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2017-01-15 Psychics - Love life question:

Reading my profile always helps :) He likes the idea of meeting someone new. It's been a long time since he's felt like something new could be possible. He enjoys talking to you. But no emotions have been

2017-01-15 Psychics - Psychic Abilities?:

all human being has psychic abilities and to work with it is a matter of good teacher and some practice lots of practice in fact.   in regard to you own abilities there are tons of books about the ability

2017-01-14 Psychics - Love:

He is trying to tell you something, sort of something like brings in surprise new beginnings and this is why it seems that he is distant. He's happy with you, but it's like he wants something else or more

2017-01-14 Psychics - strong emotions:

Dear Jessica  you and Marian are not so great together because there are many differences between the two of you you are more emotional child like but very caring toward other people and how they feel

2017-01-13 Tarot Card Readings - message:

Hi Laura    Thank you! After a week of people asking me to predict their future, your question is a breath of fresh air. I'm thinking a Pathway reading is the way to go. If intuition leads we can add more


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