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2016-12-03 TV Industry - question about actors/models and their publicists:

Hi, Danielle.    If you read anything about the REAL history of Hollywood, you'll see a gazillion stories about fake stories being planted to gain publicity, cover up something, or generally distract attention

2016-11-29 Cooking & Restaurant Management - Startup and Monthly Cost Breakdown:

Hi Mae,    I will do my best to answer your questions.    Start-up Costs can include all of the following:    Land purchase and site improvements (if applicable)  Building Permits  Building Construction

2016-11-19 Careers: Acting, Performing, Directing - Hairstyle headshot:

Quick answer - yes. Since you already have a headshot that shows your hair down and you normally wear your hair pulled back in this way, sounds like a perfect choice.  Just remember if you're invited to

2016-11-15 Careers: Music - publishing songs:

Hi Patty,  Step one have you registered you copyright with the Library of Congress?  Next do you belong to PRO such as ASCAP or BMI?  If yes, you set yourself up as a publisher. Its not free to do this

2016-10-25 Radio Industry - Why do AM and FM radio stations air so much:

Satellite radio (SiriusXM) has had an impact on commercial radio, but not as much as they had hoped for. Originally Sirius and XM were competing companies but the market couldn't support two satellite


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