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4-Wheel Drive/SUVs

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2014-07-15 Tires - Dry rot and warranty:

Cindy,    According to Yokohama's web site, weather related issues are covered for 4 years from the date of purchase.  So it would not be covered by warranty.    But it is possible to negotiate something

2014-07-11 Tires - replacement tire/wheel:

Gil,    No, you would be compromising safety.  The load carrying capacity would be less and that leads to tire failures.  Very bad.    May I suggest you look up your vehicle on Tire Rack and find what

2014-06-30 4 Wheel Drive/SUVs - Radiator fan not working:

Casey,    Some of the possibilities are:  Fan relay, fuse, wiring, or the fan motor itself.  The easiest way to check this, is with a test light or voltmeter.      Check the wiring at the fan to see if

2014-06-17 Tires - tire age:

Trixie,    Long version:    Short Version:  You need to look on the other side of the tire.  The side you are looking at only has a partial code.  It is missing

2014-06-16 Tips on Buying Cars - Refund on Car Deposit of $1,000 without signing contract:

Hi Nikki sorry to hear about your problems,    A dealer is not allowed to keep a deposit on a vehicle the customer did not buy. You didn't say what state you're in but this rule applies to all 50 states


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