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2016-09-18 Food Safety Issues - Pasteurization:

Pasteurization lowers the risk of contamination by bacteria associated with food poisoning. It is essential when you are talking about high risk items like milk. Consuming raw milk, milk that has not been

2016-08-02 Food Safety Issues - is vacumn sealed meat safe to eat:

If they were vacuum sealed they can be used but the quality may have suffered. The rule is 4 hours out of refrigeration but since it's vacuumed packed that protects the items from contamination from the

2016-07-20 Food Safety Issues - Frozen Chicken - Food Safety:

Sorry, I see now that you originally said, "Is it safe to take a fried chicken breast that's frozen" I somehow missed the word fried! The answer is it is perfectly safe to thaw cooked chicken and eat it

2016-07-19 Food Safety Issues - Frozen Chicken - Food Safety:

It is unsafe to eat raw chicken without cooking it to an internal minimum temperature of at least 165 degrees. It doesn't matter if it was frozen and thawed in a refrigerator. Raw chicken often contains

2016-07-19 Food Safety Issues - Frozen Chicken - Food Safety:

Hi Jona,    Yes, it is safe to defrost either a fried chicken breast or grilled chicken breast in the refrigerator and then consume it cold.      If the chicken was initially cooked to at least 165 degress


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