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2016-12-03 Ask the Veterinarian - Weimaraner bumps on belly and head:

When I cannot identify something like a nodule, I will do a fine needle aspirate of the lesion to see if the cells are identifiable as pus cells, tumor cells, cells consistent with a cyst, or something

2016-11-29 Ask the Veterinarian - Dog whining:

Many dogs will cry and whine after anesthetics.  That's the effect they have until all of the drugs are out of the system.  You should call your vet and report this because there may be something else

2016-11-29 Guinea Pigs - small rough reoccuring bump on guinea pig's back:

What you are seeing is a sebaceous cyst. The white, thick stuff is made of oils and its purpose is to lubricate the skin. Sometimes the gland plugs up and the sebaceous material cannot be excreted out

2016-11-25 Gerbils & Hamsters - Oreo is a little off:

Hi Jinene    If you feel the cheek pouch (remember that they extend down as far as their waist) if there is food in there you can normally feel hard pellets.  I just wondered if there was any infection

2016-11-25 Gerbils & Hamsters - Syrian Hamster Death:

Hi Elizabeth    I'm so sorry to read your email.  This is really sad.    Was there any sign of diarrhoea?  Young hamsters can get wet tail if they have been stressed but you would know that they were ill


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