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4-Wheel Drive/SUVs

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2017-04-12 Tips on Buying Cars - Equinox:

Hi Sue, though the Equinox is a decent vehicle, I am partial to the Japanese vehicles, we have a 2016 Rav 4, and it is flawless, in addition the resale on them are 10X better. The Rogue is not bad but

2017-04-12 Tips on Buying Cars - Equinox:

Hi! There are several SUVs in this size  My personal advice is drive them. I think personal impressions are more important,than others tell you about their opinions.    In short,consider the needs and

2017-04-09 Tips on Buying Cars - SUVS that are easy to get in and out of:

Hi Bud, I believe your best bang for your buck as well as to stay around $15k, I recommend a Toyota Rav 4. We have one, and we are in our 60's, and my mother in law who still drives at 88, has had them

2017-04-03 Tips on Buying Cars - carfax:

It could be a couple of reasons  The car fax lists service work, the hail damage and Should be all. If you have owned it and know it is without incidents other than the ones you know about, don't worry

2017-04-01 Tips on Buying Cars - Service contract shenanigans?:

Hi Christina...sorry to hear you are having some problems with a dealers F and I dept. As some backdrop to your question let me share with you some very brief numbers:    in 2016 the average profit from


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