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4-Wheel Drive/SUVs

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2017-03-21 Tires - Tire "cupping":

Jim,    Cupping means quite a few different things.  The easiest way to say this is *irregular wear* - of which there are several kinds.  Most common cause is low inflation pressure and lack of rotation

2017-03-21 Tires - lug nnut torgue:

Jerry,    Yes, The standard recommendation is that lug nuts need to be retorqued on alloy wheels after 50 or so miles.     - HOWEVER -     Not only am I of the opinion that what the torque spec ought to

2017-03-15 Tips on Buying Cars - 'handling charge' at lease buyout:

Then yes they were juicing the purchase fee by $299.00. My first thoughts are that the finance manager was new or didn't know what he was doing and charged you the $599.00 by mistake and it wasn't a normal

2017-03-15 Tips on Buying Cars - 'handling charge' at lease buyout:

I am a little unclear on whether they were trying to charge you the $599.00 when you went in to purchase the car on top of the $300.00 fee you prepaid at lease origination? Are you sure they didn't call

2017-01-05 Tips on Buying Cars - leased car:

Hi Lee,  If you continue the lease, yes it is cheaper, but you are still renting the car. I do not recommend re-leasing, nor buying it, but if miles are good, car is in good shape, then yes it is a viable


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