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2017-01-10 Energy Industry (Oil & Gas) - Oil & Mineral rights - Potter County PA:

You could check the county clerk's office in the county where the minerals are located and see if there's any companies that have filed leases of record there recently, in which case you could contact

2017-01-05 Water Quality - dirty water only when cold FOLLW UP:

Hi again Steve:  What I guess is sediment is heavier than water so even if the cause is closer to the surface the sediment will naturally sink to whatever depths it can reach. I guess the law of gravity

2017-01-02 Water Quality - dirty water only when cold:

Hi Steve: Thanks for asking AE. Sounds like your suspicions are correct. One solution may be to install a fine backwashing sediment filter just after your pressure tank. One that filters down to 40 microns

2016-11-21 Environmental Science - Ozone destruction and global warming:

     Everything would work fine. Problem is the quantities. To take the air in a city and pump it all through some place where you can add the iron in the quantities needed to make sense is just too expensive

2016-11-18 Water Quality - Lake Water quality:

Hi John.  Thanks for asking All Experts.Unfortunately your question is outside my expertise. My best suggestion would be to try the Water Quality Association's site  maybe they can steer you


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