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2017-04-13 Careers: Police - Juvenile:

Johnny,    As I said before I can't predict what is going to happen to you.  You have several disqualifiers on your record but that does not mean that some department won't take a chance on you.    I didn't

2017-04-13 Careers: Police - Juvenile:

Johnny,    You have a lot of things working against you.  The GED, your arrest, the repossessions, and most likely a low credit score.    I'd be the last one to tell you to drop your plans to become a

2017-03-21 Careers: Police - Background:

As a former background investigator, each applicant applying for a position has to be judged on his/her own merits.  Circumstances are different for each person. Investigators realize most people do not

2017-03-19 Careers: Police - Background:

Terry, I can understand the dynamics of a romantic relationship, having had the pleasure of being involved in one myself. The main focus should be on your record during those ten years, the fact that the

2017-03-18 Careers: Police - Background:

Terry, I guess you've heard the expression, "...the devil is in the details." Not knowing  what" the fraternization involved. ( i.e., romantic, golf buddy, etc.) it's hard to assess. I guess the central


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