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2016-11-20 Trucking - Curious:

Dan;    First off, sorry for the delay.  I was on vacation.     Anyway, when you take your Class C CDL test, it will have to be in a vehicle that requires a Class C CDL.  So a Class C bus would be a good

2016-09-30 Automotive - part compatibility for a 1994 Pontiac Grand AM:

Glenn,    Thank you for your question. It is out of my realm of expertise as I specialize in individual parts, not "components" BUT I will offer my thoughts for your consideration.     ANY GOOD Salvage

2016-09-24 Aerospace/Aviation - Light Aircraft Safety:

Airliners use a prioritized message system. For example, if the airplane is on fire, that is given a higher priority than  a low fuel alarm. Also, light aircraft attempt to show ALL the information on

2016-09-20 Aerospace/Aviation - Destruction of Shutte-Lanz SL11:

Hello Tony.  I've not heard of that expression before, although it does sound like just the thing a patriotic newspaper would concoct.  The best account of the shooting down of the SL11 I've found is in

2016-09-05 Automotive - misfire codes showing:

While cleaning some assemblies (called by some "solvent rebuilds"!) can restore or at least improve performance, fuel systems which get a lot of "through-put", that is, the car is driven enough to use


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