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4-Wheel Drive/SUVs

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2015-07-03 Tires - High speed intermittent hum on tires:

Marc,    It sounds like your tires have developed irregular wear - and the problem is the alignment spec in the rear = more than a degree.  That spec tends to wear tire unevenly, but develop good cornering

2015-06-29 Tires - Tire size for cx9:

Ahmed,    First, the wheels are too narrow.  The allowable rim width for a 285/40R20 is 9 1/2 to 11, and your stock wheels are 8 1/2".  Using a rim that is too narrow results in the tires wearing in the

2015-06-19 Tips on Buying Cars - Inexpensive new car:

Sorry for the late follow up but you can only buy a certified preowned from a dealer of the same automaker. Auto max can't offer you a true certified preowned experience nor can they extend the factory

2015-06-18 Tips on Buying Cars - Inexpensive new car:

Hi Ed ...believe me there are very few people cutting a fat hog these days which reminds me of Winston Churchill's famous quote about socialism and collectivism which we are all being pushed into kicking

2015-06-13 Tires - Snowblower Tire Sizes:

John,    A 14X4.50-6 means the tire is 14 inches in diameter (more or less), 4.50" wide (more or less) and fits on a 6" diameter wheel.    So any tire you are looking for will have those dimensions.  


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