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2016-11-25 General Networking/Lan/Wan - Wifi Repeater/extender:

Hi Chandan, and thanks for your question.    Here are a couple of sets of instructions that should help you:

2016-11-22 General Networking/Lan/Wan - Host server on home computer and access outside:

Hi Pranjal,     For this to work, you typically need a public IP associated with your router (house), and not the community.     Here's a test:    1. Setup logging in your router (inbound and outbound)

2016-10-28 Broadband (Cable, DSL, Satellite, Fiber - CABLE GOING INTO HOME:

I am assuming by snaking a line through a wall you mean that they won't snake a line up inside of a wall.    One possible answer for you is to install innerdct - here is an example    http://store.cablesplususa

2016-10-22 Satellite Communications - direct/inverted spectrum:

The spectrum generated at transmitter after modulation depends on the LO frequency to generate carrier. It can be higher than the Uplink frequency or lower.   In one case the carrier frequency generates

2016-10-21 Satellite Communications - Two carrier operation:

Satellite operations for single carrier or multi carrier are not allowed by satellite owner to take it to saturation, both at input and output with IBO AND OBO specifications. The user earth station compulsorily


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