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4-Wheel Drive/SUVs

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2016-03-24 Tires - Tire pressure:

Jerard,    The vehicle tire placard lists the original tire size and the proper pressure for that SIZE - which includes the letters immediately proceeding or following the numbers in the size.  In your

2016-03-23 Tires - Tire pressure:

Jerard,    By itself reduced inflation pressure does not CAUSE cupping wear in a tire.  HOWEVER, reduced inflation pressure increases the effect those things that cause cupping wear have.  For example

2016-03-11 Tires - Toyota Tundra Tires and Alignment:

Brian,    On every vehicle sold in the US, there is a sticker - the vehicle tire placard - that lists the original tire size and the proper inflation pressure for that size.  Placards are usually located

2016-03-09 Tips on Buying Cars - end of lease:

Hi Lee,    It's not a dumb question, I don't know whom the lender is, therefore simply phone the lender and find out your options.  Personally I would shop for lowest interest, start with your Bank or

2016-02-24 Hummers - Hummer H3 2006:

Antonio,    You need an "exhaust flange gasket" or "Doughnut gasket" it is a semi-soft gasket made out of a lead composite material and will crush to seal between two flanges. This gasket is located between


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