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2017-03-12 REO Speedwagon - REO Tempe Arizona - 1967:

Hi Patrick!      When REO Speedwagon was formed in the Fall of 1967, there were just four members: Alan Gratzer (drums), Neal Doughty (keyboards & organ), Joe Matt (lead guitar & lead vocals) and Mike

2017-03-03 80s Music - song existing?:

Hi Karlina,    "The Plasma Shaft" was an album by The Red Hot Chili Peppers, but it was only released in Japan and Australia as a bonus CD to a special 1994 release of "Blood Sugar Sex Magik".  Here is

2017-02-03 80s Music - song identification:

Hi Zdenek,    I see from your follow up that you found the songs you were looking for: Ken Laszlo's "Hey Hey Guy" and Hazell Dean's "Who's Leaving Who".  I'm sorry I couldn't have answered sooner to save

2017-01-14 Cure, The (Robert Smith) - simon's bass : hollowbody:

Hello, (and happy new year)    It depends what era you are talking about, because he used many different models.   Well anyway as for hollowbodies, here is a list of what he used :     - 1987 : Black Epiphone


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