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4-Wheel Drive/SUVs

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2016-09-26 4 Wheel Drive/SUVs - ball joints:

B,    If you are changing one, you should change both.  If the lower ball joint is starting to wear, a new upper can put more stress on it, and it will have to be replaced soon anyway.  It's much easier

2016-09-18 Tires - tire pressure:

Skip,    You asked:    1. How is it that cold pressure can vary but hot pressure always levels out at the "correct" driving pressure and stays there while driving? That just seems to defy logic!

2016-09-13 Tires - Bf Goodrich at truck tires:

Steve,    Noise is not dependent on tire rotation direction nor mounting inside por out.  So even if the tire are mounted incorrectly, they will not make more noise than if mounted correctly.    But All

2016-09-13 Tires - tire pressure:

Bobby,    If you are using an LT265/75R16, then you need to use 15 psi more than what they vehicle tire placard says.  The vehicle tire placard is located on the driver's door frame on modern cars, and

2016-09-05 Tips on Buying Cars - New car problem!!! Advice needed!!:

I am sorry you are in such a predicament.  The dealer probably isn't liable at all under the law, if at all it would be Ford Motor Company. If you were going to go after the dealer legally, you would have


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