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4-Wheel Drive/SUVs

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2016-02-12 Tires - Tire wear:

Getchen,    First, if these tires are the original tires to the vehicle, then they have no mileage warranty.    Second, even if they aren't the original tires, the mileage warranty does NOT transfer when

2016-02-03 Tips on Buying Cars - Rebuilt title:

I have a few thoughts on this. If it is a rebuilt title, it means the car was rebuilt because it was totaled and the damage was more than the value of the vehicle or it was deemed not repairable so it

2016-01-28 Tires - Tire width:

No!  If you were limiting your driving and using it as a spare, you would be ok until you got the correct tire.  But that's not the case here from what you told me.  This is very dangerous.  This will

2016-01-24 Tires - tire pressure:

DMClark,    The information on inflation pressure - as you found out - is tied to the tire size.  The key to understanding what to do is to understand that you are trying to match both the load carrying

2016-01-16 Tires - Open shoulder/closed shoulder:

Rebecca,    First, if you take a look at winter tires, what you should notice is not whether the tread pattern is open shoulder or closed shoulder, but the fact that there are lots of edges - sipes = blade


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