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2017-03-28 Water Quality - Manganese:

Hello Ev,    I am very confused by your description - I can't seem to follow it. Do you attribute the "odd flashes" of super salty water to regenerant flowing into the outgoing water?  If not where is

2017-03-25 Electric Power & Utilities - Connecting an led driver:

Lindsey,    L refers to "Line" (black) and N refers to "Neutral" (white)    They list 100-240 first and 277 second. Since they don't specifically spell it out you have to assume they mean it as shown below

2017-03-08 Environmental Science - Conservation biology:

Sorry but this type of question is really outside my area of expertise. However, I can infer that the poorer countries may create less stress on all species because there is lower development levels, and

2017-03-07 Water Quality - Residude on tapwater:

Thanks for asking All Experts Orthia:   My best advice to you, since I can't test your water, is to visit and find a Certified Water Specialist in your area. They will come to your home and

2017-02-28 Air Quality - Follow up from rooftop question:

the the curvey shiny thing is a ventilator.  There is a cooling tower and a chimney.  Under the circumstances most of what comes out of those could be harmful if you are sensitive.  Think of living near


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