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4-Wheel Drive/SUVs

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2014-12-08 Tires - tire rotation:

James,    The exact mileage isn't very important.   The general rule is 5K to 8K.    But what is important is that not only not to go too long, but to make sure it gets done.  That way the wear is evened

2014-12-01 Tips on Buying Cars - Lease or wait?:

Ken,    You are asking almost all the right questions ...I have just a sec but will expand on this answer later today when I get a lull in the action. What I am going to be telling you to do is the best

2014-11-25 Tires - Tire Size:

Karim    OE means Original Equipment - that is, they came on the new car.    And if the wheels are 7.5", then they are NOT OE as the OE wheels were 7".  This might create a fitment problem, so you'll need

2014-11-23 Tires - Tire Size:

Karim,    Are the wheels the OE wheels?  If so, then the 215/55R17's will fit.    If they are not, there is a possibility they will not as a 235/45R17 is supposed to fit on a 7.5" to 9" wide wheel, while

2014-11-16 Tires - Snow tire:

Nancy,    According to Tire Rack, the size needed to downsize your vehicle is 225/70R16.      Do I think this is a good idea?  Yes, if you are going to dedicate a set of wheels for this purpose.    be


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