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2017-01-19 Heating, Air Conditioning, Fridge, HVAC - Decentralized central air/heating system in senior apartment complex- ceiling ventilation vent.:

It is unlikely sewer gas is getting into the a/c system.  In many areas it is against code to do that.  A/c units normally drain onto the ground or something like that.    Without being able to check out

2017-01-18 Locksmithing - parts:

Hi Loren,    Sorry it wasn't a "model" 444254, that was it's individual serial number.    As far as Mosler parts - Mosler went out of business in Aug. 2001.   Parts are no longer available from them.

2017-01-16 Heating, Air Conditioning, Fridge, HVAC - Heat pump light code error:

What fan is kicking on (  if this is a split system two piece unit ) the indoor fan or outdoor fan. If it's the indoor and the OD unit is not kicking on, possible the breaker for the OD unit tripped or

2017-01-15 Clocks, Watches - New England Clock..pendulum-wall:

Sanford, I just received a notice that I had not answered your (2nd) question.  I had missed it on the Allexperts forum as we had gotten together through emails.  So, I think everything has been resolved

2017-01-14 Clocks, Watches - Movement for my old clock:

Russell, Jauch has been out of business for quite a few years.  There is a replacement movement by Hermle which requires a conversion kit. I would need to know what case model it is.  If you don't know


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