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4-Wheel Drive/SUVs

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2017-01-05 Tips on Buying Cars - leased car:

Hi Lee,  If you continue the lease, yes it is cheaper, but you are still renting the car. I do not recommend re-leasing, nor buying it, but if miles are good, car is in good shape, then yes it is a viable

2016-12-24 4 Wheel Drive/SUVs - car troubles:

Andrew,  First I would recommend a good tune up and fuel injector cleaning with sea foam or any good quality cleaner.  If you have a turbo, that is about the rpm that they kick in and sometimes there is

2016-12-04 Tips on Buying Cars - mileage:

Thank you for the great question. A Carfax or auto check report has so much useful  information that people aren't even aware of I am glad  to have this chance to share with you and others what I look

2016-11-02 Tips on Buying Cars - Purchased acar but getting rattling from various areas inside the car.:

Dammit...did not see this follow up ...please send any future follow ups to my email at so I can immediately respond to you     To answer your question ...Safety issue or no safety


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