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2017-03-21 Careers: Police - Background:

As a former background investigator, each applicant applying for a position has to be judged on his/her own merits.  Circumstances are different for each person. Investigators realize most people do not

2017-03-19 Careers: Police - Background:

Terry, I can understand the dynamics of a romantic relationship, having had the pleasure of being involved in one myself. The main focus should be on your record during those ten years, the fact that the

2017-03-18 Careers: Police - Background:

Terry, I guess you've heard the expression, "...the devil is in the details." Not knowing  what" the fraternization involved. ( i.e., romantic, golf buddy, etc.) it's hard to assess. I guess the central

2017-03-16 Careers: Police - Background check:

Jason,    Law enforcement background investigators realize we are all human and make mistakes. Be honest and describe how your mistakes have added to your personal development and maturity. You may be

2017-03-16 Careers: Police - Background check:

Hi Jason,    From the information you have provided, my opinion is that you would be fine applying for a police officer position.  Background investigators are aware that we all make mistakes. I would


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