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2017-02-26 Birds--General - bird identification and whether it is still a baby:

It is an immature goldlfinch but not a baby, Best thing to do is contact your nearest wildlife rehab center or wildlife official. It is VERY difficult to raise a baby or injured bird unless you have experience

2017-02-24 Rabbits - rabbit:

Hi Daisy,    Any bleeding a full day after giving birth is not normal.  Occasionally you will find a small bit of blood in the cage right after giving birth but nothing significant in size.  If you are

2017-02-21 Rabbits - Are all ingedients of pellets safe for rabbits?:

Hi Bartek    Sorry for the delay in reply.     There is a lot of conflicting advice on Yucca. There are also several species. I think in pellet type food it's in a small quantity and it will obviously

2017-02-21 Rabbits - Rabbit diet:

Hi,    I am not exactly sure what you are asking.  Your bunnies diet should be a large percent of timothy or grass hay.  This should be his main diet.  Then he should be fed high quality timothy based

2017-02-19 Ask the Veterinarian - Dog shaking his head:

Having slightly itchy ears is one of the early warning signs that his energy balance (vital force, Chi, Pranna) is out of balance (see end of response). If it is suppressed with drugs or incorrect treatment


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