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2016-07-21 Tips on Buying Cars - leased car:

Lee ....I am so sorry I have been on vacation and just got back this afternoon... I have a few questions for you but you are smart to be thinking about this now.     #1 What is the yr make and model and

2016-06-25 4 Wheel Drive/SUVs - my 4/4 1977 full time 4 wheel drive:

Laverne,    Depends on what type of vehicle it is.  That shouldn't cause starter problems, unless the motor is flexing enough to cause the starter to hit the frame.        a bad motor mount can cause a

2016-06-20 Tires - Tire size and replacement:

Linda,    Maybe.    First, if the P245/45R18 is an XL (Extra Load), then the P235/50R18 also needs to be an XL (Extra Load).  The diameter of the P235/50R18 is 0.6" larger in diameter, so if this is going

2016-06-17 4 Wheel Drive/SUVs - 2001 chevy blazer rear window wiper:

John,  Many times, this is a failure of the rear wiper motor control.  If you don't use it, you can pull the inside panel off of the rear lift gate, and disconnect the wiring plug from the wiper motor

2016-06-12 Tires - 71 VW tire replacement:

Lee,    First, you have to understand that the tire world has moved on in the 40 some years since the Karmann Ghia was produced, and tire sizes have changed considerably.  So you will just have to accept


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