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4-Wheel Drive/SUVs

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2014-10-20 Tips on Buying Cars - Auto Leases:

Hi Helen and thanks for the great questions.    Here are the answers on leasing and just know that every part of any lease deal is absolutely negotiable and if you do a good job and negotiate smartly

2014-10-14 Tires - michelin tire size:

Mike,    Many tire shops will not install a tire with a lessor load rating or a lesser speed rating.  Why?  Because if they do, they could be sued for downgrading the vehicle's tires - and many shops do

2014-10-13 Tires - Trailer tires:

Harvey,    So let's do the math.    An LT245/75R16 Load Range E (10 Ply Rating) has a load carrying capacity of 3042# at 80 psi - and I'm assuming the trailer has 4 tires, so the total load carrying capacity

2014-10-09 Tires - Bias ply tires:

Dennis,    No, if anything radial tires are more prone to hydroplaning - all other things being equal.    But the problem is that all things are rarely equal - and in the case of radial tires, there are

2014-10-08 Tires - When to really change tires?:

Kyle,    There is an increasing risk of wet and snow traction problems as tires wear.  The problem is that there is no break point at which beyond that point things suddenly change.  It's gradual.    Current


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