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2017-02-21 Trucking - ICC / MCC #s:

April, it sounds like your salesman is confusing the MCC# with fuel taxes.  Two different things.  You do not need an MCC# but if you cross state lines you need to deal with the different fuel taxes.

2017-02-20 Trucking - ICC / MCC #s:

April, you do not need ICC/MCC# as long as you are only hauling your own (company) supplies, materials, tools, etc.  You do need them if you are operating a hauling business for hire.  As long as you remain

2017-01-13 Trucking - Broker:

Tim;      Dump truck loads are 99% local hauling and brokers rarely get involved with them. You would need to fin doubt what company local to you uses owner operators and see if you can do work for them

2017-01-10 Trucking - dump trucks:

Tim;      You have a couple of options with this.      1.  You can lease yourself out to another company and work under their DOT authority.  That way you don't have to get your own operating authority


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