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2016-09-17 US Government Information - Spousal Social Security Benefit filing:

Janine    She should receive an additional surviving divorced spouse benefit that is the difference between his higher benefit and the benefit she receives from her work record.  If he retired early and

2016-09-15 Legislation, Presidential & Congressional Politics - Eligibility to serve as president:

You are correct.  There is no prohibition on a person serving as Vice President after having served two terms as President, nor of that person assuming the Presidency should the President die or resign

2016-08-27 Privacy of Medical Data - HIPAA:

everyone uses HIPAA as an excuse to do or not do something. Suggest you always have her sign as she is able. Not worth fighting as long as you know.    Merry

2016-08-26 Privacy of Medical Data - HIPAA:

Joyce. They were correct. Thank goodness it wasnt more serious. Be sure that there is always a signed consent on file everywhere you go and keep a copy. Sorry that you had to go through this. So frustrating

2016-07-31 US Government Information - Medicare:

Hello Kenneth,    You may want to consider filing for Medicare Part A Hospital Insurance.  This is premium free and can help with hospital bills after your employer insurance has paid.  On the application


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