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2016-08-28 Careers: Police - Department application ask about friends using drugs.:

I am wondering if you read my first answer?      I didn't say this the first time but a person who has drug abusers for friends is not a good choice for the position of police officer.    So potentially

2016-08-08 Careers: Police - BI:

Hansel,    Law enforcement is not like the Army where there is one standard and one set of rules.  There are thousands of police agencies and each has its own set of standards.  What might be true on Department

2016-07-28 Careers: Police - Young adults trying to get hired:

The issues you mention are serious matters to law enforcement agencies. Generally, there are many candidates for police officer careers. Accordingly, why hire someone who may have behavior issues? It may

2016-07-19 Careers: Police - UK LEO transfer to USA LEO:

Roni:    To the best of my knowledge all US police departments have a requirement for officers to be US citizen by birth or naturalized at the time of their appointment.  The federal office of US Customs

2016-07-06 Careers: Police - Background:

Max.    It's difficult to give you a definite answer.  You present several questions.  A background investigation does not only review an unlawful offense, but the individual's behavior.  Behavior might


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