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2016-09-30 Automotive - part compatibility for a 1994 Pontiac Grand AM:

Glenn,    Thank you for your question. It is out of my realm of expertise as I specialize in individual parts, not "components" BUT I will offer my thoughts for your consideration.     ANY GOOD Salvage

2016-09-24 Aerospace/Aviation - Light Aircraft Safety:

Airliners use a prioritized message system. For example, if the airplane is on fire, that is given a higher priority than  a low fuel alarm. Also, light aircraft attempt to show ALL the information on

2016-09-20 Aerospace/Aviation - Destruction of Shutte-Lanz SL11:

Hello Tony.  I've not heard of that expression before, although it does sound like just the thing a patriotic newspaper would concoct.  The best account of the shooting down of the SL11 I've found is in

2016-09-05 Automotive - misfire codes showing:

While cleaning some assemblies (called by some "solvent rebuilds"!) can restore or at least improve performance, fuel systems which get a lot of "through-put", that is, the car is driven enough to use

2016-09-02 Automotive - misfire codes showing:

Recent (1990 and since) vehicles are not core to my areas of automotive interest, which is much more in the "legacy" or classic stream, so my answer here will necessarily be brief.    Having said that


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