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2016-08-09 Environmental Science - Career planning regarding climate change:

Hello Flo    There is nothing as dangerous to our human civilization, at this time than the overheating and destabilization of the Earth's biosphere. Humanity could get over a nuclear war in 50 years or

2016-07-31 Nuclear Power - Proximity to Nuclear Disaster Sites:

9000 meters is a standard altitude, and it won't make much of a difference unless the altitude is small compared to the actual area of the lake that is contaminated.  In short, no.    You can't just assume

2016-07-24 Nuclear Power - Proximity to Nuclear Disaster Sites:

That's a lengthy follow-up, and I'm on travel.  I'll answer it, because these seem pretty simple, but try to split these questions into separate queries.    1)  The Ural question.  40 Ci/km^2 is generally

2016-07-21 Nuclear Power - Proximity to Nuclear Disaster Sites:

Thank you for asking this question, because it allows me several opportunities.  The first being to allay your fears completely, and I'm as skittish about real radiation doses as science tells me I should

2016-03-23 Water Quality - Aquatec Water Purifier:

Hello Trevor,  I have been unable to find out anything about this company.  Based on the information you have given me I, personally, would just continue with your present water treatment system.  I see


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