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4-Wheel Drive/SUVs

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2015-01-23 4 Wheel Drive/SUVs - 4x4 blinking lights:

Jeffrey,    It's possible that the problems are speed sensors, or shift motor, vacuum, etc., but the roaring noise sounds more like a mechanical, or gear problem in the transfer case.    I would take it

2015-01-17 4 Wheel Drive/SUVs - 95 Tahoe:

George,    Take it back to the dealer.  Sounds like he pinched a wire, broke a ground wire, or replaced something wrong when he put the manifold back on.    If you want, you can take it to another reputable

2015-01-14 4 Wheel Drive/SUVs - 2004 hyundai santa fe:

Dave,    Which model is it?  You can purchase each model with front wheel drive, or all-wheel drive.  Is it possible, that you only have front wheel drive.  If you have all wheel drive, then there could

2015-01-13 Tires - AT tread compound in P vs LT:

Jeff,    Traction is so highly variable, it is difficult to make truly valid comparisons due to the amount of overlap.  We can only talk about tendencies.    That said, I would expect All Terrain tires

2015-01-12 4 Wheel Drive/SUVs - 2006 Lincoln Navigator 4x4 won't work:

Chad,    Without, actually looking at it, it sounds like you may have a broken front differential, or front axle.  Another possible problem may be a bad transfer case.    I would take it to a reputable


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