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4-Wheel Drive/SUVs

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2016-08-15 Tips on Buying Cars - Contract signed but did not leave with car.:

Wow ... Yes you are correct ... There is no contract until you drive your new car off the property. On top of that they need to give you your $500.00 back. Asap. What they were doing was just trying to

2016-08-13 4 Wheel Drive/SUVs - Lr3 Bluetooth:

Colins,    It sounds like a phone problem.    Remove the bluetooth link from the phone, then take the battery out of the phone for a minute or so to reset the phone.  Replace the battery, and link the

2016-08-11 Tips on Buying Cars - Formula racing car fuel.:

Prashant:  The fuel used in F1 cars is fairly the same as normal petrol.  It also may contain compounds that are found in commercial gasoline.  And no diesel or cng are used.  They are some great article

2016-07-26 Tips on Buying Cars - leased car:

OK now we are making progress ... The MMR ( Manheim Market Report) which tells us what your car has sold for at auction in the last 60 days based upon miles and condition says your car should be worth

2016-07-21 Tips on Buying Cars - leased car:

Lee ....I am so sorry I have been on vacation and just got back this afternoon... I have a few questions for you but you are smart to be thinking about this now.     #1 What is the yr make and model and


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