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2016-07-25 Radio Industry - What happen that when a person on the radio wants to:

I don't know of any age restrictions for on-air talent. I'm sure somewhere a child has had his/her own show. The only tough part would be selling the idea to a station. Children aren't really a key demographic

2016-07-22 Journalism (newspapers/magazines) - Political Bias:

Some news organizations run stories that are basically fact checkers and impartially examine what a candidate says. Some news outlets also have what's called an ombudsman, who examines how newspapers and

2016-07-21 Journalism (newspapers/magazines) - Political Bias:

I don't have exact figures on that, but I would have to say that ever since there have been political candidates -- in the United States and elsewhere -- there have been accusations of political bias.

2016-07-21 Radio Industry - Can a person from the United Kingdom become a DJ:

There is no "standard" accent in the US.  The Northeast (New York/Boston) has a few of their own accents alone - let alone Rhode Island (which can have a hybrid of NYC and Boston).  Maine has a few...southern

2016-07-21 Radio Industry - What happen that when a person on the radio wants to:

I think prerecording your interview is a perfectly reasonable request. The FCC has eased a lot of rules. The DJ is the one who needs to worry about violating them. If you swear on the air (the one that


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