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2017-02-28 Psychics - Potential lover:

I understand you dont care but this is not a good match nor his family will ever allows it so I suggest to not make any plans yet and the tarot suggested it will not work well as he do want to be protective

2017-02-28 Psychics - My life is so miserable:

Greetings Matilda,    Thank you for requesting a spiritual, Christian Intuitive reading.    Spirit comes forth with a short and succinct message to your question.    When you decided to incarnate into

2017-02-27 Astrology - Job:

Dear user  Present running dasa for you: RAHU MAHA DASA WITH CHANDRAN SUB PERIOD UPTO 06.07.2018  As per your birth chart,    You  have manglic dosha     you have rahu dosha.    Please contact your  family

2017-02-27 Astrology - Life:

Raviji    Possibilities of second marriage are not much bright. Take care of your wife. Try remedies suggested in previous reply. Hope these remedies will bring positive changes in your life. No follow

2017-02-26 Psychics - Cursed about love:

Hello Elizabeth, (happy birthday belatedly!)    You are in need of peace and inner reflection. There is nothing wrong with you that some silence and affirmations ("I love myself and am lovable", "I can


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