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4-Wheel Drive/SUVs

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2014-10-21 Tips on Buying Cars - destination charges on vehicle:

Hi Patricia,    Interesting question least the part about destination charges is interesting because while my first inclination is that destination charges are a function of distance from the originating

2014-10-20 Tips on Buying Cars - Auto Leases:

Hi Helen and thanks for the great questions.    Here are the answers on leasing and just know that every part of any lease deal is absolutely negotiable and if you do a good job and negotiate smartly

2014-10-14 Tires - michelin tire size:

Mike,    Many tire shops will not install a tire with a lessor load rating or a lesser speed rating.  Why?  Because if they do, they could be sued for downgrading the vehicle's tires - and many shops do

2014-10-13 Tires - Trailer tires:

Harvey,    So let's do the math.    An LT245/75R16 Load Range E (10 Ply Rating) has a load carrying capacity of 3042# at 80 psi - and I'm assuming the trailer has 4 tires, so the total load carrying capacity

2014-10-09 Tires - Bias ply tires:

Dennis,    No, if anything radial tires are more prone to hydroplaning - all other things being equal.    But the problem is that all things are rarely equal - and in the case of radial tires, there are


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