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2016-08-31 Duran Duran - nick rhodes:

I have not been told anything definite, no one has.  There is only speculation as to his absence.  All we have been told is that he had to leave the tour and go back to England due to a family emergency

2016-08-27 80s Music - Netherlands New wave Music:

Hi    If you do a search on Google for any software to download YouTube to mp3 you can download the YouTube link to mp3. If you are still unable to do this then send me your email address and I will email

2016-07-21 Cure, The (Robert Smith) - Robert Smith:

Hello Jacqueline,     I never heard before about "The Lost Boy". So I gave it a listen.    Even if it for sure sounds Cure-ish (instrumentation, mood, way of playing), I'm quite sure none of The Cure members

2016-07-17 80s Music - Name of that song?:

Hi Sterling,    I think you may be looking for Chicago's "Look Away", which has vocals that sound similar to Bolton's.  The song reached #1 on both Billboard's Top 100 and the Adult Contemporary chart


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