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2017-02-22 Locksmithing - Cary Safe Combination:

Hi John,    If I told you to stand in the corner of a round room - where would you start???    Without a reference point there is no beginning or end.   On a 100 number dial the "0" and the "100" are the

2017-02-21 Locksmithing - mpontgomery ward safe 9030:

Hi Forrest,    I'm not sure what your question is???    "how can I open without 63mmb"?????      Montgomery Ward sold safes made by a couple different companies, including some imports.  unfortunately

2017-02-21 Moving Furniture - sofa:

Hi Eileen  Here's my question. Are the one delivering the sofa or are there going to be real delivery men. The sofa length is smaller then the height of the door way so you can stand the sofa up and rotate

2017-02-21 Clocks, Watches - Montgomery/ ward Grandfather Clock:

Craig, I answered your question last night, but got a notice that it did not send.  So, I'll do it again:    First, the model numbers on clock cases, labels and owner's manuals very seldom indicate the

2017-02-21 Moving Furniture - Fit a Long Sofa Through a Short Door:

Hi Ted  So here's your problem. Since you have to go through a hallway you'll need the height of the sofa(28) to make through but to get to the room you want to go to is on either the left or right of


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