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4-Wheel Drive/SUVs

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2014-09-29 Tips on Buying Cars - Leasing Fall 14:

Hi Wil,    The short answer to your question is ...Yes! There are better times to lease than others and they don't all necessrily happen at the same time of year ...although most are going to happen starting

2014-09-28 Tips on Buying Cars - Power Steering functions.:

This is not my area of expertise but I am familiar with these controls so I will give my opinion  Hand controls are available for people whose legs are paralyzed.  A bar with a squeeze lever is installed

2014-09-25 Tires - Tire Conversion (possibly out of date tire):

Dusty,    Over the years the sizing system has changed.  While there won't be a direct replacement, there will likely be something that will work.    A 6.70-15LT Load Range C has a diameter of 28.4", a

2014-09-25 Tires - Very poor tread life:

Sandi,    Your problem is not the tires.  It's either your alignment or the kind of driving you are doing - or both.      Based on what you've sent me, you aren't driving a lot of miles on a year.  That

2014-09-20 Tips on Buying Cars - negative equity on a new lease trade in:

Hello Loretta,    They sure are proud of those Lexus's when they sell them and not so much so when they are taking them back in on trade. Sorry to hear about your situation.      In hindsight the best


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