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2017-02-18 Legislation, Presidential & Congressional Politics - Gun control:

Hello,    The action taken by the Senate was not a bill.  It was a joint resolution.  Under the Congressional Review Act, if both houses pass a resolution nullifying a federal regulation and the President

2017-01-25 Legislation, Presidential & Congressional Politics - President history:

Hi Kristine,    No, there are several former Presidents with immigrant parents.    Thomas Jefferson's mother was born in England.  Both of Andrew Jackson's parents were born in Ireland. James Buchanan

2017-01-19 Legislation, Presidential & Congressional Politics - Inauguration:

There are no requirements for outgoing Presidents.  A few of them early in our history skipped inaugurations of their successors.  Almost all outgoing Presidents though attend the inauguration of their

2017-01-18 US Government Information - Medicare:

It appears that Medicare Part B pays for orthopedic shoes when a person has diabetes or when the shoe is part of a brace. The doctor must be an approved Medicare provider. The provider must follow strict

2017-01-18 Participating in the Political Process - Russia:

Yeah, it was pretty clear -- see the MSNBC story at, or the Wikipedia article at


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