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2016-12-03 TV Industry - question about actors/models and their publicists:

Hi, Danielle.    If you read anything about the REAL history of Hollywood, you'll see a gazillion stories about fake stories being planted to gain publicity, cover up something, or generally distract attention

2016-11-29 Cooking & Restaurant Management - Startup and Monthly Cost Breakdown:

Hi Mae,    I will do my best to answer your questions.    Start-up Costs can include all of the following:    Land purchase and site improvements (if applicable)  Building Permits  Building Construction

2016-11-19 Careers: Acting, Performing, Directing - Hairstyle headshot:

Quick answer - yes. Since you already have a headshot that shows your hair down and you normally wear your hair pulled back in this way, sounds like a perfect choice.  Just remember if you're invited to

2016-11-15 Careers: Music - publishing songs:

Hi Patty,  Step one have you registered you copyright with the Library of Congress?  Next do you belong to PRO such as ASCAP or BMI?  If yes, you set yourself up as a publisher. Its not free to do this


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