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2017-02-01 Electric Power & Utilities - Question:

Jackie,    I have the same type of portable battery booster that has a plug on it just like that one. It also does not have the third "grounding" pin you speak of. These battery boosters are all plastic

2017-01-05 Water Quality - dirty water only when cold FOLLW UP:

Hi again Steve:  What I guess is sediment is heavier than water so even if the cause is closer to the surface the sediment will naturally sink to whatever depths it can reach. I guess the law of gravity

2017-01-02 Water Quality - dirty water only when cold:

Hi Steve: Thanks for asking AE. Sounds like your suspicions are correct. One solution may be to install a fine backwashing sediment filter just after your pressure tank. One that filters down to 40 microns

2016-11-21 Environmental Science - Ozone destruction and global warming:

     Everything would work fine. Problem is the quantities. To take the air in a city and pump it all through some place where you can add the iron in the quantities needed to make sense is just too expensive

2016-07-21 Nuclear Power - Ozyorsk, Russia's Troubled Perimeter:

Hi Jesse! Sorry for not getting back to you sooner, I need to change the email address on this account so I get the notifications. As for radiation exposure during flights, there is no danger from the


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