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2016-10-09 Careers: Police - Background Check:

When you state that you didn't get charged for stealing $2.00 at work then there is no criminal record. However, were you terminated?   The speeding tickets may not be a problem depending on the circumstances

2016-09-30 Careers: Police - Background-past employeement:

John:    This is a question where you need the advice of your attorney. Your settlement was a civil suit, not criminal.  A background investigation may depend on the police department conducting the background

2016-09-27 Careers: Police - LAPD BACKGROUND:

It's not a big or little deal to a background investigator.  It's the policy of the department that you have to be concerned about.  What you did is against the law.  However I'd think that they are more

2016-09-27 Careers: Police - LAPD BACKGROUND:

Bryan,    I cannot give you a "yes" or "no" answer to a question that could affect the rest of your life,    The best that I can do for you is to tell you to be truthful in all matters and don't try to

2016-08-28 Careers: Police - Department application ask about friends using drugs.:

I am wondering if you read my first answer?      I didn't say this the first time but a person who has drug abusers for friends is not a good choice for the position of police officer.    So potentially


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