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2017-03-23 Ferrets - ferret:

Hello Barb,    Oddly, I've never run across this question before, nor have I had this incident arise.  I certainly hope your little fuzzie's not choking on something.  However, from your question, I'm

2017-03-22 Rabbits - Baby rabbit eye:

Hi Lucy,    Rabbits of that age can get something called nest box eye.  It starts out while they are still in the nest and if it is not treated every day, it can become infected.  I always recommend that

2017-03-21 Dogs - What breed is my dog?:

 Hello again,    Thanks for the additional information.  Sometimes, a puppy is just mellow and calm! But it's good to have ruled out a health concern, like parasites.    With a 5 month old puppy that's

2017-03-20 Wild Animals - Why that is a two month old Bottlenose dolphin that lives in captivity is:

Dear Administrator    Thank you for your follow-up questions. I also wish to thank the authors of the web sites I used.    I think the dolphin became friendly towards people because it did not have enough

2017-03-20 Dogs - What breed is my dog?:

 Hi Miriam,    Congratulations on getting a puppy!    You didn't say how old your new puppy is, or if either you or your friend that you got Chante from ever had a veterinarian check his stool for parasites


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