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2017-01-19 Gerbils & Hamsters - Syrian hamster weeing in nest:

Hi Richard    Thanks for your question.    Female Syrians are quite feisty at times - a lot more than the males and it can take a bit longer to tame them, however, when you do I am sure they will be great

2017-01-19 Ferrets - New born kits.:

Hello Carly,    I'm sorry, Carly, but I am not a vet and would certainly hate to give you any misinformation regarding the welfare concerning these new little fuzzies.  All I can offer is a hearty congratulations

2017-01-18 Ask the Veterinarian - Stomach in dogs:

    I am so glad you wrote to me, a holistically trained veterinarian as I can definitely help you resolve the diarrhea permanently. When I only had my conventional veterinary training, I could only offer

2017-01-18 Ask the Veterinarian - Insect:

I'm sorry but that's incorrect. Purina, along with dozens of other pet food manufacturers, are in the business of marketing, not making high quality food for your pets.     Ever wonder why there has been

2017-01-15 Ask the Veterinarian - Cat urinating on furniture:

HiJared,  I know how extremely frustrating this can be, having been through it myself.   However, since you mentioned that she has a clean bill of health, which is great, then we can conclude that this


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