blend bottled around 1996 which was launched 1000 days before the turn of the millennium to exploit interest in the event.    I


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