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2016-09-27 Birds--General - Dove:

It might take a while for the proper nutrition to work, and there are bird vitamins you can add to the food or water, some specifically made for feather growth.  Providing full spectrum or UV lighting

2016-09-25 Ask the Veterinarian - Sudden Knuckling:

The short answer is that your dog can most likely be helped and maybe even cured. I cannot answer fully until tomorrow, but I want you to start now reading the 7 keys to health on my web site, and to go

2016-09-25 Reptiles - phallectomy complication:

I would have to say something went wrong during surgery-if he was fine going in and broken coming out...  Please understand I am not a vet so my opinion on this is less solid than even yours.  You could

2016-09-24 Rabbits - Dutch sexual maturity:

Hi Angela,    The buck can't be fixed until he has testicles.  The doe can be fixed as early as 3 months.  I would take the doe to be fixed now and then you don't have to worry about an accidental litter

2016-09-23 Guinea Pigs - Guinea pig eye:

That's a choice you have to make. For many cavy owners the cost of veterinary care is high for a guinea pig. That doesn't mean you should NOT.  It's simply a choice you must make.    If you are not comfortable


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