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2017-01-23 Chrysler Repair - Chrysler Town and Country 1997:

Hi Renato,  I think because you are in Mexico and if the vehicle was sold there originally while you might believe it is a '97 rather it may be a '96. The vehicle VIN will have a 10th digit of either a

2017-01-22 Audio Systems - Music program for computer:    According to the above link MMJB is compatible with Windows10.  You didn't say what PC you are using but if you have a W10 you should be okey.    Also

2017-01-22 Chrysler Repair - Chrysler Trans Mount:

Hi Jamie,  I would first check for engine diagnostic trouble codes rather than change the rear mount. Turn the ignition switch "on-off-on-off-on and leave on" doing that in 5 seconds or less elapsed time

2017-01-22 Chrysler Repair - Chrysler Town and Country 1997:

Hi Renato,  If by the 'ignition module' you mean the ignition coil pack then that is powered by fuse 12 in the power box under the hood, so check for that. It should show 12V on the dark green/orange wire

2017-01-21 Dodge Repair - '02 dakota no start:

There is a fuel pump relay in the main power box under the hood. In the '04 manual it is in one corner of the relays there. With a helper who turns the ignition key, have him turn the key from off to "run"


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