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2017-04-22 Clocks, Watches - cuckoo clock - chain off the sprockets:

if chain is off, it will pull either direction easily, right?  remove the round ring off the chain end using small pliers to open the chain link  pull the chain out of the clock through the holes in the

2017-04-21 Moving Furniture - Will the sofa fit through the door?:

HI   I hope I will be able to help :)    To be 100% certain all measurements of the sofa should be less than what the measurements of the clearance, however facts such as shape of the sofa, arms and back

2017-04-20 Small Engines (Lawn Mowers, etc - starting problems:

It is possible there is excessive carbon build up causing the increased compression but this is very rare..I have only seen this one time.    Is the correct spark plug installed in the saw?    As for the

2017-04-19 Locksmithing - Mosler Model 11 Safe:

Hi Gordon,    The largest size in the Mosler catalog (86), which would have been about 26 years or more after your safe was made is 73"h x 41"w x 29"d, weighing about 1860.    as yours is approximately

2017-04-19 Small Engines (Lawn Mowers, etc - starting problems:

Did you check the compression with a compression gauge?    Are you sure nothing is binding like the clutch, chain or maybe the flywheel or starter?    Not too sure it AT would loosen.  I would take the


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